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Friday, May 7, 2010

Eugene Lessons Learned

Wow this is the LATEST I have ever posted a Blog... We are about 95% unpacked and loving our new place. I am eating a 26.2 cookie from my running buddy Janna and looking out the living room window to our view of Mount Rainier. LIFE IS GOOD!!

I am LOVING reading all the 5K race reports and will have a full recap as soon as I can find some computer time. Please hang with me this week folks.... Speaking of Folks, WELCOME to the new Tall Mom Bloggy Pack Members 494...REALLY? Can we be 500 strong? That would be a GREAT Bloggy Mother's Day gift.. Speaking of Mother's Day. Come Back on Sunday for a Mothers Day Giveaway sponsored by my Mom Tall Grandma.

  • SIDE NOTE:My Mom is the BEST!! Not only did she and Dad sleep in their motorhome and let us take over their house while we were nomads, today she saved us at the furniture store by taking the little Studs, then she babysat them while we shopped for a new TV and even did the dishes. THANKS MOM!!
I have not had much time to reflect on my effort at the Eugene Marathon, all I can say is that I am still floating on a cloud . I FINALLY ran today 5.6 miles with my Fleet Feet Pals, it felt good. My legs are tired but I am guessing it is from being on my feet moving boxes and unpacking. Suggestions for the Cheapest/Best flights from Seattle to Boston? Since I found 3 minutes to rub together here are my PERSONAL lessons.

Eugene Marathon Lessons:

- Although I do not recommend moving out of your home the week prior to a Marathon, if you do, make sure you find some AMAZING helpers so you are not moving boxes. I was on my feet packing all day, but hubby, bro-in-law, Dad and Mom did ALL the work. Love you guys!

-Banking sleep the week leading up to the Marathon is very important. Thanks to the move I was on vacation a few days before the Marathon. I took mid-day naps, went to bed early and slept in as much as the Little Studs would allow.

- Staying stress free is good for the body and mind. I remember the weeks leading up to my first Marathon I was a ball of nerves, I could not sleep, I could barely eat. Leading up to Eugene I focused on my training and knew that I had done all I could to prepare. I never got nervous!

- Changing what you eat the night before a Marathon is not a bad thing so long as you think about the food as fuel. A good balance of carbs and protein, nothing that will make the tummy turn. Boring food is best. The restaurant wanted the Marathoners to eat fettuccine with Alfredo, NO THANKS!! I had Grilled Chicken, white rice, veggies and salad.

-Staying in a hotel near the start line, driving the course, plotting out parking, purchasing a city map (if needed), and making a plan with spectators for support along the course, are important to success in an out of town race.

-Make a plan to pre-fuel so you will not run out of gas on the course. I took a Gu on the 5's and Chomps/shot Blocks as needed. Combined with sports drink and water I was well fueled for the entire 26.2.

-KNOW YOUR BODY!! I know that I start fast and get slower, with a kick at the end. My plan was to run in the moment and BANK TIME knowing that I could use those banked seconds later in the race. This plan helped me stay positive when I felt my body slightly fade. Lets review my 26.2 Stats shall we?

1- 7:50
2- 7:55
3- 8:04
4- 8:05
5- 8:13
6- 7:53
7- 7:58
8- 8:04
9- 8:13- HILL
10- 8:02
11- 8:10
12- 8:16
13- 8:11
14- 8:06
15- 8:17
16- 8:12
17- 8:23- First Goal pace mile, all others I banked time
18- 8:37- I let myself slow to avoid the WALL
19- 8:35
20- 8:29
21- 8:26
22- 8:39
23- 8:46
24- 8:34
**My plan was to kick it up the last 3 miles, instead I did the last 2.2
25- 8:21
26- 8:10
.28- 7:55

Time- 3:37:06
Pace- 8:18
Overall Place- 630/2,339
Division Place- 33/201
Gender Place- 131/1085

- The Marathon is 26.2 miles to connect with yourself, your Angels and Demons. It is so easy to slip into negative thoughts which quickly translate to negative performance. During the race I focused on the positive things I had done and learned about myself during training. Training my mind may have proved to be more important than the physical training. DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP!! Try to find the good things and believe in yourself.

-If you are going to pose at the Finish Line make sure it is the right Finish Line :) I am still curious about the finish line photo... TBD

  • OK That is all I have for tonight... Since my vacation is coming to an end we are going to pack a lot in to finish up the house. I should be back to regular Bloggy land next week.
  • Check Back on Sunday for a Mothers Day GIVEAWAY sponsored by Tall Grandma..


Genesis said...

wooo, 33rd in division! congrats again mel.

LMC said...

I think you still have another week of "floating on a cloud" left!! I like that you stuck with your plan throughout the marathon. Great job and congrats again!

ajh said...

Great new header.

Marlene said...

I have TINGLES reading this! You know what works for you and you followed through with success. Thanks for sharing some of your tips. I am going to borrow your fueling idea. Gel every 8K (5mi) and one Shot Blok or Chomp on the opposite 4K's.

So glad you are loving your new home!

Erica said...

great job Mel still so proud of you!

Rene' said...

glad you are back, I was getting worried about you:) incredible race and incredible tips.

Anonymous said...

great advice! the restaurant wanted to serve fettuccine with Alfredo...glad you were able to get something else because that would have wrecked my stomach for the race too

awesome job again. great split! so smart to know your body so you wouldn't get too upset if your pace fell

I run for cupcakes! said...

Hey! So excited to find your blog...very insprational. i jsut decided to start one to chronical the journey back into shape after baby #2... http://irunforpizzaandcupcakes.blogspot.com/ but i'm still 32 weeks prego...so now it's basically chronicalling the frustration of being SOOOO pregnant!! : ) anyway, i'm very inspred by your training and motivation...thanks for the positive energy! -KAthryn

MCM Mama said...

Great advice! Glad to hear you are all settling in and getting back into a routine. Have a great weekend.

Bethany + Ryan said...

great splits!! happy mother's day to you! i hope you will post some pictures of the view from your house! i like to fly jet blue, do they fly direct from Seattle to Boston? they are an official sponsor of the Boston marathon so there might be some deals?
i hope you will check out my giveaway on Monday, i saw these things for the first time at the Boston Marathon expo and one of them made me think of you.
have a great mothers day weekend!

Laura said...

Wow, I just read your time...You are amazing!!!!!!! Great job.

ShutUpandRun said...

Great post and just what I needed before my marathon tomorrow morning. Staying focussed on the positive!

Coachhrd said...

Great post! Congratulations. And what a great idea to share some "lessons learned" and takeaways for others.


Laurie said...

Thanks for all the good advice. Great splits!

Heather said...

Great tips! You ran such an awesome race.

wendy said...

Congrats again on your time! Thank you for all lessons learned. Great advice!

Denise said...

great race stats!! your mile splits are wonderful! hope the high never ends...

chris mcpeake said...

congrats on an awesome race. well done

Lisa said...

What a great race!!! Congrats again! Thanks for sharing your tips, always helpful to hear what other runners think were key.

Glad to hear you're enjoying your house so far. I can't imagine seeing Mt. Rainier from my living room, must be beautiful!

Julie said...

Hi Mel,
You did so awesome! You had a fantastic time and look at those splits:) I am so happy for you! Congrats! Also, great tips!

J said...

That is awesome you got 33rd in your division! Almost like it was meant to be! Those are great splits!

saundra said...

Congratulations on a fantastic finish, Tall Mom!