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Monday, July 19, 2010

Little Si Trail DATE Hike

Tall Grandma and Grandma offered to watch the Little Studs so we could have a DATE DAY!! YIPPEE!! Thanks Mom and Dad!! We are not ones to sit in a dark theatre on a nice day, so we researched local hiking trails and settled on Little Si in North Bend, WA. As LUCK would have it Amanda HERE and her family were there too!! The trail boasted beautiful views and a moderate to easy incline. It was an overcast day making the views less spectacular, but still AMAZING!
This is the first view point not far from the parking lot. I bought the Good Band at Target.
Muscle Man and I had grand plans to RUN/JOG the flat parts but instead enjoyed the green forest and each other's company.
We nearly missed the climbers on the side of the rock wall. WOW!
On our way up we talked, hubby can always make me LAUGH! It is fun getting lost in the woods with the one you love. I am AMAZED at how labored my breathing was, I can run a Marathon at 8:18 pace without breathing hard....but Hiking UP WOW! I thought about those who run these trails and the amazing shape they have to be in.
When we reached the top there was Amanda, her family and Lazy Dog. We spent about 30 minutes talking, eating and enjoying the views.
Sweaty Girls!!
I had sooooo much fun with Muscle Man. He is hilarious, kind and a true gentleman. On tough parts he would go down first an offer a hand to help me down. Being in the pace and quiet with him for 2 hours was AWESOME!
I wore my Garmin because I was curious what it would say. It said we went 3.44 miles, when the trail is 2.3 each direction. Hubby this it does not register the UPs, I think it is Garmin Gremlins. After the hike we went to a GREAT spot for lunch and devoured tasty hamburgers. What a wonderful DATE!
Things we saw at Little Si:
  • Young couple drinking Coors Light as they went up the trail. Can you say dehydration?
  • Tiny girl carrying the BIGGEST walking stick she could find.
  • College age DUDES hiking in Flip flops.
  • Lots of Dogs!
  • A trio of girls singing like they were on American Idol.
  • A couple training for?? They had huge jugs of water in their packs and emptied them at the top.
  • That was our weekend. HOW WAS YOUR WEEKEND?

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Marlene said...


teacherwoman said...

Sounds like a great hike! Too fun!

Marlene said...

Sounds like a fun adventure with hubs. Great pics! Funny about the Garmin discrepancy. Mine goes a little wonky in wooded areas, but that is a big difference!

Jo Lynn said...

Interesting - I wear my Garmin on all of my trail runs and it records the "ups". It better, anyway! ;)

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I love your date days!! You guys are the cutest couple. I am still praying that Hubbs knee continues to improve so he can get back to hiking with me. He even said he might be up to attempting a trail run. I am giddy with excitement!

Sweet meet up with Amanda, too.

Kate Geisen said...

What a neat place for a hike! Glad you guys had such a nice day!

We did manage to fit in a 12-mile bike ride with my husband and 6 year old son (in the trailer...we really need to finish the "learning to ride" process because it was a killer!). That's pretty big stuff in our house because my honey is no kind of cyclist but was nice enough to go and keep me company. :)

Hannah said...

What a perfect date! I love it! Great pictures, too.

I had a great weekend...did my first ever back to back long runs on Saturday/Sunday. Survived and felt great! Yay!

Anna Walker said...

Looks like a lovely setting and that you had fun! I am glad you had a nice Date Day!

Ashley said...

Sounds like a great Date day! I think I'm going to try and get my BF to go hiking with me when he's home, seems like fun!

Being Robinson said...

it's so pretty there, glad you share the pics. how fun! happy monday to you :)

Unknown said...

A date with your husband is awesome enough but to spend it there? Incredible. Looks like the two of you had a great time.

racing dawn said...

Just came across your blog - it's lovely! Great idea for date night - have to check with the hubby to see if he's down with it! :)

Anonymous said...

"Being in the pace and quiet with him for 2 hours was AWESOME!" somebody's got pace on the brain =)

Katie A. said...

Doing something outdoors and physical with your hubbs is always the best! Love the pics! I had a great weekend - can't wait for the next! I live for them!!! Huggs buddy! Haven't talked to you in ages!

Anonymous said...


Anabela (Bela) Neves said...

Great looking trail and always great to be out in nature, very beautiful!