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Friday, August 6, 2010

Self High Five

One of the common questions questions I get is "How do you fit it all in?"

Well today I couldn't...

So this is my SELF FIVE for doing what I can... I will be back to regular posting soon... for now you all have a FAB WEEKEND!!!

  • What do you deserve a High Five for today?
  • What do you cut out when there is NO TIME?
  • Weekend Running Plans?


Alanna said...

Alas, no high 5 for today... unless it counts that this week is the halfway point in my marathon training.

I'm very bad at making running come first. I'd far rather skip a short (~6km) run to get my non-napping 3 year old into bed early than make him come out with us... And my blog suffers too - I'd rather not post than put up something boring or meaningless.

As for the weekend, just a nice 19km (12 miles) run on Sunday. It's a recovery week and then we ramp up for a while... 29km(18miles)/29km/32km(~20miles) before it goes back down to a mild 23km.

*~*~* Tracy said...

Good for you for making choices that worked best for you and not feeling bad about it!

Today I didn't think I'd get my strength training in, but I was able to. I stress out at all at the idea of not doing it.

What suffers when I run out of time? The house for sure. Who wants to vaccuum when you can run, or play or sleep???

Weekend plans involve a 5 mile run and a ???mile bike ride with the family.

Have a great weekend!

Running Kiwi said...

Ahhh the most common asked question to me as well :) ... and as you probably well know, you just make it work - yes, tomorrow I'm disappointed I'm missing spin class because youngest has a gym comp, but I'll go to the gym later and do some cycling and ellypitcal, I reckon planning, and being prepared to change things around and go with the flow makes a huge difference!

Running Kiwi said...

I didn't actually answer the questions! LOL
High 5 to me for running 5k yesterday, after not running for nearly 3 weeks because of injury - and it felt fantastic!
Housework gets cut out, and sleep ;)
Weekend - no running, injury is soreish so I won't try running for a few days, but I'll go to the gym today and tomorrow and do some work on the bike and ellyptical

Marlene said...

HIGH FIVE for my fave supper star running Mom who does it all! Have a great weekend!!

Kate Geisen said...

My high five...getting up early to help my brother load up his gigantic moving van for 8 hours. That'll have to be my workout for the day!

When there is no time, I cut out sleep...and I'm paying for it today! I need to stop doing that!!

Weekend running plans...7 (or more) miles tomorrow, then a volleyball tournament. And then a 53-mile bike ride on Sunday (yeah, not running plans, but still looking forward to it!).

Tricia said...

High fives to me because I've ran a 12miler and a 6miler alone this week. I run with the hubs almost exclusively so I was proud of myself for getting out on my own.

Hope you have a super weekend Mel!

Erika said...

High fives to me because I finished chicago Rock n Roll half on sunday...
I tend to cut back on blogging/tv when I run out of time...or sadly my laundry feels neglected, but with three kids, is it ever really caught up?
Planning on running my first 15 tomorrow (GASP!)to end week 5 of marathon training! Happy Friday!

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

my high five to myself is for running 8 miles without stopping today to walk up hills! :)
Today was my long run so tomorrow i have a recovery 2 miles planned and then a rest day on Sunday :) I love running! lol

Unknown said...

I get a High 5 today for taking the boys to the pool. I didn't want to go because the pool is a really, really cold one and I knew it would be full of camp kids. But, I ran first and, then, took them. I just told myself it was like having an ice bath.

gba_gf said...

What do I cut? I cut recreational reading (which is painful for me) and all TV. Last semester I DVRd all my shows and was always weeks behind... a real bummer. Running comes before sleep...that I can say with conviction!