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Thursday, May 13, 2010

3 High 5's Virtual Race for the Cure

Thanks to all the WONDERFUL ladies who participated in the 3 High 5's Virtual Race for the Cure! When I planned this race HERE I had no idea that we would be moving out of our house on race day. So for this race I played Race Director and had a DNF. The good news is that we had a field of AMAZING athletes who had fun, got creative with their race bibs, got in a good workout and MOST IMPORTANTLY helped raise money for Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

  • RESULTS for the 5K RACE:

Laurie- 23.28
Marlene- 23.50
Croughwell- 24.15
Jamie- 24.20 PR!!
Heather C.- 24.48
Aimee- 24.51
Karen- 25.46
Kim- 26.04
Jen- 26.23
Stacie- 27.33
MCM Mama- 27.35
Kera- 28.06 PR!!
Catey & baby Sam 6 months cooked- 30.22
TMB- 30.52 (Former 5K Tall Mom Virtual Race champ had a 1/2 Marathon that weekend)
Jessica- 31.47
Whitney- 32.49
Rene'- 33
Melissa- 33.02
Darlene- 33.40
Erica H.- 35.48
Teacherwoman- No time she wrote "Very, very, slow")
  • Race Reports and Photos:
24.51- Rocked out the race on a treadmill, made a very creative bib. Hey Aimee we are shirt twins, I have raced in my orange shirt many times.
Catey & baby Sam 6 months cooked
30.22- With baby in belly! She made bibs for herself and Sam. Click her name to see the AWESOME bibs close up.

24.15- Incorporated this race into her 8 mile speedwork for training.
33.40- A Run through the tulips asking a passer-by to snap a photo.
Diva Mom- Jamie
24.20 PR!! Who PR's during a Virtual Race?? That would be a DIVA!!
Erica H.
35.48 (pushing a stroller) Look at the Awesome shirt!! If you are ever looking for a Giveaway, product review, recipe or inspiration go Visit Erica at I Run Because I Can HERE
Heather (No Blog)
24.48- Will be breaking into the 23's for a 5K very soon!!
26.23- Love her High Five photo (possible Jen inspired contest coming soon) and AWESOME Race bib!! The bib was in no way stalker-ish Jen :) Jen has a passion for life and an ability to make others smile.. And this lady did it for the Tata's, check out her race report for a STRONG reason to do self-exams.

Jessica and Tomm
31.47- they took the LONG route with a 3.29 miles. Guess we did have a man participate, click her race report to meet Tomm.

25.46- Ran a loop 6 times..

28.06 PR!! PR with a little walk break, pretty impressive. Way to rock it out Kera.
Kim No Blog
26.04- Ran a strong 5K just days after her first 1/2 Marathon. I could feel the positive vibes in Eugene from Kim, she ran the 1/2 Marathon and her hubby ran the Full. Also love the pink race bib.

Laurie 5K WINNER!!!
23.28- The speedy winner of the 5K despite Transient Hecklers LOL! Check out her race report for the Full details.
23.50- Pretty sure that I have converted my Canadian pal into a fan of the #33. AWESOME bib Marlene! Lunch run during Marathon Taper Madness. BIG Marathon this weekend. BELIEVE!

MCM Mama
27.35- Loved it so much she did it 3 times. Posted her report in Pink Highlights, nice touch! Marathon day is quickly approaching, pretty sure she is running for that post race brew :)
33.02- She took creativity to a new level when her bib # and time matched!!

33- Another contestant in the Stroller Division. She spent 33 minutes with the chanting Izzie.

27.33- Local Blogger Stacie had her Daughter as the race photographer, check out her post for the cool photos. I also LOVE LOVE her 555 bib. If you head over to Stacie's blog now you can enter her FIRST GIVEAWAY HERE

No Time- She toughed it out overdressed in the gym. "Stuffy and Slow", but she did it!
30.52- T won the 5K division on the last Tall Mom Virtual Race for the Cure, so I am sure it PAINED her competitive nature to hold back for her Half that weekend. Always the fashionista from head to toes. Check out her Sweaty Bands Giveaway HERE.
32.49- Rockin 2 watches to get it done. This lady used her creative mind and some MAYO for a funny bib.
  • What a FUN group!! Thank you for the GREAT participation, raising money for Marathon for the Cure HERE has been so FUN with your support.
  • I will have 1 More Virtual Race for the Cure before running the Seattle Rock N Roll Marathon to cap the fundraising efforts. So watch for the Announcement in the next few weeks. Prizes for this race will be announcied on HIGH Five Friday. so check back tomorrow.


Emz said...

What amazing women you ALL ARE!!

I MUST do this "next" time. There will be a "next time" right?!

Heather said...

Great Idea. I am really sorry that I missed it.

Jen said...

Super cool to see all of the ladies (and man) who participated!!! Yay for the tatas!

Momma Twitch said...

Great job everyone!! I may have to sign up for the next one. :)

KovasP said...

Congratulations to all the ladies and thanks to Tomm for representing the men. Maybe next time we can get a few more involved. :)

Laurie said...

I know have added pink to my running gear so that I will be better prepared for the next race! Great job everyone. Thanks Tall Mom, it was a lot of fun!


It did pain me! But it was super fun! Thanks for hosting!

MCM Mama said...

Awesome pictures and bibs! Great job, everyone.

Thanks for hosting!!!

Marlene said...

SO FUN! What a creative bunch. CONGRATS ALL AROUND!!! Thanks for hosting this awesome event.

Catey said...

Way to go ladies! And congrats on the PRs! :)
Thanks for hosting Mel-looking forward to the next one!!

Bethany + Ryan said...

Great pix!!! Count me in for the next one!!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Totally fun!!! Great job to all!!! I don't know why I didn't do this? Next time!!!!!

X-Country2 said...

Yay for girl power!

Lisa said...

it's cool to see all these pictures and read the little stories! Congrats to all the runners!

Stacie said...

Congrats Girls!!! It was fun and I'm looking forward to the next one.

Thanks for the link to my giveaway!!!!!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Great post! Wonderful photos from everyone. Congrats to all the runners.

I'll look forward to being in there next time.

Denise said...

congrats to everyone!! what a great cause.

and mel, nice post...you put a lot of work into that one!!

teacherwoman said...

Those are some great photos! Congrats to everyone! I wish I would have remembered and put more effort into my race, outfit, and report! LOL

LMC said...

Congrats to all the ladies! Great job and great pix!

Unknown said...

Great job, ladies! Thanks for sharing their stories.

akjenniekt said...

Great photos! Can't wait to go read everyone's race recaps :)!

Anonymous said...

Cast not the first stone.

Unknown said...

What an awesome event! So looking forward to participating in the next one!

Winks & Smiles,