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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tall Mom 1,000+++ Club Check in

The Tall Mom 1,000+++ Club is in Full Swing. Today is the 70th day of the year, CRAZY!!

With the help of the handy Spreadsheet I have some...


1. Collectively we have run more than 21,055 Miles

2. The top runner is Sherri with 449.5 miles!! Too bad she has no Blog. The top Blogger is Shelly HERE with 426.6. Shelly became an Ultra-Marathoner last weekend with her 33+ mile effort.

3. We have 4 Canadians, I am sure that thinking in Miles instead of K's is throwing them off.

4. There is a Mom and Daughter on the team

5. This weekend, as long as all goes as planned, I will cross the 300 mile marker!!!

6. There are 128 people in the Club

7. 6+ of the club members are currently nursing injuries

I will have a better summary when we hit the 1/4 Year mark in 21 days, for now I would like to introduce you to the folks who are taking on the 1,000+++ Challenge. There are a few people who have recently asked to join, I will add you to the list soon. This year the club will max at (surprise) 133 so I have 5 slots left.

Name- Blog
City, State Age Miles updated on 3/9

Tall Mom-http://www.tallmomontherun.com/
Puyallup, WA 30 285.75

Alicia http://aliciaruns.blogspot.com/
Lehi, UT 32 172.5

Alisa http://ambitiousaspirations.blogspot.com/
Portland, OR 27 156.13

Amanda B. http://5mls2mt.blogspot.com/
Tacoma, WA 30 143

Amanda C. http://www.fatwuzhere.blogspot.com/
Antioch, CA 27 95.07

Amy http://pushmeineedyou.blogspot.com/
Lincoln, NE 26 82

Amy T. http://runningcommentaries.wordpress.com/
Sacramento,CA 27 260

Andrea http://wwwagegroupsrock.blogspot.com/
Lincoln, VT 56 269.9

Aneta http://confessions-of-a-runner.blogspot.com/
Aurora,Ontario,Canada 27 54.45

Ang http://angfammarathon.blogspot.com/
Utah 30 82

April http://mommysfitforaking.blogspot.com/
Trinity, AL 31 145.2

Aron http://www.runnersrambles.com/
Concord, CA 28 381.1

Ashley http://ashcav.blogspot.com/
Massachusetts 22 256.8

Badgergirl http://adventuresofbadgergirl.blogspot.com/
Oshkosh, WI 30 122.05

Barb A. No Blog
Elmhurst, IL 45 188

Becca A. http://onerunaway.blogspot.com/
Ben Lomond, CA 27 132.05

Becca S. http://runningbooboo.blogspot.com/
Charlottesville, VA 29 118.76

Becky http://www.slowlygrowingoldtogether.blogspot.com/
Washington DC 32 168.59

Beth http://jacksonandcarter.blogspot.com/ St. Louis, MO 36 145.01

Bethany http://ourloveontherun.blogspot.com/
Boston, MA 24 121.5

Candice http://ihaverun.blogspot.com/
Pleasant Grove, UT 34 64.45

Carlee http://chasingfg.blogspot.com/
Cheshire, CT 27 399.38

Carol http://girl-runner.blogspot.com/
Huntsville, Alabama 43 80.7

Casey http://greengirlruns.blogspot.com/
Florence, KY 27 112

Cassidy No Blog
Orting, WA 31 190.05

Cassie http://www.dailymile.com/people/hokiebird90
Reston, Va 41 123.4

Christie http://christieisarunner.blogspot.com/
Clarksville, TN 31 161.24

Christina H. http://lazybonesrunning.blogspot.com/
Phoenix, AZ 40 263.9

Christina J. http://christinamariejohnson.wordpress.com/
San Francisco, CA 27 237.69

Cinthia No Blog
Anchorage, Alaska 50 172

Courtney No Blog, but on Nike+ as CourtRae
Akron, Ohio 26 185.54

Croughwell http://croughwell-runninginhawaii.blogspot.com/
Ewa Beach, HI 34 153.35

Denise http://run-denise-run.blogspot.com/
Ambler, PA 33 300.8

Derek http://tri-golfer.blogspot.com/
Burleson, TX 42 260.16

Dion http://mash4077homefront.blogspot.com/
Ft. Benning, GA 34 127.3

Eliza http://elizaontherun.blogspot.com/
Miami, FL 31 150.78

Emily http://sweatonceaday.blogspot/
Washington, DC 25 92.2

Erica http://www.ericarunning.com/
California City, CA 26++ 96.5

Erin http://echers.wordpress.com/
New York, NY 29 239.1

Ewa http://trailskinnybunny.blogspot.com/
San Jose, CA 52 152.86

Felice http://thehappyrunner.blogspot.com/
Wynantskill, NY 39 50.6

Gene http://www.genesoboleski.blogspot.com/
Hartford, VT 41 68.26

Ginny http://nofsahmof3.blogspot.com/
Richmond VA 33 10

Harmony http://harmlove.blogspot.com/
Pullman, WA 34 121.77

Heather http://sideofsneakers.com/
Greensboro, NC 25 123.24

Heather F. http://pokeyslowrunner.blogspot.com/
Clovis, CA 34 69.7

Heather G. http://www.runfastermommy.com/
Myrtle Beach SC 27 39.17

Holly http://www.hmm114.wordpress.com/
Annandale, NJ 34 32.8

J http://yummyrunning.blogspot.com/
NY 23 174.6

Jamie http://www.runningdivamom.blogspot.com/
Sun Prairie, WI 29 252.3

Janice http://runningfarstrong.blogspot.com/
Paris, Ky 32 252.5

Jay No Blog
Round Rock, TX 44 248.62

Jen http://runjenhrun.blogspot.com/
Austin, TX 24 52.35

Jen G. http://settingufree.blogspot.com/
Rockville, MD 32 134.3

Jesse K. http://thejesseblogs.blogspot.com/
Elk Grove, CA 29 115.37

Jesse N. http://runtotheborder.blogspot.com/
Kansas City, MO 30 176.14

Jill http://runwithjill.blogspot.com/
Denver, CO 46 339.68

Jill E. http://running2sanity.blogspot.com/
Tacoma, WA 31 158

Julie http://minnesotamilage.blogspot.com/ 114

Karyn http://marathonmaiden.wordpress.com/
Boston, MA 23 397.1

Kasey http://blondemomruns.blogspot.com/
Selah, WA 28 275.6

Kat http://www.thespottsblog.blogspot.com/
Bellevue, WA 27 189

Katherine http://www.reykjavik2011.blogspot.com/
Plymouth, uk 35 113.9

Kathleen http://runbikeswimgirl.blogspot.com/
Richmond, VA 260

Kathy http://runkathyrun.blogspot.com/
Portland. OR 48 267.3

Kathy G. http://kathygurl02.blogspot.com/
San Gabriel, CA 25 138.36

Katie A. http://one-run-at-a-time.blogspot.com/
San Jose, CA 30 395.5

Katie S. No Blog

Katye http://runninaround.wordpress.com/
Baltimore, MD 21 230.25

Kavitha http://kavi-musings.blogspot.com/
Piscataway, NJ 35 295.2

Kera http://runkerarun.wordpress.com/
Wakefield, MA 23 105.32

KK http://icanbearunner.blogspot.com/
Northern CA 20's 0

Krista http://www.middlenamemarie.blogspot.com/
Kansas City, MO 26 4

Kristin http://unathletichalfrunner.blogspot.com/
Vienna, WV 28 108

Lacey http://objectsevents.wordpress.com/
Watertown, MA 26 282

Laura http://lolasrunning.blogspot.com/
Burlington, Ontario, Canada 39 222.77

Lauren M. http://irunslowerthanthetortoise.blogspot.com/
Centerville, GA 25 40

Lauren W. http://laurenhappens.blogspot.com/
West Lafayette, Indiana 29 225

Libby http://from0torunner.blogspot.com/
Bradenton, FL 22 25.28

Linda http://momrunningfromcancer.blogspot.com/
Madison, WI 54 111

Lisa http://www.earlymorningrun.blogspot.com/
New York, NY 28 300

Lois http://foodlovelanguage.blogspot.com/
Tucson, AZ 53 144.01

Lorian http://runningguaranteessanity.blogspot.com/
Katy, TX 41 209.64

Maggie No Blog
Edmond, OK 32 134.7

Marcia http://teamarcia-runningmouth.blogspot.com/
Long Grove, IL 47 256

Marlene http://marleneontherun.blogspot.com/
Toronto, Ontario 27 319.88

Maryann http://bygfamily.blogspot.com/
Riverton, Utah 35 214.6

Matthew http://www.the1000milechallenge.com/
Surrey, England, UK 31 164.86

MCM Mama http://mcmmama.blogspot.com/
Arlington, VA 39 269.5

Megan http://megan-corey.blogspot.com/
Luling, LA 30 134

Meghan S. No blog
Graham, WA 154.75

Melody http://willrunformargaritas.blogspot.com/

Michelle http://letsrollmama.blogspot.com/
Knoxville, TN 118.06

Micki http://www.reddyrunning.blogspot.com/
Yacolt, WA 31 155.33

Molly http://imasleeperbaker.blogspot.com/
Syracuse, NY 105.5

Morgan http://cautionredheadrunning.blogspot.com/
Orlando, FL 28 352.91

Nancy http://littlefancynancy.blogspot.com/
Lynn, MA 30 174

Natalia http://runlikehermes.blogspot.com/
Cambridge, MA 44 0

Nikki http://armywife142284.blogspot.com/
Henderson, KY 25 100.92

Paige http://tworunnersandabrowndog.blogspot.com/
Chattanooga, TN 36 162.82

Priscilla http://priscillatris.blogspot.com/
Norman, OK 36 135

Rachel http://manicdefense.blogspot.com/
State College, PA 27 151

Renee http://aitiomoe.blogspot.com/
Honolulu, HI 23

Runsher- Sherri No Blog
Lincoln Park, NJ 38 449.5

Ryan http://ourloveontherun.blogspot.com/
Boston, MA 24 88.2

Sabrina http://riding2deathandback.blogspot.com/
Calgary, Alberta, Canada 30 180.8

Sami http://seesamieat.blogspot.com/
Southern CA 20 17

Sarah http://runrunsarah.blogspot.com/
Salt Lake City, UT 28 109

Sarah S. http://www.brunetteontherun.blogspot.com/
Seattle, WA 25 180.7

Saundra http://marathonfun.blogspot.com/
Canton, GA 37 223.8

Shana http://onebadrunner.wordpress.com/
Newton, KS 40 163

Shannon No Blog
Woodinville, WA 39 189.11

Shawna http://www.moving4life.com/
Tulsa, OK 32 207

Shelly http://itsjustonefootinfrontoftheother.blogspot.com/
Bedford, PA 26 (+14) 426.6

Sherry http://buzzandsherry.blogspot.com/ 0

Stacey http://runnergirlsblogspot.blogspot.com/
St. George, Utah 38 0

Stacie http://stacie615.blogspot.com/
Chehalis, WA. 33 202.68

Steph A. http://50marathonchallenge.blogspot.com/
Cincinnati, OH 24 212

Stephanie http://myrunninglife5k.blogspot.com/
Crystal Lake, IL 31 17.8

Suzy http://runningonmytime.blogspot.com/
Clifton Park, NY 33 189.71

Tabitha No Blog
Bella Vista, AR 39 0

Tammy http://realrunner-tammy.blogspot.com/
Mt Vernon, IL 36 49.1

Terry No Blog
Ellicott City,MD 56 149

Tonia http://racingwithbabes.blogspot.com/
Glen Allen, VA 27 225.64

Traci http://interdisciplinarysuperwoman.blogspot.com/
Shenandoah, PA 29 95.29

Tricia http://enduranceisntonlyphysical.blogspot.com/
Stuart,Florida 27 47

Wendy http://victoryrunning.blogspot.com/
34 79.5

Zoë http://www.runzoerun.com/
Kent, WA 26 262.08

And there you have it. I still cannot believe the amazing turnout. I KNOW that each and every one of you can accomplish this goal! And trust me it feels sooo good!!

  • My 5 mile run yesterday was ROUGH!! I struggled with a stiff neck and sore knees. I never found my stride and did not feel comfortable the entire time. I did not want to run, which is really unusual for me. But you know what I learned?? Regardless of how sucky it was, I felt better when I was done. POWER through and find the Runners high, it is a real thing and I cant wait to feel it again. In the mean time, this tough patch is making me stronger and I am working my way toward 1,000+++.



Redhead Running said...

Loving the stats! We are a crazy bunch of runners but I love checking in and adding up my miles! Thanks Mel!

RunKathyRun said...

I love numbers! Thanks for taking the time pull this all together.

Anonymous said...

what a great group of runners we have here!! thanks for all the numbers i love looking at them! do i email you my miles updates? i have a lot more than posted here :)

Alisa said...

Awesome! Do you have all 50 states represented? That'd be a fun fact to know.

Also, reading this made me realize---I NEED to UPDATE the spreadsheet =).

Lisa said...

Wow! Impressive update!! Thanks for creating this - great motivation!

runsher said...

Great stats. I like plugging in the numbers and seeing everyone's hard work.

Marlene said...

Oh my goodness, this must have taken you forever. You are awesome! Thanks for all the random tidbits... love checking on everyone's progress. Woohoo for 300 miles!!!

And YES, the whole "miles" thing is killing me. Hahaha! Good thing I'm used to it since I am constantly "translating" for the blog.

Pining for Pinterest said...

I would love love to join if there are any slots left!!!

Velma said...

Thanks for doing this Mel! We all have rough runs - your next one will be better.

Jen said...

Yay... and shame on me for not updating my miles before you gathered the data. I think I am up to 170... far cry from your 300, though.

Momma Twitch said...

Can I join the club?? It looks like lots of fun!

Denise said...

you can't believe the turn out? i can't believe you have time to keep track of all this and do these posts!! thanks!

Caitlin said...

Such a great program for everybody! I'd love to join, but I don't know that I would hit 1000 this year....but NEXT YEAR! I'm going to get to 1000!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Getting ready for an Ultra ~ that will give you crazy miles! Thanks for the Shout out!

I love knowing where everyone is from! Always on the look out for the opportunity to meet up with other runner/bloggers!

I'm glad you got your run in. You never regret the runs you do! ;-) Nice job staying positive. (hills) I know you are working on that and you are doing a great job!

AM! said...

You've got a fabulous group of runners! awesome job ladies!;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey I'd like to join. Any slots still available?

Tiffany said...

so I did not sign up for your 1000 mile challenge because I did not think I could do it but looking at some of these numbers maybe I can. So I know it is late but I have been keeping track of my miles - can you sign me up? You need more people from Colorado on your list!

Anonymous said...

Great job everyone! Impressive numbers!

Melissa said...

I just found your blog and I would also like to join if there is still room! :) Should I send an email with my info?

Megan said...

Just realized, I'm going to have to change my age on the spreadsheet at the end of the month.

Thanks for the update.

Zoë said...

That is A LOT of miles! Great update! :)

Jill said...

Thanks for doing all this, Mel! Great members....all united! I update my numbers at the end of each month :). Run strong!!!

Aron said...

YAY great job group!!! I usually only update mine at the end of each month, maybe I will make it weekly :)

Bethany + Ryan said...

eek, Ryan and i haven't updated feb yet!!

Relentless Forward Commotion said...

oh jeeze I'm WAY behind on recording miles! I better get on that,sorry Mel!

MCM Mama said...

That's a lot of running! Look at you about to hit 300! THanks for organizing!

teacherwoman said...

Great stats! That's a lot of participants! Too cool!

KK @ Running Through Life said...

Thanks Mel for doing this!!! Awesome stats! So inspiring!!!

Amanda said...

Yay for everyone!! I just made my first 100 yesterday! Woo hoo it feels so good!

LB said...

I'm guessing the 5 slots are gone...but if not I would LOVE to join....

I Run for Fun said...

Yay...we've come a long way. Thanks for the update, Mel...I'm sure it can't be easy with your crazy schedule. This is fun and motivating.

Mrs. Mom said...

I would love to join if you have any slots left.

way to go on 300 miles this year!!!

Sarah said...

Woo-hoo! Congrats Mel! I cant wait to reach 300....as of today I am actually at 214 miles (I only update your spreadsheet at the end of the month.

Thank you for putting this together and all of your support :)

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Wow! We have collectively run a heck of a lot of miles!!! Awesome!

ajh said...

Wow! This must have taken you forever! I love the stats. The total mileage is great! And I (we) made the list of interesting facts! :)

I always feel better after even when the run is crummy and am glad I made it though the run.

Funnyrunner said...

What an awesome idea! I've been bloggy absent lately but wanna join your club!

Micki said...

WOO HOO!!!! This has been awesome! And I love seeing how everyone is doing. Thank you so much Mel for doing this....it is great :) Micki

Alicia said...

Wow! What a list! Yay 1000+++ mile club! You guys are all killing it!

And also, thanks to the alphabetical order of things, I am continually comparing myself to Tall Mom Mel when I go to add in my miles. You have 285 miles already?!! You are my running idol, Mel! WTG!

Amy said...

Wow! That's a pretty inspiring list!! I took November, December and January off from running, but am determined to run all year through now - keep this club going next year and I'll be in!!

Badgergirl said...

Thanks for the update Mel! I love checking out the spreadsheet and seeing where everybody is! Thanks again for organizing it!

Twincerely,Olga said...

hi Mel! I have a question for you! where can I e-mail you at?

Felice Devine said...

Oh, jeez. I'm so behind and haven't updated. I'm up to 115 -- I have to get in to the spreadsheet.

Good job, everyone!!!

Janice {Run Far} said...

Awesome 1000+ stats. those are some serious miles logged. I love being a part of it. Thanks for all your efforts.

Will you put me in your high five friday? I am doing my first tri tomorrow. YAY me. so ready.

akjenniekt said...

Sorry, tried emailing but looks like you're pretty full :-). I was wondering if you still have a slot open for the Challenge?


Becky said...

I was wondering if you had any slots left for the 1000 mile challenge too. I was going to join earlier this year and forgot to. I am running my first Marathon next weekend!

Unknown said...

Ah, I thought you filled up all spots a few weeks ago and didn't ask. Do you still have one left for another Canadian runner?