6'0 tall, former athlete, mother of 3, struggling to keep up on the RUN of daily life.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Race for the Cure Prizes

**So here is incentive for those of you who did not participate to join in on the FUN of the next Virtual Race for the Cure!!! Oh how I wish I had a prize for everyone...


Grand Prize
Thank you to our friends at Bondiband HERE

Runner Chick Wicking Hat
$20 value (the actual color is light pink shown in the photo below)
Winner selected from Random.org is MCM Mama

Second Prize
Thank you to our friends at Inperspire HERE

Run for the Cure Towel
$10.00 value and AWESOME for post run
Winner selected from Random.org is Croughwell

Yearbook Style Awards
Sorry folks these are on my dime...but they come with LOVE :)

  • Most Creative Race Bib- Erica
**Prize= Fairy Godmother magnetic fridge pad and magnets
  • Fastest 5K- TMB and her new PR!!
**Prize= Sticker "I know I run like a girl. Try to Keep up."

  • Fastest 10K- Aron beat Katie by 5 seconds with a time of 47:02

**Prize= Sticker "Some girls chase the boys. I pass em."

  • Super Story and CUTE shirts- Amanda, I must admit that her first paragraph sold me a little light flattery will get you everywhere. And anyone who makes a shirt for a Virtual Race is TOPS in my book.. Since she had a buddy, Michelle gets a headband too.
**Prize= Pink Notebook and recovery socks headband

  • Making a Difference Award- I loved MJ and her race report. She supported her 6 year old niece through a 5K. Inspiring the next generation of runners!!
**Prize= Vitasocks

Winners please email me your address to tallmomontherun (@) hotmail (.) com. I am BAD at getting prizes out so bear with me....and who knows what I might toss in there :)

Tall Mom Virtual Race for the Cure- RESULTS!!

This weekend was my first chance to play race director.....

Tall Mom Virtual Race for the Cure

31 runner including Tall Mom

Which is 30 x $15+= $450++
**many donated more than $15 THANK YOU!

AMAZING!! $450 to Susan G. Komen Marathon for the Cure. And Guess What??? With all of your help I have surpassed my $1,500 fundraising goal!!! Little dance in the living room, dimples shining..

Feedback for the Race Director:

1. Provide more race pins, two runners had to share pins. (Thanks Hannah and Michele)

2. Make sure that all runners know about the chip timing and post race beer garden. (Thanks MCM Mama)

3. Provide adequate water stops and do not plan the race route along a busy area with multiple stops (Thanks Melissa)

4. Make sure that all runners know about the race bag swag (Thanks Erica)

5. Make sure the weather is good and there is time so that the race does not have to be done on the treadmill (Multiple runners)

Overall I would say that most had a good time and got a GREAT workout for a wonderful cause. So without further to do here are the...
  • Many runners dedicated their donations to family and friends click HERE for more dedications.

Race for the Cure Race Reports:
*Click names for Race report..

Amanda and Michelle: 10K 1:13:00
These ladies made awesome race shirts and raced in HOT weather.

Aron: 10K 47:02
Speedy lady started the day not feeling like RACING, but came in within 3 seconds of her PR during a virtual race.

Ashley: 5K 24:00
Like many others Ashley was fitting the 5K into her weekly long run.

Beth & Jason: 10K **she does not post times :)
The couple that runs together will cross the finish line together :)

Christina: 5K 27:16

Got an unofficial PR on a track with a tender foot.

Croughwell (Stephanie): 5K 27:09

Let her daughter play and did not get out to run until 9....guess in Hawaii time is not a big thing. She is generally pushing a double jogger, AWESOME!

Darlene: 5K 28:02
She ran her first 5K of 2010 and placed second in her age group!! CONGRATS!

Erica: 10K 1:11:15 (Mileage PR)
This lady decorated her bib and had a blast running her furthest run to date.

Erica H: 5K 32:08
Although I know she was bummed not to have the outfit and course she wanted she still rocked out the miles treadmill style!!

Hannah & Michelle: 10K 1:05
These ladies had a blast and took lots of pictures, even shared pins for their bibs. I am VERY excited to meet Hannah at Rock N Roll Seattle. Hannah was the first donation to Marathon for the Cure :)

JF: 10K
Soon to be Running Mom enjoying a nice run for a great cause.

Katie A: 10K 47:07
This speedy lady makes hitting sub 7's easy!!

Katye: 10K 57:22
You must check out the before and after pictures on this FUN post!

Kera: ?
A member of the Tall Mom 1,000+++ club plugging along in her miles.

Khianna: 15K in the Hills of Central park
She also ran the Colon Cancer challenge. Love the post race raves and rants.

Lacey: first 10K of her tough 20 miler
My adopted little bloggy sister had a tough 20 mile race, she dedicated the first 10K to her mom and grandma both who beat breast cancer!!

Linda: 10K 58:49
This lady is a Cancer survivor and a wonderful spirit. SURVIVOR!!!

Marlene: 1/2 Marathon 1:54:17
My Canadian buddy who I will be hosting and running with in June!!! Strong and swift setting a new PR in a 30K race. POISED for a sub 4 hour marathon for sure...

MCM Mama: 5K 28:16
This lady knows how to set up a water stop and post race beer garden.

Melissa: 5K 28:30 (PR!!!)
Lucky Lady the race started at the end of the driveway! And she got a PR!

Can't wait to meet this local blogger who is training for her first marathon with Team in Training. Running for our friend Lynette's grandma, her mom's friend's sister, and her husbands grandma.

MJ: 5K x 2!!
She ran the race twice and INSPIRED the next generation of runners.

Molly: 10K 1:07: 34
She ran in honor of her mother in law Diane, who is battling breast cancer, and her sister Cathy, who is a breast cancer survivor. Her pink shirt was awesome!

Robin: ??
Love the Turtle Blog, even if she did not post a race report :)

Stacie: 10K 1:00:33 (Yippee)
Dedicating the miles to her Grandma, Irona Heitzmann, who battled breast cancer and is still going strong at 90 and in memory of Virginia Moore and Chris Tryon who both lost their battles but fought courageously and were amazing women.

Tonia: 5K 24:09 (PR!!!)
Can you believe that she got a 5K PR on a treadmill? Can you say awesome!!!

  • What is a Race Report without pictures??? I was BUSY playing photog all across the country, LOL! Thanks to all who emailed pictures..

Hannah and Michelle
MCM Mama
Melissa and her kiddos
Amanda and Michelle
Erica's ADORABLE bib
Erica all decked out and ready to go!!
Katye in a Bondiband of course
Linda happy rockin the pink
Marlene's bib, pretty sure I have her addicated to 3's.
  • The PRIZES will be announced tonight so check back!! Lots of fun things.
  • Thank you again to everyone for making this Virtual Race for the Cure a SUCCESS!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

17 miles and a 5K

Welcome new Tall Mom Bloggy pack members!!! I am often asked how I can keep up with everything. Working full time, running, being a wife and mom and Blogging. Well most times I can, right now fitting everything in is TOUGH!! So the Tall Mom Virtual Race for the Cure Results will be delayed a day as my Computer is acting up and my brain is TIRED :) Thank you for your patience!!!

Stats for 3/27:
Time- 2:56:06
20.1- Miles
8:45- Pace
Fastest Mile- 7:45
Less Fast Mile- 9:11
Overcast and cool day on the Orting trail with Janna and the Fleet Feet Training team.

My Marathon Training plan called for 18 miles with a 4 mile tempo run at the end. I have been adding miles every week so I thought that a 20 milers with 3.1 tempo (aka Race for the Cure) at the end would be GREAT!

Janna is training for her first Marathon and is a 40 year old ball of energy, I LOVE HER!! I finally felt my energy level back to normal and channelled my inner super hero with my outfit.
What you don't see is my pink Asic Kayano 15's that I scored at Sports Authority for $75 with a coupon!!! Asics will cross the Eugene Finish line. It was overcast but I still ended up with a reverse farmer tan, too funny to have white arms and tan shoulders.

The miles passed quickly while chatting with Janna and Paul, the owner of Fleet Feet. One of the coaches had Kazoo's at mile 2 and told us that if we could not get the Kazoo to work we were going too fast. Hmmmm...well we were talking the whole way so I don't think we were going too fast.

There was a Team in Training 5K and 10K Race going on and I saw a guy that I played Volleyball against, too bad there was no time to chat, so I waved and told him I would miss the next game. At the 10 mile turnaround I needed to stretch my IT band, I turned off my Garmin. Is that cheating? I am thinking my next training run of keeping it on for stretching, water refill, etc...

Janna and I talked about how I was HOPING I had the steam for the tempo run at the end. She said that I should just go and she would keep up if she could. Around mile 17 she dropped her phone and I kept going, stopping is not good for me late in a LONG run. The mile chimed and I was OFF!

Tall Mom Race for the Cure 5K:

I could see a few runners ahead of me in the RACE so my game plan was to pick them off one by one. My pace quickened and I saw 6:45 on my Garmin, "Way too fast, you will burn out!" So I slowed and was happy to see 7:45. "Keep it steady!" I was not tired, I felt like a machine, arms pumping as I sped easily past two women. Janna held strong to my left arm but I could tell she was struggling with labored breath. Around mile 18 there was a man 200 yards ahead, so I kicked it up and left my pretty little friend behind.

First mile 7:45!! Head up, arms strong, legs quick, passed the guy... Hmmm no one else ahead of me, I am WINNING :) Then I saw the Rollerblader that we have seen many times on the trail, "Could I pick off a dude on blades?" Worth a try! As I crossed an intersection I saw a girl no taller than my elbow on a pink bike. I thought about all of the people who have donated to Marathon for the Cure and the AMAZING things that can come out of donations big and small. This little girl could get screened early and catch it before it rules her life or better yet this little girl could live in a world without Breast Cancer! IMAGINE!! By the power of my size 10's racing for the CURE!! Second mile 7:45.

Oh I was getting tired, I could feel a blister forming on my right foot. My calves were on fire. Really my mind was tired, not my body. This was a HUGE CONFIDENCE BOOSTER!! I could see the roller dude but he would win today. The Finish was just ahead. The Fleet Feet people stood as I zoomed passed to get in the .1 . Last mile 8:07 and .1 in 7:25.

5K= 24:24 (7:51 pace)

***For some reason I did not eat right away and was running around to get ready to go to the beach. LESSON LEARNED!! Eat or you will feel nauseous. I was car sick the entire 3.5 hour trip to the beach.

******I did not do my usual icing of my knees and calves. LESSON LEARNED! My legs were sore and I know it was mostly inflammation.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Out of the Area

I took a VACATION day to be with my family at the beach.. Tomorrow I will be back to tell you all about my 20.1 miler including the last 3.1 for the Tall Mom Virtual Race for the Cure. I am soooo pleased to have an inbox FULL of amazing pictures and links to race reports. I will have the report tomorrow including the PRIZES!!!

In the mean time comment with your links so that others can check it out. What a HUGE success!!!


Friday, March 26, 2010

Belated High Five Friday

This week has been BUSY. My first High Five goes to the Buyers of our house. I am not sure if the inspector found anything, but they waived the inspection contingency!! HIGH FIVE! Which means that so long as financing goes through on their end we will be moving just before Eugene in 5 weeks :)

I received some High Five requests this week so here goes...

High Five Racing & Events:

Tall Mom Virtual Race for the Cure
Participants HERE
***New adds
Michelle- 10K
Robin- 10K
Christina- 5K
MJ- 5K 2 days in a row

Melissa- Rumpshaker 5K
Zoe- 5K
Laura- 10K Cooper River Bridge
Cathy- (First) Riverton 1/2 Marathon
Laura- Around the Bay 30K
Marlene- Around the Bay 30K
Lacey- 20 Miler

High Five Giveaways:
Please tell them Tall Mom sent you
Cathy- First 1/2 Marathon giveaway Ends 4/2
Laura- Thorlo Giveaway Ends 3/31
Erica- Ryders Eyewear ends 4/2
April- Gu and IFitness belt ends 3/31
Marcia- Running Skirt Ends tonight

I know there are more but I have 20 miles in the morning, so beauty rest is required. Plan called for 18, but I already did 18, so Lioness and I are going to tackle 20 FLAT miles... and you better believe I am going to be decked out in pepto pink for Tall Mom Race for the Cure!! Have fun with it people, you know I will..

I will be out of Bloggy land for the weekend. Things to do, people to see, cities to run, kids to play with, hubby to cuddle...etc... Wishing you all a WONDERFUL weekend! Back Monday with a Long run Recap and Tuesday with the Tall Mom Race for the Cure results and prizes!!!

  • With the help of ALL OF YOU, friends and family I am at 89% of the fundraising goal for Marathon for the Cure!!! (Donation Page HERE) Less than $200 and together we will have raised $1,500 to support Breast Cancer research and early screening!! Truly AMAZING!! HIGH FIVE!!


High Five Friday is a little postponed.. Sorry the buyers had an inspection on our house last night which meant I did not get home until 8:30 and I was too tired to Blog. So I will be back this afternoon with my usual HIGH FIVE antics... In the mean time I hope you enjoy my photos from Mercer Island Half Marathon. Thanks to Marlene for her photo help :)

Yes I am a TOTAL POSER!! The paparazzi would either love or hate me..

This was mile 1 because I still had my toss-away jacket on. I spotted the photog and totally hammed it up :) It is easy to SMILE at mile 1..
Not sure which mile this was, probably after mile 9ish because I took off the bondiband. My racing outfit was pretty perfect for the day. Sugoi tights, Lucy Skirt, Brooks T-shirt and shoes, Balega socks, Moeben Arm Sleeves, Golite handheld, Ifitness belt, and bondiband headband. I am still torn on what I am going to wear for Eugene.
Not all race pictures can be good.. Here is my "Beauty Shot" I look a little like I am about to pass out. But this is not as bad as my Finish Line photo at Railroad days HERE.. LOL, just have to laugh :)
Throw my arms up and glide across the Finish. This is one of my favorite Finish Line pictures so far. The runners around me are so serious.. Cracks me up. Ham it up at the Finish Line people, it is what you have been running to reach for almost 2 hours!!!
PS. Will be back for High Five Friday...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Run Like a Mother"

Guess who is the "Follow this Mother!" feature on the "Run Like a Mother" book website?? Hmmmmm.. Go to this link HERE to find out. Thanks to the lovely Sarah and Dimity for the feature. I plan to purchase my copy of the book tomorrow.. SO EXCITED!!!

Did you know that there is a Book Tour??
To find out if they are coming to a city near you click HERE. For my local peeps mark the date on your calendar!!

Thursday, April 8, 7 p.m. Seattle
Sarah reads @ Ravenna Third Place Books
6504 20th Ave. NE, Seattle, WA 98115
***Tall Mom will be in attendance :) Seattle peeps who is in???

Friday, April 9, 9:30 a.m. Seattle
Sarah leads 5K run @SuperJockNJill
7210 E. Greenlake Dr. N., Seattle, WA 98115
*Wonder if my boss would let me take an early lunch to run a 5K?? May be worth asking.

  • Y0u have a chance to WIN "Run Like a Mother." Go visit Tonia at Racing with Babes HERE. Entries will be accepted until Friday, March 26th. Winner will be selected at random and announced on Saturday, March 27th

I really try not to post twice in a day.. SORRY about that :) Guess what?? The photos from Mercer Island Half are in!! It is official, I am a total poser. Will post the photos tomorrow. Or if you cant wait feel free to click HERE. If you POSE for the photogs they will take your photo, just a little tip for any racers this weekend.

A Tale of 3s

3 Runs:
  • Monday Intervals=
The day after my hilly Half Marathon it may have been a little silly to PUSH it and do intervals, but I am desperate to get back on my training plan. So I did 7 miles with 3 mile repeats, I ROCKED this work out!!! 7:20, 7:12 and 7:28 interval mile splits!!! And a total of 7 strong miles.

  • Recovery Run with AC=
Tuesday I did not have my Garmin so AC (Alex the Canadian) and I went for an easy 4 miler. He has a BIG Hockey tournament this weekend and wanted to get his heart rate up. Due to vacations and work travel we have not been able to run together for well over and month. It was nice to get caught up and have some company on my lunch run.

  • FAMILY 3 Miler=

I was having an off day confidence wise yesterday..and I made it very public on Facebook and Dailymile. With 5 weeks to Eugene I am feeling tired and like I have not put in the miles to get my BQ! UGH!! I am generally so confident, but there are days when Polly Pessimism sneaks in. So I asked muscle Man to go for a run. The first mile chimed at 8:23, which is my BQ pace.. LOL!! If that is not a sign I don't know what is. Mental Block lifted and focus restored. It was 70's so I was testing an awesome Sugoi top. Can you believe that Spring has Sprung???

3 Half Marathons:
I thought it would be interesting to analyze my 3 Half Marathons. The courses for the 3 races were very different. The FUNNY similarity is that I do no have a Half Marathon medal, I need to start picking races with hardware.

Capital City: Rochester: Mercer:

Mile 1: 7:03 6:55 7:59

Mile 2: 7:23 7:24 7:48

Mile 3: 7:48 7:39 7:30

Mile 4: 7:48 7:56 7:50

Mile 5: 8:02 7:58 7:44

Mile 6: 7:56 8:03 7:56

Mile 7: 7:39 7:58 8:01

Mile 8: 8:00 8:16 8:17

Mile 9: 7:25 8:13 8:05

Mile 10: 8:46 8:27 8:33

Mile 11: 8:31 8:35 8:06

Mile 12: 8:21 8:36 9:01

Mile 13: 7:45 8:22 8:42

Mile .?: 6:55 7:52 9:03

Time: 1:43:39 1:47:25 1:47:35
13.1 13.37 13.21
*Started my watch late

What do we learn from these numbers??? Tall Mom starts strong and gets progressively SLOWER.. So that will need to be factored in to my race and pace plan for Eugene. More details soon. And HUGS THANKS to Aron for her advice :)


1. We got the house!!! The inspection went great so now we WAIT... I am SOOOO excited, this has been our goal and I know the new house will be the perfect place to raise our family. This next month is going to be filled with paperwork, price shopping (Blinds, fridge, fence, etc) and MOVING!! The closing date is the week of Eugene.. Hmmm?? Is moving heavy furniture considered Taper?

2. I am still SICK! Cannot get this crud to leave my lungs and sinuses. I just want to be healthy and have my energy back. And I got the Little Studs and Muscle Man sick.

3. My Music needs an update. OK this is not that stressful, but I have had the same tunes since May of 09. And I am TIRED of the songs, I spend half my run hitting SKIP. Some of my Bloggy buddies have sent me CD's, thanks Ladies!! Now I need to find a couple hours to upload the FAST TRACK songs and revamp my Ipod.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tall Mom Virtual Race for the Cure

Here we go the Tall Mom Virtual Race for the Cure is this weekend!!! I am so excited to have 17 people ready to Race. This is my first time as Race Director, so I must admit I made a few mistakes.

1. I should have picked one race distance.. OOPS!! Does everyone want to chose the 10K option?? Hmmmmm??

2. As a Virtual Race I should have allowed people to run any day of the weekend. Thankfully I can fix that one...


WHEN: Friday-Sunday March 27, 2010


COST: $15.00 tax deductible donation to Tall Mom Fundraising page HERE If you would like to give more please see Donation info above.


  1. Go to the Fundraising Page HERE and Donate.
  2. Send Tall Mom an email with your name, Blog address (if applicable) and distance you plan to run/walk. Please let me know if you are running to dedicate to anyone.
  3. Comment on this post to let Tall Mom know you are in!! Please spread the word and invite ANYONE to join. You do not need to have a Blog to join in the fun. Family, friends, neighbors, all are Welcome to this Virtual Event.
  4. Chose your course, Pin on your bib and RUN!! When you are done email Tall Mom the pictures, link to race report and your finish time.


  • The satisfaction of donating to Susan G. Komen for the Cure and a tax deduction for 2010.
  • Every Racer will be linked/listed on Tall Mom blog. There will be special "Yearbook Style" prizes for best costume, most creative way to spread the word, biggest group, etc..
  • All participants will be entered to WIN a prize...more info about the prize soon.

PS. If you can't enter today no worries. We live on one income and I understand how money can be tight. Entry to the Race will be accepted until 3/26.

PPS. Please email me at tallmomontherun (@) hotmail if you have any questions.

AND the RUNNERS are:

How do you like my first effort at a Race bib???

Amanda- 10K

Aron- 10K

Ashley- 5K or 10K
*Donated in memory of her Grandmother.

Beth- 10K

Darlene- 5K
Dedicated to all her friends who have survived breast cancer

Erica- 10K (first)

Erica H.- 5K

Hannah- 10K
I would like to do it in honor of my Mother-in-law, Dorothy. She is a breast cancer survivor

Katie A- TBD Distance
I want to run a race this year for the American Cancer Society in honor of my late FIL who died last year and our other good friend who was just diagnosed with terminal kidney cancer.

Katye- 10K

Kera- 5K

Lacey- 10K
Dedicated to her mom and grandma both who beat breast cancer

Linda- 10K
A Cancer Survivor!!

Marlene- 5K

MCM Mama- TBD Distance

Melissa- 5K
This race will be ran in honor of my aunt who has battled breast cancer TWICE and won and to my friend Vicki whom we lost 2 days ago to cancer.

Micki- 5K
Running for our friend Lynette's grandma, my mom's friend's sister, and my husbands grandma!

Molly- 10K
I'll run in honor of my mother in law Diane, who is battling breast cancer, and her sister Cathy, who is a breast cancer survivor.

Stacie- 10K

Stephanie- 5K

Teacher Woman- TBD Distance
My grandma passed away with breast cancer when I was 5

Tonia- 10K

And there you have it.. If I have forgotten someone please let me know ASAP!!! I feel truly blessed that each of you have taken the time to donate to this amazing cause and you are EXCITED to run this Virtual race...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mercer Island Half Post Race and Lessons Learned

Tall Mom Race Stats:
8:12 Pace
569- Overall
36/228- Division
137- Sex place

Just look at this start line!!! It was PACKED!!!

One picture before the race that I did not get posted on my race report. LOL I sorta snuck in. I also forgot to mention that Janna (lioness) from my Fleet Feet training ran a PR at Mercer and beat me by less than 20 second!! she wanted a sub 2 hour so we did not run together... UGH!!
I crossed the finish line to no-one waiting for me.... this is VERY DIFFERENT!! Normally Muscle Man is there with a hug and a smile. I nearly fell over when I had my timing chip cut off then pulled myself together to go UPHILL to the food and water. I went to the North Side of the tent, not realizing the line was the other way... OOPS! Got an orange, bagel piece and grabbed a bunch of waters for my girls.
  • Then I sat down to text everyone and get status updates. I was tired, beat up and LONELY!! Just then I got a text from Amanda with her time, she had done what I ALWAYS knew she could do!!! She got her coveted sub 2 hour PR and on her birthday!!! My forlorn tired attitude instantly turned and I was filled with JOY!!
I stood up, turned to the tent and there was my friend.... Smiles, tears and one of the BEST HUGS I have had in a long time. It is amazing to know someone can do something, then be with them just after they have done it. We both cried and I was the first to say a heartfelt "I told you so!!" My plan was to pace her for this race, but she did not think she could do it so she told me to run my race. I think the truth was she NEEDED to do it alone.
  • Amanda went to find her friends and little buddy and I headed to the Finish line to greet my girls. I had no energy to cheer. As I stood there so very macho, young and fit looking dudes were chatting. "I got a PR buddy I ran a 2:01." Running still baffles me, I am a mother of 2 and I just beat a pack full of macho, fit and muscle bound men, PRIDE SWELLED inside.
Then I saw my little Zoe (In her tank top and running skirt CRAZY!!), followed by Kerrie and Jill. I handed them the waters I had stashed and we all headed up the Hill. SO EXCITED to be with my girls!! As we hung out and chatted about our races Sarah and her brother (did not catch his name oops) who had just run his FIRST Half and is now addicted. Sarah is adorable and I was sooo glad to meet her!! Amanda's buddy Jessica offered to take a group shot.. Enjoy the progression below:
Posed and CUTE!!
Posed with Little Buddy
Silly Charlie's Angel pose. Sarah wins for the cutest..LOL!!
Ummmm who thought it was a good idea to jump after a hilly half?? Jill and Kerrie win for best vertical. Note Tall Mom can't jump :)
Darn SLOW cameras.. Oh well it is still FUNNY!
It did not rain the entire race, bust just as we snapped the last photo it started to POUR buckets. So we all sprinted to change and meet up at Red Robin. Jill and I found a family restroom in the community center and got pretty, as pretty as we could be after a Half Marathon.
Red Robin and Princess PR opened her gifts from her little buddy.
Love my Jilly.. I am a dork and totally forgot that we have known each other since Elementary school.. Hmmmm little Tall Mom and Jill photo to come very soon. I was STARVED but once the food came could barely eat.
Birthday girl and pretty Zoe. We sat there for a couple hours and just chatted. We have a BLAST when we are together!
Kerrie and Zoe, they got there first and had fries waiting for all of us. SMART GIRLS!!!
  • 1. When you get to a race and the bag check has no line, check your bag!!
  • 2. Next go look at the Start Line so you have an idea of the crowd and when you should get there. We stood around and made it to the PACKED start a couple minutes before the race. UGH!
  • 3. Wearing less clothing is best because you WILL heat up during the race. I FINALLY got this right and was very comfortable.
  • 4. Always warm-up because then you can make sure your shoes are tight enough and all gear is in place. My shoe was too lose and drove my CRAZY most of the race.
  • 5. Wear a pace band if you are hoping for a PR. Doing Math while running is not easy.
That is about all I have for now :) I had an AMAZING Interval run yesterday. Will tell you all about it tomorrow.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mercer Island Half Marathon

Garmin Stats:
13.21 Miles
Time- 1:47:35
Pace- 8:08
Calories- 2,045
Fastest Mile- 7:30 (3)
Less Fast Mile- 9:01 (12)
Overcast and cool, very HILLY course, ran solo.

Emails blasted back and forth with anticipation for RACE DAY! So many friends racing at Mercer. Jill (HERE) and I opted to carpool meeting at 7am. It was GREAT to catch up with Jill, we have known eachother since Junior High and planned our 10 year High School Reunion together in 2007. We arrived really early and putzed around (OOPS).

While in the Honey Bucket line I hear "Are you Tall Mom." LOL!! It was Jen and Zach bloggy runners from Portland. We stood and chatted for a bit, she is running Eugene for a BQ time!! So excited..course she has already run Boston so she knows what it takes. Then we found Kasey, Kerrie, Zoe, Cassidy, and Meghan, but never the birthday girl Amanda. She was smart and got to the line early..

We had to climb down a steep beauty bark hill and down off rocks to a PACKED start area. UGH!! Should have gotten there earlier.

Going in I was TORN:

"I know I won't PR on this course, but should I try? Or should I run with friends for fun?" I did not have the answer until the race started.

Jill snapped a picture and the race S-L-O-W-L-Y started. I wore a toss away coat with my t-shirt and butterfly arm sleeves under. GOOD CALL because I tossed the jacket at .25 :)

Generally I can remember pace by pace, but I was running this race on Dayquil hoping to avoid coughing fits of the "Black Lung."

Fuzzy head bullet recap:

-My legs felt strong but I was tired from only 5 hours of sleep and a busy day on Saturday house hunting and going to Seattle for a Basketball game (my Lady Zags won!!)

-I saw Megs and Cassidy and said a quick "Hi," that was mile 1 and I did not see anyone I knew the rest of the course. LONELY!!!

-I was weaving and passing people left and right, probably not a smart move because I used a lot of energy, but the crowd would not open.

-The course support was awesome saying GREAT things along the way. One volunteer looked me in the eyes and said "You look strong and beautiful!" WOW hello! That was an amazing compliment. They had water stops, a Gu station and many people keep the cars off the roads. Well organized event.

-The views of the water were breathtaking, the green overgrown forests and Million++ $$ homes were not too shabby either. Overall running the ENTIRE ISLAND was a kick.

-At mile 3 I realized my right shoe was too lose, it would drive me crazy the rest of the race.

-At mile 6 there was a very muscular man in a tight black tank walking. He looked like a fitness model, amazing how appearances can be deceiving.

-I took a Gu at mile 7 and proceeded to burp Gu the rest of the race. UGH!!!

-HILLS, my goal is to be positive. And I am positive that I do not train on hills like this. My legs felt like led from mile 9 on. If you look at the topography of this course you will understand. WOWZERS. I heard someone after the race say it was harder than San Francisco.

-From mile 9 on I also had to go pee. LORDY can I have a race without needing to urinate?

-I knew there was a hill at mile 11. I was TRYING to do the Math on what pace I needed to run to PR. Math is tough while running. I knew I had to run sub 8's to PR. I also knew that I had hills ahead, was sick and running on fumes. At that point I gave up mentally on a PR. That in the one thing I am not proud of for this race. I think physically I could have done it, but I did not hang on mentally.

-There were 2 women with LONG hair running with their hair down. PET PEEVE!! I had to pass them, that became my mission. UGH!! Really people?

-The last mile I kept telling myself "4 laps around the track." That mile was SLOW!!! Felt like an eternity. I was ready to be done running.

-I posed for all the photogs on the course, so I am hoping for a PR race pic, if there is such a thing. I ran across the Finish mats with my arms in the air smiling.

-I did not look at the race clock, which is a first for me. In fact I have zero clue how I did according to the Race Directors. Hope to have stats and pictures for my Lessons Learned post later this week.

-Cut my chip and walked Up-Hill (REALLY?) to the water and food. I downed a water and oranges, sat for a minute, went to get my bag and texted everyone!!! I then got my bag, and stuffed it with water for my girls.


Row of Honey Buckets...
Me and Jilly after the race. I bought this Brooks jacket on Amazon for $18+ shipping. Love it!! Thanks to my girls for making this day soooo SPECIAL!!! More details and pictures soon...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

This day ROCKS

We met our Realtor this morning. We got a full price offer on our house and accepted.


So we set out to find new Tall Mom digs. 6 houses later and we found the one. I have always wanted a Yellow house. And we found a 2,800sqft blank pallet ready for us to upgrade as we wish. We put in a strong offer. Now we wait.


I quickly logged on to Blogger to find that I WON the Raffle I have been telling you all about over at Katye's Blog HERE. I could not be more excited. The Pink Ipod I have been hoping for and the money goes to a good cause. And guess what?? You can still enter for round 2!! So go check it out, buy a Bondiband and enter Raffle #2.


This busy anf fun day continues as Muscle Man and I head to Mercer Island to pick uip my packet and drive the course. Then we are going out to dinner and to the Gonzaga Women's Basketball game. Friends and Family I have not seen in ages will be at the game. Good Times.


I truly hope that you all are having an amazing weekend as well. And thank you to everyone for your well wishes on our house. Now we wait and hope that they accpet our offer and all goes well to close in the next month...


Friday, March 19, 2010

High Five Friday

Oh soooo many Self-Fives for Tall Mom today!!!

1. Last night we got a call during dinner that someone wanted to see our house at 7:15. Muscle Man and I sprang into action, making the house is tip top showing shape. Trouble is that Little Stud #1 was feeling sick.. UGH!! Turned on all the lights, opened all the windows, and headed out. We killed time running errands, then drove back half hour later but they were still there... hmmmm?? Could be a good sign. So we drove off and Little Stud #1 proceeded to upchuck in the car, LOVELY!! We went to Fred Meyer to get out of the car and I got a text from our Realtor. They LOVED the house and will be sending an offer tonight!!! Wish us luck that the offer is good and that we can FINALLY start our house hunt.

2. My lovely older sister Jayne has always been sizes smaller than me. However, through running and weight loss I have bridged the gap. She kindly gave me a size medium dress from her closet and I am happy to report that I am wearing it PROUDLY today. THANK YOU RUNNING!!

3. I am finally feeling better. Yes I still require cold pills but I have not coughed in over 12 hours :)

4. I am EXCITED to run the Mercer Island Half on Sunday. My Race Plans are still a little TBD, but you will find out more on Monday after the race report..

5. This weekend will be Gonzaga Women's NCAA Basketball Game, House hunting (hopefully), 1/2 Marathon, and lunch and b-day celebration with Bloggies and buddies.. Oh sounds soooo good!!!

High Five Racing & Events:
Mercer Island 1/2:
Tall Mom
Amanda (Birthday!)
Cassidy and Meghan (No Blog but 1,000+++ Clubbers)
Janna (Fleet Feet Training Buddy)
Jill E
Run With Jill
Stacie- Pacific Rim One Day Run
Steph- Bataan Marathon
Rachel- LA Marathon
Side of Sneakers- Tobacco Road 1/2 Marathon
Bethany and Ryan- New Bedford 1/2 Marathon
Erin- NYC 1/2 Marathon
Marcia- March Madness 1/2 Marathon
Running Commentaries- Shamrock 1/2 Marathon (?)
AJH- Shamrock Shuffle 5K

High Five Happy Birthday:

High Five Congrats:
Shawna- Ran the Rock N Roll Dallas Half Marathon in 1:57:02, this was her first sub 2 hour half and an over 14 minute PR!!

High Five Giveaways/Raffles:
Please tell them Tall Mom Sent you
Melissa- Birthday Giveaway ends 3/25
Katie A- Relay Giveaway ends 4/11
Tricia- One More Mile ends ?
Dorothy- Saucony shoes ends 4/1
Erica- Oiselle Giveaway ends 3/19
Laura- Raffle for Joubert Syndrome ends 3/19
TMB- Training Tag-alongs ends 3/20
Running Through Life- On the Go Giveaway ends 3/27
Katye- Running Skirt ends 3/21
Tricia- Thorlo Socks ends 3/23
Katye- Raffle Fundraiser for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society ends 4/1 ***Please tell Katye I sent you, I could REALLY use a new Ipod!!
Marlene- Kids with Cancer Camp Fundraiser Ends 5/2

***If you would like to be added to one of the lists above, or start a new list, let me know and I will LINK you in (as soon as I can).. Also, if you have something coming up for a FUTURE High Five Friday, email me HERE and I will add it to the Tall Mom calendar….If you give me the info you may end up getting a HIGH FIVE or two, or three…

HIGH FIVE it's Friday!!!

Do you, or anyone you know, deserve a High Five today? Let me know..

Thursday, March 18, 2010

3 Things Thursday

Since I have only 3 minutes to rub together today...I am going to use my favorite Redheads format.

3 Things Thursday:

1. I FINALLY ran yesterday. Not fast and I did not have my Garmin so I am unsure of the distance. After dinner Muscle Man and I pushed the kiddos for about 4 miles. I COUGHED and COUGHED, it was gross! My legs felt strong but my respiratory system was hurting. I am glad that I was able to get any miles in as I am STRESSING about missing training runs. My training has been derailed since my business trip and this sickness. I only hope I can get back on track so that my BQ dreams can become reality.

2. Wow oh wow thank you for the Blogiversary Wishes and the support to Marathon for the Cure. With the help of YOU, friends, family and Co-workers yesterday alone $174.66 was raised for Susan G. Komen. This puts me at 74% and only $396.34 to raise. Hugs to Heather, Stacie, my in-laws, my boss, TMB, Aron, Bethany, Alicia and Marlene!!

3. Meet Penelope the Porcupine. She lives near a cabin high atop the snowy mountains and snacks on food scraps from passers by. I met her while in Colorado and it was a highlight of the trip. Can you believe that people have actually tried to pet her??

**Only a few more sleeps to my first race of 2010!!!

  • How are you today?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tall Mom 1 Year Blogiversary

That is right folks Tall Mom is 1 Year old today!!! I racked my brain to think of what to write about on my Blogiversary. Well my brain is foggy with cold pills so the best I can do is a list. But I know you love lists so here I go. To some of you many of these things you may already know, but for new readers lets get to know Tall Mom.

33 Things about Tall Mom:

1. I played Basketball and graduated from Gonzaga University. My lady Zags are in the NCAA tournament in Seattle on Saturday!! Date night, yippee.

2. My Grandpa Ernie was a professional baseball and semi-pro basketball player. If he were alive today I know he would be very proud of me.

3. "3" is my favorite number, followed closely by 33 and 333 and so on. I can find 3's anywhere, it is a talent. AND I think that it is spreading. I know that some of you have thought of me when you see a 3, admit it you have :)

4. Muscle Man and I met on Match.com.

5. Both of the Little Studs were born before their due dates.

6. I believe that a bad day can be turned around with a Jamba Juice and a hug.

7. I am 30 and proud of it. I ran my first Marathon 12 days after my 30th birthday.

8. Growing up my stuffed Manatee went with me EVERYWHERE, however real Manatees scare me a little.

9. My dimple is a distinct feature that I am love. Both the little studs have dimples!!

10. Reality TV is an addiction that I wish I could kick.

11. My parents totally ROCK!! They supported me by funding and attending all my sporting events, helping me with my homework and making sure I always had what I needed. They are AMAZING grandparents to our Little Studs.

12. If I have chocolate, or any dessert, I need MILK. Always have. I love milk.

13. I am 6'0 tall and have always LOVED being TALL.

14. If I could wear a hooded sweatshirt and jeans every day I would.

15. I do not like being barefoot. I prefer to ALWAYS have socks on.

16. Crooked frames hanging on the wall drives me mad. I have a compulsion to straighten the frames, even when it is not my house.

17. Our boys are VERY different from each other and have been since before Little Stud #2 was born.

18. Little Stud #1 is in a phase where he likes to wear costumes, he just asked me "Mommy does Wolverines muscles look big?"

19. Little Stud #2 prefers to hang out in his diaper and CRIES when we put clothes on him.

20. Our House is for Sale and I cannot wait for it to sell so that I can SHOP for the perfect place for our family to grow.

21. This number makes me think of my Buddy Kiera!! Kiera and her hubby hosted my 30th birthday party and were the driving force in our trip to Hawaii.

22. I love to MATCH, this takes effort and planning. I also love my boys to match, however I am convinced that Muscle Man is a little color blind :)

23. I prefer white cake to dark and vanilla ice cream to chocolate.

24. My game high for Basketball is 40, our family record is 42 set by my cousin Kathy... Oh so CLOSE!!

25. I set up a Facebook Page for Tall Mom HERE but have not talked about it because I have not had time to get it right. Don't Judge :) Become a Fan and you will get up to the minute Race info after the Mercer Island Half.

26. Before Races I get so nervous that I have to visit the Honey Bucket (Porta Potty) Multiple times. I should basically just stand in line until the race starts.

27. I love Canada and Canadians. Muscle Man asked me to be his wife on Canadian soil, it was the PERFECT moment.

28. I am Weather Woman with the power to knock down Wolverine with my wind and lightning blots. BE AMAZED!! (LOL, it is fun to make lists and play with the kids at the same time).

29. I have many many Goals, including qualifying for Boston, writing and publishing a book and owning my own business, to name a few. One of my WORST fears is not reaching those Goals and becoming stagnant.

30. The Eugene Marathon is getting here too quickly but also cannot come fast enough. My training, until the past 3 weeks, has been AMAZING! Until I cross that Finish Line I have no idea what I am capable of in the Marathon.

31. I would love to get a Blogiversary gift from ALL of my readers a donation in a denomination of $3 to the Marathon for the Cure HERE. ($3, $33, $99, $120, you get the idea) Pretty Please :) Huge Thank you to ALL who have donated so far!! BIG hug to Breast Cancer Survivor who recently donated to the cause Linda HERE.

32. I LOVE my husband more than words can express. We are blessed to have found each other, like a puzzle with the perfect fit. Yes he pesters me to no end, but laughter is what keep things FUN. He is my best friend and one of the key reasons that I can RUN.

33. Hard to believe that it has only been 1 Year! I have learned so much from this virtual community. Been blessed by wonderful companies. And worked my tail off to reach some amazing goals for a once overweight Mom of 2. Thank you to EVERYONE who has read even 1 word that I have typed. I am still amazed to have grown a following of so many Bloggy Pack Member friends. I look forward to meeting many of you in the near future!!
Time to blow out my Candle and Make a WISH... Of Course I can't tell you what my Wish is or it won't come true (forgot to mention I am superstitious).

  • What do you WISH for Today??
  • PS. Giveaway Coming soon!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Test Lab Tuesday

Still sick and asking myself the ultimate question:

Will Running today make me better or worse??

Who knows?? But I am zapped so I am going to take one more rest day and hope for the best.

Today is the day I dedicate to all things I review..

Living, Eating and Running

American Pickers:

The History Channel has a gem of a show all about "Pickers." What are "Pickers" you ask? Pickers are people who dig through houses, barns, yards, estates, etc to find antiques or items of value. During my sick day there was an American Pickers Marathon and I sat glued to the TV. The show is mildly entertaining with the main characters driving an over-sized van and making contact with "collectors," hoarders, and strange old men with long beards who have STUFF. These people have so much JUNK it is unreal!! One man had been "collecting" for 30 years and had 5 acres and countless outbuilding FULL of stuff. And some of them will not even part with a piece of rusting old bike frame for $$$. WEIRD!! It is a History lesson and Psychology class all wrapped into an hour. Check it out!

Clif Shot Bloks:
This could really fall under the eating or running category. I am a Gu Chomps girl, but with so many talking about Shot Bloks I had to give them a try. I tested the shot bloks during my Volleyball game, I avoid trying new thing son the run in case my stomach does not approve. The Strawberry flavor was tasty. I did not like the sticky consistency because the chews stuck to my teeth. I also did not notice the energy boost that I feel once I have a chomp. Overall I give these a "B." Gu Chomps are still my favorite, but since Shot Bloks are more widely available they are not totally out.
IFitness Neoprene Double Pouch (HERE):
The wonderful folks at IFitness sent me a belt to "Test". It is black with pink details. I went all out and wore it on my 18 miler this weekend!! Yes 18 miles of test lab fun.
  • What IFitness Says:
Water resistant double pouch will keep your iPhone or Blackberry safe from rain or sweat. A second pouch will keep your energy gels or keys, separate from your phone. An inner pocket will hold your ID and credit cards safely. Two reflector strips in the front for your night time runs. This belt will not bounce, chafe or ride up while you run.
  • Tall Mom Thoughts:
At $26.95 this is a GREAT value!! I love the 2 pocket concept. I used one pocket for things I would not need while running, Key, phone, ID, money, etc. And the second for Gu, Chomps, Chapstick, etc. Although this time of year most gear has pockets in the Spring and Summer months this belt will be a savior. It did not ride up, I hardly noticed I was wearing it. Comfortable!! VERY COOL!!
  • If you have something you would like Tall Mom to put through the Test Lab please email HERE


Ps. Tomorrow is my 1 year Bloggiversary!