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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Welcome new Tall Mom Bloggy Pack Members!! For FUN I post my mid-week training Runs in the form of ABC bullet topics with 3 bullets for each letter. Gives me something to think about during my run. Next week will be MNO and so on… Can you tell I am a MOM??

Stats for 2/10:
Time- 53:49
9:20- Pace
5.76- Miles
Raining and cold, hill repeats 12 x 200M sprints. I could not get the tangles out of my hair after my run. I had to put my hair in a bun because I did not have time to TAME the tangled mess.

J- "Just Do It!"
  • The catch phrase from Nike has always made me smile and want to conquer the world. Today I looked outside and saw the rain pouring down. Hmmmm?? Hill sprints in the rain? "Just Do it!" Many of my Bloggy land buddies are tromping through mounds of snow, I can't let a little rain deter me. But it was COLD!! About 38' and I forgot to wear my gloves and ear cover…. BRRRRR! My feet gripped the wet pavement and I did not let the weather stop me.

  • As I stretched and turned on my Ipod no go!! I should "Just do it" and buy a new one. I just love my first generation Ipod Shuffle so much, UGH!! I need my music, it helps me keep pace and have something outside myself to focus on. Today I could hear my wet hair hitting my Patagonia jacket.

  • I was struggling with worry about trying to raise $1,500 for Marathon for the Cure. I emailed Marlene to ask her 2 cents, she gave me a virtual pep-talk (THANKS BUDDY) and I decided to "Just Do it!" Between now and 6/26, or until I make my $1,500 goal, I am hoping that my Bloggy friends, family and neighbors will help me with the AMBITIOUS goal! I am new to the fundraising game, so any advice is welcome :)

K- Knee and Keep

  • Since I started running my big question mark has always been my Knee. I tore my ACL playing basketball in 2001 and had ACL and meniscus surgeries in 01 and 03. Today my knee still swells at times and I know when I have done too much. Today as I sprinted up HILLS I felt that both my legs were giving equally. I was not favoring my "weak leg." Hey maybe I no longer have a weak leg??

  • Up and down and up and down 12 times. Yes I did 12 x 200m hill repeats, and I did not internally complain once SUCCESS!! I am keeping a positive attitude and it is translating to some pretty amazing Hill workouts!

  • To 'People Watch' while I run keeps me going. Today had no shortage of characters. The man sitting in his semi truck with the engine running, smoking, then cleaning his finger nails, then adjusting his mirror to STARE at me, then smoking, then cleaning his finger nails. Another semi driver who barely spoke English, ran across the road and handed me a little wet paper, looking for "Powell St." I have been asked 5 times while running for directions, this is the first time I have not been able to help out. Then there were two guys in cotton hooded sweatshirts in the pouring rain fixing a chain link fence, umm Coats?? HELLO!! Those sweatshirts had to be saturated from the pouring rain.
L- Love
  • This is the week of LOVE. Hearts, chocolates and flowers everywhere. I saw on facebook that people are posting picture of their Valentine.. So I thought it would be FUN to pull a photo out of the archives. Me and My Muscle Man Love, back when he was Metabolism Man :) I am still amazed at the transformations that we both have gone through the past 8++ years we have been together! I LOVE LOVE LOVE you honey every day of the year, not just on the Hallmark Holidays!!

  • I realized today that I LOVE to focus on pushing the power to my toes. My training plan says "Focus on powerful toe-off" so I did. When I really think about my legs, arms, toes, form, I have machine-like, POWER! It is when I let my form go that I lose my strong stride.

  • I LOVE the wonderful folks who have donated to my efforts to raise $1,500 for Marathon for the Cure HERE. Lisa (First!! You will be getting a little treat in the mail), Hannah, Stephanie and Darlene.. LOVE YOU! And thank you soooo much!! With $190 raised the first day I am 13% of the way to my Goal!!!

PS. For Fun post your comment in J K L Format

***Tomorrow is High Five Friday. Leave a comment or Email me if you have a race, event, birthday, giveaway, etc :)


Anonymous said...

June will be here before we know it and the rain will be gone...yahoo!

Kudos to you for your awesome hill workouts!!!

Love the abc format!

Have a great day!!

Anonymous said...

J- Jeez, I thought I was first commentor, but wasn't :(

K- Kute (okay I am stretching) picture of you and the man! Love throwbacks!

L- Like you, I need a new IPOD but I am also attached to my shuffle!

Molly said...

fun format!

My ipod is 3 years old, it looks like an old school cell phone, and it keeps turning off during my runs in this 18 degree weather. Of course it turns right back on when I'm inside, so I'm not ready to give it up yet!

Pining for Pinterest said...

Just checking in to say hello!
Keep up the great work :-)
Love the format!

The movie we rented was Prefontaine with Jared Leto. I have the other one in my Netflix queue :-)

Anna Banana said...

Just too cute of a picture of you and your hubby!

Keep trucking on that fundraising goal I know you will have no problems at all with all the people in your life who love and support you!

Love high five fridays! Helps me know who is doing what!

Allie said...

You guys look so cute in that picture!

I've got a 5 mile race on Saturday and I've got a BondiBand giveaway (one for guys and one for girls) going on at my blog.

Anonymous said...

J-just wanted you to know that i will be donating in the near future. recently spent $ on gear.

K-keep believing on your goals and dreams. they will come true!

L-love how you motivate me so much!

Lisa said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the thanks. Totally not necessary. I'm sure you will surpass your fundraising goal!

Keep up the good work! You are an inspiration.

Love your blog :)

Carly said...

It's my birthday today! Woot!

I personally like the format, but am not creative enough to post my comment in suite. Sorry!

Marlene said...

J: You are JUSTIFIED in treating yourself to a new iPod. You do so many great things and you get SO much use out of it. Just do it. :) (I have a new Shuffle and it's amazing! So light, easy to use and really nifty! Cheap too.)

K: You KICKED butt on those hills. Happy I could help encourage yo out get out the door. Wicked Wet Wednesday Workout! (oh wait, we are not on W yet. haha)

L: I am upLIFTED by your fundraising efforts. Your bloggy pack WILL pull through for you. Just made my 1st contribution. :)

Bob said...

You have a fantastic attitude!

Jen said...

Jumping for the sun

Keeping up with my P90X since I can't run

Love my Lyle: got married: 10/20/01

And please post my giveaway on your High-Five Friday list!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

(J)ust do it has to apply to me today as well. It appears I will have to suck it up and go run on the treadmill today. I haven't done that in many months. But I am off to the gym right now to do so.

You are (K)icking some booty on the hill repeats...great job!!

(L)oving the fact that my husband and I get a weekend away this weekend while the grandparents babysit!!

HIGH FIVE FRIDAY!! I actually have a race (1/2 marathon) AND a birthday (ahhh...the number isn't important ;) all on the same day!! This Sunday is the big day for both!!

Sarah said...

J-Just in case, have you checked to make sure it's not your earphones instead of your shuffle that are going out? That was my problem and new jBuds fixed me right up! :)

K-Keeping my eyes open for good people watching is my habit too. Some days are more fun than others! Never know what you are gonna get.

L-Love the old school pic! So fun to reminisce.

Redhead Running said...

(J)ust Do It - Is still and will always be one of my favorite quotes... all hail Nike.

(K)nee issues aka ITB for me plague my running life. Thank goodness for my foam roller and PT stretches!!!

(L)OVE - I love Spike and I can't wait to see him! Less than 3 weeks and then I have 5 glorious days with him! <3

Bethany + Ryan said...

Ok, I know I don't have to comment with consecutive J K L words but I always try to bc its more fun. Here is goes.
Jeesh, knotty (hair is) Lousy! I must run with my hair in a bun or else I'd have to cut my ponytail off. It gets S000 nasty/tangled. Good job with ur training!

The CilleyGirl said...

I'm running the Fanconi Anemia 8K on Sunday here in Portland. It is their inaugural 8K and mine!

Erica said...

J- Just simply amazing the way you got out there anyway!

K- KUDOS to you for raising money for such a good cause!

L- love is such a sweet thing, and it is a very cute picture of you guys! Happy valentines!

Anonymous said...

Jealous of your weather up there.

Keeping up a positive outlook on hills seems to be working. Awesome job keeping a resolution.

Loosing music is devastating for me when I run, too. Hoping for an iPhone one day so I can trade in my iPod Classic (AKA iPod Vintage.) It's huge but it holds ALL my 2700+ songs. I'm never at a loss of music. So I feel your pain when it doesn't cooperate.

Zoƫ said...

(J)olly good post, my dear! Great mentality and outlook on workouts, as usual.

(K)eep that knee in check and tell it who's boss!

(L)ucky us, we run ONE MILLION inches on Saturday! High fives to that!

See you soon! Great job on those hills. Woot!

Anonymous said...

my ipod is sooooo old. almost 5 years and has died and come back to life more times than i can count! i keep putting off buying a new one though...maybe someday soon. maybe not for running (i'm too used to no music now) but i'd like it for studying. oh decisions :)

p.s. i've been trying to add the 1000+++ logo to my blog and i can't figure it out. tips?

April said...

(J)ust wanted you to know that I love your ABC posts!!I really enjoy them!
(K)eep up the good work on hills!!

(L)ove the old pic, and a great start to your Marathon for a Cure Fundraiser!

Aimee said...

Great post..as usual...:)

J: With all those hill workouts no wonder you can fit into those Seven (J)eans!

K: I hope your (k)nee continues to get stronger!

L: There is nothing greater in this world then to (l)ove and be loved.

Oh, could you mention me in your High Five Friday? I'm doing a race this weekend! It's the Valentine's Day 5k. The weather calls for 25degrees and snow, so it should be fun!

Anonymous said...

"just do it" is my fav motto, yo!
keeps ya goinggggg
longggggerrrr :)

Anonymous said...

"just do it" is my fav motto, yo!
keeps ya goinggggg
longggggerrrr :)

Katie A. said...

(J)ust as always, I love your posts - way to power through a workout that tossed all its punches at you :)

(K)eep up the awesome work - you're gonna rule the road in Eugene - so excited to read about all your awesome workouts :)

(L)ove, love, love all your dedication to you blog, bloggy buddies and you cause - you are an inspiration as always :)

I have a Valentine's Day 10K on Saturday and a 20 miler on Sunday - gotta keep up with tired legs! Happy Thursday buddy! :)

Hannah said...

How sad it is that I thought of "MNO" as Moms Night Out? :)

Just remembered that "just do it" is a great motto to keep in my head!

Knee issues are no bueno and I hope you feel amazing very soon!

Loved donating to you. Good luck!

Shawna said...

Hubby and I are running the Sweetheart Run this weekend - 10k and 5k. Also, I'll have a giveaway on my blog tomorrow - www.moving4life.com - LogbookONE training log!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Jiggga-what! No weak leg anymore!!!!
Killer (as in it is awesome that you are doing so well, not as in the creepy dude in the truck is a killer, although he may have been??)!
Love that you are getting stronger and compared yourself to a machine!


I have to run a million inches Saturday!!!! I emailed you a bit ago!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

J - Just amazed at what you can accomplish on your lunch break! Yeah Mel!

K - Your running makes me think the my hubbs will return to running someday too. Since he torn his ACL this past spring.

L - I love the picture of you and Hubbs. So sweet! (L - Lazy. with all my time off work due to snow you'd think I would have looked at my $$$$ to see if I have 'donation' money in the budget. I will try to donate something how ever big or small. Soemtimes I just need reminded! I need to keep blog notes!)

RobinLK said...

Just Kicking through posts to say hello and send a little bloggy Love your way. :-) Happy Thursday, Mel. Stay warm and dry. P.S. ~ My 1st gen ipod is shot, too. Weird. Did they have an expiration date??

Unknown said...

Just wish that I had as much ambition as you. Mine is fading.....

I have to KISS these doldrums to the curb. So what if I have to run in the middle of the night, right?

Liking the way that my body and mind feel after a run. Even a quick 3 miler.

thanks, Melanie!

ajh said...

Your letter posts are my favorite. Can you tell I am an elementary school teacher? I still get to play!

J - JUST believe that even though I run in the cold temps all the time in the snow I hate running in cold rain! Congratulations on JUST doing it!

K - You KICK A** when you run because you have such a positive attitude! Way to go Tall Mom!

L- LOVE all your posts. You are very inspiring. You are helping a lot of people.

Melissa said...

I love the retro pic. Your hair is very pretty that color.

Good news on the knee!!!!!

MCM Mama said...

Jealous that you are running in rain, not snow.

Keep reminding us, a little nagging will get you to $1500.

Love the picture!

EricaH said...

Another great post, very cute picture and I will be back to donate I promise. Thanks for stopping by and if you were sick for two weeks you surely didn't let it show in your workouts such a rockstar you are. :) I was hoping you would post my three latest giveaways tomorrow

Here are the links:




I Run for Fun said...

I am amazed at your energy. You put so much heart into your workouts and into life. All the best in your fundraising efforts.

ajh said...

Yes, I heard you were running with my daughter! It should be a lot of fun. I am hoping to read about it in your blog!

Velma said...

Just go for the fundraising. I will be back to send cash your way

Keep trecking up those hills!

LOL with the hubby this weekend :)

Alisa said...

Oh man I'm not feeling very creative tonight sorry.

AWesome job on the hill repeats. Cute pic of the hubby.

ChrisC said...

I think I have to do another run before I am creative enough to come up with a J - K - L format. If I start thinking about it now may actually figure something for M N O.

Great job - loved the post.

Anonymous said...

Just finished an attempt on the dreadmill and wanted to poke my eyes out. Also, Just realized that my 800 meter hill repeats are probably too long and that's why I can't seem to finish them feeling on top of the world. Shortening to 200 next week for sure.

Knee is bothering me this week. Possibly ITB but I'm hoping, praying and icing the heck out of the situation so that doesn't occur.

Love is an amazing thing and you make me want to post a picture from "back in the day" of the Hubbers and myself, 'twas 8 years ago we met as well!

J said...

I hate when my hairs get tangled like that!! When I remember I try to put it in a bun but thats if i remember! Hope you have a good weekend and Happy valentines day!

Denise said...

Aw, what a cute picture of you, too!! Hope you have a great Valentines day together.