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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tall Mom Virtual Race for the Cure

Here we go the Tall Mom Virtual Race for the Cure is this weekend!!! I am so excited to have 17 people ready to Race. This is my first time as Race Director, so I must admit I made a few mistakes.

1. I should have picked one race distance.. OOPS!! Does everyone want to chose the 10K option?? Hmmmmm??

2. As a Virtual Race I should have allowed people to run any day of the weekend. Thankfully I can fix that one...


WHEN: Friday-Sunday March 27, 2010


COST: $15.00 tax deductible donation to Tall Mom Fundraising page HERE If you would like to give more please see Donation info above.


  1. Go to the Fundraising Page HERE and Donate.
  2. Send Tall Mom an email with your name, Blog address (if applicable) and distance you plan to run/walk. Please let me know if you are running to dedicate to anyone.
  3. Comment on this post to let Tall Mom know you are in!! Please spread the word and invite ANYONE to join. You do not need to have a Blog to join in the fun. Family, friends, neighbors, all are Welcome to this Virtual Event.
  4. Chose your course, Pin on your bib and RUN!! When you are done email Tall Mom the pictures, link to race report and your finish time.


  • The satisfaction of donating to Susan G. Komen for the Cure and a tax deduction for 2010.
  • Every Racer will be linked/listed on Tall Mom blog. There will be special "Yearbook Style" prizes for best costume, most creative way to spread the word, biggest group, etc..
  • All participants will be entered to WIN a prize...more info about the prize soon.

PS. If you can't enter today no worries. We live on one income and I understand how money can be tight. Entry to the Race will be accepted until 3/26.

PPS. Please email me at tallmomontherun (@) hotmail if you have any questions.

AND the RUNNERS are:

How do you like my first effort at a Race bib???

Amanda- 10K

Aron- 10K

Ashley- 5K or 10K
*Donated in memory of her Grandmother.

Beth- 10K

Darlene- 5K
Dedicated to all her friends who have survived breast cancer

Erica- 10K (first)

Erica H.- 5K

Hannah- 10K
I would like to do it in honor of my Mother-in-law, Dorothy. She is a breast cancer survivor

Katie A- TBD Distance
I want to run a race this year for the American Cancer Society in honor of my late FIL who died last year and our other good friend who was just diagnosed with terminal kidney cancer.

Katye- 10K

Kera- 5K

Lacey- 10K
Dedicated to her mom and grandma both who beat breast cancer

Linda- 10K
A Cancer Survivor!!

Marlene- 5K

MCM Mama- TBD Distance

Melissa- 5K
This race will be ran in honor of my aunt who has battled breast cancer TWICE and won and to my friend Vicki whom we lost 2 days ago to cancer.

Micki- 5K
Running for our friend Lynette's grandma, my mom's friend's sister, and my husbands grandma!

Molly- 10K
I'll run in honor of my mother in law Diane, who is battling breast cancer, and her sister Cathy, who is a breast cancer survivor.

Stacie- 10K

Stephanie- 5K

Teacher Woman- TBD Distance
My grandma passed away with breast cancer when I was 5

Tonia- 10K

And there you have it.. If I have forgotten someone please let me know ASAP!!! I feel truly blessed that each of you have taken the time to donate to this amazing cause and you are EXCITED to run this Virtual race...


Aron said...

I will do the 10k!!! I actually am supposed to do one this weekend but can't find one so I will do it on my own for your race!

Marci said...

Wish I had the money to sign up for the virtual race... such a great idea!

Anonymous said...

hey Mel! I'm in! I'll be doing the 10 K =)

EricaH said...

First I love the race bib I will be printing and having my daughter customize mine today. and about the race distance why not just cut it down to a 5 or 10k since it seems that the group is split between the two, though if you do decide to change it to a 10k I am still down. and thanks for giving us 3 days to get it in, Ima try and get mine done friday :)


I am doing a 10K ... don't think I can fit in a half this week/weekend!

No Longer Using said...

i'm going to dedicate the first 10k of my 20-mile race as your virtual race for the cure!!!!!! sunday it's going dowwwwn. thanks for putting my dedication in your post!!! means a lot :)

RunningFromCancer said...

Mel - I will be running the 10 k.

Should be fun.


Velma said...

You forgot me :( I can do a 10K

Melissa said...

I am so excited!! If everyone else moves to a 10K, then I will too, but if not, I'm going to stay at 5K since I've been rehabbing this sore knee.

Melissa said...

This race will be ran in honor of my aunt who has battled breast cancer TWICE and won and to my friend Vicki whom we lost 2 days ago to cancer.

Molly said...

I'm excited! I already picked out what I'm going to wear. : )

Anonymous said...

Eep! I must have forgotten to email you. I donated a while ago. Since I'm just getting myself back in to running after my half, I'd like to stick with the 5K :)


Erica said...

wow I am nervous...and there will not be any one to watch me! I hope I can make it all 6.2 miles....it will be the first time ever! and now I have to dream up some wild outfit!!

Marlene said...

AWESOME! So excited!!

I meant to switch my entry to the HM since I have a 30K race on the 28th. No worries if it's too much trouble, I can just use 5K from the 30.

Hannah said...

Hey Mel! I think I should be on that list, as I was thinking my donation bought me into all of your virtual races. Let me know if that isn't the case. Thanks!

Tricia said...

good luck everyone!

and loved the race pics Mel :)

Micki said...

Gonna do the 5K on my "rest" day :) Running for our friend Lynette's grandma, my mom's friend's sister, and my husbands grandma!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea!! I'd do it but it's my last weekend before my half and I have to do 10miles, otherwise I'd join in :)

Lynette said...

I can't run yet Mel. It kills my arm. I was hoping to be able to by now. BUT I am going for a LONG Hike with Tom and a couple of geocaching friends instead. When Tom gets his CG money, you and Micki will both be getting my donations! Love you my soon-to-be-almost neighbor!;P

Croughwell said...

Almost didn't see my name....I am use to looking for Croughwell not Stephanie :).

MCM Mama said...

I'll be attempting a 10k on Friday morning, but I reserve the right to turn it into a 5k mid-race LOL.

MJ said...

I'm running 2 5ks this weekend (one Sat, one Sun), sooo...if you let me combine the two I'll do 10k! lol

And I'll def be wearing pink!!!
Emailing/donating now :)

RobinLK said...

Hey Mel! I'm scrambling, but want to jump in.... albeit, a little late! I'll do the 10K as part of my long run this weekend, and get to your donation page and an email to you Friday (3.26). Sorry - past my bedtime here in FL! I'll wear pink. :)

BTW: "BQ or Bust" is a great idea for t-shirt, and you can get it on a tech shirt... Nike Dri Fit works well. Can purchase your shirt of choice and take it into a BigFrog.com. Franchises all over U.S. $15-20/shirt.


Michelle said...

Running 10K!!!


Ok, I might be switching to a 5K. Things are crazier than I thought. So either a 5K or a 10K, we'll see.

Don't you love how I went from a half to a 5K? Ah, the stress of being a mother and planning a surprise 30th for the hubby ...

Michele said...

I am in for a 10k!

I sent you an email - I hope it's not too late!

Anonymous said...

Yay, I've entered and I'll be doing a 5k!

runner_girl said...

I entered too.....and did a 10k this morning! Way to go, Tall Mom!

Aron said...

did my 10k this morning and my race report is up!


thanks for hosting :)

Stacie said...

I see I'm linked in but you don't have who I'm running for.

I'd like to dedicate my run to my Grandma, Irona Heitzmann, who battled breast cancer and is still going strong at 90 and in memory of Virginia Moore & Chris Tryon who both lost their battles but fought courageously and were amazing women.

1NYgirl said...

I'm in! And I did it. 15K in NYC.

Joanne said...

This is the first time I have heard of a virtual race. What a terrific idea.
I'd love to know when the next one is and who is hosting?

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