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Thursday, February 4, 2010


Welcome new Tall Mom Bloggy Pack Members!!

For FUN I will be posting my mid-week training Runs in the form of ABC bullet topics with 3 bullets for each letter. Gives me something to think about during my run. Next week will be JKL and so on… Can you tell I am a MOM??

Stats for 2/4:
Time- 57:41
7.0- Miles
8:14- Pace
Tempo Miles- 7:34, 7:45, 7:41 and 7:58
Solo tempo run, slight wind, Ipod died, head cold and congestion.

G- Gratitude

  • I am grateful that I have amazing running gear. My new Brooks shoes are working amazing and I had a total Brooks outfit to match. I am sooo funny because I love to match, even down to brands, course I could never afford it so I am so THANKFUL for the amazing companies who send me gear to test.

  • Those in Washington should be counting their blessings because the weather this winter has been SUPER! We have not had snow, rain, or cold temps, it has been mild at best. The perfect weather for Marathon training. Today there was a slight wind, but nothing major. I could have worn a t-shirt AGAIN!

  • I am going to sound like a broken record but when I run solo I realize just how fortunate I am to have running partners. The miles pass so much quicker and I hardly notice my legs moving. Today I was alone with my thoughts, my Negative Nancy thoughts...why is it that when my buddies are gone Nancy tries to be my friend?

H- Hear/Here:

  • When I put on my Ipod and hit play....I heard NOTHING.. UGH really?? I thought about switching my Tempo run to Friday because a solo tempo run without music did not sound like fun. Then I thought "What if this happens on race day?" And I pushed through. I did not like listening to my breathing and not having music to pass the time. But I made due and toughed it out.
  • At one point I heard some construction team guys along the railroad tracks playing on their PA system.. Ummm?? Get to work peeps!!
  • It is still VERY hard to believe that I am here, less than 3 months from my Marathon and working my way through a tough tempo run. This is tough and will not get any easier, but I am doing it and I know that the result will be worth every ounce of sweat I shed along the way.

I- Interesting

  • My new BORING 7 mile route is an out and back on a LONG straight path. There is nothing interesting to look at, train tracks, warehouses, swelling mud puddles, fences, roads, etc... I believe that this trail will be part of the Million Inch Run (15.78 miles) that a bunch of local bloggy buddies will be running on 2/13, I am guessing that I will have much more interest in the trail when Zoe is with me.

  • Interesting Annoyances:
  1. Dry Lips
  2. Strange sweat build up on my inner-elbows (is there a medical name for that part of the body?)
  3. Side ache- WTH? Why am I still getting side aches
  4. Left arm hurt from mile 4.5 on? OUCH!
  5. Walkers who take up the entire trail.. UGH!
  • Interesting Sights:
  1. Lady in her late 60's riding a bike FAST! Dressed and riding like a 20 year old.
  2. A runner who had one normal arm and one arm that bowed out... like he was ready to take someone out with a quick hit. Not sure how he runs like that?? He looked like he was trying to block out for a rebound in basketball, would not like to try to pass him in a race.
  3. Hawk in a nest flying down to catch prey on the ground.
  4. Man running up the bridge as I passed under. Where does the bridge go? Must explore.
  5. Girl wearing a maroon work suite, black tights, bright pink gloves and white Nikes... I laughed when I realized the crazy dressed woman was a friend of mine :) Funny thing is she is an amazing dresser.

Overall this Tempo run was a success!! Next up a RELAXED training run with AC and High Five Friday.

PS. For Fun post your comment in G H I Format


Erika said...

Good job doing your tempo run without music! And LOL at your crazily dressed friend.

MCM mama

Erica said...


Love your blog....I was having a very blah day, kids were cranky, weather nasty so on so forth did not want to run....AT ALL! I stumbled across your blog and I had instant inspiration! Thank you you totally helped me get through the day!


Anonymous said...

AWESOME tempo run! and dry lips bug the heck out of me. during some of my early morning runs my lips rack and bleed. hotness i tell you haha :)

Anonymous said...

haha maroon, black, pink, white... that sounds like something I'd be found wearing! I like to think of crazy running gear as entertainment to other runners. And therefore, you keep yourself entertained along the way ;)

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

G - Great job getting that tempo run done without the tunes.

H - Hope your crazy dressed friend has a sense of humor or doesn't read your blog.

I - I think you might need a new Ipod!

Jill said...

Congrats on a great tempo and sans iPod! I don't like the sound of my own wheezing breathe either. Have a great weekend, Mel!

Jo Lynn said...

Dry lips? I never go out of the house without Chap Stick in my pocket! I'd never make it on "Survivor".

Walkers taking up the entire path? How about the ones that INSIST on staying on YOUR right side of the path when approaching you? Hello? Move over! Do you drive on that side too? Sheesh!

Oops, you weren't looking for a rant, were you? :)

Kat said...

G-Good grief! You're telling me Washington winters aren't always like this?! Dang.

H-I Hate it when my ipod is out of juice when I go for a run...bummer.

I-interesting about the million inch run...may have to do that one.

Rookie on the Run said...

G- Get me some stuff to test out! Ha! Just kidding! :)

H- How cool to see the things you see on your runs!

I- Inches? Very cool.

Kerrie said...

Oh, I so hope I can still do the million inch run. I cannot wait for my appointment tomorrow.

Where are you running at lunch?

now.is.now said...

I've just started reading your blog, and I love it! Right now I can't run because I have a knee injury (and I HATE HATE HATE taking the time off)... but reading your blog lets me at least live vicariously through you :)

ajh said...

G - great job matching even brands. I have to tell a friend of mine who is a matching nut.

H - Here's to you for running that tempo run without music.

I- I totally agree with the annoyance of walkers taking up the whole trail. Double ugh!

J said...

Great job on the tempo run! I have never run outside with music because I run on sidewalks/streets so I am afraid I will get hit because I dont hear a car coming. If there were more trails I bet I would run with music. Stinks that your ipod died but way to push through!

Janice {Run Far} said...

You are...
Healthy and
I love reading your blog. Makes me smile.

teacherwoman said...

Sometimes I really NEED that music to get me through a run, and speed me up a bit! :)

Have a great weekend, Tall Mom!

Anonymous said...

nobody has answered this for you yet huh?

The part of your arm on the opposite side of your elbow (often referred to as inner elbow) is medically called an anticubicle space. It's perfect for drawing blood and starting IVs ... often we just say the AC space.

Put a little deodorant there that has aluminum, you might not sweat so much there. Just a thought.

Marlene said...

Awesome job on the tempo run - way to push through it music-free! At least you had some "interesting" things to keep you occupied along the way.


Lisa said...

I used to HATE running without music, but then started out by running shorter routes without it and then I ran the marathon without my iPod! I've now converted to running without music (unless I'm at the gym!)


I am constantly amazed by how much you remember from your runs.

I am just going to say that I AM SO JEALOUS of your weather. The snow will not stop here and I am banished to the treadmill for another long run this week. Can't Spring get here already?

Jen said...

G-lad you stuck with your run without the headphones. I never run with music... too dangerous, I think.

H-ow do you run by yourself for long distances? I get bored (maybe music would help here). If I know I am making it a longer run, I have to find a buddy.

I- love your blog, the inspiration and advice has been wonderful over the last couple of weeks.

RunKathyRun said...

Great job on the tempo run and not letting the dead iPod get you down; as you mentioned, something like that could happen on race day and we all need to be prepared to handle things like this.

Katie A. said...

I haven't worn my iPod on a run in well over a month and a half and I am really enjoying it - try it again soon, it takes some getting used to but now I am enjoying the silence (minus chatty cathy hubbs on the bike next to me when he comes!)

Dry lips are my nemisis - I lube up before very run, indoors or out. I sometimes still get side stiches, not very often by any means, but I do think it has to do with hydration. Just a thought :)

And I had to laugh when you commented about the guy with the funny arm - I have been running all t-rex lately with my left arm and I don't know why! I think I am the first person to give myself carpal tunnel from running! LOL!

Have a great Friday girl! AND awesome job on that tempo run!!

bethtrue said...

G-reatly enjoying reading your blog.

H-oping that its not going to rain tomorrow for the 10k i'm participating in.

I really need to start doing interval training to increase my speed. Doing a 1/2 marathon in April.

Beth :-)

Anonymous said...

G) Gorgeous- I would love to come to your part of the country and run. I'm so jealous of the places you get to run and the weather in which you run. Seems to always be perfect.

H) Hater- ... of dry lips myself, anyway. I'm addicted (seriously... might need a program) to lip balm. Burt's Bees is my absolute favorite. They even have colored lip balm for a more "dressy" look. Well, about as dressy as I get anyway.

I) am at a loss for a good "I" word. Where's my thesaurus?

Alicia said...

(G)reat that you were able to push through a solo run with no iPod. That's hardcore.

(H)ave to admit. I love to be matchy, too.

(I)nsanely jealous of your mild weather! It is cold here in UT!

Zoƫ said...

The inner-elbow is the FIRST place I sweat! Weird, huh?

Lisa said...

I've noticed I sweat more on my inner elbows when I'm wearing long sleeves or if I have sunscreen on. It's a very funky feeling. Please share if you find out what that part of the body is called!

Sarah said...

I love your random commentary about what you encounter on your runs. I'm always looking forward to what you run into next!

I have no idea what the inner elbow is called. I have heard it called the "elbow pit" before, but I'm going to guess that is not the scientific name :)