6'0 tall, former athlete, mother of 3, struggling to keep up on the RUN of daily life.

Friday, April 30, 2010

High Five Friday

Welcome New Tall Mom Bloggy Pack Members!!! Yesterday was my LAST run of Marathon training, next up my 26.2 Victory Lap :) Muscle Man joined me for the first 3ish miles, we adventured through the beauty and hills of Bonney Lake. Along the route Muscle Man spotted a Batman figurine, Little Stud #1 loves Batman so he grabbed it. for the next mile we chuckled about what people thought of a grown man carrying a Batman figure while he ran. I dared him to pretend to make Batman fly....he wouldn't. I dropped him off and took the scenic route along Lake Tapps...I LOVE LOVE that route. I felt like I could run all day, legs feel great and rested.. A small twinge of knee pain, but I am sure it is because I was really focused on it. 6 miles done!!!

I will have a FULL post tomorrow about Eugene, reflections, thoughts, ideas, etc.. I know many of you depart Bloggy land on Saturdays. So if you want to track me go HERE and enter #797.

Thanks to Gone For a Run for hosting the latest Giveaway....The WINNER of the $25 Gift Card to Gone for a Run is...

Please email me and Gone For a Run will give you your Gift Card. Although you other wonderful folks did not win you should still go to the website and SHOP... They have some fun and GREAT items, I will be reviewing the water bottle and bib holder soon...

High Five Racing & Events:
Tall Mom- Eugene Marathon
Janna- (First) Tacoma Marathon
Tammie- Tacoma Marathon
Heidi- Tacoma Marathon
Jennifer- Vancouver Marathon
And ALL My Fleet Feet Training Buddies!!
Jen- Eugene Marathon
Christina- (First) Eugene Marathon
Cilley Girl- (First) Eugene Marathon
Kathy- Eugene Marathon
Anne-Marie- Eugene 1/2 Marathon
Kim- (First) Eugene 1/2 Marathon
Alisa- Spectating Eugene Marathon
Janice- Flying Pig Marathon
Laura- (First) Flying Pig Marathon
Katie & Aron & Friends- Relay
Dee- Tough Mudder
Barb- Palos 1/2 Marathon
Amy- 1/2 Marathon
Shelly- Catch Me if You can 10 Mile Trail
Marlene- Sporting Life 10K
Laura- Run Like a Girl 8K
Amanda- 5K

High Five Great Posts:
Melissa- Mother's Day Gift Ideas

High Five Giveaways:
Jen- 5 days of Giveaways
Momma Twitch- Sony Walkman
TMB- Tarma Designs
Barefoot Angie- Whooha Gear
Tricia- Silver Maple Jewelry
Sticky Fingerprints- Go Lite

**I am sure I have forgotten a few people, but I NEED to get away from the computer now. If you would like a High Five Leave a COMMENT. I will not be able to add Links today as we will be travelling to Vancouver part-way on the Journey to Eugene!!!


Thursday, April 29, 2010

3 Things Thursday

Holy CRAZINESS!! The Tall Mom household has been turned upside down and we are officially HOMELESS :) Let me explain with 3 things..


Our current home closed and to be NICE to the buyers we moved out under the 2 days we had contracted. Yesterday was spent packing, moving, stuffing, organizing, cleaning, packing, cleaning, packing, cleaning, you get the idea. Special thanks to Muscle Man, Uncle Marky and Tall Grandpa and Grandma. Although I was on my feet ALL DAY I did not lift anything or really help load the truck. Around 6:30PM Muscle Man and I said a collective goodbye to our First Home. On my way to my parents house I heard the song "The House that Built Me," by Miranda Lambert HERE this song hit the radio at the perfect time. Yes I am a BIG SAP!! I shed a tear as we pulled away.

We got GREAT news that our paperwork for our New House has been approved and we should be signing today or tomorrow and closing Monday or Tuesday. YIPPEE moving into a new house with stairs just days after a Marathon :) LOL such funny timing, but everything happens for a reason.


I did not get my training run in, but I figure having been on my feet all day was enough. I am EXCITED to run easy with Muscle Man in the neighborhood I grew up in today. LAST RUN before the big day. I will post the details to track me on race day if you are interested. I am #797 which a high school friend reminded me is the year I was born '79' and the year I graduated high school '97'. But I crunched it in a different way:

7+9+7= 23

23 is 2 3's

2 3's is 33.... and you know how I love 33.. it is bound to be LUCKY..


Have I mentioned that I am EXCITED for this Marathon? I remember how I felt the week before my First Marathon. I was a NERVOUS wreck, all I could think about was the race and whether I would finish. This week I am sleeping like a rock and all I can think about is FINISHING with a huge dimpled smile on my face. I have played the finish over and over in my head, all with the same positive result. I APPRECIATE all the positive comment and words of encouragement. I plan to read these comments over and over in the nights to come. 3 Days to Marathon Redemption.

  • Tomorrow is High Five Friday. If you would like to be included please comment or email (tallmomontherun @ hotmail ) because my Tall Mom Calendar is packed away and I don't want yo miss anyone. I know that are TONS of Giveaways in Bloggy land including this Running Skirt Giveaway HERE that I plan to WIN :)
  • Today is the last day to Enter The Gone For a Run Giveaway HERE

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tall Mom Gems

WINNER of the What Will I wear Giveaway is Momma Twitch. I will be picking out something special for you in Eugene so email me any preferences.. Still have no idea what I will wear but I LOVED all the feedback :)

Since I am most likely watching the Little Studs while Muscle Man jams all of our belongings into a 26 foot moving truck...I hope that these Tall Mom Gems will keep you occupied! Yes these are older posts, but feel free to leave a comment should you get the urge :)

  • Dorky Videos:
Capital City Half

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  • Good Tips:
How I lost the baby weight

First Marathon Lessons learned

Half Marathon Lessons learned

10K Lessons learned

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  • Facts about Tall Mom:
Honest Scrap

The Heart of Tall Mom

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Who is Tall Mom?
  • Race Reports:
Marathon- Rock N Roll Seattle 2009

Half-Marathon- Capital City 2009

Half-Marathon- Frighfest 2009 (WIN!)

Half-Marathon- Mercer Island 2010

10K- Railroad Days 2009

Family 5 Miler 2009

5K- ERHS 2009 (WIN!)

5K- Run Wild 2009 (2nd Place!)

A few SHORT days to Marathon #2.. YIPPERS!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Test Lab Tuesday- What Will I Wear

UPDATE: Last night we signed the paperwork to seel our first house.. It is bittersweet but I know we are doing what is best for our family. And you know what happened on the way to signing? My Jeep broke down on the Freeway... UGH!!! We have been meaning to take the Jeep in for a while. I was frustrated but then I realized that 1. I was very blessed that the freeway opened up so I could safely pull to the shoulder. 2. The Jeep did not break down on the way to Eugene

Race Day is coming...I have been in TEST mode to find the perfect race day outfit. What defines the perfect Marathon Race Day outfit to Tall Mom?

1. Comfort= The clothing should fit tight to avoid chaffing. I should not have to pull the pants up or the shirt down at any point during the race.

2. Ready for any weather= The clothing should help me to stay warm if needed but also keep me cool. Being too cold or overheating could be a race disaster.

4. Itch Free= I am an itchy girl, presumably from being so sweaty and having the sweat dry. My clothes should help alleviate the itching as much as possible.

5. Easy to Spot= At 6'0 I am pretty easy to find in a crowd, but to help out Muscle Man and any other AWESOME spectators, I like to have bright colors. And bright colors and prints are FUN!!

WHAT WILL I WEAR in Eugene??

You get a vote, below are my options. Leave a comment to vote and you will be entered to win a PRIZE. The only thing I know for sure is I will wear the grey Brooks EZ Run T (Buy HERE).

Bondiband, Brooks EZ T, Moeben butterfly sleeves, and Nike Capris.

26.2 Bondiband, Brooks EZ Run T, Green-Layer arm Sleeves, and Nike Capris.
Run Like a Mother Hat, Brooks EZ Run T, Smartwool arm sleeves and Nike Capris.
New Balance Cure Hat, Brooks EZ Run T, Moeben Pink Sleeves and Running Skirts Capri skirt.
Brooks hat, Brooks EZ Run T, Smartwool sleeves, and Running Skirt Capri skirt.
So many FUN options for race day. Pink Balega socks are a MUST. I LOVE LOVE my NEVER BACK DOWN bracelet from Gone For a Run. Don't forget to Enter the Gone For a Run Giveaway HERE.
Hydration, fuel and gear for a LONG race
Some extra in my race back just in case..
And the post race recovery outfit.
  • I saved this post and it DELETED....so this is a shorter version.. UGH
  • My last day at work today then off to Move and get to Eugene.
  • What race gear can you not RUN without?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Wife Mother Runner

With training for Marathon #2 coming to a close I am getting a little SAPPY, so bear with me here. Our last Fleet Feet group run on Saturday was fun. The first 2.76 miles were as a BIG group. I spent most of the time talking to Paul, the owner, about his 3 hour Boston effort. We talked about marathon pacing, race strategy and he told me he thought about me as he ran Boston because he wore arm sleeves :) That made my day in a funny way.

When we were done with the run we gathered to learn more about race prep, I will pass on some of the good tips later this week. Then Janna and I hit the WET pavement for a few more miles. We ran in the rain from the store, to my soon-to-be new house, to Janna's house. It was raining and the route was not safe, but we got in 9.3 miles, last long run DONE.. Thanks Janna!!

Back to my sappy-self...

Jacquelyn with The Silver Maple sent me the amazing necklace below...
To learn more about The Silver Maple and to enter to WIN go visit Tall Mom pal Tricia HERE. I cherish the necklace because it makes me think about what defines and completes me...

  • WIFE:
It is no secret that I am 333% head over running shoes in love with Muscle Man. Since the moment we met we have been inseparable. We are a TEAM!! Although when it comes to running, and training for a Marathon, the partnership is a little lop-sided. Every Saturday morning I give him a kiss as I head out for most of the morning. Long Runs, Races, etc... countless hours spent away from my husband. I TRULY BELIEVE that my running and weight loss success are a direct result of the support I have from my husband. And I PRAY that I have held up to my end as a wife.

Funny the baby weight from Little Stud #2 was what sparked my running. Between working full-time, running at lunch and being ZAPPED of energy at the end of the day, I often feel like I come up short as a Mom. I try to remember that I am providing for my family, making it possible for Muscle Man to stay home and raise our boys. Working Mother to support a Stay at Home Dad, it is a bit of a role reversal but I KNOW that we are making the right choice. Yes there is guilt every Saturday morning when I leave to run, precious family time is lost. My FAVORITE finish line is when I walk through the front door to the dimpled grins of our blue-eyed babies.

How long have I been a runner? Hmmmm good question? I would say that I became a Runner the day I could not remember my life without it. When I started this journey I had to FORCE myself to run and dread it. IT HURT!! Today if I don't get my run in I am a crazy mess. Running keeps me balanced and healthy, it is an outlet for stress, a way to meet new people and a great way to test my limits. I don't need to run Marathons to be a runner. I don't have to be fast to be a runner. I don't need to compete in races to be a runner. All I have to do is lace up my sneakers and bond with the pavement. In some ways running is the easiest hat (visor/bondiband) I wear.

Thanks to The Silver Maple for this amazing necklace and reminder of the TRULY important things in life. I strive to find a balance of these 3 aspects of ME every day.

  • If you had to pick 3 things to define you what would they be? How do the 3 interact?


6 days to Eugene!! This week is going to be a little different on Tall mom because we will be moving and I will have limited access to internet. I have drafted a few posts to keep you busy. I am pre-apologizing for being a non-commenter on blogs this week...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Start Slow?

As a former basketball player there are a few elements in running/racing that baffle me.

  • 1. Run slower in training than you will run in the race.
Many folks smarter than me have TRIED to explain this to my little Tall Mom athletic mind.. less risk of injury, more time on your feet, the endorphins in the race will make you faster...etc. Still does not connect. My whole life the words "Game Speed," have echoed in my head. Practice like you are going to play.. And yet in running, that is not the case. I ran 90++% of my training runs faster than the plan had set out. I have a goal, so why not make my training come as close to that goal as possible?

  • 2. Start Slow to Finish Strong.
Will someone PLEASE send me proof that this worked for you in a Marathon? I tend to start too fast, I know that I do this and I have been working on it. I have trained and know that I can can run slower pick it up at the end of a LONG run. But I am not convinced that I am ready to START SLOW?? What if I settle into the slower grove and can never find those precious seconds I could have gained with a more ambitious start?

Funny Runner left an AMAZING comment:

When I qualified for Boston last fall my main strategy was to focus on NOW. I think we tend, in a marathon, to worry about how we will keep it up for the miles ahead. I focused on how I felt NOW. Am I feeling strong? Yes. My strategy was to run as hard as I could while I felt good. I had a mantra to keep myself focused and to push pain and fatigue out of my mind. I pushed away thoughts of how I would keep up the pace and focused on how I felt right at the moment. And it worked..... Don't be afraid. Ask yourself what's the worst that can happen. You run out of steam, so what. Don't slow down in ANTICIPATION of running out of steam. Just run hard as long as you possibly can.

I think I will take her advice. Go with my body. Trust my training and just RUN!! The rest will take care of itself.

  • What are your thoughts?
  • Do you train slower than your Goal time? How has that strategy worked out for you?
  • Are you a Tortoise or Hare at the start of a race? How has your pacing strategy played out good/bad/etc?

Friday, April 23, 2010

High Five Friday

Welcome new Tall Mom Bloggy Pack Members!! Thanks to EVERYONE who entered the Gone For a Run Giveaway HERE yesterday, 215 the first day, that is a Tall Mom record!!!

HUGE High Five to the wonderful Running Skirt ladies Cindy and Christy HERE. They sent me a Running Capri Skirt to Test, and just in time to see if it makes the cut for Eugene.

What do you think??

When I first set out the skirt felt a little big, so I folded over the top and it was GREAT!! 8 miles and it passed the test. I wish I could say my run was pain free, but as a female there are times when CRAMPS take over. I ran 8 miles with the occasional feeling of being stabbed in the gut, UGH!! I wanted to give up, cut it short, and make up the miles. But I didn't!! I made it..

Stats for 4/22:
Time- 1:10:20
8.01- Miles
8:47- Pace

***9 days and 5 more training runs left to EUGENE!! Are you running Eugene next weekend or spectating? Please email me!!

***FYI today I will surpass the 500 mile mark for the year. HUGE self High Five!! 1,000+++ here comes Tall Mom

Blow Click names for links to Blogs and give a HIGH FIVE!!

  • High Five Racing & Events:
Amanda- (First) OKC Marathon
Fairweather Runner- OKC Marathon
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Indi- (First) OKC Half Marathon
Cindy & Christy- Big Sur Marathon
Aron- Big Sur Marathon
Katie- Big Sur Marathon
Sarah- Big Sur Marathon
April- Nashville Country Music 1/2 Marathon
Dion- Nashville Country Music 1/2 Marathon
Kletco- Lehigh Valley Half Marathon
Aneta- Run for Southlake 10K
Katye- Relay
Robin- Run for the Trees 5K

  • High Five Great Posts:
Lisa- Good Earth Habits
Jill- New Mileage PR (she called me when she was done, I was sooooo excited for her!)

  • High Five Virtual Races:
Tall Mom- 3 High 5's Virtual Race for the Cure 5/5
Racing w/ Babes- Run Like a Mother 1/2 and 10K on 5/21-5/23
Katye- Finish Chelsea's Run

  • High Five Birthdays:

  • High Five Giveaways/Raffles:
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Tall Mom- Gone For a Run Giveaway Ends 4/30
Robin- Arm Pocket Giveaway Ends 4/26
Laura- Recovery Giveaway Ends 4/26
Lois- COOL Lasagna Dish Ends 4/30
Courtney- Sweaty Band Giveaway Ends 4/28
NJoy Life: Lush Giveaway
Running Diva Mom- Whooha Gear ends 4/26
My Reason to Run: Running Skirt Giveaway Ends 4/29

  • Do you deserve a High Five, or two or three, today? If so let me know!!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gone For a Run Giveaway

Welcome new Tall Mom Bloggy Pack members!!! If you are new to Tall Mom here is your first chance to WIN a Giveaway.

The WONDERFUL folks at Gone For a Run HERE are hosting this Giveaway. When I got an email from Gone for a Run I quickly clicked on the link, 45 minute later and a few "Honey Look at this!" prods to Muscle Man I was hooked! I HOPE he was paying attention since I LOVE Finish Line presents and Mother's Day is quickly approaching. This site has everything a runner could want..

Water Bottles
etc... etc...

Gone For a Run is easy to use, with helpful drop downs, clear pictures and a clean look. I have a few items on order and I can't wait to give a review. I plan to wear the "Never Back Down" silver tube bracelet HERE at the Eugene Marathon (10 days!!!)


$25 Gift Card to shop at Gone for a Run you can purchase many many items for $25 on this website, the prices are great!!


REQUIRED- Go to the Gone for a Run website HERE. Shop around, leave a comment to tell me which items you would like to buy.

1- Purchase something at Gone for a Run leave a comment to tell me what you bought.

2- In Honor of Earth Day do something Green. Pick up trash, purchase a reusable water bottle or coffee mug, turn off your lights early tonight, research ways to be more Eco-friendly and reduce your footprint. Leave a comment about what you did.

3- Share this Giveaway on your Blog, Facebook, Twitter, tell a friend, etc... Leave a comment to let me know. (Enter as many times as you share)

4- What is the BEST running advice you have ever received? Leave a comment sharing the advice and the context of when you inherited the knowledge.

5- Those who have donated to Marathon for the Cure and/or who are on the Tall Mom 1,000+++ Club get a free entry. Leave a comment if you want in, for the 1,000+++ post your current mileage.

Happy Entering!!!

*****Giveaway Ends at 6:00AM and Winner will be announced shortly after on Friday April 30th.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Your Limits

Posted on the file cabinet in my cube at word is a card from Remanents.com with a quote that has quickly become my FAVORITE:

"The only way to define your limits
is to go beyond them."

What are my limits? I have yet to pass out after a race or truly feel that I have given everything I had. Am I afraid to totally empty the tank? No!! But being new to running it is difficult to know when to really push it. My mantra is "Leave it on the Pavement," which was shaped from my basketball mantra "Leave it on the court." With just 11 days until Marathon Redemption I am thinking a lot about My Limits and I am BLESSED because I have an avenue to really test those limits..

What are your limits? Do you hold yourself back? Are you afraid to push because you may come up short?

Anyhow....post-coffee blabber, moving on...

Do you like my new hat??
I am trying to find headwear for Marathon day. Not sure if this hat made the cut, hats make me itchy since I have really thick hair. I may have to find a visor ASAP.. Either way this hat will be great for future Race for the Cure adventures :)

Interval Training Day
I did not get my usual 10am snack, so I ate it around 11:15 and snuck in a piece of licorice...DUMB!! When I set out on my run I got an immediate sideache. Oh well, I still had to get my workout in, on plan were 4 interval miles at 7:30-7:39 pace.

1.5 Warm-up- 8:14

Mile 1- 7:26
**Weird things on the trail= moldy half block of cheese, lady running wearing a plastic hair cover, the word "Blessed" painted on the path, and countless black and yellow alive and squished caterpillars.

Mile 2- 7:31
**Thoughts= "I am glad I don't have to run this fast in a Marathon." and "But if I did have to run this fast to qualify for Boston I know I can." and "I wonder if I can hit a sub 8 minute mile the last mile of the Marathon?" and "Oh I hope that Marathon day is a good running day."

Mile 3- 7:26
**Pains= The sideache went away at about mile 5 and was quickly replaced my left hip and knee pain... NOT FUN! I have not felt the hip pain before so I am going to take today off just to be safe. Guessing it is just Taper weirdness.

Mile 4- 7:25
**Finish Line= The railroad ties mark the end of my intervals. I can see the Finish for about 1/2 mile. I always imagine the race clock in Eugene. What is that last 1/2 mile going to feel like and what will the clock say??? TBD 11 days :) I have been visualizing the Finish, me dimples shining and feeling AWESOME! I keep that in my mind, because there are many many steps to take before I get there. It won't be easy!! I will not feel comfortable, but running for that FINISH LINE is awesome!
1.5 Cool-down- 8:42

I am PROUD that I ran through the pain. I did not give in to the negative thoughts in my head. There will be PAIN, I will want to slow, but I decide when to give up....and today was not that day. Limits?? What are they really but negative voices in our head? Self-imposed boxes holding us back from our potential.
  • Every day you have a choice. Let the voices hold you back. Or RUN THROUGH and set new limits for yourself..
PS. Giveaway tomorrow....and I think you are REALLY going to like it. Click HERE if you want a preview..

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Running Buddies

First of all I cannot wait until High Five Friday.... My adorable, awesome, talented, strong, amazing, funny, sweet, kind, fast, cute, smart, etc etc... running Buddy Zoe is.....

PREGNANT!!!!! Check out her post HERE visit, comment and wish her happy baby!! I knew that she was trying, I (selfishly) HOPED that she would make it through Marathon training with me then get prego, but God blessed her family quickly and I could not be more excited. A new Running Mother!!! Welcome pretty Zoe. Trust that Tall Mom will be hosting an amazing Bloggy Baby Shower :)

Stats for 4/18:
8 Miles Solo-
Time- 1:02:16
7:46- Pace
Fastest Mile- 7:42
Less Fast Mile- 7:53

I was in a crunch, spent too much time with dishes, laundry and the little studs and lost track of time. I knew I had to get in 8 miles before meeting Amanda at 10AM. So I set out for sub 8 minute mile pace. My legs felt fresh, strong, fast. There were several people getting ready for a Bike rider but not many on the trail. CUTE= Mom running while holding her roller-blading daughter's hand!! My bondiband was making me HOT, I wanted a hat or visor, I thought I might have enough time to shop at the little sports store, but doubted that the $10 in my fuel belt would get me anything. As I approached the park I looked up and there was Amanda in her Jeep, PERFECT timing!!

8 Miles with Amanda:
Time- 1:12:17
9:02- Pace
Fastest Mile- 8:45
Less Fast Mile- 9:24

I have MISSED Amanda! I would run with her weekly if it worked out.. We met on 10/10/09 read about our First Running Date HERE...hmmmm Amanda we should run Portland to celebrate on 10/10/10?? I wanted to see her before she left for her FIRST MARATHON next weekend.. I had a signed copy of "Run Like a Mother" to give to her and a HUGE HUG of course.

There is never a shortage of conversation. I am in AWE of her strength raising a son with her husband away. The Marathon to her is something so different, I wish that I could see her face once she crosses that line. I am sure the PRIDE will be similar to her recent Half Marathon PR. Along the way we avoided Horse poop, and walkers. The CRAZIEST thing we saw was a man on an over sized unicycle, I said "That is the craziest thing I have seen today" and he replied "Hey Now!" Oops, did not mean to offend. But just 25 yard behind was a hairy dude on a 9-10 foot TALL bike, I think it was a tie for CRAZIEST! Who knows how he gets on the bike??

I was in dress rehearsal mode with clothes, socks, water belt/hand held and fuel. All worked well and I THINK I have it down. Amanda was suffering from a Sun induced rash and was not feeling well, she TOUGHED it out. We cruised to the finish and I quickly crabbed my chocolate milk from my cooler in the car....I LOVE LOVE LOVE cold Chocolate milk after a long run and will have Muscle Man poised at the Eugene Finish with my Chocolate Milk!!

Thank you Amanda!! You will be AMAZING in your first Marathon...text me when you are done, I will be tracking you. Check out her post HERE..

All Smiles after 16 and 8 miles :)
So what did I use my $10 in my fule belt on??? $5 on a Smoothie. YUMMERS!!
***No Test Lab Tuesday. Look for a Test Lab Tuesday Giveaway next week :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

All about BOSTON

Jill posted a FUN "Brain Exchange" today HERE so I thought I would join in.. Will recap my AWESOME 16 miler tomorrow...

Question(s): Do you get excited about the Boston Marathon? Have you ever ran or do you hope to one day run in the race? Will you watch today and if so will it be watching in person, on TV, on the computer? Do you have anyone special running this year? Any great Boston stories to tell?
Will take this one at a time...
  • 1. Do you get excited about the Boston Marathon?
YES!! I have not been a runner long but I understand the EXCITEMENT about the BIG BIG events in our sport. When I hung up my Basketball shoes in college, ending my last season with a knee injury, I thought I would never have athletic goals to strive for again. Who am I without athletic goals? That question scared me and for a long time I felt lost without sports. I was SAVED years later by running. And to me the Boston Marathon is my re-commitment to fitness and athletic goals. I know I can get there! Now I just need to prove it.
  • 2. Have you ever ran or do you hope to one day run in the race?
No I have never run Boston. Yes I HOPE to qualify in less than 2 weeks at the Eugene Marathon and run in 2011 with Aron,and Lacey(??) And anyone else who qualifies, hello mecca for Bloggy meet-ups..
  • 3. Will you watch today and if so will it be watching in person, on TV, on the computer?
I am at work, but I will TRY to check in online. I was hoping to DVD the race but could not find it on our TV.. UGH!! Anyone know what channels will have the race on? I will use the tracker to check out my buddies and their progress.
  • 4. Do you have anyone special running this year?
I listed all my Bloggy peeps on Friday but here is the list. I am sure they are SWEATING and working it out right now.. HUGE HUGS AND HIGH FIVE!
Jill- Birthday girl!!
Spike and Morgan (spectating)
  • 5. Any great Boston stories to tell?
I happened upon a show where a man ran Marathons while pushing his wife in her wheel chair. He qualified for and ran Boston a few times, struggling on the hills to keep the chair and his legs moving. It was inspiring!!
So fun!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Get Moving Mel

Day 1 of the Moving sale was AWESOME!! We had people going through the stuff before we had signs up or everything ready. CRAZY!! We made $302 and had a steady stream of people all day. What I LOVED was selling my clothing for .50 to $5 and seeing the excitement on the ladies faces.

I was on my feet all day and got some sun. We closed up around 3PM and ordered pizza. YUMMERS! I had to make a quick run to Target for running capris, diapers, etc.. When I got back I sat down, I knew I needed to run 8 miles.

Internal thoughts:

1. You are tired should just sit and relax.

2. Ice Cream sounds way better than a run.

3. You can do it tomorrow.

I sat for about 3 minutes, then got up and went. Sometimes the more I think about it the worse it gets. I told Muscle Man I would be back in less than and hour and a half and set out.

- It takes my legs 2 miles to warm up.

-I NEED to find comfortable shorts or capris to wear for Eugene.

-Stop lights are ANNOYING!! People will STARE like you are an alien.

-Hills make me SLOW, but going down feels GREAT!

-I am ITCHY when I run!! My arms, head and legs itch. Wish I knew what to do about that.

-Pizza is a pretty good source of pre-run fuel, I felt GREAT!

-Spring= Bugs

-Spring= flowery smells

-Spring= Scotch Broom, which I am allergic to.. ACHOO!!

-There were 2 Crows on the golf course, I think they were admiring their Birdie (HEHEHE)

-The rain gently fell, which made me feel cool and refreshed.

8 Miles done!!! And the Runners high was PERFECT. Next up 16 miles on Sunday, 8 with Amanda who is 1 week from her FIRST MARATHON... Soooo excited to run with her before she leaves for OKC.


Friday, April 16, 2010

High Five Friday

MOVING SALE DAY!! How in the world did we accumulate this much STUFF.. No where near hoarder status but WOW!! I left my Tall Mom Calendar at work so I HOPE I don't forget anyone.

Today I plan to get in an 8 miler after the sale, hopefully a short run tomorrow and 16 on Sunday, 8 with my buddy Amanda :) should be great weather for running.

Races & Events:
Stacey- Salt Lake City Marathon
Dee- Bad to the Bone Marathon
Marlene- Montreal Half Marathon
Wendy- Earth Day Half Marathon
Erica- 5K

Boston Bound Baby 4/19:
Bethany & Ryan
Spike and Morgan (5K)

Challenges, Swaps & Virtual Races:
Tall Mom- 3 High 5's 5K
Amanda- 3 Changes Challenge
Melissa- Music Swap
Katye- Chelsea's Run
Marlene- Kid's Camp

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

3 Things Thursday

WELCOME new Bloggy pack members and thank you to all the new commenter's... Keep those comments coming, I am hoping to get around to say "Hi" soon :)

Joining the Bloggy Bandwagon with...

3 Things Thursday:

1. Today is my Friday because tomorrow is the start of the BIG MOVING SALE!! Yes folks our garage is packed with things we neither use or need, so we are going to try to make a buck, then donate the rest to the Goodwill. Much of what is in the garage is my bigger sizes and maternity clothes. BEAUTIFUL things that I love, but I hope I will never fit in again.
The sentimental pack rat in me may keep a few things, but most will be GONE!!! I have a new lifestyle and I do not need to hang on to my big clothes anymore... The big purge!!! I need this to move past that time in my life. So if you know anyone who needs clothing sizes 14-20 and lives in the Puyallup, WA area let me know :)

2. STRESS!!! Between work stuff, selling and buying a house, my hair is bound to grey prematurely. Yesterday I worked through lunch then had a unexpected change in meetings at the end of the day, so I laced up my running shoes and left the STRESS on the pavement. It felt sooooo good, like a weight lifted off. Running is my outlet for anxiety and frustration....I am truly blessed to have a way to get it out. It works people!!!

3. I LOVE BROOKS!!! The amazing folks at Brooks have hooked me up with my Eugene Marathon top, to be revealed soon :) The rest of the outfit is coming together SLOWLY....with 17 days to go I sure hope I can get it together :) What an AMAZING surprise in the mail yesterday... Can't wait to know what I will be sporting?? Go HERE and buy your own..

  • High Five Friday tomorrow.. Email or comment if you would like to be included!!!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

McMillan Says

Wow Thank you to everyone for the Fridge and Vacuum recommendations. Seems Dyson is the big winner, will have to see if it fits in the Tall Mom budget once all the new House stuff finalizes....

Yesterday my Fleet Feet Marathon Training plan called for 1.5 warm-up, 5 tempo miles...with 3:00 minute breaks between and 1.5 cool-down. I was pressed for time so I just started running FAST...

1- 7:20
Feeling good, breezing past the walkers and feeling the WIND.

2- 7:16
I was running so fast my Garmin could barely keep up. The trail is close to power lines so I would look down and it would say 12:12 quickly followed by 6:45 pace. Darn Garmin gremlins!!!

I was getting hot so I stripped off my long sleeve shirt mid run, wrapped it around my waist and re tucked my Ipod cord into my Sugoi tank. All while keeping pace, GOOD TRAINING!!

I felt myself slow a little, my breathing was becoming labored and I was BORED on the trail. I realized that I needed to refocus, just then a slender male runner passed in a bright red visor. He was ZOOMING and gave me a nod, as if to say "Impressive pace!" LOL!! I took the look as a compliment and my pace increased.

I know my plan only called for 5 x 1 mile "Aerobic capacity intervals" but once I realized that I could possibly break my 10K PR I sped up. How could I stop at 5 miles??

I was getting tired, when I get tired and want to slow I focus on my form or my music. Anything to not give in to the demons in my head. Mental toughness is sooo important to get through the tough workouts and especially on race day. I just read the chapter on Mental Toughness written by Sarah in the "Run Like a Mother" book. GREAT CHAPTER!!! FYI Wednesdays are fun days at RLAM because they do Hump Day Giveaways, go check it out HERE. Please tell them Tall Mom sent you, I need to earn the AWESOME hat that Sarah kindly gifted me it was a little big for Marathon day but I am thinking of sporting at and my Run Like a Mother T-shirt at the Eugene Expo....LOL!! Walking advertisement :)

2- 6:50ish (hit start to my watch on accident)
The last .2 seems to go FOREVER, there was a man just near where I knew I would be finishing. Looked at him, then to my watch, then to him.. FINALLY I made it and was ready to stop. He said "That watch was not going to tell you what you wanted was it?" Heheheh!!

10K= 45:37 (7:21 pace) New PR!!!
Previous 10K time= 45:54 (7:24 pace)

YIPPEE!! Ran a cool down 1.8 miles (9:18 pace) to finish with 8 miles. I am totally happy with my speed today. I felt strong!! The wind tried to hold me back but I powered through. 18 days to Eugene Marathon!!!

I am slightly addicted to the McMillan Running Calculator HERE. Have you ever tried this?? What you do is put in your time from a recent race and it will calculate what you can POTENTIALLY accomplish at all race distances up to the Marathon.


Marathon for Tall Mom: 3:34:05

Hear that legs?? Hear that Running Gods?? I CAN DO IT!!!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Test Lab Tuesday

Welcome to Tall Mom Test Lab Tuesday, the day I dedicate to all things I review..

Living, Eating and Running...


Lift Your Sole Jewelry HERE:
Jill at Lift Your Sole is AWESOME!! She sent me a charm with the words "Aspire to Inspire" on a plastic black cord, I LOVE IT!! I tried to take a picture and failed. You too can have a customized charm or anything at Lift Your Sole. Today only from 8am to 11pm Jill has kindly offered the coupon code TMOTR15 for 15% off for 15 hours. Go check out her website and SHOP!!! Mother's Day is quickly approaching, help your loved ones out and direct them to the site today!!

Dean Karnazes 50 in 50 HERE:
Imagine running 50 Marathons in 50 Days in all 50 states!!! That is what Dean Karnazes did. He and his team recreated Marathons often mid-week in all 50 states. I read his book "50 in 50" which is entertaining, easy to read and has some great training tips. This weekend, on the few free minutes I had, muscle man and I sat to enjoy the documentary style film rendition of the journey. I love to watch running movies the night before a long run, so this totally hit the spot. INSPIRING!! How did he do it? I still have no clue, but WOW!!!

Clif Shot Roks HERE:
This is more eating for running :) I went to Fleet Feet yesterday to find some nutrition options for race day. I can't seem to take down the Gu and I am worried. I was talking to the sales staff and she asked about my "Protein intake" during races.. Hmmmmm?? Guess I never thought about it. She said after 2 hours of running that I should have a way to replenish my protein and offered a packet of peanut butter Shot Roks.

What Clif says:
CLIF SHOT ROKS™ are bite-size pieces enabling you to take in exactly the protein you need, when you need it, to maximize your recovery. Plus the protein centers are wrapped in a protective shell that won’t melt in the package or in your hands.

Tall Mom Thoughts:
I just bought these last night so I have not tested them on the run yet. But YUM YUM YUMMY!! Wow do these things taste amazing! I wanted to eat the entire package. I plan to test them on the run this weekend, will let you know how that goes..


Races2Remember Pace Bands HERE:
I don't know about you but I have a HARD TIME with math on the run. After about mile 6 easy multiplication becomes impossible. I have always wanted to try a pace band. So I googled pace bands and found Races2Remember. This company has many many fun products for runners including back bibs and signs.

What they say:
You don't run an even pace, why should your pace bands? Is your first mile really the same as your last? What about hills? Our unique bands will account for the hills and your pacing strategy. We'll customize a set of bands to fit any course and any plan. Start slow, build a cushion, hit the wall. Plan your pace mile by mile. Our Smart Pace Calculator lets you see different pacing strategies for your goal time! Each set of waterproof bands is made to fit the course you are running - whether it is Boston, or a small race in Kansas.

Tall Mom Thoughts:
For $7 you can order 3 customized pace bands. I ordered a 4:00 pace band for my training run and 2 BQ pace bands for Eugene. I wore the pace band over my arm sleeves and next to my Garmin and LOVED it!! I did not stare at it, I just rotated it and checked in on occasion. I was able to put the words "Aspire to Inspire" and "BQ" on my band to personalize. They will make the band based on the RACE, how cool is that?? I highly recommend this product for anyone going for a PR!!!

  • For those of you who asked the arm sleeves I wore in my long run HERE, they are made by Smart Wool HERE. I will have a post up soon with reviews of a few different types of Arm Sleeves so look for that in the weeks to come..

Now I need your help!!! Does anyone have a Vacuum or Refrigerator that you LOVE?? If so email me. We are going to be in the market soon and I would love recommendations :)

  • If you have something you would like Tall Mom to put through the Test Lab please email HERE


Monday, April 12, 2010

3 High 5's Virtual Race for the Cure

I know you have been waiting for another VIRTUAL RACE for the CURE!!! Well you won't have to wait too long. Next up in the Tall Mom Virtual Race for the Cure series is the.....

3 High 5's
$5 for a 5K on 5/5


WHEN: Wednesday May 5, 2010

DISTANCE: 5K which is 3.1 miles

COST: $5.00 tax deductible donation to Tall Mom Fundraising page HERE If you would like to give more please see Donation info HERE. Those who have donated $25 or more already get FREE entry into the race!!!

  • Go to the Fundraising Page HERE and Donate.
  • Send Tall Mom an email with your name, Blog address (if applicable). Please let me know if you are running to dedicate to anyone.
  • Comment on this post to let Tall Mom know you are in!! Please spread the word and invite ANYONE to join. You do not need to have a Blog to join in the fun. Family, friends, neighbors, all are Welcome to this Virtual Event.
  • Chose your course, wear COOL gear, Pin on your bib (Coming soon) and RUN!!
  • When you are done email Tall Mom the pictures, link to race report and your finish time.


  • The satisfaction of donating to Susan G. Komen for the Cure and a tax deduction for 2010.
  • Every Racer will be linked/listed on Tall Mom blog.
  • All participants will be entered to WIN a prize...more info about the prize soon.

PS. If you can't enter today no worries. We live on one income and I understand how money can be tight. Entry to the Race will be accepted until 5/4.

PPS. Please email me at tallmomontherun (@) hotmail if you have any questions.

This will most likely be one of my first runs post Eugene Marathon....which will be GREAT!!! I know it is a Wednesday, but mid week races ROCK!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

23.3 DONE

Stats for 4/10:
Time- 3:29:55
23.3- Miles
9:00- Pace
Fastest Mile- 8:01
Less Fast Mile- 10:03
Cold day with WIND! We did 5 laps around a 5ish mile trail very hilly!!

The Little Studs got up before I left for my LONG RUN. They are usually in bed still, we got to talking about moving to the "Big House," before I knew it I was LATE!! UGH...

I arrived 5 minutes before the group set off and sprinted down to the restroom not a minute too soon. Yes I would start my 23++ miler with an upset tummy, YIPPEE!! I did not see Janna so I texted, she was late, everyone set out so I waited, and WAITED and WAITED... finally my wonderful runny buddy arrived. I am very glad I waited because I really needed her today, Janna played cheerleader and kept me going even when I was not feeling well. Here is a bullet point version of the FUN parts of the run.

-Hills, and hills, thankfully we were running past the zoo, beautiful water views, lush Forrest's and where Muscle Man and I were married. We did the 4.7ish loop 3 times one way and twice the other way... FYI it is just as hilly both ways.

-CRAZY characters, one man, Janna called Jose, who wore loose sweat pants under compression shorts WEIRD, a dude driving slow to check us out with and "I love s$x" sticker in his window, people steeling from our water stops I asked them for $1 and cut in front of them I PAID for this, etc..

-One of the Fleet Feet coaches told me I looked "Lean" and that I had trimmed up over the months.. LOVE IT!! And later as Janna and I ran past walked they called us "Fast." Oh how I love positive comments :)

-The funny part about a loop is you see the same people over and over and over. One tall man we saw first pushing a stroller with a woman running next to him, the next 2 times he was solo. I gave him a high five the last lap.

-My legs felt like led and the wind was rough. Janna and I were using positive self talk to keep going. Things like "Wow am I glad that this hill is here," "The wind is really helping" and the one that got the most laugh when I said "Wow I feel so light on my feet today."

-Janna busted ahead at the end and I coasted as best I could. I had a hard time getting down Gu and was running on FUMES.. Good news is that Eugene is pretty flat. With an overall 9:00 pace for 23.3 on all hills, I am CONFIDENT that I am ready.

-I tested a pace band I cant wait to tell you all about. I am still LOST on my water, nutrition and clothing for race day.. UGH!!

-TAPER....well not really I have a couple 8 milers this week. But the last long run preparing for Eugene is in the books and I am soooo PROUD!!!

I love how this photo makes Janna, who is 95lbs soaking wet, look to be the same size as me. I was sooo tired that I plopped down on the wet grass to stretch...

OK off to bed.. Up at 4:30AM because I have to work Sunday... Hmmmmm...thankfully I have black recovery socks to keep my legs alive.

How did you runs and races go??

****I will be announcing another Virtual Race for the Cure and Giveaway soon.

Friday, April 9, 2010

High Five Friday

Wow it was a LONG day....I worked 10++ hours on my feet a lot.. And I wore the wrong shoes.. and what did I get for my not-so-smartness?? Tiny toe blisters...oh goody!! Needless to say after a BUSY BUSY work week and very little training I am ready to ROCK my long run tomorrow. Can you say Stress Relief???

So I am going to give myself 30 minutes for this post then I am shutting down.. Soooooo sorry if I miss someone.. HIGH FIVE to everyone for sticking with me this week. High Five and welcome to the new Bloggy pack members!!!

High Five Racing & Events:
Steph- St. Louis Marathon
Stephanie- (First) St. Louis Half Marathon
Beth's Husband- St. Louis Half Marathon
Val- St. Louis Half Marathon
Sarah- (First) Santa Cruz Half Marathon
Katie- Pacing her Cousin Sarah for first Half Marathon
Aimee- Half Marathon
Tiffany- Half Marathon
Jesse- 5K
TMB- Cherry Blossom 10 miler
Katye- Cherry Blosson 10 Miler
Julie- 10K
Christy- (First) 10K
Heather- 5K trying for a PR!!
Heathers's little 3 year old Oscar- 1miler

High Five AWESOME posts:
Aron is a wealth of knowledge, I often send her emails and get awesome detailed answers with many things I would have never thought of.. Well this week she posted "tricky" about the tricks we can all do to ward off those rough running weeks. check it out HERE

Katye's Virtual Run HERE

Amanda (close personal Tall Mom buddy and running partner) and her First 20 miler HERE. And she has a new header that I LOVE LOVE!! Hugs Amanda hope to give you a big pre-marathon hug before you leave for OKC.

High Five to...:
Meeting Chelsea
Meeting Sarah and buying a "Run Like a Mother" T-shirt (Pictures SOON)
Tall Grandma for spoiling me with dinner, a tshirt and offering to let us take over her house when we are between homes later this month!! Love you Mom!!!

High Five Giveaways:
My computer will not let me cut and paste...and my half hour is way past. Sooooo Go check these bloggies who always have links to Giveaways in their posts and sidebars: TMB, Suzy, Amanda, and Erica

Running Dive Mom- Girls on the Run Fundraiser

NIGHTY NIGHT!! I know I missed some people....but it it 9:00PM and I need to hug my boys, eat a pb&j and get to BED!!!

Big Girl Job

Thanks to everyone for the emails and comments!!!

Today I have zero time to post as my Big Girl Job has me running all over the place. I hope to get in a BIG HIGH FIVE tonight!!

Last night I had an amazing time with my Mom (Tall Grandma) and Sarah with "Run Like a Mother." Can't wait to tell you all about it and show you the photos. Even got to meet a local Blogger Chelsea which was GREAT!!

Anyhow, off to my car to meetings.. I HOPE I can fit in my mid-day run today. If not I will be well rested for my 22-24 miler tomorrow..

What are your plans for the weekend??

Back tonight with HIGH FIVES!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Running Like a Mother

I have been RUNNING all over the place and am quickly losing steam to keep going.... BUT I am VERY excited because tonight my Mom and I will be meeting Sarah for dinner and to go to the "Run Like a Mother" book reading in Seattle. Who is Sarah? She is an amazing writer, mom, runner and one of my Many Many online buddies. I really look forward to meeting her in person. Check out my Dailymile post for a letter from Sarah to the Seattle folks HERE. If you can attend any of these events please do :)

OK already late and I have not even had my coffee... Have a WONDERUFL day folks!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A few of my FAVORITE things

My first official day of Marathon training for Eugene was on 1/11 with my first Fleet Feet group run HERE. These last few months I have developed some FAVORITE things that have kept me moving and motivated. I have shared many of these things over the past few months but I wanted to post it ALL in one place.

Lift Your Sole Jewelry HERE is quickly becoming my favorite. I will share more tomorrow, but this cuff I wear daily reminding me of the reason I run.

I will either wear my Brooks Hat, Nike visor or a Bondiband (HERE). I will have all 3 options in my bag on long run and race day because what I wear is weather dependent. I am on the HUNT for a new hat and visor, suggestions welcome.

I have 3 favorite jackets Golite HERE, Patagonia and Brooks. A great running jacket for me will keep out the rain, have well-placed pockets and not make me too hot.

My all-time favorite bras are made by Nike and sold at Sports Authority and many many other store. I buy them on sale for $19 or less, I even found one at ross for $10. AWESOME!
Brooks E-Z T's are the best running T-shirts. Long waisted and high quality. I have washed my 3 T's over and over and they look new. Plus there are some NEW and fun styles. Check it out HERE. I have raced many times in my bright orange "Happy Running" Brooks shirt.
Sugoi HERE tank. I can't find this tank on the website?? But I am thinking this may be my race day top, well the pink one :) It is long waisted, a great fabric, tight, girly and comfortable.
Sugoi Piston tights HERE are the BEST!!!! I have worn these tights for every long run this training cycle. Yes I may look a little like Cat Woman, but wow are these tights AMAZING! They hug my knees and the compression makes for a quick recovery. It might be a bit hot on race day to wear these?? But I might have to, these have become my running security blanket. There are piston shorts HERE... Hmmmmm???

Brooks Epiphany shorts HERE, I have 4 pairs of these and wear them for runs shorter than 7 miles because I worry about my thighs rubbing. The fun colors and smart design make these a favorite!

Garmin 305, yes is it huge and a brick, but the large screen and big buttons are ideal for training. I LOVE that I can run anywhere any know my distance and pace. This is a MUST HAVE for runners!!
Ipod Shuffle, yes I have the 1st generation...LOL!! But this tiny Ipod clips on to my shirtm shorts, etc and hold enough songs for 4++ hours of entertainments. I have dropped it many times with not problem :) I wear one ear bud for safety, I still have not found ear buds that I love??
Golite Hydroclutch HERE handheld water bottle. I have been training with a handheld this entire cycle and plan to have 2 bottles on race day. It is not too heavy and holds Gu's, Chomps etc. GREAT way to avoid the busy water stops and not slow down.

Salt Stick Caps HERE, I take one before I run and every hour or so on a long run. LOVE THEM!! I believe that salt balance helps with cramping. I have the stick holder but have not used it because I don't need more STUFF when I run.
Body Glide is a necessity for my thighs, arms and feet. I lather up to avoid the inevitable chaffing and rubbing from miles of Mama movement ;)
  • There you have it.. What will I wear on race day?? Very good question. Wish I knew. I am waiting for a few things to arrive in the mail. Then I will be letting my WONDERFUL Bloggy pack members help me decide.

What are a few of your favorite things? Any products I should try?? Let me know..