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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Welcome to the new Tall Mom Bloggy Pack Members and Readers! For FUN I post my mid-week Marathon training runs in the form of ABC bullet topics with 3 bullets for each letter. Gives me something to think about while I run. Next week will be STU and so on... Can you tell I am a Mom?

Stats for 2/24:
Time- 1:04
7.06- Miles
9:06- Pace
Relaxing run in the rain with Amanda on my lunch hour.

P- Perfect
  • It worked out perfectly that Amanda at 5 Miles to Empty had time to meet me on my lunch break!! She even arrived early, sooo proud of her! I was still plugging away when she texted, my head had not left my computer the whole day. Got to the Locker room and realized I had no idea what the weather was outside. Text again and Amanda is nearly a native Washintonian with her response "It's currently not raining but could at any moment." Boy was she right.
  • I realized that we would be taking the bridge toward Kerrie's work, TOTALLY spaced and did not connect with her again. Less than perfect timing I texted her just before I darted out the door, no time for her response. We did not see her on the run, but I did show Amanda how to get to her work, so I helped a little. Sorry Kerrie!
  • 7 miles can be BORING but is perfect with a buddy. I felt like a running tour guide showing Amanda all my fun places pictured on the post HERE. She even got to know my training hill, which I think she respected...not as easy as it looks. The hill is followed by a beautiful hidden Oasis, reward for the hard work.
Q- Quantity/Quality
  • I just looked at my Dailymile.com account and realized that I have run 8 days in a row. How did I reach that quantity? Wow! Last week I wanted to test running 6 days in a week and sorta lost count. I have not had any soreness or burnout, crazy right? Guess I can up the days on my plan. I know that the body needs rest, but it is very good to realize that I can push a little more than I have been. Maybe from 4 to 5 or 6 days a week.
  • There was a lady in some high quality gear....tough! She was running hair down and in jeans. Wow! Props. Not sure what she was running away from or toward, but she look determined. I will never run in Jeans, ouch! Course she probably thought I looked pretty silly running in bright orange short sleeved shirt in the winter... hey I got hot!! Pretty sure Zoe is rubbing off on me, or maybe I am getting tough, who knows? Guess the chills of Colorado will be the true test.
  • Each and every training run this Marathon training cycle has been high quality. With just over 2 months to my "A" race in Eugene and a BQ attempt I am feeling very strong and very confident. It may not happen on that day, but not for lack of effort and focus on my part. I truly feel that having partners to run with has made the training so much more fun...so THANKS to all my amazing buddies!

R- Rain/Running Skirt/Real
  • Toward the end of our lovely run the RAIN came pouring down, buckets really. UGH! Some days I luck out, not today. thank goodness I wore my hat. I truly don't mind the rain, especially when it holds off for most the the 7 miles. We posed for a post Run photo...not too shabby for after an hour of running.

  • I loved Amanda's outfit, her running skirt was very cute. I still do not own a Running Skirt from the Running Skirt Twins, I would love to try one. Hey maybe I can win one from Tricia HERE Giveaway ends 2/26. Not sure at my height if I could pull it off, I am more of a spandex girl for comfort....and I just got 2 new pairs of Sugoi (HERE) tights to test...YIPPERS!
  • There has been some speculation that the trail photographed for my article is fake. I assure you it is very real. The bright green moss is growing and taking over the pavement and is pretty darn slippery. Below are a couple photos of Amanda, no photoshop involved, just a very cool trail!!

And yes my buddy Amanda is a REAL DORK!! That is why I Love her, we have the dork factor in commong. Thanks for coming to visit me at lunch, lets do it again soon.... date with hills?? Hmmmm....


***If you would like to Donate to Susan G. Komen and the efforts to fight Breast Cancer please visit my Marathon for the Cure donation page HERE. Any and all denominations will help toward this amazing cause.. With the generous donations thus far I have reached 44% of my goal to get to $1,5oo. THANKS!!!


Unknown said...

That is too funny about the woman running in jeans. I saw a guy running in khakis the other day and wondered if he was just out for exercise or actually running to/from somewhere.

Stephanie said...

I am with you on the running skirt. I think they are SUPER cute and have been thinking about ordering one from runningskirts.com, but am not sure if I am a running skirt type of girl or not??? I tried on a Nike running skirt at Dicks the other day...not too bad, but still not sure?
Let me know if you order one...I would love to know your feedback. I will probably buckle down and buy a black one, just to see what I think. If I do, I will let you know. (I a pretty tall too 5'8...not as tall as you, but I have long legs)

Marlene said...


Anna said...

I must have missed it ... why are you going to Colorado?

Lucky to have a great friend to run with on your lunch break :)

Marlene said...

AWESOME having a buddy over lunch and sooo lucky to have that beautiful trail on your doorstep. It looks amazing out there... much better than my snowy slushy sidewalks that I currently run on!

I know, I should (Q)uit complaining and be more (P)ositive because (R)eally, it could be worse. ;)

Hannah said...

Colorado is so great - I am sure youo will love running there.

I think the moss is so incredible in the pictures. Reminds me of a fantasty world. Heck, I think it is a fantasty world because your weather is awesome!

I'm not sure about the running skirts. They are SO cute, but I have serious inner-thigh-rubbing-together issues. Boo!

Denise said...

yea for dorks!!

great job with the 8 days of running!!

Katie A. said...

8 days of running - awesome job! Now enjoy a day off , will ya?
So cool you can run at work - I am very jealous of that right now :) Happy Thursday my friend!

Alisa said...

P--perfect peeps. You have found the perfect way to not get bored---running buddies!

Q--quality. I'm trying to stick thinking in terms of quality but sometimes it's hard when I read about all these peeps running mega miles to not get discouraged.

R--running skirts are awesome. I used to ONLY run in them, now I have a bit more variety but they are fantastic! Plus, they are cute to boot. Word to the wise, if you do get one someday order one size up---not b/c they run particularly small but b/c it'll make it slightly longer and for us tall chicas it's important to have the length.

Jill said...

Nice PQR's today, Mel!! I love the green on your trail...it's gonna be awhile before I see that here!

Hey, I may be in the mts on Sunday late afternoon afterall, forgot I have Monday off work and am going to stay in Breckenridge. Let me know if you have time for a quick visit, maybe we can still hook up briefly.

Fay said...

FYI - runningskirts.com sells an "athletic" style running skirt - it has built-in compression shorts underneath and it runs about an inch or so longer than the traditional running skirt. Perfect for us longer-legged ladies :-)

Redhead Running said...

(P)erfect is what the weather is looking like for Gasparilla on Sunday! Keep your fingers crossed!

(Q)uality run is what I'm looking on race day.

(R)eal nervous is what I am.

Can you tell I have race day on the brain?!?! :)

Sarah said...

I see people running in weird clothes all the time! I just don't get it. Then again, I was so hot the other day, I ended up taking off my shirt and running in my sports bra. Never thought that would happen!! LOL

Love the moss path. Very cool!

Pining for Pinterest said...

I could never run in jeans!!! I hope you are having a great day!

Cassie said...

I once paced against a man in wet jeans in a 5k a few years ago! Let me tell you, that was motivation! I told myself there was no way in HE** I was gonna finish behind him!

Velma said...

Pretty Qute (get it) runners! Way to rocket up the miles. Extra mileage will really help your endurance for the full 26.2. Nice!!!

Kerrie said...

No worries, lady! I had quite the adventure. :)

Twincerely,Olga said...

8 days in a row!! wow!!! Running in jeans?? that just doesn't seem right ya know???

Heather said...

Nice lunch time run - and great pics! I have lots of running skirts and I love them all. :)

teacherwoman said...

Nice job on the 8 days of running.... crazy girl! :) glad to hear you like the music I sent you, thus far! I am sure you have some of those songs, but I wanted to have my ground covered!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

I just got some Brooks Running Jeans!! They are awesome!!!

Just kidding!! Ha ha!!

Maybe, just maybe I can meet you up for some hills. Especially since Mercer is going to kick my booty otherwise. My running consultant (just an old-timer running dude) told me today that Mercer would be equivalent to the 18 miles on my plan due to the hills. Um......not what I wanted to hear AT ALL. So maybe when you return from your trip we can meet up for some hillage.

Mary said...

I love my running skirt and I am tall too! (not as tall as you but close) There is too much snow here now for them but I love mine in the spring/summer/fall!!!

MCM Mama said...

NIce job on the running for 8 days in a row! My body starts complaining if I do more than 3 in a row.

I've seen people lifting weights in jeans, but not running (yet).

Jameson said...

Epic trails, they look like so much fun to run on.


order the skirt already! you are super cute and will look super cute in one. And you can always get the ones with the compression shorts ... awesome job on the 8 days in a row!

ajh said...

I am going to miss these alphabet days when you get to the end.
P - Practical for running is NOT what anyone would say about jeans. Was that woman nuts?

Q - Quality runs are the ones on the weekend with my friend, T. She gets me out there no matter what the weather. Great talks. We know tons about each other because what you talk about on the run, stays on the run!

R - Racing rocks my world.

Kelly said...

I love running skirts and I think you could totally pull them off! But I also LOVE your abc bullet points, so fun and mom like :)

prashant said...

Colorado is so great - I am sure youo will love running there.

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Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I finally found a Peaceful moment to catch up on blogs. Your running dates are becoming Quite common! Lucky you. I usually feel best with very little Running Rest. 1 day a week max.

Running Diva Mom said...

That's so awesome you can get a run in over the lunch hour. I would never have the time to do that and get back into my work/dress clothes. It's so cool, because I'm sure it gives you more time with your family in the evening. You're a multi-tasking mama for sure!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Good Luck running your Virtual marathon leg this weekend! We are going to do GREAT!!!

Have a great trip too! Enjoy CO!