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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tall Mom Test Lab Tuesday

Welcome to another edition of Test Lab Tuesday. I was going to TRY to pull together a Valentines theme, but alas my brain does not feel like functioning.

This is the day dedicated to all things I review.

Living, Eating and Running

We went to Target and bought new pillows. Not the one shown above, a cozy King Sized Firm plush pillow. I am in LOVE with my new pillow. I am not one of those expensive pillow people, so the <$20 variety fits me just fine. This is just a reminder, you spend hours in bed make it COZY! A new pillow or sheets can be just what you need to run to dreamland quicker. Flowers:

Valentines week flowers will be OVERPRICED!! But oh how pretty. The photo above is of an arrangement leftover from an event at work. Wow does this make my day. Maybe not this week, but be sure to buy yourself flowers on a week you know you will be busy (at work or home). It is like bringing sunshine inside.

Pho Noodle Soup:
Wikipedia says: The soup includes noodles made from rice and is often served with basil, lime, bean sprouts and peppers that are added to the soup by the customer. If you have never had Pho you are missing out!! Anytime I am feeling under the weather I head to Pho and the magic broth and noodles fix me right up. Which reminds me, I should go today, I still can't kick this STUPID cold!

Golite Vermillion Thermal Full-Zip Hoody (HERE):
The wonderful folks at GoLite sent me the Hoody to TEST around Christmas time. I forgot about it, OOPS! Finally wore it on my training half this weekend HERE.

  • What GoLite Says:
Fast-drying athletic style for all your aerobic outdoor activities. Materials:230 g/m² 35% Minerale™ polyester, 65% PTT polyester brushed fleece. 10 oz.

  • Tall Mom Thoughts:
The fit is spot on, long waisted and made of soft fabric. The bright color and zipper pockets make this go-to gear for fall/winter/spring running. I felt comfortable and was really happy with the snug fit.
  • Gripes:
The zipper neck comes up pretty high, I think this would work well if I was wearing the hood which I will TEST on a rainy day soon. I just zipped to where it was comfortable and it was good. The price may be a bit high for most people, but the quality is well worth the hefty tag.

GoLite Hydroclutch HERE:
I have talked about this handheld before, but since I am reviewing GoLite thought I would mention it again. I TRULY BELIEVE that this handheld will be my Marathon savior. When I slow down for water stops I have a hard time getting going again. I also love to drink on my terms. This light weight handheld has a zipper pocket big enough for a key, Gu, Chomps, license, etc. And I hardly notice it while on the run.

Inperspire Towels (HERE):
Click on the website and you will be instantly impressed with the marketing and style of this company. I love the combo of two words "Inspire" and "Perspire". Yesterday I got SWEATY!! and wow did this towel come in handy.
I will have more info about Inperspire in the weeks to come, for now go shop around, I think you will like what you see!!

Mel's Music:
I have had Ipod issues lately. When Muscle Man and I were researching the cost to replace my first generation shuffle it STRANGELY started working again. Hmmmm.. Anyhow I have had the same play list since my Marathon in June!!! Since I am CHEAP I thought of a way to get some great running music, I asked my bloggy friends. Lacey, Aron, Morgan and Zoe were sent the email "Helps Mel's Ipod" and look what came in the mail yesterday. My first mixed CD from DJ Master Lacey :) I can hardly wait to upload and channel my inner Lacey Speed.
PS.. If you have a CD with music you think I would like email me, I WELCOME new music.
  • Speaking of SPEED....
Stats for 2/8:
Time: 21:59
3.1- Miles
7:05- Pace
Busy at work so barely had time to fit my lunch run in.
Wow my day at work was BUSY yesterday. My Angel co-worker let me escape for a few and careful not to take advantage I opted for a QUICK run. Which meant 5K AS FAST AS MY TALL MOM LEGS WOULD TAKE ME!! The day was perfect, warm, no wind. I passed 3 men who were dripping in sweat...hmmm?? My legs felt strong and I focused on my arm swing, foot strike, core and quads. My Ipod blared in one ear as I travelled the miles easily. I was getting hot and I could feel my body urge me to slow, but I only had .5 to the FINISH. When I plugged in I realized that I had run just 5 second short of my current 5K PR. WHAT? Love it!! I was dripping in sweat, grabbed my "I Run Because I Can" Towel snapped the photo above, changed and got back to work. Not bad for a mid day Run.
  • If you have a product you would like to see featured on Test Lab Tuesday please send me an email to tallmomontherun (@) hotmail.
  • We are on the hunt for Windows Software for our new laptop, any recommendations on the best and cheapest way to get it?



*I was sent products free of charge from Golite and Inperspire, the opinions are my own, I was not provided any compensation for my review.


Pining for Pinterest said...

I love the handlheld water bottle. I never notice it is there either! I also like that it holds my key :-)

gba_gf said...

I'm currently putting my own Itunes back together from the "great crash" of 2009. Let this be a lesson to all of you - BACK UP YOUR I-TUNES!

Anonymous said...

The towels are cute!

Laura said...

I love me some Pho...will be scouting out some in NYC this weekend. Great job again on your speedy times.

Kerrie said...

Dude. Mr. T can get you the Windows stuff at the Company Store. Just e-mail me.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the handheld water bottle review. I'm thinking of getting one because I don't like to always rely on the water stations to be there when I need them! :)

Redhead Running said...

Thanks for the reminder I need to get you that CD!!!!! FAIL! :)

That jacket looks stiff? Is it stiff?

TX Runner Mom said...

I love my handheld bottle! Oh and I like that towel!

Marlene said...

Good stuff!

Ahhh, nice bedding & pillows are some of my FAVORITE things. Love to be cozy. I have the SOFTEST blanket that I keep on the couch for TV/reading/laptop/lazy time. Love it.

How sweet of Lacey - she always seems to have awesome music. I'm sure that will get you moving!

Anonymous said...

i love that jacket and towel! some great stuff here :)

Momma Twitch said...

I wanted that jacket so bad! Runner's Warehouse had it on sale, but sold out of my size SOO quick!

The towel's awesome too!

Question...how do you become a product tester for all this cool stuff??

Katie A. said...

I just jumped on the handheld bandwagon at my last trail race and I can honestly say I don't know what I did without it before! I don't think I could carry one for 26.2 miles but for med long training runs, they are awesome!
SPEEDY workout my friend! Very cool pace! Keep up the good work ;)

teacherwoman said...

I might have some music you like... but, I don't know what kind you prefer!

That towel is too cool!

Lisa said...

Ah, new pillows and sheets are fantastic!! Like sleeping in a whole new bed!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I love that hoodie! So cute.

I am still impressed that you can run on your lunch break. Aside from being speedy quick running you must be a fast change artist!!

J said...

Great job on the run speedy!! I want one of those handheld water bottles but i already have the nathan water pack thing...so much cool running gear and not enough time to use it!!

ChristyB said...

Check out www.gomusic.ru. You can buy songs for $.09 each. It's a steal! I set up my account and load $30 and it seems to last forever.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Also check out the SteveRunner podcasts-- they're free and awesome.

So jealous you can run at lunch, I never can... takes me way too long to get ready!

Twincerely,Olga said...

greatpost!!damn you run fast!!!I hope to just an 8 minute mile!!WoW!!!I like that hand held bottle thing!I am going to have to get one!!stop by:)

p.s. I love all your new pics!You ibspire me to do the same

Jen said...

I love those handheld bottles too. I have used one for years.

Can't run today either... wishing I had a treadmill.

Love the coat too... It looks warm

Stephanie said...

Love your blog...You are "so real" and down to earth...It cracks me up!!! All of the pics you take crack me up too. Reminds me of me and my BF who run together...always taking random pics after our runs...people probably think we are crazy, but we LOVE it!

I had a question...how do you get to test try all of the different products? Looks like sooo much fun!

Thanks again, and I will continue to read/follow,

Twincerely,Olga said...

I just bought the water bottle!!:)

Twincerely,Olga said...

yes,how do I get to have peeps want me to test stuff??really all I do is obssess about running and running and more running!!LOL I might be a cadidate for a meeting

Heather said...

Great speedy lunch time run - that's awesome! I so need a handheld water bottle.

Char said...

So what kind of music do you like exactly?

Zoë said...

I'm working on my music for you! :)

Jameson said...

I like that hoodie a lot, it seems most awesome running gear is designed for woman more often than men.

Denise said...

Nice jacket from GoLite...I love it!!!

ajh said...

I love the hoodie. I covet the hoodie.

Badgergirl said...

I like the hoodie. Looks like it'd be comfy.

And the track list from Lacey's CD looks like it's full of good stuff. If you ever want more music, I could hook you up, Lacey seemed to enjoy the mix I sent with her Secret Santa gift.

Erica said...

Totally have to try Pho as I am currently battling some sort of nasty cold! The hoodie looks fun too!

烤肉 said...

Since it is the early worm that gets eaten by the bird, sleep late.............................................

I Run for Fun said...

Great reviews! Thanks, Mel. I love the hoody, but it is not in my price range, with all the running-related stuff I have been buying. Maybe I should drop some hints and wait for Santa to deliver this Christmas?

Anonymous said...

such great stuff! love the hoodie! great run on your lunch!!!

Melissa said...

great post! That water bottle looks awesome!

Love the idea about the ipod music. That would be a great swap idea. My itunes on my computer got erased and I am really struggling with the idea of having to replace all that music!