6'0 tall, former athlete, mother of 3, struggling to keep up on the RUN of daily life.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Running It's a Family Thing

At the packet pickup there was an ADORABLE little booth with card, shirts and other fun things by Banana Blossom Press HERE. I could not pass up shirts which read "Running It's a Family Thing," so I got one for each of the Little Studs ($12 each) and for me ($18), they did not have Men's shirts there but Muscle Man will have one soon..

Last night we got in our matching gear and set out for a FAMILY run.

After 2 and a 1/2 hours in the Drop In clinic on Tuesday I found out I have a bladder infection and was tested for other things... this has knocked me out!! We took it easy but I still felt off. The Little Studs were sooo funny, pointing out EVERYTHING they saw "Boy, girl, Man, green truck, sheriff, tree," on and on!!
  • Little Stud #2 calls the track "Jogging Stroller" we are not sure why. Every time we go near the BL High School track he says "Want to go in the Jogging Stroller!!" We know what he means.....So we went up the little hill only to see the Marching Band practicing.. BUMMER. Looped around to the Junior High (mud bog) track and let the boys out. I reset my Garmin to clock Little Stud #1.
He was determined, focused and pumping those little arms. As we rounded the corner he was clearly getting tired but he made it, new 400 meter PR 2:50!!! Good work buddy!!
He was so proud I could not resist taking his photo... Hmmmm he may be a little like his Mommy, note the posing :) Ended the run with 3 miles exactly and I was WIPED!! I need to get rid of this gunk, it is not fun feeling TIRED all the time..
  • The OutsidePR Party Bucket Giveaway will end tomorrow so go ENTER HERE..
  • Reading all of your WONDERFUL comments I learned that many of you really like High Five Friday. So tomorrow will be a BIG one, including pictures from the Bloggy Meet up last week. If you are racing, have a big event or would like a High Five email me ASAP at tallmomontherun (@) hotmail.
  • I am thinking that we NEED a Mileage CHALLENGE for October, so look for that tomorrow as well.
  • Guess Who is featured on Jodi's Thumbs Up Thursday?? Go HERE to check it out. Thanks Jodi!! sorry it took me so long to get you the pictures :)
  • I found an AWESOME quote yesterday which I will leave you with:
    “Life is all about timing... the unreachable becomes reachable, the unavailable become available, the unattainable... attainable. Have the patience, wait it out It's all about timing.” Stacey Charter


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What would you do Wednesday?

This is post 599!! Holy WOW!! Think I am going to cut the current Giveaway short, so get in there and ENTER..

While T and I were "You Go Girling" we saw a runner with her shoe untied. My first instint is ALWAYS to say something..

I am the type of person who will tell you when you have lipstick on your teeth, toilet paper hanging out your pants and anything amiss while running.. During a Half Marathon I saw a runner whose Gu was about to fall out so I said something, apparently she had it stapled it to her belt.. HEHEHE

So I ask you....

  • What would you do? If something were amiss with a runner around you, examples, skirt tucked up showing too much backside, shoe untied, mess of something in a not so ideal place, etc...Would you say anything?

  • Would love some examples of when you did say something and the response you received. Pretty sure the lady is still running with her shoe untied..

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You Go Girl Half Marathon 2010

I will post ALL the details of the Full Weekend of fun, but I know you want the RACE REPORT first!!

The night before the race after T consumed Mud Pie for dinner.

In bed listening to the rain POUR on the roof, URGH!! The day before was clear and AMAZING. I had no slept well and my body felt really achy. Janna was going to pick me and T up at 7:15. I grabbed 2 toss away hoodies and rain ponchos and my peanut butter toast and was out the door.

Love Janna she kept things so light. I could not eat my breakfast so I tossed it to the birds. We got GREAT parking and headed to Tullys for the team "Will Run for Ice Cream" meet up. Although we all looked adorable in our blue shirts, I immediately felt guilty for picking a shirt that would not fair well in the rain. SORRY LADIES!! A few photos and off to the start.
We are too cute!!
Notice Katye is blocking me, I have no hops!!
Our goal 1.52, we came CLOSE!1
Fitting that it would POUR!! finally got to use the rain ponchos I bought in June.
Diana, our team captain giving Amanda her MOJO in the form of a race bib.
Posing with Diana, before she ran off to a PR!!
The rain makes things blurry... Have I mentioned I am going to miss Amanda?? Not sure if I have??
Zoe and I were wearing the same size top, she is 8 month prego.. HEEHE!! Love my little pocket runner buddies..
Something VERY WEIRD Happened. Our fellow female racers were packed in after the 9 minute mile sign, but no one would step up in front of that. Tonia and I placed ourselves right at the 8:33 pace, then Alma and Janna opted to head to the front. Why not? When will we ever be at the front? I called out who I thought would win, all MUSCLE, she was AMAZING!
We set out and T was on FIRE! I looked at my watch and told her to slow down, we had to side step some slippery road panels, could have been disastrous. Pretty sure seeing the 1:50 pacer so close was making our feet move faster. Set out too fast Pacer MISTAKE #1 Hardcore Dude had a Marathon Maniac Tattoo on his calf. We approached the turn and saw almost all of our teammates, it is FUN having people cheer us on and getting Sweet pictures!!

Alma told us to turn, I tried, still pretty fun shot!!

First incline, felt much better the day before when we drove it in the CAR.. I was fully TIRED!!! Tired at mile 3??? I could not show it, Tonia did not need me to complain or show fatigue. So I said "We will take this slow then make it up on the way down." We got to the top then proceeded to puddle hop around the park, MUDDY!! Slowing to get the heart rate back down, I told T "We can slow but once we get to the end of the park we need to get back on pace."

The down hill was AWESOME!! I felt revitalized and weightless, THANK GOODNESS!! We didn't drive the course, Pacer MISTAKE #2, had we driven the course we would have known that there were multiple overpasses that were NOT FLAT!! We approached a straightaway and there was a chick with a guy, her shoe was untied. I was fully annoyed, that is super dangerous, T said "Your Shoe is untied." The chick just brushed her off, WEIRD, we would see her later still with her shoe untied, I joked that she runs to see how many people will point it out :)

Passed the 10K Finish and headed up toward Ruston. T was fading so I was trying to get her out of her head. She said "I am doing my best," and I quickly replied JOKING in a tough guy voice "Your best is not good enough," Pacer MISTAKE #3, jokes are not welcome on the race course. There were two ladies in matching jerseys who we flip flopped with for most of the race, we joked that we were running the 10K but with a 7 mile warm-up.

Mile 9 was rough, T's grey contacts turned black and I could tell that my pacer strategy had to change. At that point it was survival mode and I fully needed to play the cheerleader and Sherpa role. "Don't tell me the pace!" I kept quiet, but wanted to make sure we would still get the sub 2 hour. A quick Gu, refill of the bottle and short walk break. A beautiful young lady passed and said "I love your blogs!! Go!!" so awesome, that was the lift we needed (THANK YOU!! I didn't catch your name). Our race outfits got TONS of fun compliments, I Love Love getting compliments on the run :)
The turn was ahead, just then Kim (K2323 not a blogger but an awesome commenter) came up behind us and said "My dream is coming true." This lifted my spirits so much!!! Kim was fully reaching her PR and was so excited to run WITH us. I did a fancy turn around the cone, in an attempt to make T and Kim laugh. Kim took off, GOOD JOB KIM!! We saw most of our teammates on the way back, Katye was standing on the side with Jessica so I was worried she got hurt or possibly just did the 10K.

Miles were passing S-L-O-W-L-Y.....I tried to point out things, the one spot of green ivy on the wall surrounded by red ivy, the vail of fog blocking our view, talked about when the seasons changed in Virginia, trying to RELAX and RUN. Then she created a plan. We would walk at mile 12 for a bit then I would PULL her the rest of the way. I grabbed her bottle to refill while she kept moving. My legs felt HEAVY, walking late in a race is a DISASTER for me, I have a truly hard time getting moving again…. But this was not about me..

At the 3rd tree we took off. I did not look back for a bit, but I could feel that T was fading. Energy zapped she could barely keep her eyes open. "One lap around the track, we have this!!" She looked as if she would pass out, I know the feeling when you leave it ALL on the pavement. I told her to squirt water on her head, I think it helped. We rounded the corner, it was DOWNHILL! We saw our buddies who CHEERED!!
Then T shot off like a bullet, WTH??? I tried to get my 192lbs moving to keep up, where did that energy come from? The seconds ticked and we crossed at 1:58 and some change. A GREAT PR for TMB and a learning experience for me. Every race is different, every person needs to be motivated in unique ways, and I CAN pace even when I am not at 100%. Half Marathon #5 done, second Half in September and second Pacer PR SUCCESS! And I Finally have a Half Marathon Medal WOOT!!
Post race my head ached and I was FREEZING! We stood around to take photos but I felt like I was not really there.
Jill presented T with a Chocolate Gu PR Award. It was FANTASTIC!!
Posing with Amanda, Can you tell I don't feel good? And I need teeth whitening :) Recommendations welcomed..
Talked with Chelsea who told us about her BIG GOAL, I am super PROUD of her but will let her share the news.
Group shot then we made our way back to your cars... Changed in the car and headed to the Rock for lunch..
Here with the Super speedy Janna, I love love all the amazing women I have had the pleasure to meet through running. I will remember this race forever!!
  • Volunteers were SUPER, course was great despite the hills that were not mentioned on the map, all around great YOU GO GIRL Half!!
  • Links to come in the next post, I did not have time today

Monday, September 27, 2010


I put on a BRAVE face all weekend but I am SICK... Tummy hurts, headache, exhausted, just plain NOT GOOD.. I am sure it is a result of a stressful week followed by non-stop FUN!!

Good news is I was well enough to FAKE it during my Pacer duties, pretty sure Tonia had zero clue that I felt like muck...She is on an airplane headed home....so you will have to wait to hear how it went from her...

More details on the full weekend soon. For now I am going back to bed...

Aren't we cute? This is my, I am SAD Amanda is leaving face.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bad Pacer 101

Wow oh Wow WELCOME to the new Bloggy Pack Members and thank you for entering the awesome giveaway. This weekend has been in a word FANTASTIC.. I will have full details and photos soon :)

Sooooo just wanted to give you a few tips and what NOT TO DO as a Half Marathon PR Pacer.

1. Stay up late to paint your nails and Blog.

2. Realize at 10:30PM that you have not charged your Garmin in 4 runs, leading to staying up late. Pretty sure I need a way to know our pace..

3. Devour a DELICIOUS 1/4 of a Cupcake and glass of milk at 10PM.

4. Have your Pacee RUN around the whole day prior to the race.

5. Let your Pacee eat Mud Pie for dinner. Carbo-what??

All BAD THINGS.. "Just Sayin".. HEHEHE.. Despite any mishaps the laughter and fun will lift our SOLES and bring us the 1:52 we are aiming for..

Off to bed now, Garmin charged and nails are dry.



Thursday, September 23, 2010

OutsidePR Party Bucket Giveaway

HELLO!!! I am still on a little BREAK but thought it would be FUN to keep you busy with an EPIC Tall Mom on the Run giveaway!

Our friends at OutsidePR HERE have some pretty AWESOME clients. As you can see from the photos, the Gift Bucket is stuffed with OutsidePR client goodies.


Ryders Hex Sunglasses -- serious performance protection with a not-so-serious look

Road ID -- one coupon giving the winner any single item of profoundly important personal athletic identification

GoLite Travelite Tote -- cute, comfortable and functional with a crazy number of secure pockets

Sugoi Moxie Skirt -- a must for any TallMom follower and great for trails or the road

GU Sample Pack -- stuffed with Gu, Roctane, Chomps and Brew!

And of course, the galvanized bucket is perfect for those Fall beer blasts -- we recommend cramming it with Pyramid Brew, another client of OutsidePR!

*****OutsidePR will have it all boxed up and ready to go, to FedEx as soon as the winner is selected.

One comment for each entry..

1. Yes I am going to be a stickler. MUST be a Tall Mom Bloggy Pack Member to Enter. So click FOLLOW then leave a comment with what you LIKE about Tall Mom and/or something you would like to see posted in the future..

2. Visit any of the following website (click name for link) OutsidePR, Ryders Eyewear, Road ID, GoLite, Sugoi, Gu Energy, and Pyramid Brew. Visit one or ALL, Chance for 8 ENTRIES!! Leave one comment per website with your thoughts... as a consumer what catches your eye, what would you change, what would you buy, etc...??

3. SHARE this Giveaway on your Blog, Facebook, Twitter, tell a friend, etc. Leave a comment to let me know how you spread the word.

4. Answer the question: How do you deal with busy times and STRESS? Leave a comment, we could all use a good tip :)

  • Giveaway will end and the WINNER will be awarded this EPIC Bucket on Friday October 1st. CHANGED END DATE
  • Big huge Hugs to OutsidePR for your Tall Mom love and Support..

I'll be BACK!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Bye for a Bit

In a feverish effort to balance it ALL I am a bit off kilter. I love to blog on Tall Mom and connect with all of you. The daily comments make me smile and lift my mood. I am HUMAN with clear limits and have reached mine. So unfortunatly I will be.....
Image Credit HERE
I am not sure for how long, but I know I need a break. Next week I will be overwhelmed with work add to that preparing for the weekend of "You Go Girl" race fun and my precious minutes will be all zapped up..
Have a wonderful weekend!!
  • I will be in touch soon :) Mel- Tall Mom

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one."

Mark Twain

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Makes you Think

Wow are we all crazy early rising fanatics, such a fun topic yesterday, thank you ALL for playing along!!!

It was dark and rainy this morning as I set out to make the train. Headed down the hill I saw break lights, WHAT!!?? This was an abnormal area for a backup. Switched to the traffic station and sure enough, there was an accident right at my exit. I know the Sumner area so I took an exit and weaved my way through town. At a Stop sign I started to go, then caught something out of the corner of my eye. It was a slow moving teenager in all black, I could barely make out his figure as he moved along the crosswalk.

Makes you think:

1. I never go this way

2. Traffic caused me to take this route.

3. Would other people in more of a hurry or not paying attention have noticed this kid??

Everything in life happens for a reason. I took the train and landed safely at work..

Side note: Did anyone watch Survivor last night?? I had to crack up at the lady who was voted off in her closing remarks she said "I don't have blisters on my feet, that is an asset." HEHEHEHEHE... but that holds very true with Running :)

  • The WINNER of the Five Cherries Giveaway is posted HERE.. If you did not win please go shop Five Cherries HERE, at $6 you will love your new necklace.
  • Did you know that CSN sells End Tables? Click the word if you are in the market :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Alarming Runners

Post 590..WOWZERS!!! Welcome to all the new Tall Mom Bloggy Pack Members, thanks for stopping by and reading :)

Last Friday night I posted on Facebook about getting up EARLY for a Long run... I get to sleep in 2 days and week. As a Distance runner one of those days I am generally up before the sun. Completing multi-digit runs before most have had their first cup of coffee.

I am not ALONE in this, oh no!! The Alarm clock has attacked many of you.. Getting in the miles without taking up the entire day requires dedication and often, blurry vision :) I am an early bird, so I think this quotes is fitting....

“You will find the key to success under the alarm clock"

Yes I like to get up early but I still think the Alarm clock is EVIL!! Que Darth Vader music..

Below are some examples of early AM antics...

  • My crazy Canadian pal Marlene was up at 3:30AM for a mid distance tempo run on Tuesday!! Read about it HERE.
  • Making sure not to miss their FIRST Triathlon Stacie HERE and Tressa HERE were up at 3:10AM.
  • And just yesterday my running pals Janna and Rachelle invited me for an 8 mile run this morning at 5:00AM.. I passed, that is just too darn EARLY!!..

So I ask you...

What is the earliest your Alarm was blaring for a run, race, bike, tri, etc??

Tell us about it.. It may be ALARMING to see just how CRAZY we all are..

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Something to Talk about Tuesday

There is sooo much going on around in the Tall Mom camp and Bloggy land that I really really don't want you to miss out...

Lets get to TALKING...

  • Last night Muscle Man, the Little Studs and I went for a run, his second for the day!! We were together for 2 miles, then I dropped him and the boys off and did another 3 mile loop while he made dinner. LOVE HIM! We will be celebrating Tall Nephew and Muscle's Man's birthdays this weekend. Gifts are welcomed, he likes Legos, and anything weights related...LOL!!
  • The wonderful folks at Zensah HERE sent me a pair of argyle compression socks to test.. Sooo excited these socks are very very cute. More about them soon.
  • It is no secret that Brooks Running HERE is one of my FAVORITE Companies. I am testing a few products that I am really excited about. If you would like some Brooks gear you are in LUCK.. A couple Bloggers are hosting Brooks Giveaways, go check out Amanda at Run to the Finish HERE (Ends 9/23) and TMB at Racing With Babes HERE (Ends 9/21)
  • Speaking of Giveaways the lovely ladies at Run Like a Mother the Book have a SUPER Giveaway going on with Entry into the SOLD OUT Nike Women's Race. Go check it out HERE and enter TODAY before 8PM.
  • My adorable prego running bus Zoe ran a 5K this weekend, check out her report HERE and growing Goober Bump HERE. Make sure you scroll down a little because she has a HUGE GIVEAWAY HERE...hint Airplane tickets!! It is a fundraiser with the money going to an amazing cause, so please go check it out!!
  • The Five Cherries Giveaway HERE has 122 comments, it may end at 133, so don't miss out!!
  • Bloggy buddy Molly ran her FIRST MARATHON this weekend, go read her report HERE.
  • Last week I got a comment and Facebook message from Jodi about pacing her friend for her first Half Marathon. Although I have LIMITED experience, I was happy to share what went well when I paced Jill (if you missed it report HERE). Checked in on Jodi's pacing post HERE and it was a huge success, congrats to all!!
  • It is OFFICIAL the people at RRCA contacted me with more info about my Coaching class October 8th and 9th in Portland.. I am super excited!! From the email I realized I need to get up on CPR and First Aid, I had my certification back in the day, but have let it lapse. I am hoping to find a class that Muscle Man and I can both take. I believe it is VERY important for people to be up on First Aid and CPR, so off to do some research.
  • If you are not reading Our Love on the Run(HERE), written by the cutest couple Miss Bethany & Ryan, you are missing out!! The are engaged, already registered for their Honeymoon Marathon and just sent out their Save the Dates for May 27, 2011 with the words "Love is cheering from the sidelines, true love is crossing the finish line together." I look forward to meeting these little Love birds in Boston.
  • Speaking of Boston the race will be April 18, 2011 and Registration starts HERE on 10/18/2010 and I have not made any plans... URGH!! I have not booked a plane, hotel or anything... Hmmmmm.. Guess I better get to work because once I hit REGISTER I will need a plan.

Wow I really talked your ear off....

  • Do you have Something to Talk about today?? Fill me in!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Start NOW

"If you want to become the best runner you can be, start now. Don't spend the rest of your life wondering if you can do it."
Priscilla Welch

My first 5K, Race for the Cure Seattle. My HOPE was for a sub 30 minute performance. I got a 29:33 and wanted to stop the ENTIRE TIME. I could have given up there and thought "I can't run fast or for long distances!" But I didn't!! 2 years later I qualified for the Boston Marathon.

Do you have a Goal? Something that you have ached for but don't believe you can do? My advice START NOW!!! Don't wait! Life passes too quickly and you don't want to sit in your rocking chair and wonder what might have been.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Slugfest Sixteen

Stats for 9/11:
Time- 2:24:39
16- Miles
9:02- Pace
Necessary Potty stops- 2
Cool and crisp day on the Orting trail, tummy and body issues..

Although I am not in Marathon training my local friends are, which means I can always hop in on a long run. Janna is recovering from an injury while training for Portland. We met early with friends Redhead Tammy, Boston Tammy, Coach Laurie(sp?) and her Dad, Janna and her buddy Rachelle. It was a large pack and they were setting a SPEEDY pace. Still feeling a bit tired from the Half on Monday I held back. Since I had not met Rachelle before I opted to slow and get to know her.

We chatted for a couple miles, she is very sweet and has two kiddos about the same ages as the Little Studs. We both were feeling a bit off so it was nice to slow. What an unexpected highlight to meet a new friend. She planned for 8 miles, at mile 4 Boston Tammy was on her way back so I left Rachelle with our FAST FAST friend. I could no longer see the pack so it was time to find my fast feet.

LORDY!! I was at 7:30 pace and felt like I was not gaining inches to catch up. I could see them in the distance then Janna, bless her, bent over to adjust her shoe and wait for me. LOVE HER!! Reunited we Gu'd and continued on our way. Always fun to catch up on the RUN. It was eventful so not to bore you I will recap bullet style:

  • Tummy issues for both of us led to midway NECESSARY potty stop, URGH!
  • We could see Redhead Tammy and Laurie plugging along for their 22 in the distance.
  • A bug flew in my eye, it took 2 miles to get it out.
  • There were soooo many SLUGS on the trail, I know I must have squished a couple.
  • I am not a critic of running form, I don't have great form myself, but WOW do some people run very very strange.. Choppy little steps, such waisted effort.
  • There were Fishermen out in droves along the river, crazy how their lines don't tangle. One dude caught a HUGE FISH, I mean HUGE like half of his height. Not shy I said "Wow that is a good day." He smiled and said "Yep." He was with a grumpy looking friend, I said "Where's yours?" He responded with a MEAN FACE.. LOL!!! Oops, guess he was a bit MAD, and I was trash talking without even trying.
  • We were having more tummy issues and had to stop by our cars at mile 15, I wanted to be done but Janna was set on 16. So we ran toward the coffee shop, I said we could run there, then grab a drink and do a cool down walk.
  • Got our drinks and a fellow runner stopped, unplugged and said "Hey ladies how far did you go?" We said 16, and earned instant respect, he was finishing up 22.
It was not pretty or easy, it was a total SLUGFEST, but we did it.. And how much do I love love Janna and her cute Tank Top..
It took me a few hours to feel normal. After a shower, and lunch it was time to CLEAN. Little Stud#1 was tasked with cleaning the toys downstairs. He went above and beyond without even a fuss. He loves Jamba Juice smoothies so we set out for a little REWARD.. Fun for me too!! It is tough to drink and snap a photo of 2 people.. LOL!
Little Stud #2 will be 3 in late January, he is fighting taking naps. We KNOW he still needs a mid-day rest. Above was taken last weekend...it was 3:00PM and he fell asleep on the floor. Hehehehehe...
  • How is your weekend?? Hope your run was not a SLUGFEST!

Friday, September 10, 2010

High Five Friday- Congrats 80 Milers

Morning and HIGH FIVE to Friday. why is it that short weeks always feel long?? Weird!! Anyhow, I am EXCITED to do a long run with my Fleet Feet training buddies. Jana and I plan to do 16 while the other girls are doing 22. I could probably bust out 22, but it really is not worth getting injured. Note to self: MEL BE STRONG AND STOP AT 16!!

I have had some slight knee pain and tiredness this week so I have been taking it easy. The nice part about running for fun?? I don't have to stress if I miss a day. The other nice part?? I MISS IT!! All of you with Marathons in the next few weeks, I have serious ENVY... But that was the whole point.. After my MANIAC 3 Marathons in 3 months, including a BQ performance, I was BURNT OUT! I needed this time to just RUN with no pressure.. And wow oh wow has it worked!! I have done pretty well at keeping my base mileage up with 20-35 miles per week, but I have not been killing myself. With all that has happened in LIFE the past month it has proved to be a blessing that I am not in Marathon training.
HIGH FIVE 80 Mile Challenge:
I am super proud of EVERYONE who took on the CHALLENGE.. Below is the list of all those who emailed with their final mileage for the month. Click names to be linked to Blogs.

Alanna- 128.39

Amanda- 5 Miles Past Empty- 110.01- training for Portland Marathon

Andrea- 114

Amber H (No blog)- 90

Becca (no blog)- 82.5

Becky- 127.23

Beth- 103.2

Elizabeth- 165.01- training for Akron Marathon

Erika- 132.5

Kate- 75- was SMART and stuck to her training plan

Harmony- 154- training for Portland

Jackie (No blog)- 79.67, we round up here :)

Jesse- 80.10- training for CIM Marathon

J- 125.4

Kayla- 83 w/ biking, 64 running

Kathy- 131.3

Kelly- 100

Kim (No blog)- 135

Kimert- 68.2 (thought she would do 55)

Kristina- 167

Linda- 115

Megan- 87

Nancy- 124

Pam- 80 on the dot

Running Diva Mom- 158.9

Sandy- 100

Suzy- 110.13

TMB- 208.42- training for a You Go Girl Half PR w/me as her coach and Indianapolis Marathon

Tricia- 108- training for Rock N Roll San Antonio

*** My Apologies if I missed your email. If you participated leave a comment with your miles so we can all give you a HIGH FIVE..

High Five Racing & Events:

J- First Half Marathon
I know there are more....let me know...

High Five Giveaways-
Click on the name to be linked to the Giveaway. Please tell them Tall Mom Sent you!!
Tall Mom- Five Cherrie Necklace Ends at 133 comments
Zoe- CSN (9/10)
TMB- Race Day Memories (9/17)
Linda- 100th Post, Sugan Plum collars (9/17)
The Boring Runner - Chocolate #9 energy gels (9/11)
Endurance Isn't Only Physical - GU (9/17)
One Crazy Penguin - CSN (9/20)
Evolving Through Running - CSN (9/15)
Shut Up & Run - CSN (9/15)
Emz - CSN (9/14)
Busy Running Mama: iTunes Giveaway (9/12)
Running Diva Mom - Healed Foot Cream (9/12)
Running Diva Mom - Fuel Belt (9/12)
Running Diva Mom - Kids 'N' Caboodle (9/16)
Running Diva Mom - Pride Socks Ends (9/17)
Sticky Finger Prints - Nuun Ends (9/17)
So Skinny on the Inside: First So Skinny Giveaway

  • What do you deserve a HIGH FIVE for today?


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Be who you are

Every now and then I do a DEEP DIVE self assessment.. This week has been one of those THINKING weeks.. Soooooo since I already told you about our run last night here we go...

-am a Mom who often loses her patience but will always read books with animated voices and be the first to pick our boys up when they cry.

-am so deeply in love with my husband that I am borderline annoying. I want everyone to have what we have.

-like to go to bed early.

-earned an undergrad in Communications and a masters in Organizational Leadership, I remember next to nothing from college.

-have a tendency to forget things if I don't write them down. For EXAMPLE, I should have already posted the results from the August 80 mile CHALLENGE... I hope to do that tomorrow.

-enjoy having my picture taken.

-watch stupid Reality TV shows... Actually I probably watch TOO MUCH TV.

-like to be early. Years of high level sports trained me to be ANAL. Wish that I could be more relaxed but alas, that is ME.. Soooo if we ever go to a race together bring a crossword, we will be early.

-often dream about selling everything, buying a motor home and going off the grid for a few years.

-love wearing new clothes. My closet is full of nothing to wear.

-grew up thinking that I would be a Basketball Coach, got burnt out in college, and had to find a new dream which is still TBD.

-cry at the drop of a hat. Seriously I am a blubbering idiot. I wish I could get the waterworks in check.

-have stretch marks, pimples, and cellulite, people who don't have those NORMAL flaws baffle me.

-would Run 10 miles a day every day if I had the time and my knees could take it.

-worry constantly about my bad knee. Recovering from surgery was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I DON"T want to go back there.

-am confident and proud of who I am but I want to be more, do more and feel like I am reaching my FULL POTENTIAL.

-like to talk about myself... LOL!! Thanks for reading..


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Soaking Wet Training

Set out for a family run with dark clouds looming overhead. Knew we would get wet, so we brought the jogger rain cover. Now that school is back in session after school sports take over the track, BOOOOO!! I am a huge advocate for high school sports, but man am I going to miss the track..

Settled for the muddy, it has been POURING here, Junior high track. We let the Little Studs out, Big Brother ran with me as I timed him for 1 lap or 400 meters. He kept looking back at Daddy and Little brother and tripped.... OOPS!! I have learned not to make a big deal about minor falls, he popped right back up and kept plugging along.

I reminded him to swing his arms, coaching practice.. HE MADE IT!! Not a PR, his PR is 3:10, but a respectable 3:12 for 1 lap including a spill. Next came the little guy, how he runs in a diaper I will never know, he and Daddy came in at 3:47. Breathing hard we kicked the soccer ball around as the clouds opened up.. It poured, so we whipped out the rain cover and continued on our way.

Muscle Man and I regretted not putting on our hats before leaving.. We joked "I wonder if it is going to rain today." and zoomed home... 2.5 miles of fun and family.

  • FUNNY: Little stud #1 was talking about "training" the other day. "I need to train tomorrow Mommy." Tall Mom "Really buddy? What are you training for?" LS#1 "Well I need to get better at the play ground, jump higher, and slide down the slide faster. I gotta train to get better." LOL!! Only in a family of a Runner and Bodybuilder would a 4 and 3/4 year old talk about "training." Poor kid, his training got rained out, thankfully he got some "protein to get stronger." Kids crack me up!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jill is a Jock Half Marathon

This morning we ran the Super Jock N Jill Half Marathon HERE in BEAUTIFUL Woodinville, WA. Due to not knowing my travel schedule I knew this would be a last minute decision, but I really wanted to hang with Amanda HERE even if it was just for the car ride and lunch..

WANT TO KNOW A SECRET? I love racing more for the before and after than the during... Hanging with the girls is such a BLAST!!..

Amanda's buddy Jess was running the 4 miler, Amanda was torn having just run an 18 miler but I had my heart stuck on the Half. I was not feeling Half PR fit or focused so I emailed Jill HERE to see if she wanted to come along. Amanda, Jill and I made plans on Sunday and signed up "Amanda Style" on race day.

The ride was eventful...nuff said.. We arrived and registered quickly, this race is sooo Chill!! After a NO LINE Honey Bucket stop we quickly spotted the TALL and lovely Shelby HERE. Her cousins own the Jock N Jill store, COOL!! It is always fun to meet new local runners. We got there early so we used the time to TAKE PICTURES...
Jill and I wanted to match, so we tested our You go Girl team outfits... it was a bit Chilly and drizzly rain, so long sleeves were needed.
Miss Amanda, love her!!!
So funny it looks like Jill is Glowing.. We relaxed a bit and chatted, then it was time to get to the start..
I love love this picture!! So funny because this was Jill and my FIRST RUN together.. Not sure why?? We have known each other since we were little girls, reconnecting the past few years, now running/blogging buddies. LOVE IT! I was pumped to test out my pacing/coaching, I expect a full review from Jill.
Looking forward. One bummer was there was no start mat, so we lost 10-15 seconds crossing the start..
Sooo many people wore the Super Jock N Jill Brooks T-shirts. It reminded me of highlighters, every fourth person was in the shirt. SAFETY for sure! I did not buy the shirt, but I know a lot of people were very happy..
We set out and settled into a comfortable pace. When I run with people I like to run a half a set behind, so that is what I did with Jill. If she needed me to speed ahead to push her I would have. I am new to coaching, pacing, etc... what I do know is that I LOVE IT!! What a wonderful and positive experience.. I mean look at this girl!!
She had a strong stride, never hit the wall and was so positive the whole time. I reminded Jill to relax, drink, and focus on her form. It will be great to get coaching training in October!!
  • A few funny things along the way:
  • 2 ladies asked where we got our skirts Runningskirts.com of course
  • A man with a bright green headband asked if we were a team he had a Snoopy tie hanging down his backside as a tail made me chuckle
  • The front runner lady was wearing ELITE gear ie. sports bra and spankies mind you it was cold and rainy.. WOW!!
  • Mile 8.5 I saw a little baby eating a banana followed by a little girl with a banana less than 6 steps away, I looked around to avoid any unfortunate slipping on peels.
I ran ahead to take pictures, guess I should have sprinted further because running backwards at 9:10ish pace is TOUGH!! Oh well, blurry is still fun. I got out my phone around mile 9, texted Muscle Man and Amanda. Texting and running is not easy. At that point the PR for Jilly was in the bag, we just had to take it home.
I felt GREAT, this pace is comfortable for me. Jill turned on her music and we took on the last 5K by picking off people left and right. We spotted Shelby, caught up to her, I could tell she was hurting, her hip was not feeling good. I tried to help her along, but running with an injury is never good. We cruised through the water stop because we had our handhelds, and we lost Shelby as she slowed for a sip.
  • I can't emphasize how GREAT this course is. It is flat, winds round so you have new things to look at, follows the river, and is very well organized with signage and volunteers. The last 5K was a blur, we sped up I think I still need to plug in. The ONLY bummer was the Half Marathon Walkers who walked 3-4 in a line blocking the entire way. It was like a bad version of Red Rover... REALLY PEOPLE? I love that they are doing it, but the fact that they are registered means that they are AWARE that runners are using the same pavement, share!!
Coming to the last stretch Jill saw a friend, smiled and yelled hello... Don't think she realized how much energy that took, not two breath later she said "I am going to die" or something like that.. I said "No you are not, the Finish is around the corner." We sped to the line DONE!!!
HUGE PR FOR JILL!!! What a fun Race, I love that we ran TOGETHER the whole time with such a GREAT result. CONGRATS Jill!!! Our shirts were totally wet, probably from wearing our long sleeve shirts over for 3/4 of the race, should have done the arm sleeves oh well. P
Jess and Amanda were Patiently waiting and freezing, they had run the 4 miler. Not to get sappy but this will be one of our last WA runs for a while with Amanda :( Booooo!! Lucky me, local Bloggies are going to have lunch tomorrow to make plans for You Go Girl this month and our Bloggy guests coming from out of town.
We changed a little and headed to Mexican just down the road. Mexican and coffee, YUMMY!! Thanks girls for a GREAT morning.

2:02:43 (Less 10 seconds to start line)

9:22- Pace
****Will plug in and get the breakdown to go with my Lessons Learned post.

Monday, September 6, 2010


The Half Marathon today was AWESOME!! If you want a preview check out the Tall Mom Facebook page HERE!! Full report in the AM..

Nighty Night!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

New Sidewalk

I set out last night for a 5 mile run in my neighborhood. There have been bulldozers, backhoes and other fun Bob the Builder equipment at the end of our path. Last night the machines were gone and in there place was NEW SIDEWALK!!! Thank you taxpayers and city of Bonney Lake for .5 of beautiful new running or a full mile round trip. YIPPEE!!

I thought about being one of the first few runners to pound the pavement. Funny the things that make me happy. The run went well, my legs felt heavy. I looked up my mileage last week, only took 1 day off and got in 19 miles.....so funny because most of my friends are covering that mileage in 1 day... A reminder this is my break from Marathon training.

The good thing about this break? I miss it!! And I will go into training for Boston will new excitement and FRESH LEGS!

UPDATE: I will be running Jock N Jill Half Tomorrow, the Race Director was super SWEET. I am not sure what the Plan is yet... off to figure that out now. I will either race for a PR or run with Jill and document our journey. Either way it will be a fun way to spend a Labor Day morning.

  • What are your plans for the weekend?
  • How did your long run go? What was the distance? How did you feel?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Lovin my Baby

The play that Muscle Man and I saw for our Anniversary was Elvis inspired and the lyrics to one of the songs always sticks in my head "Lovin my baby, and my baby loves me." It is very catchy.. I digress...we had another lovely family run.. Instead of boring you with words... lets take a National Geographic look at the Family run..
The Night Crawler sized baby snake at the turn. The boys were fascinated..
Muscle Man back in the pusher role, SO GLAD to have him back..
This time I was just posing, but having done the heavy pushing last week I wanted a picture..
Funny because around mile 2 I realized that Little Stud #2 was bobbing forward.. He did not get his nap and was falling asleep. We pulled him back in the seat and he slept the rest of the way, totally neglecting his half apple snack and Mater toy.
We also brought along Little Stud #1's Spider Man scooter, he is LEARNING which means slow moving, but I love that he was ready to try.. We had the helmet on earlier, but he took it off just before the picture.
  • 2.58 miles of Family Bonding... Lovin my Babies!!!