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Monday, February 15, 2010

Million Inch +++ Run

Welcome new Bloggy Pack members!! HUGE hug and thanks to MCM Mama (HERE) for her generous donation to Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer. If you would like an easy way to donate to the Cause click HERE. Or you can join in the Fun of the Virtual Race for the Cure, details HERE.

Stats for 2/13:
Miles- 16.34
Time- 2:23:33
Pace- 8:45
Fastest Mile- 8:14
Less Fast Mile- 9:16
Drizzly rainy day running the Million Inch++ Run on Interurban trail.

I got an email from a local Race Director who puts on FREE races. I forwarded the email to local Bloggy buddies Amanda, Kerrie and Zoe, I really should have people sign release forms when they join me :)

Kerrie and Zoe Parked at the Finish since the course was one way running from Auburn to deep in Tukwila on the Interurban trail. I planned to wear bright pink to match Zoe, but when I saw the rain I opted for my trusty Patagonia jacket. I was SOOO Excited when Amanda pulled in it had been too long.

Here we are festive and ready to RUN! Look at the funny guy to the right. We gathered together for announcements, Race Director Steve said there would be Orange arrows (chalk arrows and rain do not mix, just sayin) and 2 water stops manned by his beautiful daughter. He also announced that the 15.78 mile course was actually 16.4, Amanda was not there to hear that part. I opted not to tell her, probably a BAD choice on my part SORRY AMANDA, I just didn't want to hurt her spirit.

Some guy commented on our socks and told us he was wearing a pink jock strap... Ummmm?? Lets RUN!

The lovely Kerrie took photos along the way. This course is BORING! Long flat pavement with dry brush grass, train tracks, warehouses and puddles. My plan was to run the first 8 at BQ pace, Zoe joined me. It was WEIRD, I felt drained from the first step, no energy at all. Zoe told me to turn on my Ipod, which works with my old earbuds, but the cord is shorter so I was having issues.
Although I was tired the miles passed quickly, here is the bullet point version:

-We saw many couples, Amorous birds together for Valentines- Ducks cuddles together on a log, and kissing crows. This lead me to say "If I were a Duck I would not live on the side of this boring trail, I would pick a sweet lake."

-Soon after there was a HUGE nest I dubbed the Hawk Mansion, which lead me to say "If I were a hawk I would have the biggest nest in the tallest tree."

-Our Socks were attention grabbers, a Man on bike said, "Are you with the other girl with the socks?" Hmmmm.. "Yes we are." Glad to know that Amanda was still plugging along. And a girl on an arm powered bike said "Love the socks." As much as I LOVED the socks, I wont be wearing festive socks for anything above a 5K again. My toes are not happy.

-There were several Cross walks at one an older lady pushed button and we got there at the last second and sprinted across, come to find out that woman was 67. WOW!!

-Once we got to mile 8 we were both ready to slow. I took a Gu that QUICKLY worked.

-Just about then we hit my usual lunch run stomping grounds, the not pretty part. Interurban trail is long, straight and BORING. I started to be very chatty. Telling Zoe about all my adventures. She may or may not have turned up her music to tune me out, I would not blame her. The Gu really did the job!!

-We hit the water stop, thank you pretty daughter! We both had Orange Gatorade. Not sure why the course did not take us down my usual pretty path instead we took a short cut that ended by the soccer fields.

-On the trail there were 2 Canadian Geese, we coined a new term "Gice", If you would like the proper way to pronounce the word imagine Goonies "Hey you Gice" and you have it right. We both chuckled.

-We briefly stopped at a Casino to play "roulette". As we came out there was a pack of men rounding the corner, my competitive fire sparked and we sprinted ahead.

-I am sooooooo glad Zoe was there to direct, because I did not see the path to the right and the arrow had washed away. (Kerrie missed this turn and had a .5 mile detour)
-True to my runner Bird watching form I spotted a large beautiful Hawk, we joked that SAM sent his relatives to watch over us, just then a Seagull flew by, Sam's slow cousin who could not find us "Where are you Gice?"

-Along the path was a Mint Green Square house. I am not sure what the architect for this house was thinking. Perfect square, 3 windows, VERY STRANGE.

-The men had disappeared and it was Zoe and I headed to the Finish. My legs felt strong, I could have kept going. Zoe urged me to try for a Finish line kick, and it worked, we sprinted in to the non Finish Line. Free race, what do you expect?? We stopped our watches a few times along the course so the time is not totally accurate, but it counts for the parts we were running.
Me and Zoe at the Finish. The man in the Red is Steve and his daughter is in the SOAKED sweatshirt. We chatted for a bit then headed out to find our friends.
Amanda texted me and said she got to 15.78 and there was nothing so she stopped. UGH! I should have told her. Come to find out she had major pain and had been toughing it out for over 9 miles. We found her and gave a quick hug. Then went to Kerrie's van to refill out water with her Emergency water jug.
  • We were freezing but kept walking, Kerrie had texted me and had taken a wrong turn. We found her and made a moving finish line. The photo at the end did not upload, will have to add it later.
I am SOOOOO PROUD of my girls, they all have new highest Mileage PRs and did it on a rainy day on a BORING trail. This was for sure great Marathon mental prep training.
Fun photos after the Run. Kerrie us all Valentines sports beans and gave me some Bulldog socks for Little Stud #2, Thanks Kerrie!! We had crossed 3 cities, it took a LONG time to drive back, really puts the distance into prospective. WOW!
COLD!!! Kerrie had to go but the rest of us changed in our cars and headed to Red Robin.
We probably looked sooo funny all wearing Bondibands, but we did not care. Amanda ordered coffee, good idea! A Round of coffees to warm up, I was wearing my gloves inside because I was soo cold. We ordered and proceeded to stuff our faces. The conversation flowed easily and it was a BLAST just hanging out with these lovely ladies. This is just a preview of the FUN we will have at the Mercer Island Half on 3/21 (Amanda's Birthday!!).
  • PS. How was your Weekend?


Tricia said...

Youre so lucky to have such wonderful ladies to run with. :)

RunToTheFinish said...

I adore the outfits and your huge smiles!!

runningtwig said...

I just discovered your blog and I wish I had done it earlier! I'm another tall (although I don't think I'm as tall as you...I'm only 5'10) running mom.

I wish I had done it earlier and joined the 1000 mile club, but I'm way behind.

Great blog!

Jen said...

Hope your toes forgive you. Love the detailed race report. Felt like I was running with you.

Aimee said...

The guy in that first picture cracked me up! Ha ha.

Congrats on your run...what a great accomplishment! It also looks like you had a lot of fun with your running buddies! It must be so nice to have friends to run with.

Ewa said...

Cool socks. :)
This is a wonderful report. Thanks for sharing. Really makes me want to go out and run no matter how boring the area.

Jill said...

That guy in the picture is funny! Great race report. Sorry to hear about the socks...I hate those hard lessons. Great job on doing so well with your time! You are AMAZING. What a fun running day. Love all the pictures.

Did you guys havae a good V-day? What did you do?

AM! said...

love the skirts, and did you all really stop and play roulette along the way??! that's funny!
almost as funny as the guy in the background of your first pic;-)

Anonymous said...

you really look so cute in your running outfit! you are so lucky to be able to run with friends. i need to move to your neighborhood...so that you can motivate me.

Momma Twitch said...

Mmmm! Those burgers look YUM!
My weekend was fun. I did my longest run ever! :)
Great job on your race!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Awesome recap!! That pack of men that nearly caught you guys out of the casino must have been the pack that passed me when I was dying. =)
How did I miss all the bird business? i really need to work on paying more attention to things. The only thing I noticed were all the dead bird feathers scattered everywhere!

You and Zoe did awesome!

i can't wait to run with you all again!!!

Anonymous said...

How cute are you girls? How fun that you bloggers were able to run this together! So much fun and congrats to all of you!

I ran the Austin 1/2 this weekend and surpassed my expectations by about 10 minutes!! And celebrated yet another birthday ;)

Lisa said...

Sounds like an interesting (albiet boring) run. At least you had fun friends to enjoy it with! Way to get 16 miles in!

My weekend was good. I enjoyed a great and relaxing Valentine's Day with my husband!

Redhead Running said...

Ya'll seriously have so much fun! Good job ladies and such cute outfits!

Tip on the socks: wear your normal run socks and wear the cute sock over top but cut off the heel and tips.

I ran my final 22 miler and rocked it!

Emily said...

I LOVE the outfits! What a shame the socks hurt you! Next time cut off the feet and wear them like shin guards?

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Love the sock! They are so cute.

Glad you guys enjoyed your non-race race. What fun it must be to run with your friends.

I finally got outside this morning...and now it's snowing again. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

i'm getting such a kick out of your pink knee highs :) awesomeness!

Jill said...

I love those socks, so fun!!! :) You have a great network of wonderful running friends, nothing more valuable!!! Have a great week, Mel!

Suzy said...

Free runs are the bomb! Yeah, they don't have all the perks, but they are FREE!! And, to make it better, you had some great people to run with. Congrats to all.

Oz Runner said...

nothing like a fun day of running with friends....

teacherwoman said...

What fun outfits! Nice run, girl! And great pics too!

Erica said...

One of these days when I get good at running I am going to fly across the country and run with you guys, you are all so cute in your pink socks!!! It sounds like although the weather was dreary and your race actually ended up being longer you had a great time!! I have lots of Gice around my lake that is such a fabulous word! hehe Great job ladies!

Katie A. said...

I love reading your run recaps - so detailed! I just zone out when I run and never remember a THING! LOL!
I need running buddies! Congrats to all the girls for toughing it out and finishing! Happy Monday!

Denise said...

looks like you had so much fun...on a mentally tough run, too. Great job! and cute outfits!

TX Runner Mom said...

Love the socks!!!

Kerrie said...

Too funny! I thought the same thing about the "couples" ducks, too. I thought, You ducks need to move to a better view! But is was pretty cute how they were all paired off. :)

MCM Mama said...

Thanks for the shout out!

You guys look like you have so much fun running. Wish I lived closer and could join you. I'd have to upgrade my nearly all black running attire though. ;o)

Zoƫ said...

AH GAWWWD, I'm laughing at "roulette!!!" That's a good way to put it! ;)

Thanks for organizing the details for the run!
Can't wait to run with everyone again!


Great recap! OK, here is the deal with the socks: You need to wear a pair of good running socks underneath the cute knee highs. I learned this from much trial and error!

And I left you something on my latest post!

ajh said...

Great race report! Glad you had fun with your friends but I hate being that cold after a race!

Velma said...

Rock star - just donated to your marathon cause :)

Anonymous said...

You were photo bombed by crazy guy! How funny. Sounds like you had a blast. I also laughed at the thought of you getting chatty because of Gu. :) Hilarious.

Badgergirl said...

I know you said your toes weren't happy, but the socks? Cute!

Jo Lynn said...

Great pictures. I'm so happy more bloggers are putting pictures in their blog posts! Cute socks, nice smiles. ;)

Twincerely,Olga said...

looks like soo much fun!!! You all are so adorable!!! thanks for all the pics!!!

J said...

You girl has such cute outfits! Sounds like so much fun! Being cold after a run/race is the worst!

{will run for margaritas} said...

I LOVE the socks, too!!! Sounds like such a great run - and you are so lucky to have such awesome people run with :-)

Marlene said...

Okay, I had no idea this was an organized event... I thought you just invented it yourself in true Tall Mom fashion. :p I had fun participating on my own... hahaha.

Looks like a great time and congrats to all of you!

I Run for Fun said...

Sounds like you all had a blast, despite the boring course. And your pace was super speedy! Great job!

Anonymous said...

That food looks a-mazing. (I think I need to eat). Glad you had a fun time, even though your toes didn't!

Anonymous said...

hahaha I LOOOOOOVE the argyle socks!

Maybe if you want to wear festive socks, just double-layer with your good socks over or under the festive ones?

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Love the pics, and awesome that you have so many bloggers so close by! Great job on the race!

RobinLK said...

Rockin' the socks, girlfriend! And chalk arrows on a race course? Seriously??? Glad you guys had such a great time!


Lisa said...

It sounds like fun, despite the soggy, boring course. It is great you have friends to run with. I love the fact that you have someone who runs at your pace... that is hard to find.

Great job.

On The Road... said...

Love the socks!!

Unknown said...

I'm just getting into running and I'm happy to have found your blog! There is just something so awesome about getting out there and running your heart out.. I thought I would just walk this morning, after running yesterday, but I'm thinking I'll have to run tonight as well. The addiction has begun.

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