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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tall Mom 1 Year Blogiversary

That is right folks Tall Mom is 1 Year old today!!! I racked my brain to think of what to write about on my Blogiversary. Well my brain is foggy with cold pills so the best I can do is a list. But I know you love lists so here I go. To some of you many of these things you may already know, but for new readers lets get to know Tall Mom.

33 Things about Tall Mom:

1. I played Basketball and graduated from Gonzaga University. My lady Zags are in the NCAA tournament in Seattle on Saturday!! Date night, yippee.

2. My Grandpa Ernie was a professional baseball and semi-pro basketball player. If he were alive today I know he would be very proud of me.

3. "3" is my favorite number, followed closely by 33 and 333 and so on. I can find 3's anywhere, it is a talent. AND I think that it is spreading. I know that some of you have thought of me when you see a 3, admit it you have :)

4. Muscle Man and I met on Match.com.

5. Both of the Little Studs were born before their due dates.

6. I believe that a bad day can be turned around with a Jamba Juice and a hug.

7. I am 30 and proud of it. I ran my first Marathon 12 days after my 30th birthday.

8. Growing up my stuffed Manatee went with me EVERYWHERE, however real Manatees scare me a little.

9. My dimple is a distinct feature that I am love. Both the little studs have dimples!!

10. Reality TV is an addiction that I wish I could kick.

11. My parents totally ROCK!! They supported me by funding and attending all my sporting events, helping me with my homework and making sure I always had what I needed. They are AMAZING grandparents to our Little Studs.

12. If I have chocolate, or any dessert, I need MILK. Always have. I love milk.

13. I am 6'0 tall and have always LOVED being TALL.

14. If I could wear a hooded sweatshirt and jeans every day I would.

15. I do not like being barefoot. I prefer to ALWAYS have socks on.

16. Crooked frames hanging on the wall drives me mad. I have a compulsion to straighten the frames, even when it is not my house.

17. Our boys are VERY different from each other and have been since before Little Stud #2 was born.

18. Little Stud #1 is in a phase where he likes to wear costumes, he just asked me "Mommy does Wolverines muscles look big?"

19. Little Stud #2 prefers to hang out in his diaper and CRIES when we put clothes on him.

20. Our House is for Sale and I cannot wait for it to sell so that I can SHOP for the perfect place for our family to grow.

21. This number makes me think of my Buddy Kiera!! Kiera and her hubby hosted my 30th birthday party and were the driving force in our trip to Hawaii.

22. I love to MATCH, this takes effort and planning. I also love my boys to match, however I am convinced that Muscle Man is a little color blind :)

23. I prefer white cake to dark and vanilla ice cream to chocolate.

24. My game high for Basketball is 40, our family record is 42 set by my cousin Kathy... Oh so CLOSE!!

25. I set up a Facebook Page for Tall Mom HERE but have not talked about it because I have not had time to get it right. Don't Judge :) Become a Fan and you will get up to the minute Race info after the Mercer Island Half.

26. Before Races I get so nervous that I have to visit the Honey Bucket (Porta Potty) Multiple times. I should basically just stand in line until the race starts.

27. I love Canada and Canadians. Muscle Man asked me to be his wife on Canadian soil, it was the PERFECT moment.

28. I am Weather Woman with the power to knock down Wolverine with my wind and lightning blots. BE AMAZED!! (LOL, it is fun to make lists and play with the kids at the same time).

29. I have many many Goals, including qualifying for Boston, writing and publishing a book and owning my own business, to name a few. One of my WORST fears is not reaching those Goals and becoming stagnant.

30. The Eugene Marathon is getting here too quickly but also cannot come fast enough. My training, until the past 3 weeks, has been AMAZING! Until I cross that Finish Line I have no idea what I am capable of in the Marathon.

31. I would love to get a Blogiversary gift from ALL of my readers a donation in a denomination of $3 to the Marathon for the Cure HERE. ($3, $33, $99, $120, you get the idea) Pretty Please :) Huge Thank you to ALL who have donated so far!! BIG hug to Breast Cancer Survivor who recently donated to the cause Linda HERE.

32. I LOVE my husband more than words can express. We are blessed to have found each other, like a puzzle with the perfect fit. Yes he pesters me to no end, but laughter is what keep things FUN. He is my best friend and one of the key reasons that I can RUN.

33. Hard to believe that it has only been 1 Year! I have learned so much from this virtual community. Been blessed by wonderful companies. And worked my tail off to reach some amazing goals for a once overweight Mom of 2. Thank you to EVERYONE who has read even 1 word that I have typed. I am still amazed to have grown a following of so many Bloggy Pack Member friends. I look forward to meeting many of you in the near future!!
Time to blow out my Candle and Make a WISH... Of Course I can't tell you what my Wish is or it won't come true (forgot to mention I am superstitious).

  • What do you WISH for Today??
  • PS. Giveaway Coming soon!!!


Relentless Forward Commotion said...

I wish that I have a great run later, and that YOU have a GREAT day Mel! Are you feeling any better?

ShutUpandRun said...

Happy Blogiversary! That's a new word that should be added to the dictionary this year! I enjoyed the 33 things. You are a testament that match.com really works! Enjoy your day.

Relentless Forward Commotion said...

p.s. sorry my donation couldn't be more, but I know every little bit helps! Happy blogiversary!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!!!!! And Happy St Patrick's Day!!!

Hope you are feeling better and can celebrate with a nice relaxing run outside!

The Jesse said...

happy blogiversary!!!

love the 33 things list :)

hope you are feeling better!!!

and, happy st patricks day!!!

Anonymous said...

happy blogiversary! i really loved reading the 33 things :)

Anonymous said...

Happy one year!

Teamarcia said...

Happy Blogiversary! Here's to many more years of virtual fun!

Redhead Running said...

I LOL'd when I saw you did a list of 33 items. I'll admit, 3's now make me think of you. :)

Happy Blogiversary!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogiversary!
Only 1 year...i feel like uve been in the game for a lot longer :)
i didnt know that u got engaged in Canada. thats awesome.
I am canadian! :)

thnx for letting us into ur little world and sharing with us ur 33 secrets!

happy st. patty's day!

RunToTheFinish said...

i swear it feels like over a year, how crazy! Love your list and love that you have inspired us too in so many ways...seriously mel you've done amazing things with this blog in one year. Building up a great community and inspiring so many to work towards 1000 miles when they likely would not have been that healthy

runsher said...

Happy Blogiversary! Hope you are feeling better.


Happy Blogiversary! Love that list! and the FB page.

And a donation is coming, just waiting until payday!

Angela said...

Congrats on making it one year. That's awesome. I hope that you are feeling better and I just know you will rock it this weekend at the Mercer Island Half.

Lisa said...

Yay!! Happy Blogiversary!! (I love the cake!)

Thanks for continuing to write this blog - you are such an inspiration and I've learned so much from you!

I'm curious, do you have a topic in mind for the book you'd like to write? What kind of business do youw ant to start? I think you'd be amazing at both!

Enjoy the day!!

Unknown said...

Happy Blogoversary!!!

And I like vanilla cake and ice cream better than chocolate, too!

Alicia said...

Happy Blogiversary! Your list made me laugh! I'm totally a frame straightener, too. In fact, I was doing it at my son's school last week in the hall. Can't help myself! And I'm totally with you on the hoodies and jeans. Although, I think I do wear them everyday!

I'm now a Facebook fan AND I donated! Have a great day!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Happy Blogger-versary!

Another great list. It is always nice to get to know you better.

I hope you continue to feel better. (and you are right when I see 3s I think of you!)

teacherwoman said...

Happy Blogiversary! I love reading your blog and feel like I always have something to comment after every post!

It was fun learning more things about you today! How cool is it that you and your hubby met on Match.com! I have tried that site but no luck. In due time, right? LOL

BTW, I am sure your Grandpa Ernie IS proud of you, even if he isn't here.

MY WISH? to fight whatever it is that I am coming down with... cold? allergies? sinus issues?

Happy Hump day, girl!

Jill said...

Happy Blogiversary! Love the list too....

I'm not on FB right now but when I get back on in a few weeks I will join your fan page.

Alisa said...

Happy Bloggiversary.

I have no doubt that you'll reach those goals---you are a super driven person and driven people follow their dreams and reach their goals =).

Aron said...

happy blogiversary!!! love the 33 things and getting to know more about you :) cant wait to watch you achieve all those goals!!! just gave you a blogiversary present with a donation too :)

Denise said...

happy blogiversary. here's to many more.

and i'm with you on the reality television!

franchise33 said...

Just signed up to follow your blog:) About time huh. I've been viewing it the whole time but never joined.

Marlene said...

I read this post over an hour ago and haven't been able to get back to comment til now. Ugh, work is killing me this week.

ANYWAY, Happy Blogiversary!!! Woohoo!

#15. We are pretty much OPPOSITES in this regard.

#23. AGREE! I *love* chocolate but prefer vanilla cake & icing. Funny.

#27. YAY!!! Feel the love! Canada loves you too. :)

#31. DONE!

Katie A. said...

LOVE to read the 33 things about you - very cool :)
Congrast on making in an AWESOME year! Hope you're feeling better :)

Carly said...

Happy Blogiversary!! Great facts.

Carly said...

My fiancee always needs milk with his dessert too!
Happy Blogiversary!

No Longer Using said...

HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!!! i am a fan on FB!!! :)

yessssssss if i could wear jeans and a sweatshirt i would too every day!!

go Zags! in seattle, too!! that's awesome!!!

i'm sooooooooo excited for brackets and madness. did you make one? i have kansas winning. but w. virginia, georgetown, syracuse, duke, and kentucky fighting for it :)

AM! said...

I think i get to be comment 30- that's pretty cool eh?
super congrats on your 1 year. you have done an amazing job. really. wow!
and hmmm...what do i wish for today...to do my 45 min threshold run and maintain my designated pace- all with a smile. ;-)

Stephanie Nichole said...

awwww happy blogiversary!!!! :) :) So happy you decided to start a year ago :)

Velma said...

I think I am one of the first followers :) 17 is the same in our house. Are you hinting something with 20?

Heather said...

Happy Blogaversary!

Aimee said...

Happy happy happy blogiversary! Hooray!

Heather -Momma Running Amok said...

A Huge Happy Anniversary! I have been reading your blog for sooo long and never posted anything so I thought it was only fitting to begin today! You are really an inspiration to many many people! Have a wonderful day!


OK - I finally went and donated! Good luck girly!

LB said...

happy blogiversary!!! youve come a long way in a years time, very inspiring!!!

Hannah said...

Happy Blogiversary! Thanks for all of your support and kind words. Can't wait to meet you this summer!

RunningFromCancer said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Altough I have only been a part of the blog community since Oct of 2009 - I have really enjoyed it. I am amazed at the amount of things I have learned over the last few months . . . . And especially amazed at how much I look forward to reading the blogs that I follow . . . . And yours was my first.

I hope you continue to have success at your endeavors. Enjoy your family, enjoy your life, enjoy each and every day.

And thanks for the "special" shout out on your number 31. We are all in this together.

Peace and I hope you get feeling better.

Running Diva Mom said...

LOVE the cake -- awesome! Congrats to you on ALL of your blog success and running accomplishments!!! I enjoy following your journey!

Jameson said...

You have more followers than days that you have had a blog...impressive! Your list pretty much described me, minus me being a male, not having kids, and not playing bball in college, but the food things, height, hoodies/jeans, and i hate crooked frames.

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogiversary! You've certainly made a big impact on many others within the last year- congratulations!

RobinLK said...

Happy Blogiversary! Very cool! Um, manatees (here in my neck of the woods), are actually very gentle and will nudge you if you're in the water with them...they are gentle and like socializing ~ but they scare me a little, too! Canada is awesome... today's Wednesday Winner on the Turtles blog is from Canada.. Anne! Linda is so cool, too! Hope you're feeling back to normal soon.

HUGS from Orlando!

ajh said...

Happy One Year Blog Anniversary! I would love to wear jeans every day too! I like 3/4 zips with them. I do casual Friday but don't let myself wear jeans every day because I sooo easily could do it every day. (And I own lots of jeans!) Hope you're feeling better.

J said...

Happy Blogiversary!! I love the 33 things! I dont like to be barefoot either! In fact my toes are bare right now! Looks like I need to get some socks!

Kelly said...

Awww Happy 1 Year! I started my blog a couple of weeks for now and for some reason I thought you had been blogging for years when I started reading your blog. You must just be a natural!

MCM Mama said...

Happy Blogiversary! Love your list!

Unknown said...

Happy First Year. Thanks for the great reading.

Another Canadian fan!

Anonymous said...

What do I wish for today? A Happy Blogiversary for YOU, of course :)

Badgergirl said...

Love the list of 33 things! Happy blogiversary!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

YAY for loving Canadians! :) Happy blogiversary! Hope you're feeling 100% soon!

fancy nancy said...

Yay! Happy Blogiversary! I am so thankful for your blog! You are so motivating! It has gotten me up and going in the midst of some hard times!

Becca said...

Happy Blog Birthday! SO happy I found your blog.

Allie said...

Happy Blogoversary!!!! I'm so glad to have you around, you've been such an inspiration.

Michelle said...

Happy Blogiversary! Thanks for keeping me motivated!

Oz Runner said...

happy blogiversary! your blog is a great inspiration

Pining for Pinterest said...

Happy Blogiversary! Love the lists :-)

Molly said...

Hope you feel better soon, congrats on a year!

My wish is that the sunny days continue!

Felice Devine said...

Happy blogiversary!
I'm right with you on #15 :-)