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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The regularly schedule Test Lab Tuesday will be postponed to next week, I generally pull these together on Sundays and since I was travelling I did not have time. Welcome to the new Tall Mom Bloggy Pack members!! Wow almost to 400, when did that happen??

Stats for 3/8:
Time- 2:14:43
15.1- Miles
8:54- Pace
Cold day a storm was trying to come in and brought the wind. I felt tired and mentally out of it.

I was texting with Amanda hoping I could recruit her to run my makeup LONG run with me. Unfortunately it did not work out, Amanda maybe you can come for a midweek run again?? Hmmmm.. I was in for a solo Rolling Hill run in my neighborhood. Once Little Stud #2 was down for a nap I laced up and was ready to MOVE!!
Not to bore you with the details my 15 miles will be summed up in the form of counts ENJOY:

18++- Beautiful Pink trees already in Bloom, Spring is coming!!

1- Man wearing University of Washington head to toe and walking a Husky, die hard fan, LOL!

3- Hawks flying gracefully in the sky.

8- Stops for cars, stoplights, road crossings, etc. (I do not like stopping!!)

1- Nekkid Semi spotting (Sorry Zoe I could not get a photo)

4- Big Hills to slow me down and text my quads.

9- Thoughts about quitting and calling Muscle Man to come pick me up.

6- Negative Nancy crept in my head and told me that there is no way I am strong enough or fast enough to BQ.

1- Half Marathon done in 1:56:14, not shabby for a hilly run on a rough day.

23++- Teenagers walking home from Junior high:
  • 1- Girl who pushed her boyfriend in my path
  • 1- Boy who asked me what the design was on my shirt
  • 1- Boy doing bike tricks in the middle of the road
  • 10++- Kids who blocked the path with zero regard for me running their direction.
  • 2- Pretty girls with confidence who actually smiled at me
  • 23++- Teenagers who are totally WEIRD!!

100++- Times I wish that I could throw my Nike phone arm band, it was driving me CRAZY! I need a belt ASAP to hold my junk. Any recomendations?

15.1- Rough miles that I tackled!! This run tested my mental toughness. I wanted to quit so many times, but I toughed it out and kept moving. IF Marathon training were easy everyone would do it!!

CONGRATS to all the race finishers this weekend. Wow do I have some fun race reports to read tonight. A bunch of PNW running bloggers will be running the Mercer Island Half on 3/21, which is just 12 days away!! YIPPERS!!

  • Was your Mental Toughness tested this weekend? How did you power through?
  • Any good stories about encounters with WEIRD teenagers while running?


Marlene said...


Marlene said...


Way to go on the long run... must have been tough coming back from your travels and busting that out. YOU ROCK!

I tested my mental toughness for 13.1 miles this weekend and you can read all about it today. :)

Check out the iFitness belt: http://www.ifitnessinc.com/

Email and ask for Yuri... tell him I sent you. :)

Marlene said...

Sorry, it's "Uri" - ifitnessinc@msn.com

(Wow, 1st, 2nd AND 3rd... hehehe)

Aimee said...

Wow..congrats on your long run! You did awesome regardless of the mental challenges. It's always hard to get through a run where those thoughts pop into your head, but you did it! Way to keep on keepin' on!

Loved your counts idea...the teenage ones cracked me up. Were we like that at that age? Ha ha! :)

Unknown said...

I so frequently have a lot of that stuff going on. I usually see younger kids though - middle school and late elementary school. It freaks me out!! Maybe because I don't have kids, but I feel uncomfortable interacting with them while I'm doing a run. Weird, I know.

April said...

Great time on your run!
My experience with teenagers on my runs are that 95% of them will NOT move to the side of the trail, sidewalk, or path to let runners by. I now holler really loudly "EXCUSE ME COMING THROUGH!" and run right through the middle of them. It will part the red sea pretty quickly. Then they just think I'm a crazy old lady(cause 31 is old to them);)

Kerrie said...

Ick. That sounds like my run Monday. Only yours was longer and faster! Good job sticking with it!

Katie A. said...

Way to tough it out girly!!!
I just bought the iFitness belt and it rocks!!! Aron did a review on it you can read. I used to use the spibelt but the is x10000 better!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

My mental toughness was tested for sure! No gps and no mile markers made 33+ miles hard to manage BUT the scenery kept Negative Nancy away!

Genesis said...

i need a belt too. if you find one you like let me know please :)

Alisa said...

Mental toughness was definitely tested on Sunday. I didn't want to run--I had a good week of doing all the other stuff and I really just didn't want to run. But I did. It didn't totally suck but wasn't my best BUT I didn't feel even a lick of guilt for eating pancakes after!

Aron said...

ifitness belt!!! just did a review 2 fridays ago on friday favorites, its the best and i have tried a number :)

Emily said...

On your next run please counteract that Negative Nancy with 6,000,000 thoughts from Emily saying YOU ARE GOING TO ROCK YOUR BQ!!!!

Heather said...

Way to tough out the long run. Those mentally difficult runs are great mental training for the marathon.

Croughwell said...

Good job on your long run!

I ran in an all women's 10k this sunday. I had to run with the stroller so I had to start behind the walkers :(. The first two miles were very frustrating trying to weave in and out, jumping on curves, and having to walk. I thought about quiting because it was just very frustrating!

Lisa said...

You have THE BEST memory. I need thaat skill. Pronto.

Julie said...

Hi Mel,
Awesome job on your long run!! Way to hang in there and be a tough girl:)

BTW...you are looking really good...thin and trim:)

Jill said...

Nice long run, Mel! Must have been all that high altitude training the previous week :).

Megan said...

Oh that reminds me. I need to get in touch with my girls to see who's available for a long run this wkend.

I'm mean. If teenagers are in the way &/or being rude. I just holler at them.

Zoƫ said...

Way to tackle that long run, Miss Mel! Bummer about the negative thoughts and no nekkid semi pics. :P
You are totally a tough chick and will get that BQ with time to spare. I believe in you!

Anonymous said...

Wow- 400 followes, how do you even keep up! Holy cow!

As for the teens, I deal with 330 of them every day at work, so nothing they could say on a run would bother me! Teenagers, when not being rude or disgusting are actually super fun to be around!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I am all about the ifitness belt. Ah-Maz-Ing!! Had it for almost a year now and it has never let me down!

Unknown said...

ummm....funny typo!
"4- Big Hills to slow me down and text my quads." text my quads? really? i think i would text my quads and apologize.
nice work, Melanie, on the long run! wahoooooo~!

teacherwoman said...

Way to perservere and get through that long run! My Mental toughness was tested on my 6.66 mile run Sunday.. yikes! And that's not even that far!

Alicia said...

We all have those mentally tough runs! Gotta have the bad to truly appreciate the good!

Sounds like an interesting run to say the least. I'm so glad it wasn't me running through all the teens. Teenagers intimidate me!

run with Jill said...

Yeah for SPRING! I hope to run the MI half even though I'm getting over a nasty cold and haven't run in 5 days! EEk.

Looking forward to following your blog



X-Country2 said...

The fact that spring is dragging its feet getting here is KILLING me.

RobinLK said...

Glad you're back home, Mel. :-) Ha Ha about the teenagers. I'm at a middle school this week, helping out with testing. Teens are a funny bunch. And not always funny ha ha. I DO have a recommendation for you re: "a thing to carry your junk." Found one completely on accident over the weekend and wore it for my first-ever half mary. I know - not a good rule of thumb: new gear for a race. But it ROCKED. Will post a review in the next few days.

HUGS from Orlando!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

"Anyone can give up, it's the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else expects you to fall apart, that's TRUE STRENGTH"

Training is hard and I nearly fall apart every single day, for a bunch of reasons. But we hold it together!

I wish I could have joined you! I am not sure about a mid week run this week. Unfortunately I am taking a few days to rest. Boooo...i am not sure how to come back from resting. Where do I start? Where i left off or where the plan has me????

12 days to Mercer!!! Yeah!!! I'm excited!

Unknown said...

Mental toughness - to keep on going through the half even though I was not running well.

Wierd running encounters with teenagers? Whenever I see them, they quickly recognize me from school. Suddenly, I become a new best friend, they wave and try to add me to their FB frineds. Now that is wierd.

Denise said...

runs that test mental toughness are so important. great job!!!

i love my spibelt.

GreenStyleMom said...

ditto on the ifitness. I got the single pouch with race number holder one last month and LOVE it. It sits really snug on my hips and doesn't move at all while I'm running.

AM! said...

Again, Marlene cracks me up with her FIRST!!! i love it!
nice job on the run. yah, that mental toughness thing. oy. I have encounters with it pretty much daily.
also wanted to share, I know you're a big giveaway gal, I'm gearing up to have a great Athleta giveaway starting tomorrow and can't WAIT!

Anonymous said...

Love love love the outfit! So cute!


Seriously Mel? A 1:56 half on a training run? You are going to kill that BQ!

Anna said...

Teenagers are SO weird! Some middle schoolers threw rocks at my car the other day from the school bus. What ever happened to the days of sit in your seat and "silent bus"?!

Karla said...

I recommend ifitness belts!! I got the review from chicrunner. I met Yuri at the Las vegas RnR half. He was awesome! LOVE the belt. Its fabulous. no problems at all with it moving while running or anything.