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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May wrap up

Test Lab Tuesday I have some products in work that will be featured next week...but look for mentions in the next few days..
  • The Winner of the CEP Compression socks is long time Tall Mom Bloggy Pack member and a international Mel:

Mel at 2nd Chances If you have not read this ladies Blog you are missing out.. A runner and triathlete who was once a smoker and had brain surgery. Throw in taking care of her little man and helping him with his TRI passion, never a dull moment. Mel email me and the socks will be on their way.. Hmmm guess I should have asked CEP if Canadian entries were OK. Oh well Thanks Again CEP!!

MAY 2010:

-Ran Eugene Marathon in 3:37:06 and qualified for Boston

-Sold our first house and moved to a new home

-Hmmmmm think that is enough :) Makes me tired just thinking about it..


June to me means mid year assessing of GOALS.. It is time to review where I am at... Remember my AMBITIOUS list of GOALS HERE


  • One night every week (minimum) we will not watch TV. We will play games as a family, read, build forts, construct and knock down block towers, go for a walk/run, etc. All the focus will be on us being together. Grade: D, WE have done this a few times, maybe once a month but nowhere near the once a week.
  • I will define what I "Want to be when I grow-up" and work toward becoming that person in my Big Girl life. Some ideas are floating around, but no progress has been made yet.
  • I will read at least 5 books next year, including at least one about running and one about nutrition. I am a painfully slow reader and only have time to read at night when my brain is TIRED so this is a good starting point for me. A+- I was able to complete this goal easily, I have already read 6 books. Need to find a nutrition book but I have the running books covered.
  • I will find ways to reduce my Environmental Footprint first by purchasing a travel mug to give to my barista to fill with my morning JOLT and using my water bottle on car trips and at work instead of plastic bottles. B+-I have used my travel mug and travel water bottle 80% of the time this year. I have recently started taking the train to work which is GREAT!
  • We will sell our 5 year home and purchase a new Home that will fit us better, hopefully with a yard and closer to work. DONE!!


  • I will learn more about CLEAN EATING and incorporate more locally grown and fresh products into our daily diets. FAIL- I am hoping local Farmers Markets this Summer will help turn this fail to success.
  • Once a month I will find a new recipe (may need your help here food-bloggies), purchase the goods to make the dinner, and cook unassisted for my family. I am not a cook, so this is a BIG goal for me and one that I know will be a huge turning point for me. Hmmm I purchased the goods for 3 meals but Muscle Man made them. I made Banana Bread. Totally Failing here too.. UGH!
  • Muscle Man and I will reduce intake of alcohol and sweets until mid May in preparation for my Marathon on May 2nd and his first 1/2 Marathon mid May. FAIL again.... JEEZ need to re-evaluate.
  • I will find ways to curb my appetite and avoid boredom eating. Eating for fuel whenever possible. C- I have started to eat fruits, veggies and yogurt instead of BAD snacks, but I still eat when I am bored.
  • All these Eating changes should result in a trimmer waistline and goal weight of 175 on Marathon day in May. FAIL- held at 183 on race day.


  • My running will be less about "ME" and more about "WE." PR's are fine and dandy, but what are they really without someone to share them with? I have always been the Coach type and a Motivator. I TRULY believe that taking the focus off myself and placing it with my partner will make the experiences more enjoyable. Race Plan below. My goal is to run 1,333+++ miles in 2010 with a minimum of 333 miles WITH others. B+- Through Fleet Feet and running buddies I have some major buddy miles going on. I hope to pace and motivate at Rock N Roll Seattle.
  • Work hard and smart through my Fleet Feet MARATHON training cycle to prepare for a Boston Qualifying Effort in the Eugene Marathon on May 2nd. I know I can do this and I REALLY REALLY want to!! I LOVE LOVE Half Marathons, once I Qualify for and run Boston (2011), I plan to take a rest from Marathon focus and hunt down a Half PR. DONE on the BQ. Half Marathon PR hopefully in 2010.
  • Race for a sub 21:00 5K. In order to do this I will need to work on my core ab strength, legs and arms. I will lift with Muscle Man minimum of 1 day a week and incorporate abs 3 days a week. FAIL- I have not lifted or done abs... UGH!! Once Marathons are done in late June I need to get in the GYM and get buff, then RACE 5K's this summer.
  • I will Run to raise money for a charity. This year I am going PINK to raise money for Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer. Look for fundraising efforts soon.. DONE and thanks to EVERYONE for your support!!
  • My attitude toward my weakness HILLS will be a positive attitude. I WILL NOT COMPLAIN about hills. If you catch me complaining about hills email or comment and I will mail you $1. This is going well, I embraced the hills during training and it paid off.

There you have it.. Those were my goals at the start of 2010. Looks like I need to reassess and come up with a mid-year action plan. Will post the updated Goals Soon.. And I would like to APOLOGIZE to the Tall Mom 1,000+++ Club and anyone who wants to join. I will get back on track with the motivational emails and ideas to keep you moving.. Look for a 1,000+++ Giveaway soon.

  • How are you feeling mid-way through 2010? What would you like to accomplish before the Fireworks of 2011?


Anonymous said...

definitely some ambitious goals and good for you for getting lots of them done! and you had a pretty busy and great may. so i think an early high 5 is in order ;)

X-Country2 said...

That's quite a list of goals. I think you're doing great! Best wishes with the remainder for 2010.

run with Jill said...

Great goals and great that you evaluate yourself on them. You truly are a rockstar!
I have many goals this year and my big fitness goal is to break 1:30 in the half marathon.

Marlene said...


Excellent idea to look back on your goals for the year... I think you are doing great! Definitely some big improvements and accomplishments.

I feel great about this year so far and looking forward to many exciting things to come! :)

Denise said...

i think it's great that you checked where you were at with each one and were honest in grading yourself. there are a lot of goals there, you're doing good!

Michelle said...

I think you're doing great Mel! That's some list of goals - great idea to do a mid-year assessment! BTW I love to cook and have been focused on doing more healthy recipes - I'll try to remember to post some on my blog and send you a few.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

You have some serious goals (as always)! I know you will make progress on loads more of them now that the move is completed. That alone is a major undertaking!

I have started cooking a new meal a week. Hubbs loves it!

Anonymous said...

I have used my travel water bottle every day...typically, I lose them after a week!

I am feeling much better now that I am injury free. The start of 2010 was not good to me, but I feel like I am on the upswing.

Carly said...

I know you haven't met all your goals, but it sounds like you're off to a great start on most of them! Way to go!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Good job with your goal reassessment. I think you are doing amazing! I love to shop and eat locally grown foods! Farmers markets on the weekend help a lot! I bet with summer around the corner you will get on board with that one!

Did Muscle Man run his half? How did I miss this????

Anonymous said...

Here is an idea for your nutrition goal - just buy one new weird thing at the grocery store each time you go.

Maybe...bok choy?
Eggplant? Leeks? Lentils? Edamame?

Then go to www.allrecipes.com and use the ingredients feature. Type in your weird ingredient and search for recipes! Have fun!

I've tried a bunch of new stuff this way. And I found out I absolutely LOVE eggplant. Who would've thought?

Emily said...

Seriously Mel, between the BQ and the new home...you had an amazing month! CAN'T WAIT to see you soon!

J said...

You are really doing great on those yearly goals! Keep it up! I have been trying to take a walk after dinner each night but its hard sometimes! Just proves there is always something to work for!

ajh said...

You met many many of your goals. Don't beat yourself up for those you didn't or only got partway. We would all have to hate you for being too perfect if you met them all. Which was your favorite goal to meet? You had some big ones.

Erica said...

wow Mel! You are doing wonderful on your goals! That is why I love you you are focused and strong! I feel re-inspired!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!! Thanks Mel!!! I'm so excited, and thanks for the kind words too :) You rock, you're doing so great, and had quite a busy month!! Keep up the great work!

MCM Mama said...

Congrats on all the amazing things you have accomplished! You've gotten a lot done already this year.

I have a big round number birthday coming up, so I'm really trying to focus and being fit and happy and on my way to figuring out what I want to be when I grow up. ;o)

Unknown said...

Nice job Mel. So glad I found your blog and have been inspired by you!
I can't believe its the 6 month mark already.....

Michelle said...

Congrats to Mel at 2nd Chances!

Way to go on your list of goals so far!

Aron said...

weeeee MAY was your BQ month!!! nothing else needed to happen at all, but wow it sure did - craziness!

Unknown said...

That's great that you're actually keeping track of your progress on your yearly goals. I always make them, then never follow up. You're doing great..and if you figure out how to stop bored-eating, please pass that knowledge along my way!!!