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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Running with or against Mother Nature

Brrr.... It is colder than I thought it would be, and windier and the rain. I better go back inside and get a little thicker jacket. I knew that the Nike jacket in my work locker would come in handy. Why is it taking my Garmin so long to get the Satellite? Must be the storm.

Wow my legs are so tight, stretching feels good! I wonder if people think I am nuts for being out here in the wind and rain? From the looks on the smokers under the over sized umbrellas faces, I would say Yes. Oh well, I need to get my run in, and I know I wont regret it. Mother Nature wanted to water her flowers today, wow is it wet out.

I still cant believe how big this jacket is, I remember when it was snug on my belly. Truly never believed I would get rid of that belly. The plant wood bridge may be slippery, careful, nope it is OK. The name of that business always makes me laugh Siemens, I wonder what they do? Which way should I go? I am getting bored with the same trails. There is the office again, 2 miles, not ready to stop, not even a third of the way there.

Into the wood, hmmmm maybe the woods is not smart during a wind storm. Mother Nature is trying to grab me using her trees. MUST RUN FASTER. I wore my Road ID anklet but I really do not want it to be used. FASTER!! Out of the Woods 6:55 pace, crazy. More smokers, UGH! I love the trails by my office around the ponds, I guess I could just do laps, Nah. Time to do some math, I am at 3.2 and I was to do 6 so out and back to...Ummmm? Whatever I will just turn at my normal spot.

Taco Bell YUMMY... there is a heavyset Woman in a small truck, I wonder what she is thinking? I feel really good, but wow this wind is INTENSE. Mother Nature is playing with my ponytail, I am getting blown everywhere. I wonder if the shorter runners feel less wind resistance? I doubt it, but today I feel every inch of my 6'0 frame.

What a relief the wind is to my back and less than 2 miles to go. I wonder what Mother Nature will have in store for me in the morning??

GUESSES on what Mother Nature has in store for my 21.2??

You will find out soon... Off to my 21.2 Long Run.



Carly said...

Just to put your curiosity at bay, Siemens is an engineering firm, I believe. I know that they make equipment for wastewater facilities. I know that because I work at one.

And by the way, I hate when I have to pass a smoker while I'm running. Gross.


Hopefully, Mother Nature will greet you with sunshine, low humidity and gentle breezes ... rock that 21.2!

Aimee said...

I hope mother nature gives you a beautiful, not too warm day to run in!

Good luck with your run! :)

Katie's Dailies said...

We've had gale force winds here, too---not fun. And "under tall " people (as I call my 5'4" frame) get blown off the sidewalks while we're out running! Hope you had a great run this morning, looking forward to mine!

jen said...

I love this post! Very good demonstration of all the random thoughts that go through our heads while we're out running.

This weather has been nutso, I'm ready for the sunshine!

Good luck on your long run, you'll do great I know it! :)

Momma Twitch said...

Hopefully your run will go well!

Unknown said...

It has been crazy windy here lately. I am 5 foot so I have been getting blown around like crazy. Thankfully the wind has been at my back at the end of the runs. I love having that push me home!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

We are having loads of windy today too. So glad I got a longer run in yesterday sice I could only sneak in 6.5 today!

Can't wait to hear how your long run goes. You are really ready for your marathon. I am getting excited for everyone who is getting so close to their races! Almost as good as having a race to run myself!

Christy said...

Mother nature in the mid west threatens us with strong head winds....not so much the cold...and it's daunting and challenging but it makes us strong. You are a champion girl...keep on keeping on!

LMC said...

I enjoyed this post. It reminded me of all the random stuff that goes through my head during my runs. I can tell you that, unfortunately, short people feel the wind too.:) I'm 5'2" and I hate running against the wind. Good job sticking with it. Hope your long run went well. Have a great week!

Kelly said...

I expect mother nature to give you something beautiful!!! If not, it's been amazing in Boston so maybe you should come visit!

Marlene said...

I love all the random thoughts going through your mind during the run. Sounds like my own inner ramblings. :)

Hope you had a GREAT long run!