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Monday, May 17, 2010

Where am I?

Time- 2:35:12
17- Miles
9:08- Pace
Orting with a new running buddy. Low 50's and cool.

Wow I did not Blog all weekend?? Sorry about that. Qwest still has not fixed our Internet rendering me helpless. The good news is we should be back in business Tuesday...SURE... UGH!!

Since Eugene I have had a hard time getting back to the swing of running. With Rock N Roll Seattle, my Marathon for the Cure race, on June 26th I have to get back to major mileage. My Fleet Feet buddies wanted me to run Capital City Marathon with them but I knew I was still low on energy and did not want to get hurt. So Tammy helped me find a new running buddy for a LONG run on Sunday morning.

  • Sidenote: My Fleet Feet Marathon Maniac friends Janna and Tammy rocked Capital City Marathon. Janna qualified for Boston and Tammy got a sub 4 hour PR. Less than 2 weeks after running Tacoma Marathon. Maniacs indeed!!
I met Lyla bright and early for 17 miles. My body/mind/legs are still out of it, so running with someone was PERFECT! She held a strong pace with awesome form. We chatted the whole time, I struggled to hold the low 9's pace but it felt great when we were done. Sometimes all it takes is a little kick in the spandex to get me going again.

After 17 miles, I forgot to grab Lyla for a photo, I am sure I will be meeting her again soon :)

We spent most of the day Saturday searching Yard Sales for bargains, I love Yard Sales!!! So in the afternoon I was a little spent, our mailbox is further away in the new house making the trek seem daunting. Funny for someone who runs Marathons....LOL! I am lazy! Little Stud #1 and I took the short walk. I am always EXCITED when there is a key waiting in the box. PACKAGE!! This was an unexpected surprise marked "FRAGILE." Baffled I sped up the pace back to the house. It was from Tall Mom buddy MCM Mama HERE who just finished Marathon #2 with a 14 minute PR!! All bubble wrapped up..

True to form she mailed beers too pretty to drink and a Starbucks mug from Washington DC. This made the dimples shine on a Saturday. So Muscle Man snapped my photo. I am not sure what I did to deserve such a nice gift, but I truly appreciated the amazing gesture of kindness.

  • Sidenote: This is the 3rd Starbucks Mug I have received from Tall Mom Buddies. Robin and Katie have also added to the collection.

On Sunday afternoon I was anxiously awaiting Marlene's Facebook update. I had been pestering her all week with positive emails and I knew that she would get her sub 4 hour goal. Go HERE to see if she did it! It is funny how people that I have never met make my days so fun-filled. You all are amazing and I am LUCKY to have you.

  • Test Lab Tuesday returns tomorrow
  • How was your weekend?



Unknown said...

So awesome that you are back out there again and 17 is quite a long run!!
Hope they hurry up with the internet service, that would drive me batty!

Jen said...

I can pciture 17 miles in my future... just up to 12 now though.

Great to have a pictureless buddy!

Ashley said...

It was great! I think I inspired a friend to start running so I did W1D1 of C25K with her as some additional exercise for me. Also started my very own health/running blog so I don't clutter up my personal blog with my becoming boderline obsession anymore. Linked to you on there and hopefully will be kicking off the site with a giveaway the end of this week.


You look so fab after 17 miles! Super cool about the package. Erika rocks! I'll have to check out Starbucks here and see if I can hook you up with a Richmond mug!

misszippy said...

I could never run 17 so soon after a marathon--where do you find the fresh legs??

Emz said...

okay so I ran my 17 miler today too but nope I so didn't look like you after. I looking like a wet rat. {nice visual, huh?] ;)

S Club Mama said...

you are just busy busy aren't you?

Lisa said...

and you say you're having a tough time running...17 miles?!?! Great job!

I had a great weekend, we had beautiful weather out here in NYC! I'm not running again quite yet, but I did go on a long walk in the park with a friend. Such a great way to catch up!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

That's one heck of a run so soon after your marathon! You deserve those 2 beers.

I can't imagine how you are surviving without internet. We still don't have it at the new house either and I go crazy while I am there! ;-) Glad I got the new phone to help a little.


Marlene said...

Wow, GREAT job on the 17. I believe that is right on pace for a 4h marathon? You will be a great pacer. I cn't even DREAM of doing it again right now, but I have 6 weeks. ;)

THANK YOU for all of your emails and comments, for following along and for the shout out in this post. I feel so blessed!!

Denise said...

great job w/ the 17 miler. i know it's hard to get right back into the swing of things so take the time you need.

and i would love a package like that to show up at my door. lucky girl!

J said...

Great job on the 17 miles! Wow! That is just awesome! I love Yard sales too! You can really find some good stuff!

MCM Mama said...

Glad the package made it there safely! You deserve a few beers for your rockstar marathon! I'm sure your boys will be happy to start a bottle cap collection when you drink the beers.

Great job on the 17. I can't imagine running double digits anytime soon...

RunningFromCancer said...

Great running 17 after the marathon. Hope the move in is going well and everyone is getting comfy in the new home. All I would have to do is take a look out the window and sigh!!!!! It was a beautiful picture.

Aimee said...

Wow..that's awesome that you did a 17mile run so soon after your marathon! You truly do ROCK! And, how cool to get a fun present in the mail! :)

I will be starting my marathon training soon for the Denver Rock-n-Roll marathon and was wondering what plan you followed? If you could give me any info. about it I would really appreciate it! :)

5 Miles Past Empty said...

17!!! ugh! Seems. So. Far. yikes!! =)

I feel pretty wiped out still too...what is up with this? My fartest run (aside from that silly half) is the 5 I did today! I am back in the building stage, but I think my pace is a bit faster!!!

How fun to get beer in the mail!!!! Have you drank it yet?

Funnyrunner said...

I know what you mean. I've been in a funk, too. It seems like I've been formally following a training plan for one marathon or another for over a year. I need some down time. (which is why I'm doing an Olympic tri this weekend?). Yesterday I just went out and ran with no prescribed pace or run and it was awesome.

Unknown said...

I don't think you're ever tired or lazy; you just keep going and going - like the Energizer Bunny.

I had an awesome race on Saturday night and am definitely reading to start building mileage again:)