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Friday, July 23, 2010

High Five Friday

Hello Sports fans!! (I have always wanted to say that) And welcome to FRIDAY! This has been a LONG and busy week for me, so I am excited to unleash some pent up STRESS at my 5K race tomorrow!! The little town of Enumclaw will play host to a 5K road race, if my legs don't give me issues I should get a PR!! When you wear shoes like these you are pretty much forced to run FAST.
Yes Sports fans (there I go again) my Brooks Green Silence HERE will be making their racing debut tomorrow. With a matching red and black outfit. These shoes are super light weight and cozy, like running in nothing, perfect for a FAST 5K.
And the talented Emily Deschler at Deschler Designs HERE sent me an adorable black polka dot headband to top the outfit. So if you are in Enumclaw and see a TALL gal in a red tank, running skirt, crazy McDonalds looking shoes and a polka dot headband, say "Hi" I will be HARD to miss :)

My running has been less than stellar this week. Yesterday my awesome Boss bought the office lunch, SCORE!! Then I got a text from my college buddy that she was bringing her 3 kiddos and hubby for a visit. No time to run, but so worth every non running minute!! My legs are WELL RESTED!

Some links are missing, I hope to get them added tonight. Click names to go to websites :)

High Five Racing & Events:
Rachel- San Francisco Marathon
Jill- San Francisco Marathon
Aron- 2nd Half of the San Francisco Marathon
Amanda- 2nd Half of the San Francisco Marathon
Katie A- 2nd Half of the San Francisco Marathon
Runsher- Queens Half Marathon
Kim- Lacamas Half Marathon
Diva Mom- 10 miler
Chris (Sticky Fingerprints)- First 10K
Jill- Ragnar NW relay
Little Jill- Triathlon
Bethany- Triathlon
Marlene- 5K portion of Tri relay
Janna- 10K
Kate- Mud Mountain 5K Sat and Peach Pedal bike race Sun.
Morning Runner- 5K
Kelly- Lumberjack 5K
Kimert- 5K
Sarah- 1.5 mile run

High Five Congrats:
Shelly- Completed 100 consecutive runs
Katye- 1 year of running and becoming a TNT Coach
Jesse- 2 years of running
Tonia- CONGRATS on the new business HERE

High Five Happy Birthday:
Alisa and CONGRATS on the house!!

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  • The WINNERs of the Lift Your Sole Giveaway will be announced HERE in the next few minutes.



kimert said...

LOL @ the McDonald's reference to your shoes! I knew when I saw them they reminded me of something! teehee ;) Thanks for mentioning me and my 5k for tomorrow, how cool is that!?! Good luck to all those racing this weekend!

Anonymous said...

those are some flyyyyy shoes :)


Those shoes totally are McDonalds! Thanks for the link love. And did you realize that I'll be there in 2 months? I am so excited!

suzy, http://countdownto13.blogspot.com/ said...

Good luck! No doubt you will be zippy in shoes like that :)

Marlene said...

TGIF! Have a super great weekend and RUN IT OUT at the 5K. Speedy vibes!!!!

Thanks for the high five!

Unknown said...

You will be unstoppable in your shoes and headband! (and, thank goodness you have a coordinating outfit in between). Best wishes for tomorrow.

Aron said...

thanks for the shoutout and GOOD LUCK this weekend in your race!!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha I love outrageously-colored shoes like those. So much more interesting than the standard white/silver/accent color ;)

I'm planning a virtual race for a month from now... can that be included soon? Thanks! :)


Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I can't wait to see the outfit in action! There are so many racers this weekend. I am so jealous. I will be volunteering at our local fair - Arts department. Can we say, cotton candy!! yum yum

thanks for all the links (and the linky love!)

Run Strong and crush that 5k!!

runningitoff1 said...

I hit 100 miles and finished my first 10K!

Anonymous said...

I love reading "little jill" cause then I know it is me :)