6'0 tall, former athlete, mother of 3, struggling to keep up on the RUN of daily life.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Test Lab Tuesday

WELCOME new Tall Mom Bloggy Pack members and thank you to everyone for the wonderful comments :) This is sort of a stretch for Test Lab Tuesday because my brain is a little fried, but here goes...

the day I dedicate to all things
Living, Eating and Running....

Quiet Moments:
There is something to be said about taking time to be out in nature and enjoy a few minutes of PEACE.. Last week our world was OFF, Muscle Man was out of town and I was left with the Little Studs. With the help of Tall Sister we got out of the house and went to the park. There were so many kids, parents, weirdos, etc.... but when we left the park area and stood by the lake it all melted away and there was QUIET. I urge you to get outside and find your quiet.

Jeep Liberty:
Yes folks the Tall Mom household has a need ride!! You will find me pulling up to races in my "Mommy Tank" Jeep Liberty. The V6 engine is just enough to get up and go on the freeway, it has a cozy cabin for my long legs, and the Little Studs fit perfect in the back. If you are in the market in the Puyallup, WA area let me know because Helmut was amazing to work with :)

Mashed Cauliflower:
Have I mentioned how much I love Muscle Man?? Yes, OK good.. He knows I have been disappointed with my eating so he made an uber healthy meal on Monday.. Mashed Cauliflower, the boys think it was Potatoes don't tell, and chicken skewers. YUMMY!! After this meal I felt so light and healthy. Score for a PERFECT Summer plate.


Pacing and Gear:
I am working on my PACER skills for the upcoming You Go Girl Half Marathon when I pace TMB HERE for her sub sub 2 hour goal. I ran 5 miles yesterday (hit 80 miles for August!!! How are you all doing?) trying to keep the pace. One thing that I am NOT GOOD at is keeping a consistent pace, I speed up, I slow down, URGH!! I have less than a month to get it together... One thing that I must say is I am MOST comfortable in my Brooks Running EZ-T's HERE and a Running Skirt HERE or Running Skirt Capris.. I have tried other tops and bottoms and this is my uniform. The Brooks tops are long, fitted and made of super durable and soft fabric. The Running skirts are forgiving, girly and finish an outfit.

*****With the RAIN out there today I am reminded that Fall weather is coming which means NEW GEAR!! Here we go again..
  • I have lots of products I am overdue on reviewing, including Somnio Running shoes HERE, an adorable scrabble tile necklace, headbands, water bottles, backpack, some fitness products and more... I am hoping to find the time and mental power to fill you all in ASAP.
  • If you have a product you would like me to review please send me an email tallmomontherun (@) hotmail.


Monday, August 30, 2010

Time RUNNING short

FYI this is going to be a little sappy, I warned you..

Amanda (5 Miles Past Empty) was my first Bloggy meet up on 10-10-09, yes we are approaching our 1 year friendiversary. Read all about our "First Running Date" HERE. You know when you meet someone and you just CLICK., well that is how our friendship is. YES we are different, I am an ANAL race morning freak. showing up an hour before the start, going to the Honey Bucket multiple times, etc.. and she is a just before the gun arrival, possibly not registered until the day of the race and chill type of gal. Every time we hang it is a BLAST... which makes me even more SAD because she is leaving.. On 10-10-10 after her Portland Marathon she will move to a land far far away...yes on our Friendiversary... I had a fleeting thought to sign up for the Marathon last minute to spend 26.2 with her, but ALAS it is SOLD OUT!! URGH!!

With time RUNNING short I was happy that we could connect for a 12 miler on Saturday, I was EXCITED to run with Amanda, but a bit fearful to run in parts of Tacoma.. Just after I parked my NEW JEEP a crazy dude yelled "Put your hands in the Ai-er!" LORDY, please keep my car safe..

We set out, Amanda fighting off a cold and me HOPING that I was not too out of shape. The run was GREAT despite the multiple traffic light stops and the train. We even passed an Alzheimer's Memory Walk, there were signs along our route which made me think of my Grandma who had Alzheimer's and died in 2007. about mid-way I spotted a waving woman and QUICKLY realized the waving was for US. It was Jill at Running 2 Sanity HERE. There are many weirdos in Tacoma, but Jill is one of the good ones... HEHEHEHE!! We stopped and chatted, we also tried to convince the young woman walking by wearing a Rock N Roll Seattle T-shirt that she should run a FULL Marathon once in her life.. LOL!! We snapped a few photos..
Lovin my girls!! I GENERALLY am not critical of pictures, but UGH!! I can see every chocolate bar and fast food item consumed the past month flopping over my fuel belt. Hard Core Abs goal for Boston- FAIL!!! Time to get that core in shape to work for me in races.
Jill's buddy Andrea was not feeling well, but I truly did not mean to cut her head off, sorry buddy!!
  • We set back out, a bit stiff from the long stop, talking about marriage, kids, running and anything else that came up. NEVER ever a shortage of conversation, well I lied, we did not talk much on the MONSTER HILL!! Hello jello legs.. I prefer the flat waterfront route.
Although I did feel on edge and like I should have been carrying a tire iron on the run (like the old lady in the park who had it for "my protection"), it was pretty safe, Amanda knew where to go. 12 miles DONE!!
  • I am going to miss Amanda soooo much, I know it is not goodbye, but with time RUNNING short it sure feels like it.
  • Have you made friends through running/blogging? Tell me about your experience. And make sure to celebrate those Friendiversaries!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I found my SPEED

I TOTALLY forgot to tell you all... On Friday I was feeling well FAST. I thought it would be a good time to see how much fitness I have lost the past 2 weeks. My goal to PR in a Half Marathon this year would require running sub 7:55 pace. So I set out for 5 miles at sub 8's.

And here is how it went:

Mile 1: 7:32, dodged a fallen tree across the path, a decent sized snake and several walkers.

Mile 2: 7:21, there were some high schoolers who appeared to be setting up for a car wash, I ALWAYS run fast when I see teenagers, like I have something to prove??

Mile 3: 7:41, OUCH side ache, hmmm lack of fitness at higher speeds? I think so.

Mile 4: 7:49, Feeling a little deflated and mentally wanting to stop running fast. I kept telling myself, less than 16 minutes and counting down. This mile has the 2 little baby hills, TOUGH when trying to maintain SPEED.

Mile 5: 7:48, so ready to be done, finally got over the side ache and was SUPER PROUD of the run!

5 Miles 38:14 for 7:38 overall pace!!

With all that has happened the past few weeks (Jury Duty, hubby being gone, death in the family, etc..) my training plan has been thrown a CURVE. I was hoping to get ready for a PR at the Jock N Jill Half Marathon on Labor Day, but now I don't know if I will run it at all. Hmmmmm?? This run proved to me that I have the ability to run sub 8's, I am not sure I have the fitness to hold it from 13.1++ miles. Will see, maybe I will run a spontaneous Half, Amanda style and pull out an unexpected ZONE race. Time will tell.

  • Speaking of Amanda, we had a fun 12 miler on Saturday and RAN into Jill, pictures and full details tomorrow.. The return of Tall Mom Test Lab Tuesday and High Five Friday and an Outside PR hosted GIVEAWAY this week. Lots of FUN to come on Tall Mom, so come on back no you hear?? LOL!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Too many SWEETS

You know what happens to Tall Mom when she is thrown off schedule, emotional, bored, or stuck at home?? She EATS!! And what does she eat? BAD FOOD! I have been eating horrible and I have the paunch over my spandex to prove it (photos tomorrow URGH!) I have consumed far too much fast food, chocolate and Starbucks high calories drinks... You know what happens when Tall Mom realizes she is spiraling out of control? She gets FOCUSED! Below are my 3 Goals for this month and September so I can still have the occasional treat without the EXCESS.

  • Goal #1: Treat myself 1 day a week
  • Goal #2: Start a new food journal
  • Goal #3: Replace boredom eating with WATER :)
There is a FUN FUN Award going around Bloggy Land. I was BLESSED to get the award from Tobi at Busy Running Mama HERE and Alma at the Average Woman's Running Blog HERE.


1. Answer the question: If you had the chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be?

2. Pick 6 people and give them this award. You then have to inform the person that they have been selected for the award.

3. Thank the person (people) who gave you the Award.

Here we go...

1. If I could go back I would have a much more fit post college life including pregnancy. I was unhealthy for 5-6 years and I feel I missed out on a lot. I know that I would have had more energy and felt much better if I had been more aware of my personal health. I had no reason to be overweight or unfit.

2. Since I have been a HORRIBLE Commenter, I am going to AWARD the last 6 people to Comment on Tall Mom (click names to be connected to Blogs):

1-Lisa: Lisa is always positive and makes me SMILE. She has dealt with injuries and is on her way back to RUNNING. Check her out HERE.

2- Shelly: This Amazing jogging stroller Mom is on a SUPER streak....109++ days of running, CRAZY AWESOME. She is also hosting multiple Giveaways, so get over there and enter..

3-Cynthia O'H: I LOVE LOVE Canadians, and Cynthia is a devoted commenter on Tall Mom. THANKS!! It will be fun to read about her Chocolate 1/2 race report in the next couple days.

4- Hunnybee: New to Running Blog world as of May, with just 11 Followers she would love some visitors ;) Hope you can get your DREAM Jeep Liberty someday soon.

5- Amanda (5 Miles to Empty): Amanda was my first Bloggy meet-up and we have been fast friends ever since. I am SAD that Amanda is leaving soon!! Her humor, laxed race morning style and willingness to DEVOUR Red Robin fries will be missed. I am very glad that she did not chop me up with a large knife on our first meeting :) We went for a SUPER 12 mile run this morning, so look for a post and pictures soon..

6- Casey: This new Mom spends most of her time chasing after Violet, when she is not writing knitting books. I am EXCITED to read her upcoming 5K race report. Congrats on 5 years Casey!

3. Thanks ladies, and anyone else who may have tagged me. I think Bloggy award are super fun and this made my day with the TOUGH weeks we have had.

Well that is all I have for now.... HAPPY SATURDAY!

Friday, August 27, 2010


I am feeling like the LIFE is coming back to me, like I have a PULSE. Death is hard! Unexpected Death is emotional, draining and impossible!

Moving on... you don't come here to be brought down. Sooooo.. guess what? The Tall Mom Family has a new Ride. Our old Jeep has been less than reliable, so we opted to purchase a NEW JEEP LIBERTY!! It is so fun having a new toy. With that new toy is 1 year of free Sirius XM radio. I love love love not having to listen to obnoxious DJ's and commercials. And my favorite station so far "The Pulse."
  • Do you have a favorite XM station?
I have been soooo OFF on my Long Runs, so this weekend I am thinking of doing a DOUBLE and getting my Long Run PULSE back. Saturday with Amanda HERE in T-town, I am a little scared because it seems like she is always dodging traffic or weirdos. Amanda is moving AWAY soon, so we need to get in as many miles as possible before she is gone. Then Sunday with ???? whoever wants to come.

***WOW oh WOW seems everyone in Bloggy Land is hosting a Giveaway, wish I had time to list them all.. But it is a little reminder that I am past due for a Tall Mom Giveaway...My Giveaway page barely has a PULSE. Our friends at Outside PR are amazing hosts so look for something AWESOME in the next few days, think Gu, Road ID, GoLite, etc!!!

  • What are you up to this weekend?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Push it Mamma

Muscle Man was on the way home from Eastern WA so I had a little time to spare to get in a run. Buddy Tammy agreed to meet after Little Stud #2 was done napping. 3:30Pm and 85', GULP!! That is HOT for us WA natives.

I packed apples, cheese puffs, extra sippy cups, toys, etc.. anything the Little Studs would need for about an hour. I wore my Nathan Speed 2 Fuel belt, thank goodness I was THIRSTY.

The heat and pushing the stroller combined for a tough few miles...but what I did not realize was how FAST Tammy was going.. This lady is training to BQ at the Victoria Marathon in October and she is a speedy machine. Check out these splits with 90++ pounds of kids and a double jogger..

Mile 1- 8:45
Mile 2- 8:29
Mile 3- 8:32
Mile 4 (slight uphill)- 9:03
Mile 5- 10:19- I kept my watch on for the walking...
.64- 9:49 DYING and done
TOTAL: 5.64 and 9:07 pace
**Stats include walking..

I had to walk, the resistance and heat was really getting to me. My eating, sleep and running schedule has been so OFF and my body was fighting back. I was happy to have Tammy along to take my mind off the fatigue. The boys were great despite a couple outbursts, I packed everything they needed, SCORE MOM POINTS!!

Tammy helped push for a bit, which was nice.... I am VERY READY to get back to Kiddo free long runs. Running with them is much better than the alternative, not running, so I made the most of it. Dripping in sweat I called it a day at 5.5 and we ended with a brisk walk, 6 miles total of running/walking.

Thanks Tammy for a GREAT run!! You are a MANIAC!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hide and Seek

After devouring a SCRUMPTIOUS and HEALTHY dinner made by Janna (aka Lioness my running buddy). I sat and though about pushing the double stroller...it was my only option to get a run in. I lingered a bit too long as the precious daylight was fading away. It took me 25 minutes to get myself, the stroller and Little Studs ready.

I had my bag of tricks, snacks and toys, we went to the trail, hoping for more level terrain... The sun started to set and I was immediately regretting taking our little ones out so late. I sped up and knew I would only get in 4 miles. The FUN part about pushing little guys is you get so much attention.

Comments from friendly passers:

Lady solo walking in flip flops, "Looks like they have the easy job."

Tall Man on Bike, "Someday they will return the favor."

Couple with 2 dogs, on my way back to the car "Wow that was FAST."

I felt anything but fast, the trail is slightly inclined in some spots and I could feel it 333% when I had to really push. Little Stud #1, our trash talker, said "Can you run any faster Mommy?" I quickly replied "Yes, I run much faster when I am not pushing you." LOL There was one other runner on the trail, she had a kind smile and looked strong.

The boys were AMAZING!! They never complained and just relaxed pointing out everything on the trail. At one point they decided to play Hide and Seek... Ummmmm... it went like this..

  • LS#2- Counted to 20 with his head down
  • LS#1- Hid with his head between his legs
  • At 20 LS#2 opened his eyes and said "Found you!" Not too many places to hide in the Double Jogger. They played twice as I laughed.....kids are sooo funny..

They also played "Race" and "Tom and Jerry." I got a horrible stomach cramp at mile 3.5...OUCH!! It was getting very DARK, the Full Moon was out. I could not walk so I ran through it.. the other thing I ran through was bugs.

  • BUG Count: 5 hit my face, 1 in my mouth, 1 in my nose, 3 in my eyes, 1 attacked LS#2 "Ah a Bee!" and 1 LS#1 said "I squished the Bee!"

4 miles done in just over 9:00 pace, not too shabby!! Hope you are well, thanks again to EVERYONE for your kind support and prayers.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Love Life

I am busy taking care of the Little Studs while Muscle Man is with his family... THANK YOU ALL for all the well wishes and prayers, I read them last night in a quiet minute once I put the boys to bed. It made me cry to read all the comments...mainly because I finally sat and let it all sink in. Losing a loved one is hard.

I have not had the mental or physical energy to run, but I am hoping to get out there tonight, double jogger and all. I will pick a FLAT run this time, pushing 90++ lbs up hills is not an easy task.

*****My running buddy Janna (AKA Lioness) is bringing us Dinner, LOVE HER!!!

Wish I had more to report...and more time to go around and check in.. but alas, Little Stud #2 is almost up from his nap and there is a mountain of laundry to climb..


Friday, August 20, 2010

Goodbye Tall Army Grandpa

We got an unexpected call on Wednesday....the Doctor had determined there was no brain activity is Muscle Man's Dad... On Thursday, with family by his side, Ron (Tall Army Grandpa) passed away. CANCER SUCKS!!!

I will be taking an extended absence from Blogging, be sure to hop around and meet all the Tall Mom Bloggy Pack members :)

***One super cool thing today was that we found a race number and pictures from a 10K TAG had done in his younger days :) I remember talking to him about running but seeing the photos made my day. I will be scanning and posting soon.. Very 80's...good times, I will cherish these photos as a connection to another runner..

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


There are times when you are on track, zooming along in life, running, and everything in between.. Then..


Derailed, off track, without a clear path to get back to where you were before. Last week I was thrown a HUGE CURVE. On Saturday night we got the call that Muscle Man's Dad's cancer had returned and he was in the ICU and sedated. Muscle Man quickly headed to Spokane to be with his 3 Tall Brothers.... HMMMM Tall Mom alone, NOT GOOD!!

Thankfully Tall Sister and Tall Grandparents hopped in to help with the Little Studs (LOVE YOU ALL MORE THAN WORDS CAN SAY). As the week went on I realized that in order to get out of the office at a decent hour I would have to work through lunch. NO RUN AT LUNCH. And I did not want to take advantage of my WONDERFUL childcare.. NO RUN AFTER WORK. My mileage and focus took a major hit. I was PUMPED for the Half Marathon Saturday with the Amazing Emily as my pacer....BUT....I also really wanted to see Tall Army Grandpa, I could not forgive myself if he passed and I did not say goodbye, the plan was to work until Tall Sister had to leave on Friday then set off to Spokane.

On Friday the Little Studs got sick, TRACK DERAILED AGAIN!! The plan got foiled, I could not get everyone sick when they needed to be in the ICU with TAG. That night Muscle Man asked me to look up flights but I really needed to be there. So at 8:00am Saturday, when I should have been leaving for my Half Marathon, I set off kiddos in tow to Spokane. NO LONG RUN NO RACE.. It was worth it to hold his hand and pray by his bed. ****Tall Army Grandpa remains in the ICU with no change in his condition, if you pray please have Ron in your prayers, Muscle Man would truly love to see his Dad awake and alive..

Last week I got DERAILED. But today is a new day. I cannot dwell on last week, and I WILL NOT focus on what I did not do. I THINK I CAN GET BACK ON TRACK!!

  • With 2 weeks at about 18 miles I was feeling BEHIND on the 80 miles in August challenge. So I checked Dailymile HERE (Be my friend if you are not).. I am at 41 miles as of 8/16. Just where I need to be!!
  • Have you ever been derailed by vacation, illness, work, or life in general? What did you do to get back on track?


Monday, August 16, 2010

Long Run LUCK

Anyone who has paid attention to my miles on Dailymile last week would notice that I barely ran....there are some reasons for that which I will share tomorrow...

Last night I FINALLY had an opportunity to get in a semi Long Run....BUT there is a little Heat Wave going on and it was still 96' at 6:45PM.. Just my LUCK... GULP! My Seattle running body is not prepared for that kind of heat.... so I made the most of it, I loaded up my 4 bottle Nathan Fuel belt and headed to my parents.

Our neighborhood there is no shade because they chopped all the trees, by my folks there is SHADE, which was needed in the HEAT. I said "Hi" to my folks and set out. It went like this...

  • Mentally mapped out a route forgetting about the HILLS! My knee was SCREAMING as I went up and down.
  • Passed two kids with Jonas Brothers style hair cuts riding their skateboards down a grass hill while using IPhones to Video.
  • The lake park was FILLED with folks trying to beat the heat. There was not one square patch of free grass.
  • I was getting TIRED at mile 4 when a truck passed. A young guy reached his arm out the window, smiled and gave me a thumbs up. Instantly re-energized.
  • Wavering and wishing my water were cold I looked up and was inspired by Ford.. The Ford FOCUS, it was a good reminder, I had to get my head in the run.
  • Ahead I saw a high school age kid running toward me in a Wrestling SWEATSHIRT.. He gave a little hoot as he passed and I said "Not hot enough for you huh?" He smiled, CRAZY KIDS!!!
  • Dead animal count: 3 possums, 1 cat, 2 crows and 1 frog.
  • I passed my Junior High which was plowed to the ground and is being remodeled, made me a little sad.
  • It was getting late and dark, I sped up and made it home a sweating, salty mess.
  • HOW DO YOU ALL DO IT? I thought about all of you who live and run in constant scorching temperatures, CRAZY CRAZY!! I went through all 4 bottles of luke warm fluid and was still parched.

STATS for 8/15:

8.00- Miles

Time- 1:11:06

Pace: 8:53

Fastest Mile: 8:06 Less Fast Mile: 9:26


Saturday, August 14, 2010

To Smile

I am pretty sure that it is impossible not to feel like a kid while eating a sucker or lollipop. Especially the kind that changes the color of your mouth...

And of course watching my Little Stud eat a blue dum dum it was impossible not TO SMILE..

This weekend...

  • RUN
  • and if you are feeling really adventurous... HAVE A LOLLIPOP


Friday, August 13, 2010

OOPS High Five

I was not paying attention, at 10:30 at night after a LONG LONG day, and posted High Five Friday on my Giveaway Blog.. I know it is a hassle but please click HERE..


Thursday, August 12, 2010

3 Things Thursday

I am zonkered and barely have time to think let alone Blog I am going to use bloggy buddy Redhead's (HERE) format:

1. I ran 6.4 miles yesterday on my lunch break.. I was DETERMINED to get in a medium long run, something I have been SLACKING on lately. The first 3 miles zoomed by as I thought about my Half Marathon this weekend. At about mile 4 I reached down to itch my leg and realized that my size 10 was less than an inch from a tiny little Gardner snake, LUCKY SNAKE, if I would not have had an itch he would have been Brooks tread. Something is off with my body, I am not sure what it is but I feel very exhausted and irritable.. NOT GOOD!! By the end of the run I was de-stressed and dripping in sweat.

2. Speaking of my Half Marathon I am NERVOUS!! I have not done real speedwork since training for Eugene, other than a couple 5K's... URGH! I am not sure if I have the fitness level to pull off a PR. This will be my 4th Half Marathon. Half #1 HERE was AWESOME, I had no expectations and had a smile at the finish, Capital City still holds my PR. Half #2 HERE was on a drizzly Halloween day, running on the side of the road, barely any other runners and the course was long, the one highlight was that I WON for women. Half #3 HERE I was recovering from being sick for 2 weeks still could not fully breath and the entire course was uphill, I should have stuck with the original plan to pace Amanda, but she rocked without me. So what does Half #4 have in store for me?? Who knows? I am hoping I will get to run it, there is an illness in the family which may pull me away, will keep you posted.

3. I am off to find the WINNER of the CSN gift Card, which will be posted HERE in the next 10 minutes.. This was a POPULAR Giveaway with 129 comments on the "Who are You?" post and 98 entries!! I have not had any time to enter any of the FUN FUN Giveaways in Bloggy land. If you have a Giveaway going on please let me know. I will TRY to link you in on high Five Friday.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Super Mom

I know it may be a little strange to call myself Super Mom, but I have earned the title and let me tell you why....

Muscle Man was busy so I thought it would be FUN to try to push 90lbs of Little Stud and the HEAVY double Jogger solo. I got the boys snacks and closed the garage door.. Just then I realized one of the wheels was a little flat, URGH!! Not wanting to stop and make the guys wait, I opted to chance it..

The first mile was GREAT, our neighborhood is pretty hilly, and the first mile is mostly downhill. The boys were cute chatting away saying "Hi" to people and pointing out every "Daddy Car" and "Sheriff Car" in site. I am barely strong enough to turn the jogger, and with the semi-flat tire this made for some SLOW turns. First mile chimed 8:11 NICE!! It was time to cross the street and I realized the sidewalk did not have a break in it. I had to stop and lift the front wheel.

I was starting to get TIRED so I gave the boys a BIG PUSH and ran behind the stroller.. Well they loved it and thought it was a game "Do it again Mommy!" I would hear that phrase over and over the next 2 miles.. I could feel my pace slow but I could not do anything about it, pushing and running is tough work.

The Little Studs were too cute

LS#2 to Big Brother who was resting on his legs "Are you tired?"

LS#1 "No I am not tired."

PAUSE.... LS#2 "Are you tired?"

Irritated LS#1 "No I am not tired!"

Mommy "He thinks you are tired because you are leaning on your legs, sit up."

LS#1 to his little brother "Are you tired."

LS#2 "Yeah I'm tired." And on and on....

I added a little loop around a neighborhood so I would end with 3.11. the last bit is a steady incline... The boys cheered me on "Go Mommy Go!" We made it to the top, successful solo Double Jogger performance 28:20 and just over 9:00 pace..

Pushing 90+ pounds of wiggly toddlers up and down hills earns me the title of SUPER MOM for the day!!!


Monday, August 9, 2010

My Pacer Em

Bloggy Buddy Emily is in town from the other Washington, DC. We met a few months back for 16 miles and a tasty brunch, she gave me AMAZING confidence training for Eugene and helped me believe I could BQ. Em is super super super FAST, check out her Half Marathon last weekend HERE. I have had a couple bummer Half Marathons, the Halloween Half in the rain that was .5 long and the HILLY Mercer Island Half where I was recovering from 2 weeks of being sick. I am DUE for a Half PR!! Soooooo

With the help of my adorable Dimple twin we will RUN an impromptu Half Marathon in Magnuson Park Seattle. The course is 4 loops....not sure how I feel about that, at least I will know what to expect after loop 1. I am PUMPED to have a pacer and I am sure Em will like running SLOWER with me :)

Fun times ahead...

  • Have you ever run with a Pacer? Or a friend who was a bit faster than you? How did it go?

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Family Traditions are so important. Growing up we would take a family picture in front of the same mirror at my Grandmas house. Today it is amazing to look at those photos, a snapshot in time taken on the same day every year. Oh how we change over the years.

Muscle Man and I have a tradition of returning to where we were married, Point Defiance Rose Garden, and taking family pictures. To see the photos over the years go to my post last year HERE. This year we were a week later in getting to the park and the weather was not ideal, but it didn't rain. Below are a few photos from the day..
Self photo, the best we could do with no one to ask to take a photo.
I once walked here in a wedding dressed arm in arm with my Dad. Today I walked with my sons..

The traditional wishing well shot. I could not find my tripod. URGH!
Family photo!! LOVE IT!
Mommy Duck protecting her 3 babies..
  • On the running front I ran 7.56 miles with Janna last night. It was raining and 6:00 at night. WE got harassed by the local riff raff and ended up running the side of the highway on the way back. It was great to get some miles in despite the CRAZIES..

Saturday, August 7, 2010

What's in your Closet/Drawers

My buddy Marlene HERE posted all of her medals and asked other bloggies to post photos of theirs. I am convinced that Canadians offer much better race hardware.. Since I only have 4 I am still trying to find a COOL way to feature my medals....so inspired by her..

What's in your Closet/Drawers?

With Races come Race T-shirts, Coats, etc.. I get pretty EXCITED when I race offers cheaper rates if I don't get the shirt. The reason? I am TALL and female... The race T-shirts are generally unisex and I can NEVER seem to pick the right size. I am a medium/large woman and a small/xs (really?) man.. I would rather spend the money on gear that is my style and fits well...

  • Lets take a look at my COLLECTION..
PURCHASED shirts: Race expos can be a dangerous place... Above are the shirts I have purchased.... OOPS!! But I wear these shirts often so worth every penny..
FAVORITE race shirts: Both are long sleeves, with long arms, long waist, nice colors and stylish. The left is from the Capital City Half Marathon, my first half, it is made by Greenlayer. The right is my EUGENE Marathon (BQ!) shirt, made by Nike with bright colors and amazing fit.

UGLY Shirts: What are race directors thinking?? Do they really think that people will wear these shirts? This is a total missed opportunity, having a great shirt is a running billboard.. Make an Ugly shirt and it will take up drawers or end up at the Goodwill.
Marathon Shirts: I will ALWAYS buy a shirt for a Marathon...but that does not mean that the shirts will fit. Top left is my FIRST Marathon shirt from Seattle Rock N Roll, I got a large so Muscle Man wears it. The upper right is from the Green River (FREE) Marathon, the arms and body are way too short.. but that is all I have from that race..
Half Marathon Shirts: Mercer Island, Capital City and Frightfest Half Marathon.. These races did not give medals, so the shirts were the main race SWAG.. Not so Swaggy if you ask me..
The Whole Group: Pretty sure I am missing a few, but these were the ones I found with a quick look. I have only been racing for about 2 years, 1 year seriously.. So this is a VERY SMALL collection compared to some of you..
  • So I ask you: What's in your Closet/drawers? Show me your Race associated attire.


Friday, August 6, 2010

Self High Five

One of the common questions questions I get is "How do you fit it all in?"

Well today I couldn't...

So this is my SELF FIVE for doing what I can... I will be back to regular posting soon... for now you all have a FAB WEEKEND!!!

  • What do you deserve a High Five for today?
  • What do you cut out when there is NO TIME?
  • Weekend Running Plans?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

In a Rut?

As Runners we hope that the pavement or trail is flat and clear, free of obstructions that will cause us to trip and fall... But there are the occasional RUTS, not a tree branch or ditch, but that feeling where you just can't get back into the ZONE... Once you are in a Rut it can be ovewhelming, you may want to just GIVE UP because it is too hard. You can dig out of that Rut! I have....

Tall Mom Tips to Escape the RUT:
1. Change the route
  • Run it backwards, the simple act of running your usual route backwards can spice it up a bit.
  • Chose your favorite route. I have a few places I like to run, the bridge through the marsh and the flat trail...if I feel I am in a rut I stick to those paths that make me happy.
  • Drive somewhere new to run. Local parks, trails, golf course, waterfront, etc.. There may be new routes within 15 minutes from your home that you have never tested... (Note: when running in a new place bring a running partner, dog, or some form of protection)
2. Phone a Friend
  • Running buddies can help the LONG miles fly by.
  • If you do not have a buddy who runs, consider joining a local running club. Information can be found online or at a local running stores. There are runners in all paces, ages and distances, you may just find your running mate.

3. Buy new Gear

  • Maybe those old stinky duds are making you depressed. Reward your efforts with a shiny new outfit. You don't have you break the bank to get new running clothes. I buy many great things at Target, Ross, TJMax, and Nordstrom Rack.
  • Maybe you legs are sore from your shoes being over their lifespan. Soreness could lead to a rut. Save up for a new pair, it could make all the difference.

4. Register for a Race or Fun Run

  • Paying the money and having something to look forward to could be just the pull you need to get you out of your rut.
  • Get your friends and family involved.. You don't have to RACE.... There are plenty of family friendly walk/run events that are fun and can be pretty inexpensive.

5. Have a plan or ditch your plan

  • You may be in a rut because you don't have a plan. There is a wealth of knowledge online with training plans for all distances, speeds, etc.. Find a Plan and tweak it to fit your goals and life. Checking off the boxes may give you just the inspiration you need.
  • Maybe the plan you are using is too hard and is giving you anxiety. No one is forcing you to stick to that Plan. Your rut could be caused by the lack of freedom.. Ditch the plan, or parts of the plan and create your own. It could make all the difference.


(is that a word?)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

You Go Girl JOIN IN!!

On Sunday September 26th many local female runners will hit the start line for the You Go Girl! Half Marathon & 10K HERE. The race is not is Seattle it is in Tacoma, WA. I know nothing about the course but I am EXCITED to run in an all women race. This will not be a PR race for me because I will be hosting TMB HERE and pacing her to her coveted sub 2 hour PR!!
I am truly looking forward to this race and to meeting all of the members of team "Will Run for Ice Cream." Our team captain Diana HERE has done an AMAZING job of keeping everyone in the loop on team runs and getting us all signed up before the price went UP.. I have sorta taken the role of the stylist for the race. I am sooo excited to see how many of us show up in the team uniform...
Headband designed by Deshler Designs HERE. FYI TMB has a Giveaway for Deshler Designs HERE.

Nike tank top can be purchased HERE and comes in a variety of colors. We are going with the Blue.
Pink Dots Running Skirt HERE. And of course some fun pink socks to finish the outfit.. FUN!!
  • There are so many ladies running this race... so if I forget you on the list below please leave a comment with your Blog and I will link you in.. And FYI anyone can join Team Will Run for Ice Cream, just let us know...
Click name to be linked to Blog

Diana- Team Captain

Kerrie- Birthday on Race Day!!
Navy Wife
And??? leave me a comment with your Blog address or email me and I will add you to the list..
There are already plans in the works by Jill and Amanda for a Bloggy meet up and carbo night!!! So be sure to let us know if you are interested..
  • Does this sound like fun??
  • You CAN do something like this is your area and now is the time to START PLANNING!!
  • Find a Race and REGISTER
  • Gather friends, family and local runners.. Dailymile is a GREAT way to meet local runners and look up who is running in upcoming events.
  • Pick a team captain, team name and team outfit
  • Run for FUN or run together to raise money for a good cause
  • Plan training runs and create training plans to get ready
  • Plan events surrounding the race weekend, meet up at the expo, carbo load the night before, photo ops at the start line, and post race celebration.

What to you have coming up that you are looking forward to?


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Talkin Weather

The trial I was on ended with a plea bargain yesterday...which is a bit of a bummer because I was enjoying learning something new and seeing the judicial process at work. The good news is I can get back to work...which is good because the office is BUSY... When I was released from the the trial I had a HORRIBLE stress headache making it very tough to function.. After a LONG nap I was still feeling URGH!

We went for a family job hoping that would help and it did a little... but today I still fee like part of my brain is missing. The CREATIVE portion of my brain is gone... so what do you talk about when your brain is gone? THE WEATHER OF COURSE

It is foggy here, almost feels like the weather on the Coast. The days start with a misty fog which eventually burns off to a decent day in the 70's. Weather in the Pacific Northwest is truly ideal for runners. The Summer month can get a little hot, but nothing like what many of you experience. And there is little to no humidity. I feel VERY BLESSED to live in such a Runner friendly climate.. I know you are all a bit jealous as you run at 3am to avoid the heat... I would love to learn more about your WEATHER....

  • What is the weather like where you are? How has Summer running been?
  • What tricks to you have to stay cool in the HEAT of Summer?

Monday, August 2, 2010

CHALLENGE 80 Miles in August

I have been trying to think of ways to get people MOVING!! Myself included. With the Tall Mom 1,000+++ Club I need to run about 19.2 miles a week to reach my goal.. So when I saw Ellen S. Challenge on Dailymile HERE, I thought it would be fun to use her idea on Tall Mom.

I CHALLENGE you to.....
80 Miles in August
Walk, jog, run... just get moving!!!

***For our Canadian and Foreign friends... 80 miles= 128.74 KM
Lets do the Math....
  • 80 miles/ 4 weeks= 20 miles per week
  • 20 miles a week/ 7 days a week= 2.85 miles per day
And since I was late posting this CHALLENGE you get until September 2nd to complete the challenge. So 80 miles/ 31 days= 2.5 miles!!
Speaking of 2.5 miles, yesterday I ran 2.5 miles with Muscle Man in the morning and walked 2.5 miles in the evening with Tall Sister. Both were at an easy pace and the miles count the same. This is not for speed or time, this CHALLENGE is to cover the distance.
  • WHO IS IN???
Leave a comment. At the end of the Challenge you will all be asked to email your miles to tallmomontherun (@) hotmail if you would like to be listed the week of September 2nd. (Special thanks to Ellen S. for this idea)
Now get movin!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I Tall Mom Take you Muscle Man

I did not run ALL WEEK!! This was an unplanned rest but I KNOW that my body needed it. I have been training hard since hmmmm it was snowing...and before. Ran 3 Marathons, qualified for Boston, and kept on running.. I really would like to get a Half Marathon PR in the months to come and I will get back on track... but this week I took a BREAK..

This morning Muscle Man and I ran 2.5 miles without the Little Studs and it was really nice. We had a relaxing and wonderful Anniversary Weekend while the boys were with the Grandparents. We went to a musical, made a Lobster dinner at home, and spent quality time together. On August 2, 2003 I married my best friend and every day since has been such a BLESSING..

This is a Running blog so how does this connect??? Muscle Man is my key supporter in my Running life. We have 2 kids, which makes every day an unexpected adventure. I KNOW that he would rather have me there on Saturday mornings to help get our boys dressed and fed... but he has NEVER complained about my running. Running is a part of our family, a part essential to my health and well-being. Does he LOVE racing in matching Red outfits? I highly doubt it.. But will he do it to make me happy? You better believe it!!

So I could ramble on but Muscle Man is upstairs lifting and I KNOW that he likes me to lift with him.. Well not really with him, I am a weakling in the weight room. But I am off to be with him. Doing my part to keep us CONNECTED. 7 years of pure BLISS!!

  • What does your significant other do for you that makes you HAPPY?
  • What can do you do to return the favor?