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Saturday, August 7, 2010

What's in your Closet/Drawers

My buddy Marlene HERE posted all of her medals and asked other bloggies to post photos of theirs. I am convinced that Canadians offer much better race hardware.. Since I only have 4 I am still trying to find a COOL way to feature my medals....so inspired by her..

What's in your Closet/Drawers?

With Races come Race T-shirts, Coats, etc.. I get pretty EXCITED when I race offers cheaper rates if I don't get the shirt. The reason? I am TALL and female... The race T-shirts are generally unisex and I can NEVER seem to pick the right size. I am a medium/large woman and a small/xs (really?) man.. I would rather spend the money on gear that is my style and fits well...

  • Lets take a look at my COLLECTION..
PURCHASED shirts: Race expos can be a dangerous place... Above are the shirts I have purchased.... OOPS!! But I wear these shirts often so worth every penny..
FAVORITE race shirts: Both are long sleeves, with long arms, long waist, nice colors and stylish. The left is from the Capital City Half Marathon, my first half, it is made by Greenlayer. The right is my EUGENE Marathon (BQ!) shirt, made by Nike with bright colors and amazing fit.

UGLY Shirts: What are race directors thinking?? Do they really think that people will wear these shirts? This is a total missed opportunity, having a great shirt is a running billboard.. Make an Ugly shirt and it will take up drawers or end up at the Goodwill.
Marathon Shirts: I will ALWAYS buy a shirt for a Marathon...but that does not mean that the shirts will fit. Top left is my FIRST Marathon shirt from Seattle Rock N Roll, I got a large so Muscle Man wears it. The upper right is from the Green River (FREE) Marathon, the arms and body are way too short.. but that is all I have from that race..
Half Marathon Shirts: Mercer Island, Capital City and Frightfest Half Marathon.. These races did not give medals, so the shirts were the main race SWAG.. Not so Swaggy if you ask me..
The Whole Group: Pretty sure I am missing a few, but these were the ones I found with a quick look. I have only been racing for about 2 years, 1 year seriously.. So this is a VERY SMALL collection compared to some of you..
  • So I ask you: What's in your Closet/drawers? Show me your Race associated attire.



5 Miles Past Empty said...

Oh my goodness! I don't even want to attempt a pic of all myh shirts! There are way too many! BUT then again maybe I could clear some of them out because like you said, I hardly wear 80% of them! Medals on the other hand....I'll totally post that!

Way to go MEL!
Lots of race shirts = lots of races =AWESOMENESS!

track coach and adorable wife said...

Right now I am in the middle of a project to creatively, but concisely, display our race bibs, medals, pictures, etc. When I finish I will show the world. muwaaa (what?)

On the other hand, I love getting shirts! Well, I've only gotten two so far, but with those two I can prove to everyone that I did it!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

20+ years of running and racing equals loads of racing tees. My hubbs would really like it if I got the majority made into a quilt to get them out of my drawers (since they rarely get worn but I don't want to part with them). Someday.
I'll have to remember your idea if I get them all gathered to have that quilt made!

ajh said...

We get lots of medals here too in the NE. I have so many race t-shirts that I also love it when you pay extra to get the shirt. I have given away bagfuls of race tshirts. I took them to a race where they were being sent to Africa twice and I also take them to school. I have decided I am going to collect my cotton shirts until I have enough for a whole class and then I will take them to school. Yes, they will be big but the kids don't seem to care.
I also have more than one bulging drawer of tech race t shirts. I haven't gotten rid of many of these. But I will blog some of them at some point. And even with all the shirts from races I still buy some at Expos or on line.

Relentless Forward Commotion said...

almost all of my cotton T-shirts are packed away! I have every intention of making one of those t-shirt quilts. As soon as I learn to sew, LOL!

MCM Mama said...

If the race shirts are cotton, I get them in a size my kids can wear LOL. Luckily a lot of races around here offer sex specific tech shirts with their races, so I've bought very few shirts myself.

I'll have to blog about it this week. Thanks for a topic. ;o)

Unknown said...

I love my ugly shirts. Seriously. I take them to school and when our students try to get away with dress code violations, I pull out the ugly shirts. Suddenly, the sweaters come out and the pants get yanked up.

The shirts that I've had lying around for years and are losing their colour or finding new ones are great for this.

Natalia said...

What a glorious collection! I do not have too many medals or shirts, but I will post them...I use my race t-shirts to sleep in!

Teamarcia said...

Most of the races here give tech shirts I use mostly for biking. I sleep in the cotton ones...sexy aren't I?

Katie A. said...

I like Marica's comment :)
I have enough cotton shirts for TWO quilts! My mamma is a quilter and she keeps promising me one, but...
I have so many I don't wear, cotton and sweat wicking. I hardly ever a shirt when I run. My medals on the other hand, I have too many of those, too. I need one of those fun hook plaque things to hang them and get them out of the ziplocks!
Have a great Saturday!

amy said...

Thanks for sharing your race shirt photos!
I have the same problem with race shirts--I still haven't mastered the art of picking the right size! I received a large beach towel at a race once (a mid-winter race, no less!) and it is one of my favorites to show off at the beach!
I have my marathon medals in display boxes with the race bibs, but all other medals (yep, in Canada we seem to get them at EVERY race!) are in a basket that my kids play in. It is cute to see them walk around the house as 'finishers'.

Unknown said...

I am keeping all of my shirts and going to make a quilt or two or four out of the old race shirts later on in life :)

Running Diva Mom said...

If you're really looking for a cool way to display your medals, I've got a really cool giveaway going on!!

You have some graet race shirts. Nice collection!

Marlene said...

Ooooh great idea! Can't wait to dig out all of my ugly shirts!! hehe

TNTcoach Ken said...

Ha, I can't believe you folded all those shirts and took pictures!!!! I think my fav was a five-gallon bucket I got from a race in Henderson, KY......

The CilleyGirl said...

The Eugene Marathon long sleeve is also excellent for sleeping in when you go camping! Mine still smells just a bit like a campfire, but I was toasty warm at night.

Unknown said...

I have thought about doing this!! I love the photos!

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