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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Test Lab Tuesday

On Sunday my buddy Tan Jen (TJ) and I were able to meet EARLY for a 13.1 mile jaunt on our favorite trail. They day after my 5K, I probably should have taken it SLOW but Jen and I clipped along and ended with a 1:56 and some change Half Marathon. I felt GREAT up until mile 10 when my energy was totally ZAPPED!! Half Marathons 2 weekends in a row. It is tough to stick to a Half Training plan when most of my running buddies are training for Marathons. I figure I will run the miles with them until they get in the 20's then have to go solo.

One GREAT thing on this run was my new Nathan Speed 4 Fuel Belt.

Note the random dude on a bike in the photo, HI!!

I own the 2 bottle version, the Speed 2 and I LOVE IT! But I need more water in the summer month and for anything over 10 miles. I was worried about the weight around my waist with 4 bottles, but this belt fit AMAZING and I did not notice it at all. I love my handhelds, but it was super to have my hands free.
The front of the belt has a zipper pocket with I put my license, money and chapstick, I did not test my Blackberry in the pocket, not sure if it would fit?? But it was good to have my valuables zipped away.
The back of the belt is all about RACING. It has an easy open pouch perfect to easily access Gu's and chomps, I carried 2 Gu's and a sleeve of chomps and had lots of room. And there is a hook for a car key! The back 2 bottles are different than the front, the spout has a quick sip top for a fast drink and no fuss. I LOVE these bottles and am almost tempted to buy 2 more and have the whole belt with them. All in all I give this HIGH marks! I see many runs and races in my Nathan Speed 4 in the future. Visit the website HERE to learn more.

The Bloggy world has been ATTACKED by a trend, HEADBANDS! I love love my Bondibands, but this time of year it is a little too hot with my thick hair. So I was PUMPED to test this Cute thin headband from Deshler Designs HERE . I am generally a visor girl, but I think the Headbands are so feminine and cute! I have always been a bows in my hair type of girl (believe it or not). I braided my hair so there were no flyaways to hold back, the headband stayed put and looked CUTE! Speaking of CUTE, Emily is going to make our team "Will Run for Ice Cream" Ice Cream Ribbon Headbands. I am so excited! she is flexible and willing to work with you, so go to Etsy and SHOP!!
Matchy Matchy! I have 3 pairs of shoes with red as the main color and 1 red tank top.. I will be reviewing Somnio shoes in the weeks to come, but first I have to wash my tank. I am soooo addicted to matching. I used to race in just Spandex compression type shorts, because I have Mommy thighs and I need to be comfortable.

My FAVORITE pair is from Moving comfort HERE, the shorts are tight and long. Don't ride up and help alleviate chaffing. I could not wear running skirts without them. Paired together with a Skirt I feel cute and comfortable.
For my most Recent 5K I also wore the Bracelet that Gone For a Run Sent me to test. Mine says "Never Back Down," and looks like the bracelet above. It is almost like a hair tie and can be pushed up the arm if you want it tighter. I don't usually wear bracelets in races, but sometimes it is FUN to have an inspirational message on the Run. Check out ALL of the Gone for a Run Bracelets HERE. If you LIKE Gone for a Run shopping check out Angie HERE and Melissa HERE, these lovely ladies are hosting Gone for a Run GIVEAWAYS!!
  • I was summoned for Jury Duty. After just 1 day I am really enjoying learning something entirely new. This also means I will not have computer/phone/Internet access for most of the week.. So hang with me :)
  • If you have an item you would like reviewed on TEST LAB TUESDAY please email me at tallmomontherun (@) hotmail



Marlene said...

Oooh, first!

Marlene said...

Sounds like some great stuff here. I'm a big fan of Nathan and though I am NOT a fan of wearing anything around my waist, I love the quick-grab pocket! Who wantt to fuss with zippers during a race?!

Cute bracelet too!


I have an older version of that belt and loved it. Until p90x when my middle shrunk and it started to chafe me. I need to go down a size.

Matchy-Matchy is the ONLY way to go. That's why I have so many skirts, so that I always have the perfect combo.

Love the headband. I bought two from Emily and will be giving one away soon.

That bracelet is sweet. And I would totally wear it but I always have my watch on one wrist and my road id (which I never take off) on the other. Where would I put it?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about getting that belt. Now I might just have to with such a great review of it!

Awesome time for your 13.1 miles :)

Jamie said...

The belt and headband look awesome! By the way, you look super cute in that headband! Good look. I'm considering buying some inspirational running jewelry. It just looks too cool! Love your site! :)

Lisa said...

I can never use a handheld waterbottle. I definitely need my hands free, so I love my Nathans Waterbelt! Cute shorts. I've been thinking about trying something like this out, so maybe I'll try those! Also, LOVE the bracelet and inspirational sayings! I'm sure it would help push through those few tough steps in every race!

Have fun with jury duty!!

Chelsea said...

I just got those shorts a few weeks ago, and I basically want to live in them. So comfy, just the right length, don't move at ALL when I'm running... <3 <3 <3.

I accidentally left the top to my handheld at my in-laws house this weekend - so no hydration for me this week. :( I think I'll just do laps by my house and stash a Nalgene in the bushes.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I have the Nathan's 4 bottle belt too but I must be an oldre version because I don't have the pouch! That would be nice. I do have the racing spouts and they are wonderful. I used the belt in my first ultra and couldn't have been happier.

I tried to be matchy matchy with Hubbs when we ran together over the weekend and then he changed his shirt. Clash!

Enjoy jury duty.

track coach and adorable wife said...

I love to get all dressed up for races. Planning your outfits is half the fun of doing a race! You looked totally cute, by the way. I am always looking for headbands that dont slip.

X-Country2 said...

those belts seem like such a great idea.

kimert said...

Great job on the 13.1 and the time! You inspire me!! I wanna be fast like you when I grow up.. lol
Awesome bracelet!

Middle Name Marie said...

I wear a fuel belt. I like it, but I have to wear it so high up on my waist. Everyone else looks hip with the thing resting on their hips. How do you wear it on your hips AND keep it from bouncing?

Being Robinson said...

oh i heart my nathan hydration :) just stopping by to say hey! looks like you had a killer 5k too (i saw on FB though) nice job on that lady. happy tuesday. and good luck with jury duty, i always get booted right away thanks to my husband, so i've never been able to do it, i only make it to the questioning the jurors part.

S Club Mama said...

I want a fuel belt so badly; I'd get that same one if I do.

Is it weird that I secretly wouldn't mind jury duty? I think it's so important to be a part of something like that.

Unknown said...

That is such a great bracelet - simple but powerful. It's exactly what I need me to motivate my training for Hamilton.

I have such mixed views on fuel belts. I probably should wear one on training runs but I really worry about chafing around the waist; I hate to spend the money on one to find out that it wrecks my back and stains my clothes. Thanks for your review.

Twincerely,Olga said...

great stuff!! I love those copression shorts too!! Just perfect!!

Erika Bradford said...

I just purchased the belt as well. So far so good. On my run tonight it did start slipping around to the front a bit. I tried tightening it put it still crept around and nudged me in the elbow. Other than that seems good. I got the same color as well.

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Oh man, I may have to get some of those shorts! I have a moving comfort bra and love it!!

runningitoff1 said...

I love my Nathan Speed 4R. I also purchased extra race cap bottles and they're all I use. I have been running with it this year and it's great. I only use water so far. I'm thinking of getting the Hammer gel 26 serving jug and test out the flasks gel purpose. They were designed for it!