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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Recovery Sock Giveaway

A few of you had some GREAT guesses as to why I am excited today...Yes it is 3 months to Eugene Marathon....but I am really excited because it is the 33rd day of the year :) Eventually you will all be seeing 3's! So what better to do on this lovely day than to have a GIVEAWAY!!

Last year at the Seattle Rock N Roll Marathon expo I met Marco at the Recovery Socks booth and was given the AMAZING Recovery Sock. Since then the pink beauties have been my "day after long run" and "any other time I am sore" go-to socks. I run in the socks, play volleyball and even sleep in my socks. Today you ALL have the opportunity to own a pair thanks to the Giveaway Sponsored by The Recovery Sock (HERE).

1 Pair of Recovery socks
Size and color of your choice
**And there will be a few runner-up prizes of vitality socks and headbands shown in the photo above.
One comment for each entry Pretty please..
  • 1. Go to the The Recovery Sock Website HERE, look at the products, what size and color you would like if you win? Leave a comment.
  • 2. While on the website HERE look around, provide feedback about the website, good and constructive, tell me anything you learned, leave a comment.
  • 3. Become a Fan on Facebook HERE, leave a comment.
  • 4. Tell me a GOOD story about post run or race recovery, describe your soreness and the things you did to feel better, leave a comment.
  • 5. Link this Giveaway on your Blog, post on facebook, tell a friend, tweet, etc.. Every time you mention this giveaway come back and leave a comment. (Entries are limitless)
  • All members of the Tall Mom 1,000+++ Club who are within 75% of the goal mileage, 89 miles by 2/10, will be automatically entered to win.

Contest ends and Winner(s) selected 2/10/10

**Thank you Marco and The Recovery Sock!!


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Betty Bliss said...

I would love the Fuschia for women in small!!

Marlene said...

400+ comments?!? Incredible!!

I linked again here!

Bryan Hojo said...

Great Blog Tall Mom. I dont see many men leaving comments. I would definately sport a pair of these throug any long run in any color. I also like they have a deal for arm sleves. Charlotte gets a little cool and with long sleves and long socks it makes a mid 30s run just warm enough.
I have been researching different calf recovery socks and these look great. They beat the ones I'm using now. I have the compression socks they give old people for circulation. They are good for post run or to sleep in after a long run. Big problem is they don't wick away the sweat. This post was at a good time I ran through 12.3 today with a sore right calf. My "Stick" is being held captive in my vehicle at the dealership. I have been using ice, but its not as good as the "Stick." With a chance to win a pair the brighter the better. I could even sport the pink this year in the race for the cure. Thanks again for posting a chance to win.

Kris said...

Would love a small pair of fuchsia recovery socks!

Kris said...

Used a pair of 'freebie' recovery socks post Kona IM this year and they really helped cut down on soreness. Am thinking that a good pair could only improve things!

sAm said...

I'd get the white socks. Tempted by the hot pink, but I'd have to go all old-school with white.

sAm said...

I've been thinking about recovery socks for awhile - I found their site very informative as to what the socks actually do to help with recovery after a long or hard run. Now I know I NEED a pair. Great.

RunHapi13 said...

I would love to win the Fuchsia Recovery Sock...I coach a team called Pink Nation and I would wear them proudly!

RunHapi13 said...

The website is informative but I think the colors are a bit dull, and they could definitely make it more brilliant!

RunHapi13 said...

I am now a FB Fan! Thanks!

RunHapi13 said...

After attempting my Boston Qualifier in Myrtle beach, I was on pace thru mile 21 but tearing my hamstring did me in. I walked backwards for 5 miles, holding my butt, crying but cheering on other racers! It was amazing! Afterwards I discovered ART - Active Release Technique - and was able to stay active through my injury and healing, and was back running within weeks! Well worth crossing the finish line walking backwards and the announcer saying "Here comes Dee from Mechanicsville, Va and...it looks like...her butt hurts!"

RunHapi13 said...

I have posted your Recovery Socks Giveaway on my blog! Fingers crossed!

Lady Em said...

became a facebook fan!

Lady Em said...

I would totally dig the fuchsia in a small!! =) woo-hoo!

Katie A. said...

Just linked the giveaway again! Whoo hoo! I gotta win :)

Newly and Forever, Tamantha said...

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win a pair of medium fischia Recovery Socks...I have been coveting these for soooooo long, to wear after my long runs. I really need the compression and support due to the frequent fatigue and swelling in my lower legs..sadly, my varicose veins are mostly to blame. It wouldn't hurt to have a bit of help after a long run! Plus, they are so stinkin cute! Thanks for the opportuntiy!

Newly and Forever, Tamantha said...

I learned they have fuschia arm warmers...eek! Socks to match would be awesome!

Newly and Forever, Tamantha said...

I swear by an ICE COLD Diet Mtn Dew after a long, hot run on a summer day...of course, that also includes some healthy fluids and carb/protein snack..hehe...

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