6'0 tall, former athlete, mother of 3, struggling to keep up on the RUN of daily life.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Sisters You go Girl!!

Tall Sister came to RUN with Muscle Man, the Little Studs and me. We headed to the local High School, since Tall Sister has not run in 10 years I wanted to see where her fitness was at. No injuries on my training watch :)

Here we are before leaving the house. Note my AMAZING Eugene Marathon Finisher shirt and favorite Bondiband. We look alike but different, I have Tall Grandpa's nose and am a little taller. What do you think? Sisters?
I took this photo on accident, but I sorta love it.. The boys LOVE to get in the double jogger.

Off we went, Muscle Man set the pace while I chatted with Sis. Around .6 she was ready to walk. The High School is 1 miles from our new house, so we ran/jogged/walked and when we arrived the Little Studs and Muscle Man played on the track while Sis and I rotated walking a lap then jogging. It was nice to catch up and talk about LIFE. I look forward to helping her train for a Summer 5K and future longer miles!!!

At the end of the running at the High School I got a text from Jill at Running 2 Sanity that she would be at Fleet Feet. We planned to meet with Diana our team Captain for our You Go Girl team "Will run for Ice cream". Check out the race HERE. This event will be a weekend of FUN because the WA Bloggers will host TMB at Racing with Babes!!! The race was pretty expensive but I think it will be worth every $$ because I love love all female races.

Then I spent the night RELAXING to prepare for a 20 miler..

  • TOMORROW: Rainy 20 milers recap, Test Lab Tuesday and the WINNER of the "Give Your Legs a Hug" HERE Giveaway!!
  • There are some FUN things to come in JUNE!! Tall Mom's Birthday, Blogger Meet Ups and lots and lots of GIVEAWAYS! Stay tuned...

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Low Miles

I just plugged in the Garmin and realized that I only ran twice and very low miles.... 11.2 miles.. Ummmm?? I was so busy at work and tired when I got home that I did not fit it in. And I couldn't connect with anyone for a long run this weekend.. Wow excuses, not like me. With Seattle Rock N Roll Less than a month away this is not good.... Of course I plan to run 20 tomorrow and 26.2 next Saturday, making next week a HIGH MILEAGE week.. So I guess it will all balance out :)

Today I HOPE Tall Sister will show up for a run/jog/walk, her first with me. Our plan is to get her in 5K shape for the summer and to learn about training for the higher mile races in the future. She ran cross country in high school so I HOPE that the bug will hit again.

Short run today and a LONG run tomorrow with Corie and he husband Jon an Ironman in training. Should be FUN!!

  • How has running this weekend gone? I have seen some AWESOME races on Facebook. TMB and Katie both placed in races, LOVE the speed ladies!!! And TMB announced that she is COMING TO WA!! She will be racing and hanging with local bloggers. Our Guest Room is soon to become Blogger Central, hmmm maybe we should decorate it is race bibs and medals.

Friday, May 28, 2010

High Five Friday- Saturday-ish

"Mommy I want Cookie."

"Mommy more Drink!"

LOL!! OK so here is a LATE High Five... I had limited time so I just put the distances instead of all the race details. BUT...I did make it around to give some REAL High Five comments which was fun.

Our Weekend is still TBD. There is a HUGE pile of dirt in our front drive, so I guess Yard work is on the schedule. Maybe a deck, maybe a patio, who knows? But by Monday we should have a REAL yard.. Grass seed or Sod? Thoughts?

  • High Five Racing & Events:
Bethany & Ryan- (First) Ultra
Diva Mom- Marathon
Emily- Half Marathon
AJH- Half Marathon
Mel- Half Marathon
Nancy- Half Marathon
Laura Elaine- Half Marathon
Kimberly- 12K
Sarah- 10K
Sarah- 10K
Randi- 5K
Kimert- 5K
  • High Five Giveaways:
Please tell them Tall mom Sent you
Tall Mom- CEP Compression Socks Ends 6/1
Run to the Finish- $80 CSN Gift Card Ends 6/10 -I WANT to WIN this...I need a new purse.. Please Tell Amanda Tall Mom sent you and you can post an extra entry to my CEP Giveaway Above...but you have to leave a comment on both Giveaways. Leave a Comment HERE that says "I tried to Help you win on Run to the finish"
Run to the Finish- Chocolate Giveaway Ends 6/2
Thrift Store junkie- CSN $60 Ends 6/1
I Have Run- Bibfolio Ends 6/2
Sticky Fingerprints- Pretty whimsical Ends 6/11
Sticky Fingerprints- Bondiband Ends 6/11
Run Fast Mommy- Tank and Tunes ends 5/30
Katye- Road ID Ends 6/3
Tricia- Hair ties Ends 6/4
MissZippy- Somino Shoe and Jacket Ends 6/5
Girl Get Strong- RESE Activewear Ends
Running into Healthy Happyness- Gift Card Ends 6/4
What do you deserve a High Five for Today?

3 Dead Moles

I know you came here looking for High Five Friday... Give me a few hours it is coming. Last night I went SHOPPING instead of posting, sorry :( Good news is I bought an adorable new outfit to go with the brown tall boots I bought ages ago. Bad news is it is raining so hard that I cant wear it boooooo!! I took the train again this morning and I must say it is RELAXING. When I was pregnant I hated the smells, waiting and feeling confined, blame it on the hormones. But now I love it!! Could be the new station too... I may be a full time train person for the Summer.

Yesterday I went for an easy 5 mile run....but nothing about it was easy. I felt out of it, kept telling myself that I should stop, cut it short, and call it a day. What is it about running some days I can bang out 16++ with ease and other days 5 miles is a STRUGGLE?? It was drizzly raining and the plants are going crazy, I felt like the long grass was trying to grab me. One thing I noticed was 3 dead moles along the path all within 25 yards of the others.. Hmmmm.. I immediately started signing "3 Dead moles" to the tune of "3 Blind Mice," it was STUCK in my head.. URGH! Very weird..

Thanks EVERYONE for your input on my decision yesterday.. The consensus is that I should run it but easy and not to compete. This was the thought of pretty much everyone except for Amanda and Marlene who I am running Rock N Roll Seattle with. I wont compromise pacing us to an awesome finish line photo, love you guys!! I emailed the race director and will be running the FREE Green River Marathon next weekend with my friend Corie's husband, possibly Jill and maybe Amanda...and anyone who wants to come join me for a few miles. Using it as a training run and I can always cut it short if needed. So now my run this weekend is a little TBD. I am thinking of doing 18-20, will see. We are having dirt delivered so we will have a real back yard soon.. Now if the rain would STOP!!

  • What are your plans for the LONG weekend??

Will be back soon with High Fives...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tall Mom the Maniac

A few of my Fleet Feet buddies tried to recruit me to run the Capital City Marathon on May 16th. The cool thing about running the race is that I would have qualified for Bronze level Marathon Maniac status HERE. Having pushed so hard in Eugene I decided that I would not risk injury and run. I have gone back and forth about trying for the Marathon Maniac status....lowest level mind you.

***Bronze Level:
3 Marathons within a 90 day time frame.

With Eugene on May 2nd and Rock N Roll on June 26th all I have to do is find a 3rd Marathon to complete before August. But would that really make me a Maniac? I don't plan to do Marathons over and over for the years to come? Am I really worthy of the Maniac status if I only do it once? I still have not decided....then enter the Green River Marathon HERE.

Green River Marathon Info:
June 5, 2010 at 8:30 AM
Cost: FREE!!
Can purchase a shirt for $15
Kent to Alki- close to home
Mostly Flat

The wheels in my head are turning. On my training plan June 5th would be the last LONG run week prior to taper for Rock N Roll. I could use it is a training run, take it slow and do it for FUN!! And it is FREE...

But then there are the What ifs??
  • What if I get injured?
  • What if doing this run makes my legs tired for Rock N Roll?
  • What if the Green River killer comes to get me? (JK )
  • What if the Marathon Maniacs find out that I do not plan to repeat this 3 Marathons is 3 months feat, will they kick me out? (JK)
What are your thoughts???
Should Tall Mom Run a FREE Marathon next weekend making her 26.2 miles closer to being a MANIAC??

This is my friend Tammy who is an AWESOME Maniac...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Tall Mom is TIRED!!! I blame Little Stud #2 and the Biggest Loser Finale..

Yesterday I had a GREAT 10K lunch run, despite my foggy head and heavy legs. I was beginning to think that I left my 8:XX miles in Eugene, it was nice to find my speed again. The rain is constant here the last few days. It is muggy and warm, I wore short sleeves making the light drizzle refreshing. My knees are creaky but after 2 miles I hit my stride. It is WEIRD to me that I still feel the affects of a Marathon that was over 20 days ago. WOW!!! I guess I did leave it all on the pavement.

This weekend is a holiday for us....which means that people are making plans. I am thinking that I need to REST!!! I need to catch up on sleep and find my energy again. As fun as heading to the woods and venturing to new lands sounds..

Long Run + Couch + yard projects= :)

  • What are your plans for the long Weekend?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Test Lab Tuesday

Welcome new Tall Mom Bloggy Pack Members!! Little Stud #2 who is nearly 2 1/2 was up at 4:15 this morning....playing, talking... UGH!! I have reached the bottom of my first cup of Java and am still dragging. It is going to be one of those days. Hopefully my lunch run will help bring me out of my Zombie state..

Welcome to Test Lab Tuesday the day I dedicate to all things I review..

Living, Eating and Running...

Series Finale of LOST:
Muscle Man and I settled in to watch LOST last night via DVR. I was unsure how the writers would wrap up YEARS of twist and turns, black smoke monster, pirate ships, time travel, little boys with special powers, people surviving plane crashes, men who don't age, etc.... With each episode I was LOST!!
I continued to watch over the years and was entertained. So when the series ended with a "Dead End" (LOL) I was not surprised. I was pleased that they reconnected the love stories, but I do wish that they would have taken the time to explain things a little better. Why were there Polar Bears on the island? Just answer that please!! I am sure if I sit and analyze the series , religious undertones, etc., it would all make sense....in the mean time I am hoping that there is a new series on the horizon with the vim and vigor to keep me guessing for the new few years..

Mrs. May's Tropical Trio Bar HERE:
The table at my work is often filled with tasty treats.. Last week I was able to snack on a Mrs. May's Tropical Trio bar and YUM!! I almost did not eat it, at 230 calories and 140 from fat I hesitated. Then I saw the natural ingredients....check this out:
From Mrs. May's Website:
Description : Vegan, No Trans Fat, No Additives, No Preservatives, No Cholesterol, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Wheat Free, Non-GMO, Kosher.
Ingredient : Cashew, Almonds, Pistachios, Tropical Fruits(Pineapple, Mango, Papaya), Sesame Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Dates, Raisins, Rice Malt, Natural Flavors, Evaporated Cane Juice and Sea Salt
Tall Mom Thoughts: Thank you may I have another. YUMMERS!!! So worth the 2.5 miles to burn it off..
CEP All Sport Compression Sleeves HERE:
Have you gone to the "Give your Legs a Hug Giveaway" HERE?? If so you know that CEP caries some great compression socks....but what if you have a favorite pair of socks but would like some calf support while you run or after a run??
What CEP has to say:
Give yourself an edge with CEP All Sports Compression Sleeves. Used by professional athletes and triathletes around the world, CEP compression sleeves are the first scientifically proven compression sleeves to maximize power, boost energy, and speed recovery time. See what all the buzz is about and try CEP All Sports Compression Sleeves today. With a 30-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. Available for men and women in white or black. Sold per pair.CEP All Sports Compression Sleeves maximize muscle oxygenation and boost energy with CEP's unparalleled scientifically optimized ultimate compression technology for all-day benefits. You’ll run with less effort, increased speed, decreased recovery time, reduced fatigue and optimized performance. CEP compression sleeves are the first truly functional compression sport sleeve with a patented pressure flow technology that provide a scientifically proven increase in blood circulation and a consequent increase in performance. CEP sleeves provide more oxygen, more energy, an improved metabolization of lactic acid, and faster recovery so you can return to training quicker than ever. Sizing - To determine your size, measure the circumference of the fullest part of your calf.
  • Advantages & Features:
    Pre-exercise - muscle activation and reduction of injury risk
    During Exercise - optimized performance and stabilization, reduced muscle strain
    Post-Exercise - quicker and shorter recovery phase
    CellTex ® Fiber finishing - a new refinement of thread (without chemical additives) facilitates the biological activation of skin cells and provides a comfortable, skin sympathetic and climate-regulating wear.
    iPS® Integrated power system - a defined compression with scientifically patented pressure profile improves blood circulation and enhances performance.
    Shin protection
    Material - 79% Polyamid, 21% Elasthan

Tall Mom Thoughts:

I once had a BAD experience with someone wearing calf compression sleeves, read about it HERE.. I put my bias aside and finally tested the small white sleeves. I sent my calf circumference to CEP and the sleeves fit PERFECT! I had pain in my left calf on my 13.1 mile run on Sunday, once I put on the sleeves I felt relief. I have not run in the sleeves yet, but I look forward to trying them out. I like that I can still wear my favorite socks and have the calf support I need.

  • Do you have a product you would like to see featured on Test Lab Tuesday?? Email me tallmomontherun (@) hotmail.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Give your Legs a Hug Giveaway

You are LUCKY today because you have an AWESOME opportunity to give your legs a hug. The WONDERFUL folks at CEP Compression HERE are hosting this Giveaway:

What will you Win?

**CEP Running 02 Compression Socks HERE:
Maximize muscle oxygenation and boost energy with the CEP's unparalleled scientifically optimized ultimate compression technology for all day benefits. You'll run with less effort, increased speed, decreased recovery time, reduced fatigue and optimized performance.

How do you Enter?
One entry per comment please
1- (Required) Go to CEPsocks.com HERE and click around. Come back and leave a comment about the products you are interested in learning more about and any thoughts about the website. This is a GREAT way to provide feedback to CEP.

Additional Entries-
2- What is your racing/event schedule from now to the end of August? Leave a comment with your schedule.
3- Answer the question: How do you keep your legs fresh while training? Leave a comment.

4- Tell others about this Giveaway via blog, facebook, twitter, or tell a friend. Leave a comment. (multiple entries for sharing over and over)
5- If you have donated any $$$ to Tall Mom Marathon for the Cure HERE Leave a comment for an entry.
  • Contest ends and a Winner will be announced on Tuesday June 1st.
  • See you tomorrow for Test Lab Tuesday where I will review another CEP AWESOME product. The CEP All Compression Sleeves HERE.

Bye Bye Weekend!

Mondays come too FAST!! I had a GREAT weekend. Spent most of the day Saturday with Little Stud #2 at Yard Sales, checking out the new Dick's Sporting Goods and NAPPING. The in-laws were in town so we had a belated Mother's Day dinner with Lobster and shrimp...YUMMERS!! I was not thinking about my LONG run the next day when I over-indulged in the seafood department.

Corie and I have known each other for years... She is a teacher and Mary Kay phenom. And now that I have moved she lives just 3 miles away.. We planned, via text to meet up for a LONG run. With recent hip issues, she is just getting back into the swing of running. She is training for the Kona Marathon.

We set out on a RAINY day to journey through the small town of Buckley. I LOVE LOVE LOVE running in new areas, it is a special treat, especially with someone who knows where to go.

This run did not disappoint with Deer, Elk, and 8-10 adorable yellow birds hopping along a fence. The miles passed quickly with great conversation and years to catch up on. The rain poured down, my stomach seized and my left calf muscle was on fire.... Needless to say when we rounded the corner to Corie's house at 13.1 I was done for the day. I felt like a slacker cutting my 18 miler short, but I was done..

We finished 13.1 in just over 2 hours!! Pretty good for a training run. We were soggy and my hair was GROSS!! I look forward to many many miles with Corie in the future. Oh and I failed to mention Corie's hubby is an Ironman. So possibly running with him as well.

  • Wow oh wow there are soooo many Blogs to read so I must depart. But you are in LUCK!! Today is a 2 Blog day. I will be back TONIGHT, after I watch LOST so don't tell me what happened, to post a GIVEAWAY. Think Compression.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Bloggy Award

So FUN Michelle HERE Tagged me for an award...

The rules are to post 7 things about myself and pass on the 15 bloggers.. FUN!1

7 Things about Tall Mom:

1. This past year I have made some truly great friends through blogging and running. This network of pals is growing by the minute and I feel so BLESSED!!! I can hardly wait until June 25th to meet Bloggers near and far in Seattle!!! The EVITE to carbo night goes out this week. If you are running or spectating Seattle Rock N Roll and have not received info please email me.
2. Our youngest son is named after a place that my Dad took us growing up to find edible mushrooms and my Dad. Whenever we got to visit or drive past the sign it makes me smile. If we have another baby I would have to stick with the WA city names, since Little Stud #1 is also a WA city name....UGH! If it is a girl...hmmm Lacey is a pretty name??

3. I love black and white photography, I spent hours in the dark room in college. I once took a photo of a bucket of baseballs... Before I took the photo I went up the the coach, my roommate's Dad, and said "Can I take a picture of your balls?" RED FACE!!! Yes I am that cool. Good news is my artsy prof loved the photo, as much as he did not want to. VICTORY for the humiliation.

4. My favorite distance is 10 miles. If I had time and could run 10 miles every day I would. Not sure what it is about double digits. Hmmmm....maybe it is time for a Tall Mom Ten Miler.... Takers?

5. I feel like I am VERY CLOSE to something big... Just have not figured out what that big thing is yet. But I hold hope that I will figure it out soon :) And when I do?? I will be sure to share.

6. I will not, should not, could not and do not watch scary, suspenseful, war, gore or horror movies. NO THANKS! Even the commercials freak me out. The closest thing to scary I watch is Ghost Whisperer...LOL.. and I have to watch that with the lights on an Muscle Man in close proximity. Yes I am a BIG scardy-cat!

7. I think everyone should own and wear bright colors shoes. I personally own bright pink and green and LOVE them. a cool pair of shoes can spice up an outfit and be fun.

Tag You're It.... 15 Bloggy buddies:

Local buddies-
1. Zoe- She is so funny and going to be a GREAT Mom!
2. Amanda- She just makes me smile
3. Jill- So proud of her and her FIRST Marathon
4. Janna- My Fleet Feet running partner
5. Kerrie- I love how hard she tries!

Those who helped me BQ:
1. Emily- This fasty ran 16 miles with me and planted the BQ confidence seed.
2. Aron- Her knowledge about training plans, fuel and race prep were AMAZING!
3. Katie- Even in tax season she would send me tips and ideas
4. Jill- Free advice from a running coach. AWESOME I only wish we would have connected on my trip to colorado.
5. Bethany- Her pre-race email pep talk was just what I needed

Bloggie Buddies I Can't Wait to Meet:
1. Marlene- I pick her up at the airport on 6/24!! And she is staying with us!!
2. Amanda- 26.2 with her at Rock N Roll!
3. TMB- She loves WA so she id bound to bring her awesome socks and skirts style to visit.
4. Lacey- My bloggy little sister, I wanted to BQ to meet Lacey :)
5. Stacie- Local blogger I have not met yet.. Soon!!

My in-laws are in town for the day. I am hoping to get in a quick run. Then Sunday I will do my LONG RUN with my friend Corey who I have not seen in AGES!! Catching up with a friend and running new paths, AWESOME Sunday!!


Friday, May 21, 2010

High Five Friday- New House Edition

Last Week I put up the Host Your Own HIGH FIVE Friday Challenge. Did anyone participate? If so please send me the link.

Up for the Challenge:
*Click the name to see the post

I am still having computer issues..BLAH!! So this High Five Friday is not going to have the meat it usually does....So go check out those listed above :) But I do have PICTURES!! We moved into our new home on 5/5 and here is a little tour.. It is tough to capture a full room.

Our home was the base model home for a local Quadrant community. Base model= no upgrades. We are the first owners and will be transforming this shell as we go. It is a blank slate just waiting for some fun touches. Thankfully Muscle Man knows his stuff so we wont have to pay for the help!!

View from the back steps.
Kitchen Hutch and my Fiestaware collection. Tall Grandma and Tall Sister also collect Fiestaware.
The Kitchen will receive a makeover in the years to come. New stove, paint and hardware to the cabinets, an island, etc. For now it is new and clean so no complaints... Oh and have I mentioned I have a view of Mount Rainier from my kitchen window?? I think I have!!
Dining Room, we finally have room to have the full table and all 8 chairs. This will be a great space for Holidays and birthday parties. Someday there will be hardwoods. Grandma T's buffet to the right and Grandma E's slate table to the left. And Tally our Turtle.
I should have taken a photo when this was clean.. Oh well. Loft which is a playroom and Muscle Man's home gym. This will also be where my medals will be displayed :)
Since the house was a model home there were fun paintings on the wall. This was frogs so I kept with the theme... Too cute!!
Our Master Bedroom, need more pictures. The pukey Pink will be gone once we find a color and energy to paint.
My closet is HUGE!! This photo does not do it justice. This photo was taken before I was unpacked.
Family room, took this last night so it is a little dark. Very cozy space!!
  • High Five Racing & Events:
Wendy- (First) 10K Ripley's Rock N Run
Hmmmm.. Anyone else??
  • High Five Giveaways:
*Please tell them Tall Mom Sent you!!
***Thanks to Suzy at Running on my Time HERE for the list that I copied :)
  • High Five Congrats:
Jill- New Mileage PR
Zoe- With Goober in Tummy she beat the bridge!!
Carly- Sprint Tri Win!!
****Off I go... But Guess What?? I have some GIVEAWAYS coming!! YIPPERS.
  • What do you deserve a High Five for today?


Thursday, May 20, 2010

3 Things Thursday

There was one card in the mail box last night. The return address was for SBS. Who is SBS? Check out the "Run Like a Mother" page HERE. I ripped into the card while strolling down the sidewalk. Sarah sent me a card to congratulate me on qualifying for Boston at Eugene. I love love cards and this put a huge smile on my face. Thanks Sarah!! Sarah is an author and inspires me to WRITE, someday I would love to have a book published, even if it is a kids book, and Sarah gives me hope.

3 Things Thursday:

1. I banked some overtime last week so I am cashing it in today for a DAY OFF!! Yippers! So what do I have planned for today? NOTHING!!! Of course I can never really do nothing. This morning I am meeting Janna for a 5-7 mile run in BEAUTIFUL Bonney Lake. Janna qualified for Boston last weekend and I am excited to hear her Marathon story. It is raining but I am not scared. I may try to join Jill HERE for the end of her 23 miler, but that is still TBD. Jill?

2. Muscle Man has been working so hard on the new house. He taught himself how to build a fence and it is 3/4 done. He AMAZES me!! There is nothing he cant do. We have saved countless amount of money through his handy work. Our blinds came in so between putting up fence posts, he will attach the blinds. I am convinced he never sits. So today I will help out around the house as best I can to give him a little rest. I am planning to take some pictures and give you a little tour of the house, so look for that soon.

3. I NEED new clothes. I have lost inches and my work pants don't fit right. The pairs I do have need to go to the cleaners. I have to dress up for work so having clean slacks that fit is important. I am in luck Marshalls is less than a mile from my house. So I will head for a quick shopping trip while Little Stud #2 naps. Also in close vicinity Target, WalMart, Fred Meyer and Goodwill. Think I may be able to power shop and find something in the 2 hours he is dozing.

  • What do you do with an unexpected mid-week day off?


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

To Finish a Marathon

The Finish Line photos from the Eugene Marathon are in.... I must have posed for the wrong camera man, there were 2 Finish mats....don't do that to people who have run 26.2 miles!! I was a machine on the course, I did not see the photogs that I generally cheese it up for.

So here you have it....

A Sprint to the Finish!! How did the Half Marathon guy get a close up??
The Finish Line was BEAUTIFUL with an announcer, fans in the stands and a Jumbotron. Very cool!!
I did it!! Just after I crossed the Finish Line and received my big amazing medal I yelled... I was sooo pumped!
There are so many emotions that go through your mind while running a Marathon, excitement, pain, doubt, etc. Fuel and hydration are essential to keep you moving. I wish that I would have had a camera crew with me to see the progression of a REAL Marathon. To see the difference between mile 3 and mile 23. The heavy legs, the fumbled fingers nearly dropping the water cup, the runners dropping left and right in pain with cramps.
On that note who watched the Biggest Loser Marathon Episode Last night??

My first Marathon I ran a 4:11, there is a story behind the reason for that time, but that will forever be my first Marathon time. Daris CRUSHED that time with a 4:02!!! WOW!! For those of you who think that these people only train for 30 days....I would argue that not to be true. I am guessing that many many hours are spent running the grounds of the ranch. The contestants are putting in hours and hours in the gym and on the treadmill. They train for this, they know that the season will end with a 26.2 challenge.
  • So why don't they show the training???
  • Why don't they show the water stops?
  • What did they use for fuel during the run?

I find the Biggest Loser Marathon episode entertaining because I like to watch people run. But the editing is HORRIBLE!! The Editing does not show the hours training, the hydration and fuel during, or the REAL emotions that come with the Marathon. This portrayal of a Marathon makes it look like ANYONE could step out of their front door and do 26.2. UMMMMM NO!! To Finish a Marathon takes training, there is pain, there are injuries, and no one should try to run a Marathon with 30 days to train.


Why not tell the contestants at the start that the final 4 will run a Marathon? Why not show what it takes to shed the pounds and gain the physical fitness required to be a runner? This would do a service to those who may one day want to tackle 26.2. Show the training plan and EVERYTHING that it takes to prepare. Editing it out discredits the effort that the contestants put toward their running training.

NOTE to Jillian and Bob:

When training for a Marathon many people gain weight or don't lose any weight. Poor Daris was HUNGRY! While training for a Marathon I am in a constant state of HUNGER. I eat non-stop and do not lose a pound. They totally ignored his effort and his AMAZING result! This guy has the potential to be a great runner, but with that negative feedback they knocked him down to tears. UGH!! Really?? Not everyone wants to spend hours jumping on and off of benches, if he has a passion for running support that. Maybe he gained 2 pounds, but in the grand scheme if he ends up being a RUNNER he will have the active lifestyle which will help him keep off those pounds long term. Afterall look at Sion and his weight gain...did you teach him how to maintain his weight? I think not.

  • Wow I did not think I had such an opinion... What are your thoughts?
  • Have you posted race Finish line pictures? Send me the link, I love finish line pictures :)


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Test Lab Tuesday

Today is the day I dedicate to all things I review...

Living, Eating & Running..

Born to Run Water Bottle HERE:
The folks at Born to Run were kind enough to send me this AWESOME Water Bottle. With the warm months approaching this came at the perfect time. I am a HUGE advocate of water. I have water on my desk and try to drink 2-3 bottles full each day. While I was in focused weight loss mode water played a major role in my success. Often when you feel hungry you may just be thirsty.
This bottle is stainless steal, holds 24oz, is just $15.95 and a GREAT conversation piece. And who doesn't want to drink out of something that screams "Talk to me about running!" Check it out and buy one today HERE.
Nilla Wafers:
So often at night I fall victim to the need for something sweet. Trouble is those sugary tasty treats often break the calories bank negating my 3-7 miles of calorie burn that day...UGH!! The Little Studs love Nilla Wafers, and a kid myself I like them too. I was looking at the box and WOWZERS! I can eat 8 wafers at 140 calories. Check out the info on The Daily Plate HERE. I know that pure and natural foods are best.....but if you feel the NEED to have a little cookie-like snack without the calories, Nilla Wafers are not a bad choice.

Gone for a Run BibFolio HERE:
Where do you keep your race bibs?? I asked myself that question once I received this fun and useful personalized BibFolio. Some bibs were in a makeshift scrapbook, some were in my bedside end table and others....hmmm stuffed in an old race bag somewhere.
  • What Gone for a Run Says:
    Finally a place to keep all those race bibs! Our BibFOLIO is the perfect solution for collecting racing bibs. As you add racing bibs and your collection grows it becomes a great memory and conversation piece of races run. Let us know the name or message and we'll customize the cover for you. It's a great piece to display on a coffee table, easel, desk or bookcase. Surely to be treasured for many years to come.

    BibFOLIO measures 8" X 8"
    Laminated 1/4" folio board
    Fits most racing bibs
    We include a hole punch for those bibs that need an additional hole to fit the BibFOLIO rings
    Easily add bibs by opening binder clips
    Personalize with your name or message
    Includes BibFOLIO, hole punch, directions
    A GoneforaRun exclusive
Tall Mom Thoughts:
I had a blast putting my race bibs in the Bibfolio. I love that mine reads "Tall Mom on the Run". There are some bibs I would not put in the BibFolio because I want them displayed, Eugene Race bib for example. But this is a great and organized way to keep them together.
Races 2 Remember Pace Band HERE:
Anything that gives you inspiration on race day is important. The letters BQ were displayed on my pace band as a reminder of my goal in Eugene. Pace bands are important especially for those who do not have a Garmin and because doing math late in the race can be tough.
  • What Races 2 Remember Says:
Make a custom pace band to fit your race. You don't run an even pace, why should your pace bands? Is your first mile really the same as your last? What about hills? Our unique bands will account for the hills and your pacing strategy. We'll customize a set of bands to fit any course and any plan. Start slow, build a cushion, hit the wall. Plan your pace mile by mile. Our Smart Pace Calculator lets you see different pacing strategies for your goal time! Each set of waterproof bands is made to fit the course you are running - whether it is Boston, or a small race in Kansas.
Tall Mom Thoughts:
You get 3 Pace bands for $7....which means you can have a band to practice with on a long training run, one for race day, and one for a second Marathon with a different time goal. The band is high quality, does not fall off, easy to read and I love that they will help you design a Smart pace strategy.
  • It is drizzly raining here, so I brought a hat. Sounds funny but I am sort of excited to run in the rain. It is refreshing. The smells are fresh and pungent. The rain hitting the water makes me feel at peace. I am getting my running grove back and it feels good.

If you have a product you would like featured on a Tall Mom Test Lab Tuesday please email me at tallmomontherun (@) hotmail.

  • Do you have a recommendation for the following products: 4+ bottle Fuel belt, non-Garmin running watch and flights from Seattle to Boston :)
  • I REALLY REALLY want to win one of these Giveaways. Bethany & Ryan are hosting a Bee-Cause Charm Giveaway HERE and TMB has a Sweaty Bands Giveaway HERE.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Where am I?

Time- 2:35:12
17- Miles
9:08- Pace
Orting with a new running buddy. Low 50's and cool.

Wow I did not Blog all weekend?? Sorry about that. Qwest still has not fixed our Internet rendering me helpless. The good news is we should be back in business Tuesday...SURE... UGH!!

Since Eugene I have had a hard time getting back to the swing of running. With Rock N Roll Seattle, my Marathon for the Cure race, on June 26th I have to get back to major mileage. My Fleet Feet buddies wanted me to run Capital City Marathon with them but I knew I was still low on energy and did not want to get hurt. So Tammy helped me find a new running buddy for a LONG run on Sunday morning.

  • Sidenote: My Fleet Feet Marathon Maniac friends Janna and Tammy rocked Capital City Marathon. Janna qualified for Boston and Tammy got a sub 4 hour PR. Less than 2 weeks after running Tacoma Marathon. Maniacs indeed!!
I met Lyla bright and early for 17 miles. My body/mind/legs are still out of it, so running with someone was PERFECT! She held a strong pace with awesome form. We chatted the whole time, I struggled to hold the low 9's pace but it felt great when we were done. Sometimes all it takes is a little kick in the spandex to get me going again.

After 17 miles, I forgot to grab Lyla for a photo, I am sure I will be meeting her again soon :)

We spent most of the day Saturday searching Yard Sales for bargains, I love Yard Sales!!! So in the afternoon I was a little spent, our mailbox is further away in the new house making the trek seem daunting. Funny for someone who runs Marathons....LOL! I am lazy! Little Stud #1 and I took the short walk. I am always EXCITED when there is a key waiting in the box. PACKAGE!! This was an unexpected surprise marked "FRAGILE." Baffled I sped up the pace back to the house. It was from Tall Mom buddy MCM Mama HERE who just finished Marathon #2 with a 14 minute PR!! All bubble wrapped up..

True to form she mailed beers too pretty to drink and a Starbucks mug from Washington DC. This made the dimples shine on a Saturday. So Muscle Man snapped my photo. I am not sure what I did to deserve such a nice gift, but I truly appreciated the amazing gesture of kindness.

  • Sidenote: This is the 3rd Starbucks Mug I have received from Tall Mom Buddies. Robin and Katie have also added to the collection.

On Sunday afternoon I was anxiously awaiting Marlene's Facebook update. I had been pestering her all week with positive emails and I knew that she would get her sub 4 hour goal. Go HERE to see if she did it! It is funny how people that I have never met make my days so fun-filled. You all are amazing and I am LUCKY to have you.

  • Test Lab Tuesday returns tomorrow
  • How was your weekend?


Friday, May 14, 2010

High Five Friday- Winners & Contest

Oh am I GLAD IT IS FRIDAY!!! The work week following a vacation always seems to be the longest. I have been running, not much, but it feels good to get in some short runs. My Garmin cord went MIA, so I will update here and Dailymile ASAP.

I am still TBD on the plans for the weekend. I was feeling the itch to run a 5K but alas I could not find one in close proximity. There are a couple fun options and my big Sister wants to do the Beat the Bridge, but I would like to run with her for FUN first. Will see..

To wrap up a few FUN things... Here are some Winners.. FYI I am super slow at mailing out packages so bear with me pretty please :)
  • WINNER of the Run Like a Mother Book is: Barefoot Angie B. Please email me your address Angie and I will mail your book. Thanks again to TALL GRANDMA for hosting.
  • WINNER of the 5K is Laurie! Laurie send me your address and you will receive a fun Gu and Nuun prize pack.
  • WINNER of the race bib contest....Oh this was a TIGHT Race!! I loved all the bibs, but one person made a bib for her unborn child to wear, two bibs....she had to WIN! Catey, email me your address and I will send you some fun little things..

Jen got me thinking. It would be FUN to have a HIGH FIVE photo contest. Lets take it one step further.

1- Take a photo of yourself in the High Five pose

2- Create your own High Five Friday logo

3- On Friday 5/21 host your own High Five Friday on your Blog

4- Email me or leave a comment to let me know that you are participating. I will go around and judge the entries....

*****WINNER will get something FUN from Gone for a Run and the opportunity to HOST High Five Friday on the Tall Mom Blog.

High Five Racing & Events:
Marlene- Mississauga Marathon
MCM Mama- Bob Potts Marathon
Denise- Delaware Marathon
TMB- Pacing Hubby for Half Marathon
Stacie- Relay for Life
Amanda & Stacy- Ragnar Relay New York
Fleet Feet Buddies Capital City Marathon

High Five Good Ideas:
Shelly- Inspired by the picture I posted of my view from my kitchen window Shelly had the idea to have Bloggers post their view. Check it out HERE and post the pictures, it is AMAZING to see views from across the country and around the world.

High Five Giveaways:
**Please tell them Tall Mom sent you
I have to be HONEST... This week I have been SWAMPED so when I saw that Tall Mom buddy Amanda at Run to the Finish had posted a KILLER list of Giveaways, I copied and pasted. I then deleted a few and added a few of my own. If you want to see the FULL list click HERE. THANK YOU AMANDA!!! (Sidenote: I get to meet Amanda NEXT MONTH for a little 26.2 jaunt around Seattle)

Impossible is Nothing- Laken & Lila Giveaway (5/16)
Our Love on the Run- BeeCause charms (5/20)
Destination Athlete- Ryder's Sunglasses (5/18)
Racing With Babes- Sweaty Bands (5/19)
One Little Tri Girl- Pay it Forward (5/20)
Barefoot AngieB Sweaty Bands (5/14)
Run Fast Mommy - Tank and Tunes (5/30)
Endurance Isn't Only Physical - zero water pitcher (5/15)
Julie - GU and goodies (5/22)
Midwest Triatholon - GU (5/15)
Long Legs on the Loose - Tee and Laces (5/16)
Runners Guide To the Meaning of Life (5/14)
Barefoot AngieB Barefoot Running Book (5/19)
I Run Because I Can Gym In A Bag (5/14)
EarlyMorningRun Peanutbutter and Co (5/14)
Girl Get Strong Ryder Sunglasses (5/19)
MommaTwitch Le Crusset (5/19)
I'm a Sleeper Baker Bondi Band (5/26)
RunSarahRun CSN Giveaway (5/15)
FaithFitnessFun CSN (5/15)
HerNameisRioandSheRuns Pre-Fontaine Move (5/15)
Team Marcia Socks, Insoles and Race Entry (5/28)
Candice I Have Run UPrinting (5/14)

  • What do you deserve a High Five For today? Leave a Comment. If you would like to be listed on a future High Five Friday please send me an email and I will add you to the Tall Mom Calendar.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

3 High 5's Virtual Race for the Cure

Thanks to all the WONDERFUL ladies who participated in the 3 High 5's Virtual Race for the Cure! When I planned this race HERE I had no idea that we would be moving out of our house on race day. So for this race I played Race Director and had a DNF. The good news is that we had a field of AMAZING athletes who had fun, got creative with their race bibs, got in a good workout and MOST IMPORTANTLY helped raise money for Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

  • RESULTS for the 5K RACE:

Laurie- 23.28
Marlene- 23.50
Croughwell- 24.15
Jamie- 24.20 PR!!
Heather C.- 24.48
Aimee- 24.51
Karen- 25.46
Kim- 26.04
Jen- 26.23
Stacie- 27.33
MCM Mama- 27.35
Kera- 28.06 PR!!
Catey & baby Sam 6 months cooked- 30.22
TMB- 30.52 (Former 5K Tall Mom Virtual Race champ had a 1/2 Marathon that weekend)
Jessica- 31.47
Whitney- 32.49
Rene'- 33
Melissa- 33.02
Darlene- 33.40
Erica H.- 35.48
Teacherwoman- No time she wrote "Very, very, slow")
  • Race Reports and Photos:
24.51- Rocked out the race on a treadmill, made a very creative bib. Hey Aimee we are shirt twins, I have raced in my orange shirt many times.
Catey & baby Sam 6 months cooked
30.22- With baby in belly! She made bibs for herself and Sam. Click her name to see the AWESOME bibs close up.

24.15- Incorporated this race into her 8 mile speedwork for training.
33.40- A Run through the tulips asking a passer-by to snap a photo.
Diva Mom- Jamie
24.20 PR!! Who PR's during a Virtual Race?? That would be a DIVA!!
Erica H.
35.48 (pushing a stroller) Look at the Awesome shirt!! If you are ever looking for a Giveaway, product review, recipe or inspiration go Visit Erica at I Run Because I Can HERE
Heather (No Blog)
24.48- Will be breaking into the 23's for a 5K very soon!!
26.23- Love her High Five photo (possible Jen inspired contest coming soon) and AWESOME Race bib!! The bib was in no way stalker-ish Jen :) Jen has a passion for life and an ability to make others smile.. And this lady did it for the Tata's, check out her race report for a STRONG reason to do self-exams.

Jessica and Tomm
31.47- they took the LONG route with a 3.29 miles. Guess we did have a man participate, click her race report to meet Tomm.

25.46- Ran a loop 6 times..

28.06 PR!! PR with a little walk break, pretty impressive. Way to rock it out Kera.
Kim No Blog
26.04- Ran a strong 5K just days after her first 1/2 Marathon. I could feel the positive vibes in Eugene from Kim, she ran the 1/2 Marathon and her hubby ran the Full. Also love the pink race bib.

Laurie 5K WINNER!!!
23.28- The speedy winner of the 5K despite Transient Hecklers LOL! Check out her race report for the Full details.
23.50- Pretty sure that I have converted my Canadian pal into a fan of the #33. AWESOME bib Marlene! Lunch run during Marathon Taper Madness. BIG Marathon this weekend. BELIEVE!

MCM Mama
27.35- Loved it so much she did it 3 times. Posted her report in Pink Highlights, nice touch! Marathon day is quickly approaching, pretty sure she is running for that post race brew :)
33.02- She took creativity to a new level when her bib # and time matched!!

33- Another contestant in the Stroller Division. She spent 33 minutes with the chanting Izzie.

27.33- Local Blogger Stacie had her Daughter as the race photographer, check out her post for the cool photos. I also LOVE LOVE her 555 bib. If you head over to Stacie's blog now you can enter her FIRST GIVEAWAY HERE

No Time- She toughed it out overdressed in the gym. "Stuffy and Slow", but she did it!
30.52- T won the 5K division on the last Tall Mom Virtual Race for the Cure, so I am sure it PAINED her competitive nature to hold back for her Half that weekend. Always the fashionista from head to toes. Check out her Sweaty Bands Giveaway HERE.
32.49- Rockin 2 watches to get it done. This lady used her creative mind and some MAYO for a funny bib.
  • What a FUN group!! Thank you for the GREAT participation, raising money for Marathon for the Cure HERE has been so FUN with your support.
  • I will have 1 More Virtual Race for the Cure before running the Seattle Rock N Roll Marathon to cap the fundraising efforts. So watch for the Announcement in the next few weeks. Prizes for this race will be announcied on HIGH Five Friday. so check back tomorrow.