6'0 tall, former athlete, mother of 3, struggling to keep up on the RUN of daily life.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Life is Sweet

I cannot believe that Marathon training is DONE!!! I have been training since before January, seems very strange not to have a PLAN. Of course I will not stop running, this summer will be spent working on speed and FUN! I am very EXCITED to race with my favorite running buddy Muscle Man, in matching outfits of course :) We went for a quick 2 miler on Monday to shake up our legs, I felt very heavy but realized during the run that.


It truly is, in so many ways. I am happy, healthy, in love and surrounded by family and friends. What a BLESSING! There are days when Life takes a bite but if I stay focused on the GOOD things the weight is lifted and my dimples shine...
What makes your Life Sweet???
If you cant answer that question, maybe you need this book. Check out Tall Mom Giveaways HERE for a chance to WIN a copy.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Picture is worth...

I sit here staring at the photos of an AMAZING weekend filled with laughter, fun and RUNNING! I am nearly in tears with the thought that some of you I may never see again, although I HOPE that does not happen. Sappy me even teared up when I dropped Marlene at the airport... Instead of blabbing like usual I will let the photos do the talking....with captions of course..

After the Marathon and on Marlene's last night at Casa De Tall Mom we ate pizza and then went outside to share a celebratory bottle of wine on the patio.
How could we not? Look at that view!!! We chatted until the sun went down, then went inside and became HUGE DORKS on the computer enjoying the Facebook Rock N Roll photo posting frenzy. I even commented on her status when she was in the room. LOL!!!
Ride the ducks was a quaking good time, I have a GREAT shot of all of us, but I need to scan it.
Little Steph is so full of energy and life it is amazing and inspirational.
The carpool clan before setting off on our amazing race journeys.
HOLY COW I look TALL in this picture, note to self dont stand on speed bumps. VIP porta potties ALL THE WAY!!
Hamming it up for the photogs...
Crazy FAST Steph was adding some miles and came back to say Hi and take a picture..

I spotted my Race crew and Lynette had her camera ready. Double thumbs up to that!!
Normally I would never stop mid race for a photo, but I am sure glad I did!! This was the most fun I have ever had racing, although I wanted to be done running I did not want the experience to end. There was no pressure for time, we just ran on feel encouraging each other and connecting with our surroundings. Marlene will be my friend forever and I feel blessed that we have these photos to remember our AMAZING Marathon adventure.
Almost to the Finish and the street were lined with spectators
Including my FRIENDS!! Hi Guys!! WE were super hyper and excited, can you tell??
Ah YES the line we ran all day to reach
Team Pretty in Pink -1
Team Pretty in Pink the Trio
A heartfelt "Welcome to the club Jill" I had ZERO clue our photo was being taken and I really love this picture. I am over the moon proud of Jill, I have told her about a zillion times, but I will say it again. The First Marathon is AMAZING and she did it with a smile. I truly love people who show their emotions fully and without reservation, and Jill is one of those AMAZING and infectious people. Check out her Race Report HERE.

Chillin after the race
With Diana after her first Half Marathon!!! Next up for us 3 to the right? Whipping our "Will Run for Ice Cream" team into shape before the race the end of September
Sitting on the pavement never felt so cozy!! Swapping race stories and laughs..
  • I am sure more photos will trickle in...there were camera's everywhere :)

I am busy busy busy after all I took the end of the week last week off to PLAY...but I have not forgotten all of you wonderful folks who helped me reach over $1,800 (once I deposit the Bloggy meet up generosity) for Marathon for the Cure. I need to pick a WINNER for the Giveaway and post my dedications. All coming soon.. For now scroll down to my High Five Friday post and click around to ALL the fun Race Reports from Rock N Roll Seattle, you wont be disappointed :)


Monday, June 28, 2010

Rock N Roll Seattle 2010

I hardly slept a wink the night before the race, not sure WHY? Probably all the activity and a bit frazzled from driving in the city, I will run the city any day much more fun than driving :) We made a plan to meet Jill and took Muscle Man's secret map to the start. Zoe, Marlene, Jill + hubby and Jill's friend filled up her awesome minivan. The SECRET route was not so secret as the Rock N Roll Marathon got smart and let the buses off there. Oh well, we were still in great shape.

Made our way to the Brooks VIP Porta Potties, good thing because I have never seen lines so very long.. URGH!! The Brooks toilet paper, flush toilets, and warm water were very VIP, someone has pictures?? I think?

I had posted that we should all try to meet around Corral 6 and look at everyone who showed up!! So fun to start the morning with hugs, meeting people and chatting. Putting faces to Blogs and "knowing" so many wonderful women along the course. This was the BEST pre-race yet.

I scored on pink hats for our trio. I thought it would be easier for us to spot each other with the bright hats. Poor Amanda was freezing thankfully I had a toss away sweatshirt to keep her a little warm. We all were feeling a bit off, I honestly was not sure that I would make it. Mother Nature has not been nice to me the last few days. The Corrals are very organized and started to move. My shoe was driving me nuts so I bent to tie it before we set out.

I had major cramps the first 3 miles, thankfully the plan was to start slow so it was manageable. We laughed at the water at mile 1, seemed a bit early. We also saw a girl with green and purple plaid patterned shorts that bounced up and down to reveal her black thong...URGH!! The race bands, cheerleaders, photographers, supporters and volunteers were AMAZING! As we turned a corner an adorable little runner in white introduced herself as LINDSEY. She had read the Wellness article I was featured in and was running her FIRST MARATHON!! My cramps instantly passed as I chatted with this wonderful runner. We hung together for a bit chatting away as we saw KERRIE in pink with her Camera.

Looks like I am trying to give a High Five.. you can see Lindsey to the left in the photo and Marlene and Amanda to the Right of the tall guy in the middle.

I totally forgot all the hills the first half of the race, but they were pretty rolling. Off we went. Bye Kerrie!!

There may be more photos along the course I will post as I get them.. Around mile 7 Marlene was needing to hit the Honey Bucket. Amanda did not feel she could stop so I decided to cut the distance and headed back to get Marlene. We would see Amanda along the course but could not find the speed to bridge the gap. She ended with a PR while running sick on a tough course.

After the pit stop it was on to the first Gu station at mile 7, Marlene grabbed a bunch and we laughed as she tried to get them in her belt while running. Just then I heard "Mel" it was Chelsea who I had met at the Run Like a Mother book signing. "Hi Chels!!" She will be running on our "Will run for Icecream" team in September.

I was TIRED and not feeling well, I am not sure how I kept going, the steep hill to the I-90 bridge was tough. I was about to face the DEMONS that had taken me out last year. But I was not alone, I was with a friend!! I focused on the beauty of the water and surrounding area. The out and back on I-90 is tough, but the miles passed quickly. I spotted Lyla who I had run 18 miles with a few weeks ago. I saw another lady with a Marathon for the Cure shirt, but she did not see me. I was BLOWN AWAY by the number of people running for good causes, INSPIRATION beyond words. Seemed like every 5th runner was in Team in Training Purple.

About to get to the bridge I strained to look for Jill. I said "Bummer we wont see Jill," not 2 seconds later I heard "Mel!" It was Jill smiling from ear to ear, I instantly turned and sprinted back for a quick hug. I am SOOOOO PROUD of her!! Then into the spooky tunnel where I wet myself one year earlier. I am not a fan of tunnels, so I just wanted to get out. Out of the tunnel we saw a Marathoner carrying a full sized camera and stopping to snap photos, CRAZY dude! We were getting very close to where the course would split, I hoped to see my friend Kiera running her first half, but no luck. I knew my race crew would be around the corner.

I strained to see them as I saw a little white runner, it was LINDSEY, she had passed us when we stopped at mile 7. I giggled as she hit her side to ease some pain, it was fun to see a smiling face again. I was scanning the area then I saw MY SUPPORT TEAM Charity, Lynette and Tom. I am usually RACING and never give them their proper thanks for coming to watch me. This time I stopped to give hugs, snap a photo and refill my water. I am so thankful to have wonderful friends who totally support my hobby, no matter how crazy it may be. They told me they liked my pink dot Running Skirt, which I LOVED racing in, I think I told Marlene that about 33 times..OOPS!
  • We stopped a bit too long and got STIFF, oops!! Sorry Marlene. Off we went down the steep hill as the 1/2 marathoners went to Finish. The second half of the race is ROUGH, but we were having a blast and were ready for the miles to come. We both were THIRSTY and could not get enough water, topping off our handhelds often at water stops. Normally I would drink maybe 2 bottles, I think I had 5 1/2 during the race not including Cytomax, WEIRD! The extra water would haunt us at mile 17ish as we NEEDED potty stop #2. I joked with Marlene that she really liked American Honey Buckets :) I was glad we stopped because WOW that was a relief. As we headed up the hill we saw black thong girl AGAIN, her pants seemed a little better, we saw her 4 times during the race.
I started to think we were going to miss Stephanie on the FAST side, I said "Bummer I think we missed Steph," just then she came beaming out of her potty stop pant half pulled up :) It was like something out of a Seinfeld episode, and made me laughed. She PR'd on a tough course with a potty stop...WOW!!
  • The steady 1.5 mile hill was not taking us down, we kept a steady clip only stopping for water. I thanked many of the volunteers and we were serenaded by one of the bands. Funny I never thought I would get so many comments wearing pink, but I heard "Team Pretty in Pink" a lot. I decided I will always wear pink if people call me pretty ;) The Bridge over no water was AWESOME, the views unmatched. I know that on a clear day it would have been even better but the cloud cover kept us cool and comfortable.
As we took the turn the cheerleaders went CRAZY and it gave me a spark. We kept steady taking Gu's and chomps at regular intervals, chatting and pointing out fun things along the course. We saw a guy dressed as Elvis, too funny. Several times along the course I would here "Tall Mom!" It was great to have such encouragement along the way, to ALL OF YOU who made the effort to say Hi I truly appreciated it!! Please drop me a line if you saw me along the way.
  • On the way back down I spotted the pretty Team in Training girls Hannah and Michelle, and we yelled.. i loved seeing so many friendly faces along the route. They looked strong headed up the KILLER hill. Mile 20 came and went with no WALL in site. Marlene started to feel off so it was back to the Honey Bucket for potty stop #3, I shook my legs out to the band nearby and hoped the spectator in front would let her go first. She did and we were on our way.
We re-passed people AGAIN, with a few people making comments..hehehehe... What can you do? We talked about what to eat for dinner and how we would pose for the Finish line. Then I got HYPER!! Not sure if it was the caffeinated Gu or what, I started yelling at the spectators, encouraging other runners, and thanking everyone in site. I was having the time of my life, not chained to my Garmin, connecting with the course and everything about it. The same place where one year earlier I died a thousand deaths, this year I had my VICTORY! As we passed Lindsey again, my heart was FULL, this is the FUN I had been aching for in a race. I could tell that Marlene felt the same, although I think she may have thought I was delusional with my HYPER mode :)
  • As we trotted along legs heavy a woman said "thanks ladies," apparently her running buddy had gone on ahead when she had legs cramping and was thanking us for the encouragement. Her name was Heather a local runner working toward her FIRST Marathon, we adopted her for about 3 miles. We chatted and at one point she asked us what college we went to, LOL!!! She was so focused on the road and really did not look at us, we took it as a compliment.
The last 2 miles of the course are boring, blah and TOUGH. We took the final turn toward the last uphill, Heather faded and we continued to PASS many people. Down the hill came Steph who took our picture, gave us a quick race report and ran off, she is AWESOME!! At one point Marlene recognized Tall Guy Surfing and his lady, we chatted for a bit then sped up again. he is TALL, I should change my blog name after meeting him. So fun RUNNING into people :) The Finish was so close, a couple more turns, we talked about dinner again milkshakes and Pizza we decided as I switched my handheld to the other hand.
  • The turn was PACKED with spectators so I raised my hands to get them to cheer, they humored me :) A man was sporting a Gonzaga Sweatshirt so I yelled "Go Zags!" There they were again my Support crew smiling as I passed, I cannot say thank you enough to those who come to watch races and cheer us on, it means so much!!
The last stretch and there were 2 strong looking guys ahead of us, "Lets go!" I said and we both sped up. We were SPRINTING to the line we had been STRUGGLING to reach all day. As we approached the pad we clumsily grabbed hands and tossed them in the air TOGETHER!!!
So many emotions but the main one was JOY, I loved running this race with so many friends along the way. Smiling faces, encouragement and support.
After we crossed the line and stopped I realized I needed to VOMIT, URGH! I bent over and nothing came out, there was a dude not 2 feet from me who did not seem to move.. Hmmm guess he wanted puke shoes. It had to be the sprinting and all the water. I recovered and we went to re-connect with Amanda. I chose a pretty lady with green rimmed glasses who gently placed the medal around my neck. Posed for a TEAM picture with the photogs and headed to grub lane..

No race blankets left so Amanda went to the med tent to get one, it was COLD! We grabbed all we could then went to B to find my support crew and others. My friends brought our post-race gear and a blanket, we settled in.. Soon Jill finished, as the athlete tracking text came across my phone I got a HUGE smile.. I am not sure where those pictures are, check out Jill's recap soon HERE for more photos. Welcome to the Club Jill, I am so proud of you! The smile on her face said it all. I LOVE LOVE people who show their joy, it is infectious.
Put on the Recovery and CEP socks, all in Pink Team Pretty in Pink. Poor Amanda had cramping so my BFF Charity went into full nurse mode trying to ease the pain. I love Charity after races, she is sooo attentive to me "Mel you need to drink that, "Mel there is a banana behind you," "Maybe you need more chips," she takes care of me when I am TOTALLY Marathon brain-fried. I looked up and spotted our little buddy.
Meet Lindsey, new Marathoner and new friend. Thank you for introducing yourself, I will be emailing you at the office on Monday!! Welcome to the club!!!
A HUGE thanks to my Bestfriend for being there to cheer and take care of me. I felt so blessed and so loved!!
Meet Lynette and Tom, our drivers, photographers and gear Sherpas. Lynette packed trail mix, Marlene and I proceeded to steal all the M&M's oops... :) Thank you two for coming, I cant wait to see the photos!!
I thought I would test the post-race beer but I still felt gross, so we settled for posing with the beer :) We shopped the booth with the killer advice from Steph, I got another Brooks T!!
Marlene was there every step, I would not have been able to get a 4:15 without her. We STRUGGLED, but when you struggle together the burden is not so hard to take. There are races like Eugene where everything flows perfect, both Marlene and I were off energy wise, potty wise, thirst wise, had blisters and headaches, but TOGETHER we made the most out of it and had a BLAST.
  • CONGRATS to all those who completed the Rock N Roll Half or Full Marathon!!
  • Don't Forget I ran this race for Marathon for the Cure. I will have a dedication post up this week. A HUGE THANK YOU to all those who donated. Once I donate the Bloggy carbo meet-up proceeds the tally will go over $1,700 to Susan G Komen Breast cancer research.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Finish Line FAME

New Marathoner and AWESOME friend Jill sent me a link last night to the Rock N Roll website HERE. Marlene and I had made the website picture 23 of 36!! WOW!!

The looks on our faces tell the story of the amazing experience we had running this Marathon TOGETHER! I could not have asked for a better running partner.

Sadly I will be taking Marlene to the airport soon. Also I have not seen my hubby or kiddos much this weekend, so I am going to log off... But since a few of you asked... our time:


**With a few potty, hugs and other stops.. Full race report of our FUN adventure to come....

More Bloggy Meet up Pictures

Thanks to Kerrie and Jill for sending pictures from such a FUN night!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bloggy Meet Up SUCCESS

Last night was AWESOME!! I have been planning this Bloggy Carbo Meet-up night event since March, and by planning I mean making the reservation at Spaghetti factory.... Good thing because that place was PACKED! Huge Thanks to Kerrie for making fun name tags with our names and Blogs, that was HUGE!

My favorite part was table hopping, catching great conversations and getting to know these AMAZING ladies. I truly enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories. Get a bunch of runners and bloggers in a room and LOOK OUT! We had a great waitress who kept us stocked with bread, water and pasta. GREAT NIGHT!

What is a Bloggy Meet up without Photos?? Thanks to Kerrie because I did not take any photos...it had been a LONG day...

From Left to Right Click Name for Blog:
Top Row- Genesis, Amanda, Amanda 2, Stacie, Kasey, Me, Lorian, and Marlene
Bottom Row- Harmony, Zoe +1, Kerrie, Jill, Sarah, Stephanie and Genesis's Friend Jordan.

Funny photos are the BEST..

  • FYI I am a MANIAC!!!! 3 Marathons in 90 days. I will have the FULL Report soon. For now I am going to relax with Marlene, have a celebratory glass of wine and enjoy the mountain view from my back porch.

How was your Saturday??

Friday, June 25, 2010

High Five Friday

First Bloggy meet-ups done. Since I have not uploaded any pictures yet, Amanda has a bunch on her camera, I will wait to share the details. But I will tell you Amanda is adorable and such fun! And Marlene is a gem, she brought a belated gift for me and a present for our whole family. So nice! We had a FULL day and I am ZONKERED...

The expo was great and due to some airplane issues I will be going again today... probably between the 1:00-3:00 timeframe. If you see me please say Hi!! I really love it when people introduce themselves.. Today I bought a Running skirt, who knows what I will get tomorrow?? I really love the Brooks race gear!!

BLOGGY CARBO tonight!!! SOOO Excited. I will be testing my video and camera skills.. Marathon #4, I can hardly believe it. This time last year I was a ball of nerves preparing for my FIRST Marathon. Now I am relaxed and excited to run a race for FUN, with Friends and for a GREAT Cause!! A Special Shout out to Jill HERE, my friend and local bloggy who will be running Seattle Rock N Roll as her FIRST Marathon. She is READY and is going to be smiling at the finish.

  • High Five Racing & Events:
Michelle- First 5k
Seattle Rock N Roll
Tall Mom Marathon #4 and Maniac Status!!!
Full (First)- Jill- http://running2sanity.blogspot.com
Full (First)- Micki- http://www.reddyrunning.blogspot.com/
Full (First?)- Hannah http://seehannahrun.blogspot.com/
Full- Amanda- http://runtothefinish.blogspot.com
Full- Emily- http://sweatonceaday.blogspot.com/
Full- Marlene- http://marleneontherun.blogspot.com/
Full- Michele- http://journeyto262.blogspot.com/
Full- Steph- http://50marathonchallenge.blogspot.com
Half- Amanda- http://5mls2mt.blogspot.com
Half (First)- Genesis- http://eatsleeprunwhenever.blogspot.com
Half- Harmony- http://harmlove.blogspot.com/
Half- Kasey- http://blondemomruns.blogspot.com/
Half- Lorian- http://runningguaranteessanity.blogspot.com/
Half- Sarah- http://brunetteontherun.blogspot.com/
Half- Stacie- http://stacie615.blogspot.com/
Half- Zoe +1- http://www.runzoerun.com
Spectator- Kerrie- http://momvsmarathon.blogspot.com/
Spactator- Lynette- http://fugefam.blogspot.com/

  • High Five Advice:
Marathon for the Cure sent me some great tips I thought I would pass on...
Last minute packing tips:
- Body Glide for chafing
- Sun screen / chap stick
- Extra socks (in the event it’s raining to bring to the start)
- Throw-away shirt/trash bag (to wear if it’s cold/raining before the race starts)
- Throw-away gloves/hat (to wear if it’s cold – you can throw them to the side if you get too warm)
- Energy gels/bars/pills, etc.
- Hydration bottle (if you run with a water bottle or Fuel Belt, etc.)
- Wear clothes race day you’ve trained in! It’s not the day to try out new shoes/clothing – you want to stick with what’s safe and predictable.
- Same goes for dinner the night before
– nothing new
– not the time to try out a new spicy dish.
- Visor (if it’s warmer out) or a hat (if its cooler out) to block the sun and/or rain

  • High Five Giveaways:
Ginny- Bondibands- Ends 6/28
Diva Mom- Drymax Socks Ends
Healthy Stride: Ryder Sunglasses Giveaway
Midwest Multisport Life: Go Lite Giveaway
Endurance Isn't Only Physical: Ryder Sunglasses Giveaway
Balls in the Air: Mabel's Labels Giveaway
Running off at the Mouth: Scape Sunscreen Giveaway

I know there are more... But it is 10:30 and I am off to bed.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Welcome to SEATTLE

Yesterday I was SWAMPED at work and tired when I got home, but I really wanted to get in some miles. So I put on my sunglasses, snapped this picture and set out..
Summer has finally made its way to Washington, who knows how long it will stay but temps approached the 80's yesterday. I knew that I should have brought my handheld, but I didn't and I was SOOOO THIRSTY!! I am still testing routes in my neighborhood to figure out how the miles will add up. Mother Nature decided to visit and bring cramps with her, FUN!! That explains the weight gain and HUNGER.. TMI :) The run was rough but I made it... FUNNY there was a guy working on a chia pet statue on his front porch, I almost laughed out loud, REALLY?? 6.7 miles done!!

Running gives me time to think and I realized that I forgot a HUGE factor on my post yesterday. I am running this race for Marathon for the Cure!!! I feel blessed and proud to be running 26.2 in support of a great cause. If you have never run for a charity I recommend it, select a cause that is near to your heart and you will be a success.

  • TODAY I work half day then the Bloggy Meet ups begin. I pick up Marlene, Amanda and Amanda's hubs at the airport... It is FUNNY that I am hosting people in Seattle because I know nothing about the city. I grew up 45 minutes South and rarely ventured to the Big City. I literally have each step the next 3 days Mapquested in and out.. Today we are off to the Mariners Game and Rock N Roll Expo. I get to stop by the Brooks (HERE) Booth to pick up our VIP Porta Potty Passes. Oh Brooks I LOVE thee!!! I am curious to see the Brooks Run Happy® Cavalcade of Curiosities activities. Will be sure to take pictures and fill you in on the details.

  • Friday Night Carbo-load Dinner: Please email for details as there is limited space. If you did not get the Evite and would like to come let me know ASAP (tallmomontherun @ hotmail).
  • Start Line: I will be in Corral 10. However a bunch of Bloggies will be meeting around Corral #6 30 minutes prior to the race start to get a photo op. If the race is set up the same way as last year Corral #6 should be close enough to get the start line in the background.
  • Finish Line: The finish area is always a zoo. The Family Reunion areas are coded by letters. Although I do not plan to stay there too long, I will be meeting my ride and others in Family Reunion B, B for Blogger.

That is all I have for now... I am hoping to squeeze in my high five Friday post....but with all this RUNNING around it may not happen. I can hardly believe that Rock N Roll weekend is here, I have been thinking about this for sooo long!!!

  • What are you excited about for this weekend or in the weeks to come??


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Am I ready for 26.2??

Every wonder how I go from corporate office to runner??

HEHEHE, I realized I had taken those pictures ages ago and never posted...

MARATHON this weekend!!!
This time last year I was a ball of STRESS preparing for my FIRST Marathon. This year I am calm, I really have not though much about the Marathon, I have spent more time focused on the Bloggy Buddies I am going to host.... So last night I thought about the Marathon..
Am I ready?
  • Exhibit A- I have not put in many miles the last few weeks. Since the Greenriver Marathon I have not run more than a 7 miler, with my hamstring scare and the RAIN I have not fit in the LONG runs. I am really enjoying running with my hubby and sister, not focusing on distance or speed. I am hoping that I am not under-trained.
  • Exhibit B- My weight is up. I am the heaviest I have been in over a year and I cant stop eating. And eating BAD FOODS. Going into Eugene I was 8lbs lighter and felt very tone. This week I feel heavy and flabby. I know this is all caused by stress, but those pounds will really add up over 26.2.
  • Exhibit C- Mental preparation is LACKING. I have not visualized my race, or mentally prepared at all. Before Eugene I had envisioned the Finish Line, thought over my race strategy and was very focused. 26.2 is a long way, and I have made the mistake before of underestimating the mental preparation required to perform.
  • Exhibit D- I feel like CRAP! I am drinking Emergen-C Hoping that the sore throat, headache, and Chills will pass. I cannot afford to be SICK right now!!
ALL those things add up to a big ????
However there is one factor that I forgot to mention.
  • Exhibit 33 (LOL)- I will be running this race with FRIENDS!!! The Friend factor is going to be huge. Having someone there for 26.2 through the good, the bad and the UGLY, will be amazing! This is one advantage I am going to ride to the hand-holding finish line photo.

Details about Seattle Rock N Roll Meet up locations on the Blog Tomorrow. If you want to be listed on High Five Friday let me know Today because I will be out of Bloggy land starting mid-day tomorrow. Around the city hosting Bloggy buddies from near and far!!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tall Mom Test Lab Tuesday

Last night I opened the computer to post a Giveaway and get Test Lab Tuesday Ready... Just then Little Stud #2, who is almost 2 1/2 walked up and put his chubby baby hand on the keyboard and said "No Mommy. Close computer. I want you to play." WOW!! Where are my priorities? Really? I used to get up a little earlier and stay up a little later to get in Blogging, but lately I have not. So I shut the screen, read books, played toss the buzz lightyear and LAUGHED!!
This is an OLD picture but a preview to the Next Giveaway... I will get to it when I can. BALANCE and PRIORITIES!!

  • This is the day I dedicate to all things I review.



Toy Story 3:
We took the Little Studs to see Toy Story 3 on Saturday. I am PROUD to say our kids were the only ones in the Theatre with Buzz Lightyear costumes on :) The other kids looked and smiled, Thanks Tall Grandma. Pictures soon. The movie was GREAT! I think it is my favorite of the series, I LOVE LOVE that Ken and Barbie made an appearance. If you have kids take them to see it, if you don't go see it anyway. Funny, well made and a wonderful story.

I have read some Bloggy reviews of Greek Yogurt, so when it was on SALE, I grabbed a few. WOW oh WOW and I now a Chobani addict. Yum with a side of Yummy! Other than the sugar content this little snack packs a protein punch and is very refreshing post workout. Add granola or fruit and it gets even better. Check out the nutritional content below and TASTE it for yourself.
Brooks Host of Rock N Roll Seattle HERE:

Brooks is doing some GREAT things as the host of the Rock N Roll Seattle Race. The expo should be a hoot with the Carnival theme, a chance to purchase our way into VIP porta potties and MORE. I am very excited since Brooks is one of my favorite brands.