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Friday, June 18, 2010

High Five Friday

Guess what just came in the mail?? My RUNNING skirts that I purchased for $10 each, $14 with shipping. I am VERY excited to test them out!! YIPPERS..

I am already working on High Five Friday for next week. It is going to take me a few days just to capture the Seattle Rock N Roll Runners. Yes 1 week to Marathon #4!!

High Five Racing & Events:

J 5k

Badgergirl High Cliff Sprint Triathlon

Julie Grandma's Half Marathon

Shelly 21K Trail Challenge

AJH and Emily Run for Roses 5K...mother/daughter team

Kayte Baltimore 10 Miler and 5K

Sarah- 5K

Melissa- 5K

Laura Elaine- 5K

Velma Rec Plex Race

Jenn Manitoba Half Marathon

High Five Giveaways:

~Skin MD Giveaway (ends 6/25)
~Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra (ends 6/25)
~Kung Zhu pets, armor, arena & Accessories (ends 6/23)
~All Free Clear & a Book (ends 6/21)
~Salt Stick Caps (ends 6/20)
~Wanchai Ferry Frozen Entrees (ends 6/22)
~Marathon by H.Higdon (ends 6/22)
~Scape Sunblock (ends 6/25)
~Power of 10 Giveaway (ends 6/20)
Tri-ing My Hardest - $50 CSN (06/26)
BareFootAngie - Nuun and SpiBelt (06/22)
Running off at the Mouth: Scape Sunscreen Giveaway
Mom vs. Marathon: Lift Your Sole Giveaway
Girls Just Wanna Go Run: 3Gemz Giveaway
Long Legs on the Loose: Marathon Celebratory Giveaway
My Life as a Trimommy: Visor Giveaway
Racing With Babes: Whooha Gear Giveaway
she runs like a girl: Galloway Marathon Book Giveaway
Oz Runner- Salute to running Dads

  • What do you deserve a High Five for today?



Mel-2nd Chances said...

Me, me, me too! :) Olympic Aquabike on Sunday! :) Good luck to all the racers this weekend!

Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

Hi five me! Last Saturday I got a new 5k PR of 23:11 in a race and next Saturday I'm doing my first marathon at the Rock 'n' Roll Seattle! Wahoo!

Kerrie said...

What? I didn't get mine yet! Waaaah! (Not that I get to wear it for another 8-12 weeks.)

Unknown said...

add me to the seattle list for next week! can't wait!

名青 said...


Velma said...

Thanks!! Got job spanking mr. Rude!!!

Anonymous said...

I got my running skirts in the mail today too! That sale was awesome and I couldn't pass it up. So glad to finally own a couple of skirts :) Now I just gotta test them out

ajh said...

Thanks for the shout out! We rocked our race!

Marlene said...

I am sooo behind on posts! No computer time this weekend.

Belated High Five!