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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Test Lab Tuesday

Today is the day I dedicate to all things I review...

Living, Eating & Running..

Born to Run Water Bottle HERE:
The folks at Born to Run were kind enough to send me this AWESOME Water Bottle. With the warm months approaching this came at the perfect time. I am a HUGE advocate of water. I have water on my desk and try to drink 2-3 bottles full each day. While I was in focused weight loss mode water played a major role in my success. Often when you feel hungry you may just be thirsty.
This bottle is stainless steal, holds 24oz, is just $15.95 and a GREAT conversation piece. And who doesn't want to drink out of something that screams "Talk to me about running!" Check it out and buy one today HERE.
Nilla Wafers:
So often at night I fall victim to the need for something sweet. Trouble is those sugary tasty treats often break the calories bank negating my 3-7 miles of calorie burn that day...UGH!! The Little Studs love Nilla Wafers, and a kid myself I like them too. I was looking at the box and WOWZERS! I can eat 8 wafers at 140 calories. Check out the info on The Daily Plate HERE. I know that pure and natural foods are best.....but if you feel the NEED to have a little cookie-like snack without the calories, Nilla Wafers are not a bad choice.

Gone for a Run BibFolio HERE:
Where do you keep your race bibs?? I asked myself that question once I received this fun and useful personalized BibFolio. Some bibs were in a makeshift scrapbook, some were in my bedside end table and others....hmmm stuffed in an old race bag somewhere.
  • What Gone for a Run Says:
    Finally a place to keep all those race bibs! Our BibFOLIO is the perfect solution for collecting racing bibs. As you add racing bibs and your collection grows it becomes a great memory and conversation piece of races run. Let us know the name or message and we'll customize the cover for you. It's a great piece to display on a coffee table, easel, desk or bookcase. Surely to be treasured for many years to come.

    BibFOLIO measures 8" X 8"
    Laminated 1/4" folio board
    Fits most racing bibs
    We include a hole punch for those bibs that need an additional hole to fit the BibFOLIO rings
    Easily add bibs by opening binder clips
    Personalize with your name or message
    Includes BibFOLIO, hole punch, directions
    A GoneforaRun exclusive
Tall Mom Thoughts:
I had a blast putting my race bibs in the Bibfolio. I love that mine reads "Tall Mom on the Run". There are some bibs I would not put in the BibFolio because I want them displayed, Eugene Race bib for example. But this is a great and organized way to keep them together.
Races 2 Remember Pace Band HERE:
Anything that gives you inspiration on race day is important. The letters BQ were displayed on my pace band as a reminder of my goal in Eugene. Pace bands are important especially for those who do not have a Garmin and because doing math late in the race can be tough.
  • What Races 2 Remember Says:
Make a custom pace band to fit your race. You don't run an even pace, why should your pace bands? Is your first mile really the same as your last? What about hills? Our unique bands will account for the hills and your pacing strategy. We'll customize a set of bands to fit any course and any plan. Start slow, build a cushion, hit the wall. Plan your pace mile by mile. Our Smart Pace Calculator lets you see different pacing strategies for your goal time! Each set of waterproof bands is made to fit the course you are running - whether it is Boston, or a small race in Kansas.
Tall Mom Thoughts:
You get 3 Pace bands for $7....which means you can have a band to practice with on a long training run, one for race day, and one for a second Marathon with a different time goal. The band is high quality, does not fall off, easy to read and I love that they will help you design a Smart pace strategy.
  • It is drizzly raining here, so I brought a hat. Sounds funny but I am sort of excited to run in the rain. It is refreshing. The smells are fresh and pungent. The rain hitting the water makes me feel at peace. I am getting my running grove back and it feels good.

If you have a product you would like featured on a Tall Mom Test Lab Tuesday please email me at tallmomontherun (@) hotmail.

  • Do you have a recommendation for the following products: 4+ bottle Fuel belt, non-Garmin running watch and flights from Seattle to Boston :)
  • I REALLY REALLY want to win one of these Giveaways. Bethany & Ryan are hosting a Bee-Cause Charm Giveaway HERE and TMB has a Sweaty Bands Giveaway HERE.


5 Miles Past Empty said...

Ok first of all I use Cheaptickets.com for ALL my traveling! Over and over again it has beat out other sights like Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity...so check it out!!!

Second, I love the race bib thing but I am quite sure I can go to Michaels and get the stuff to make my own for like $15 bucks tops! I bet I can even make 2 for that price!!!

I think I told you I got one of the Grace Bands for my marathon. I loved it and I swear it helped me SO much by giving me something to focus on other than running and how far I had gone or had to go! Highly reccommend it for any first time marathoners out there!

Have fun running in the rain!!

Genesis said...

my brother wolfs down nilla wafers everytime i stock them in the house. that and graham crackers...

i think people could get creative and create their own bibfolio. just grab two of those ring thingies that you can find at any craft store and office supply store and some clear pocket sleeves and make your own cover, personalized to your own preferences. probably be a fraction of a price too.

Marlene said...

Good stuff! I think I need to have my own Test Lab Tuesday .. I tried a few NEW products for my marathon and had success with everything!

Good luck with the giveaways and Boston flight (WOOHOO)!

Stacey said...

I like the bibfolio idea...keeps them all together and neat. Good luck with the airfare..Allegiant air is cheap, but I don't know if they go into Boston (probably not,but worth looking at)

Katie A. said...

I love the bibfolio thing- I am going over to check it out now :)
I wouldn't worry about airfare and hotels just yet, as I just went this year and booked everything in November, days after the race sold out, we did great!
I wouldn't also recommend paying for trying to stay right near the Expo/Star/Finish area (Copley Square)- I swear, we saw more of the city with our hotel just a mile away (you walk every where or take the T, it is a small city) and you save a TON of $$. Just a tip to help you save money. There is a lot of hype about things selling out quick - they don't, so don't stress. Give yourself time to get settled, Boston logistics are easy :)
Happy Tuesday!

Christy Ashley said...

Jet Blue is probably your cheapest bet for flights from Seattle to Boston. You can also use farecast.com which pretty accurately predicts if flight costs are going to go up or down.

And I LOVE the bibfolio!

Kayla said...

I also love the bibfolio idea. Even though I usually don't, I went running in the rain yesterday and enjoyed it. You are right there is something peaceful about it. :)

Questionably Texan said...

The Kansas City Marathon gave out pace bands last year (and I hope they do again this year) for just about any pace imaginable. VERY helpful on a course that is incredibly hilly. I wouldn't bother with one for a flat race, but I'd definitely order some for hilly marathons.

X-Country2 said...

That book is such a great idea. My bibs are all over the place!

Lynette said...

We are true Washingtonians, Mel. I like running in a light drizzle best:).

Erica said...

Cool stuff Mel! Thanks, and I am running in the rain today too...but it is a cold rain and I am not too excited about it!

Heather said...

I love that water bottle!

MCM Mama said...

I like the idea of the bibfolio, but I've been using my scrapbooks that I've failed to use to create kid's scrapbooks LOL.

I have a four bottle Fuel Belt that I love. It's the Helium model with 8 ounce bottles. I've added two big pockets to it as I carry a lot of stuff when I run. I've now worn it for two marathons without a single spot of chafe.

ShutUpandRun said...

2 things. I am digging that water bottle. Really cool. And...I am jealous you get to run in the drizzle. I love rain, especially while running. Call me crazy.

Bethany + Ryan said...

i love thebibfolio, i've been planning on buying it for awhile but haven't yet. after 13 years of running races i might want to buy 2!

Courtney @ I CAN DO THIS said...

LOVE the bib folio! I keep all mine together, and I write with Sharpie my finish time, date, and pace. This would be a great way to bind them together!

J said...

For a non garmin running watch I have a TImex Ironman watch and I love it. It tells the times and does splits and also has a timer and of course tells the time and date. It is simple but provides key features!

Unknown said...

I love the water bottle and was commenting today that I need to spoil myself with a new one. I just may have to check out the site.

Michelle said...

Love the bib folio! I think I need one!

Bing.com also has a fare forecaster that will tell you when is a good time to purchase. Good luck!

Zoƫ said...

I so need a place for all my race bibs, now! They are gathering dust in a pile on top of my dresser... :(
(Plus, my cat seems to like to chew on the material. Bummer)