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Thursday, April 1, 2010


Welcome to the new Tall Mom Bloggy Pack Members and Readers! For FUN I post my mid-week Marathon training runs in the form of ABC bullet topics with 3 bullets for each letter. Gives me something to think about while I run. Next will be VWX and so on... Can you tell I am a Mom?

Stats for 3/31:
Time- 48:40
6.03- Miles
8:04- Pace
Mile Intervals- 7:24, 7:26 and 7:29
Sunny Spring day, lots of characters on the trail, did not feel 100% but worked through it.

S- Speedwork and Spring:
  • Do you want to skip speedwork days? Funny when I wake up and know it is speedwork day my brain starts thinking of reasons why I can not or should not do it. "Your legs are sore from your long run," "You don't feel good," "You don't have enough time," yada yada yada. The GREAT thing is that I am not a fan of making up excuses so I RARELY miss a day.
  • Today I had time for 6 miles which meant no rest between intervals. My interval training area is great there is a railroad crossing just as I hit the 1.5 warm-up, which also makes for a clear finish line. Now that Eugene is about a month away I really need to focus on my speedwork and hit my paces. The plan called for 3 x 1 mile at 7:30-7:39 pace. I ROCKED it!! 7:24, 7:26 and 7:29.
  • Spring is in the air, the plant smells are different and I am ALLERGIC Achoo!! UGH!! Oh well all I can do is keep going and pack Kleenex. I was SAD to see that my beautiful trees have already bloomed and lost their amazing white flowers. The temperature was perfect I could have gone in short sleeves. I am still debating on what to wear race day, have a month to figure it out and test it out. Ideas??

T- Tunes:

  • You are going to laugh, this week I loaded I-Tunes on my computer and did my first Ipod upload by myself. LOL!! Thanks to Lacey, Sarah and Teacherwoman for sending me CD's of their favorite running music!! They gave me a playlist of over 126 songs without having to spend a dime.
  • As I started my 3rd interval a man's voice, slowly talking, started it was "Everybody's Free to Wear Sunscreen" by Baz Luhrmann check it out HERE. Although this does not qualify as a running music the message is AMAZING! Such great simple reminders about life. And you know what, I ran FAST to it. Thanks Lacey for this fun tune!!
  • The next 2 weeks I will be creating my "Fast Track" playlist for Eugene. If you have tunes you LOVE that gets your legs moving please comment, email, or better yet mail me a CD :) Yes folks I am asking for help here. I truly believe that a great playlist can help change focus during a run.
  • Wow the trail was full of unusual craziness today:
    -Haggard looking man took a swig of his flask, tucked it in his pocket and continued smoking (Run faster Mel!)
    -Fit and thin lady rollerblading QUICKLY sporting a pink Olivia Newton-John style headband.
    -Woman wearing a hospital style plastic hair net doing prayer type squats, up down, bow squat, up down, bow squat. She looked like a broken frog, very weird!!
    -A TRAIN went across the trail, I have never seen that. (Note to self, always check tracks before crossing)
    -A masculine business man in black loafers walking a tiny black poodle, he held the leash at the small of his back.
    -Two men sitting on a curb, very close together almost cuddling, just outside a very manly warehouse
  • The whole run I had unusual pain in my abdomen and knees. I used the pain as training. I focused on anything but the pain. The people around me, my music, my stride...do not let the pain in!! It worked and I made it through a tough work-out.
  • This month I have an unusual amount of STRESS! Moving, Marathon, very busy at work, etc.. I have noticed that the stress is really affecting my patience level. I snap easier with Muscle Man and the kiddos and the littlest things going wrong make me very upset. So I need to listen to the sunscreen man and let it go!! Things will happen they way they were meant to happen and I am not doing myself or my family any good by becoming a freak-out master. Thankfully running is an amazing Stress reliever, I can leave my anxiety on the pavement!!
****For fun post your comment in the form of STU bullets.



Anonymous said...

love this weeks letters. although the whole stress thing during the month is something i bet you could do without. hope everything in april goes smoothly!

and it's too early for me to do the stu format hahah! although YAY For spring being in the air :)

No Longer Using said...

S- spring!!! happy spring and happy april :) also sunscreen!! SO GLAD YOU LIKED It!! I LOVE THIS ONE. love listening to it and always feel so "re-tuned to life" after listening.

T- tempo- yours!!! gave you a thumbs up on FB but again- great running !!!

U- U-gene (heheh okay that was a stretch) but Eugene-! sending positive vibes your way!! one month and you're right on track :)

Katie A. said...

S- so glad this week is almost over! Had a S-peedy run last night, but want the week over!
T - tired, I think all marathoner's in training are tire! I can't sleep enough!
U- Uh, where did March go??? Serioulsy, that month came and went fast!
Happy Thursday my friend! You are so right about keeping a perspective on the things you can control - life is too short to worry about the ones you can't!

TNTcoach Ken said...


Temps -in the high-five state which is

Unusual - and difficult to get adjusted to.

I'm doing hill repeats and dread them in the morning........ Argh.

Denise said...

so happy spring is finally here!! back to outdoor runs, no more 20 milers on the treadmill or through blizzards!

teacherwoman said...

Spring is most definitely in the air! Glad you got your music uploaded! Have a great Thursday, yourself!

Amy W said...

Um, going to try to put this in your format...

Songs? Imma Be by Black Eyed Peas. Favorite running song of ALL TIME for me.

Temps in the UPPER 80s here in Raleigh, yipee!

U are going to rock your marathon (I know, I copped out on the U...)

Darlene said...

S pring is here! IN NY it's supposed to be 80 on Sat - YAY!
T oo busy to run - need to find the time, prioritize running but not skimp on important things like friends & family
U rock - reading your blog always puts a smile on my face!

Marlene said...

I sometimes get a *little* nervous about an upcoming speed workout... just have to remind ourselves how GREAT we feel when we're done and how much stronger these workouts will make us, EVEN on an off day. Way to bust out those 1600 repeats BELOW target pace!

I mailed out a CD last week so you should be getting some more tunes SOON!

Anonymous said...

S - sad I missed you. :-(
T - training is good for the brain when returning from vacation.
U - uphill sucks! WA has hills - KS does not! we learned this lesson quickly last Saturday.

loved every minute of our visit.

Stephanie said...

Good post! Hey, I was thinking...wouldn't it be cool to start a traveling cd for ipod music? You could send the cd that you recently downloaded onto another runner, and they would download and then send it to another downloader etc. Plus, people could send you new cds with music and you could do the same with them. That way everyone gets new music! Just a thought....

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Great post! I love your "U"

S - Stoked I got my goodie box for your giveaway yesterday! (I'll be posting about that soon!)

T - Totally in love with the weather we are having today.

U - Undecided about what finish line will come next!

Heather said...

Awesome job on those repeats!

Velma said...

Will you post your playlist? I need some suggestions!!!

Aron said...

i burned your cds last night!! now i just need to get a disc envelope to mail them and they will be on their wayyyy :)

YAY for the sticker! do you still have my address?

MJ said...

S- Such strange people you live near!!

T- Thanks for posting how you get past unusual pain.

U- Usually a Zyrtec the night before a run will help with those nasty allergies. (picked up that tip from another blogger out there)

EricaH said...

i was just thinking about my playlist this week and trying to figure out some kind of bloggy swap we could do that focused on music maybe i will give it some more thought because I too am always looking for new music to amp up the runs. I hope you will post your Fast Track list once you have it done. Hope life get less stressful soon, just think once your all moved in you'll have a great new house with more space and after your marathon you will be so proud of how you rocked it and work well I don't really have a positive for that one. :)

Anonymous said...

新的一天 祝你有所成長~~ ....................................................

ajh said...

Can't pass up a comment on a letters post.

S - Spring weather brings warmer temperatures but I hope the Snakes don't come out for a long time.

T- My Tempo run was hard this week inside on a treadmill especially since my Ipod battery was dead!

U - Unless I get to bed soon I will be grumpy for my kiddies at school tomorrow and that would be bad!

Anonymous said...

(S) wearing okay?
(T) uesday I ran between storms (in Seattle), and only got a little damp. I really feel like a Real Runner now!
(U) pped the last part of my last run for my Couch to 5k Class last night - felt like such a hero sprinting to the finish knowing I could barely do a 1/4 mile six weeks ago!

Running Kiwi said...

OMG! The suncreen song, I love this song. But when I read your post yesterday I totally did not know what you were talking about, then driving in the car where they are playing 90's songs this weekend, they played it and I remembered it LOL AND thought oh, that's the one Tall Mom was talking about.

I'm definitely going to upload it later :)

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