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Friday, July 30, 2010

High Five Friday

WELCOME to the new Tall Mom Bloggy Pack members!! And a HUGE HUGE thank you to everyone who commented and email to the "Who are You" post HERE.. I have had a blast this week getting to know all of you and plan to use the links to come visit in the weeks to come. This week started with Jury duty, I got selected for a trial, trial was delayed, went back to work, had more work than I know what to do with, and have had NO TIME OR ENERGY TO RUN!!

Hmmmmmm.... Not like me and not good. I have noticed that my mood and energy have totally decreased. I need running, it is a part of my daily life, and keeps me in a positive frame, physically and mentally. I vow today, not matter how busy, to get out and run at lunch..

This weekend however I am giving myself an out for the LONG RUN. Muscle Man is taking the little studs to the in-laws for the weekend so we can celebrate our 7 year anniversary!! We plan to see a musical, have seafood, relax, run without the double jogger and just enjoy being together. We will run together, but I will not be getting up early to put in the Half Marathon miles... I want to run with my Muscle Man and just be with him... This also means NO COMPUTER!

I will be signing off for the weekend, but hoping to get in a couple inspirational quote posts and the CSN Giveaway before I go.. With the limited time the High Fives are lacking, but I am sure you will forgive me ;)

High Five Giveaways:
Huge Thanks to Barfeoot Angie HERE for letting me copy her side bar Giveaway list!! I am sure there are more.... Tell them Tall Mom Sent you

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  • What do you Deserve a High Five for today?
  • Are you racing this weekend? Leave a comment so others can cheer you on.



Marlene said...


Erika Bradford said...

Happy Anniversary! I love my anniversary : ) Have a good weekend off. Doing the Torchlight Run 8k, as a pirate :)

Lori said...

Happy Anniversary! ...and enjoy running WITHOUT the double stroller. I do soooo many runs with ours and it feels great when you can get for a run and not be pushing 100+ extra pounds!

racing dawn said...

Happy Anniversary! It's weird how off you can feel and how quickly you can feel it with off schedule from running! Have a great long run! I'm doing Hurt in the Dirt Duathlon on Saturday! It's gonna rock!

Middle Name Marie said...

You forgot my giveaway :(

fancy nancy said...

Give you and Muscle Man a high five for 7 years married! Sometimes I think the world that we live in makes it harder to stay true to your vows! Koodos to you both for carving out time for each other and continue to nurture your love!

Ginny M said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy...

I'll be racing in the New Jersey River to Sea Relay tomorrow. Should be fun!

Also, I'm hosting a Sweaty Bands Giveaway (ends Tuesday at midnight).


Kristina @goodnweird.com said...

Enjoy your anniversary. sounds like you guys have a great weekend planned.

heather said...

I'm doing my first ever 5K on Sunday. It seemed like a good idea at the time to do it at a convention in another state in case I totally embarrass myself. But, Atlanta? In August? I am nuts.

Tiffany said...

I really enjoyed your "Who are you Post?". I found some new blogs that I bookmarked to keep following.

Happy Anniversary - by the way what day is it? I ask because my 6 year wedding anniversary is on August 1st.

gba_gf said...

Having a weekend away from the little studs is the BEST thing you can do for your marriage. I promise you, it's worth skipping a long run for that... and if you're mentally feeling like a break, why not shake things up? Speed and intensity for a few days instead of the long miles, or long slow miles w/ friends or Muscle Man instead of speed... just my thought. If you crave a break, give in and take a little break, it will stop you from "binging" later.

J said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you two have a wonderful weekend!

Molly said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your time "unplugged!"

thanks for linking my giveaway!

: )

Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary!!
Have a wonderful time just being together :)

Erika said...

Happy Anniversary!! Hope you enjoy some alone time! I'm running Chicago rock n roll 1/2 this weekend! That goodness it cooled off a little:)

Anonymous said...


runningitoff1 said...

Happy Anniversary! Only three more weeks til the Ragnar Relay Great River! I'm excited and anxious!

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