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Friday, April 9, 2010

High Five Friday

Wow it was a LONG day....I worked 10++ hours on my feet a lot.. And I wore the wrong shoes.. and what did I get for my not-so-smartness?? Tiny toe blisters...oh goody!! Needless to say after a BUSY BUSY work week and very little training I am ready to ROCK my long run tomorrow. Can you say Stress Relief???

So I am going to give myself 30 minutes for this post then I am shutting down.. Soooooo sorry if I miss someone.. HIGH FIVE to everyone for sticking with me this week. High Five and welcome to the new Bloggy pack members!!!

High Five Racing & Events:
Steph- St. Louis Marathon
Stephanie- (First) St. Louis Half Marathon
Beth's Husband- St. Louis Half Marathon
Val- St. Louis Half Marathon
Sarah- (First) Santa Cruz Half Marathon
Katie- Pacing her Cousin Sarah for first Half Marathon
Aimee- Half Marathon
Tiffany- Half Marathon
Jesse- 5K
TMB- Cherry Blossom 10 miler
Katye- Cherry Blosson 10 Miler
Julie- 10K
Christy- (First) 10K
Heather- 5K trying for a PR!!
Heathers's little 3 year old Oscar- 1miler

High Five AWESOME posts:
Aron is a wealth of knowledge, I often send her emails and get awesome detailed answers with many things I would have never thought of.. Well this week she posted "tricky" about the tricks we can all do to ward off those rough running weeks. check it out HERE

Katye's Virtual Run HERE

Amanda (close personal Tall Mom buddy and running partner) and her First 20 miler HERE. And she has a new header that I LOVE LOVE!! Hugs Amanda hope to give you a big pre-marathon hug before you leave for OKC.

High Five to...:
Meeting Chelsea
Meeting Sarah and buying a "Run Like a Mother" T-shirt (Pictures SOON)
Tall Grandma for spoiling me with dinner, a tshirt and offering to let us take over her house when we are between homes later this month!! Love you Mom!!!

High Five Giveaways:
My computer will not let me cut and paste...and my half hour is way past. Sooooo Go check these bloggies who always have links to Giveaways in their posts and sidebars: TMB, Suzy, Amanda, and Erica

Running Dive Mom- Girls on the Run Fundraiser

NIGHTY NIGHT!! I know I missed some people....but it it 9:00PM and I need to hug my boys, eat a pb&j and get to BED!!!


RunningFromCancer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RunningFromCancer said...

OK - I need to get to sleep also - it is 11:30. I just posted and totally messed up - was first post . . . but had to delete it. SOOOOO I am hoping I am still first.

Anyway - hope you have a great run tomorrow. I will be running 5 or 6.

Good night. Sweet dreams!

Kerrie said...

Hope you have a good night's rest before tomorrow's run! You'll do awesome, I'm absolutely sure of it!

毓燕毓燕 said...

只有尋常才幹,但具有不尋常恆心的人,一切皆可獲取 ..................................................

Marlene said...

^^ what he said ^^

I've had a few of these crazy Chinese character comments this week. Annoying!!! I really don't want to turn on word verification because I hate typing in those tedious words every time I leave a comment for people. *rant over*

Hope you are feeling rested for your big long run this morning! And if not, it's good practice to run on tired legs!

RunToTheFinish said...

i think I have whatever sickness got you after work travel...ick long night, but darn it I have a run to make happen!

Thanks as always for the shout out and for letting us know what is going on with everyone. I know you are uber busy so this is very cool

wendy said...

Enjoy your long run, you deserve it! : )

Nicole Joy said...

I have a giveaway going too for Disney lovers :) Have a great weekend!

Heather -Momma Running Amok said...

ahhhh so close to 23+...I got 24:13!!! Oscar had to seriously be pushed to run, but with the reward to jumping in the pool nakey...he ran/walked his 1 miler in 15:31. Thanks for the high 5! Have a great run and an awesome weekend with your family!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

You will rock your long run eve with tiny toe blisters. Enjoy it!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Awe shux! Thanks Mel! Glad you love the header! =) I am definitely still flying high after my long run!

good luck with yours, your running right now. Maybe Levi and I will go heckle, I mean chear you on!!

The Jesse said...

thanks for the high five! i hope you are having a GREAT weekend! rock that long run

MCM Mama said...

Hang in there! Hope things settle down soon!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for posting my first 1/2...it was tough! I will be recapping it on my blog later this week.

Christy Ashley said...

Thanks SO much for the shout out! Glad you had an awesome run! What recovery socks do you use? I'm looking into buying some!

Lisa said...

I have a giveaway for fruitzi'o freeze dried fruit (really good stuff without added sugar) over at my blog - www.earlymorningrun.blogspot.com! Stop by!

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