6'0 tall, former athlete, mother of 3, struggling to keep up on the RUN of daily life.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Goals for CO

Sorry Bloggies I have lurked but not had time to comment.. Thanks to eveyrone for the advice on running while on a trip and in the snow/altitude. I decided the best way to get through the next 8 days is to set some short term goals.

Goals for this week in Colorado:

1. Do not gain any weight. I will do this by drinking mostly water and making smart decisions with snacks.

2. Run a minimum of 4 times. I will do this by having a positive attitude about the Treadmill.

3. Do not stress about running distance or time, just get in a run and use this week as a rest week if I cannot fit in long miles.

That is all I have for tonight... Pictures and HOPEFULLY a running related post tomorrow.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane

By the time you read this I will be on a plane headed for Colorado for business for 9 days!! Oh this is going to be a LONG TRIP! On one hang I am very excited....I get to work with one of my good friends in the office, learn from an experienced event planner and meet some wonderful customers.. On the other hand I am going to miss my boys sooooooo much!!! It can be rough being the Mommy and the breadwinner..

But Muscle Man will hold down the fort and take care of the Little Studs and I will be home before I know it.. With Travelling and adjusting to the altitude change I will postpone my Long run to Sunday, I am not sure what distance to do yet. This week may be different for running. I think I need some advice.
  • 1. What advice do you have for running in High Altitude and/or cold and snowy conditions?
  • 2. What advice do you have for fitting in training while travelling on business or vacation?
Thankfully I have some reading for the plane. The WONDERFUL Katie bought me the book above and it arrived just in time for a special place in my carry on.. I am nearly done with the "50 in 50" book that I won on Alisa's blog, and I just got a new Women's Running Magazine, can you tell that my time in the airport on on the plane will be spent reading about running. If I cant do it I may as well learn more. Course I may also sleep...hmmmmmm...

Friday, February 26, 2010

High Five Friday

Welcome new Tall Mom Bloggy Pack members!! This has been a BUSY BUSY week so my lists are about half done, sorry I wanted to spend my last few hours with my boys before I fly out. I leave early in the AM for my business trip in Colorado. I am overpacked to the MAX including one carry-on with just running gear (blush blush). Blog comments and posting will be sporadic, so bear with me. I am hoping to pull together some fun Giveaways to keep you busy.

  • If you have not signed up for the Tall mom Virtual Race for the Cure HERE please do!! I will have the list of all participants next week on High Five Friday.


WHEN: Saturday March 27, 2010 (Or any time between March 26-March 28)

DISTANCE(S): 1 Mile, 5K, 10K, or Half Marathon.

COST: $15.00 tax deductible donation to Tall Mom Fundraising page HERE If you would like to give more please see Donation info above.

  • High Five Racing & Events:
Morgan- Gasparilla Marathon
Carlee- Hyannis Marathon
TMB- Huguenot 3 Miler
G- (Comeback) Huguenot 3 Miler
Sarah and Dimity- Run Like a Mother Book Website launch

**I know I am missing people, I did not have my calendar when I drafted this...SOOO SORRY!!

  • High Five Birthdays:
Fairweather Runner
Heather- Run Faster Mommy
J- Early Morning Runner

  • High Five Mom:
X-Country 2- This BEAUTIFUL bloggy announced a while back that she is pregnant with not one but 2 babies!! Congrats on your x2 blessing :)

  • High Five Giveaways/Raffles:
Please tell them Tall Mom Sent you
Erica- Bondibands ends 3/5
Amanda- McDavid Compression Gear ends 3/3
Tricia- Running Skirt ends 2/26 at 11:59PM
Jog for Joubert Raffle ends 3/19
  • High Five Rock N Roll Seattle:
The Race is 4 months from today!!! I will be planning a Bloggy meet up and carbo load night. I am hoping to iron out the details in the next few weeks. Please email or comment if you are running or spectating at Rock N Roll Seattle on 6/26 and would like to be included in the FUN!!
Full- Amanda
Full- Emily
Full (First)-Hannah
Full (First)-Jill
Full (First)-Micki

***If you would like to be added to one of the lists above, or start a new list, let me know and I will LINK you in (as soon as I can).. Also, if you have something coming up for a FUTURE High Five Friday, let me know and I will add it to the Tall Mom calendar….If you give me the info you WILL end up getting a HIGH FIVE or two, or three…

  • HIGH FIVE it's Friday!!!

Do you, or anyone you know, deserve a High Five today? Let me know..

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Welcome to the new Tall Mom Bloggy Pack Members and Readers! For FUN I post my mid-week Marathon training runs in the form of ABC bullet topics with 3 bullets for each letter. Gives me something to think about while I run. Next week will be STU and so on... Can you tell I am a Mom?

Stats for 2/24:
Time- 1:04
7.06- Miles
9:06- Pace
Relaxing run in the rain with Amanda on my lunch hour.

P- Perfect
  • It worked out perfectly that Amanda at 5 Miles to Empty had time to meet me on my lunch break!! She even arrived early, sooo proud of her! I was still plugging away when she texted, my head had not left my computer the whole day. Got to the Locker room and realized I had no idea what the weather was outside. Text again and Amanda is nearly a native Washintonian with her response "It's currently not raining but could at any moment." Boy was she right.
  • I realized that we would be taking the bridge toward Kerrie's work, TOTALLY spaced and did not connect with her again. Less than perfect timing I texted her just before I darted out the door, no time for her response. We did not see her on the run, but I did show Amanda how to get to her work, so I helped a little. Sorry Kerrie!
  • 7 miles can be BORING but is perfect with a buddy. I felt like a running tour guide showing Amanda all my fun places pictured on the post HERE. She even got to know my training hill, which I think she respected...not as easy as it looks. The hill is followed by a beautiful hidden Oasis, reward for the hard work.
Q- Quantity/Quality
  • I just looked at my Dailymile.com account and realized that I have run 8 days in a row. How did I reach that quantity? Wow! Last week I wanted to test running 6 days in a week and sorta lost count. I have not had any soreness or burnout, crazy right? Guess I can up the days on my plan. I know that the body needs rest, but it is very good to realize that I can push a little more than I have been. Maybe from 4 to 5 or 6 days a week.
  • There was a lady in some high quality gear....tough! She was running hair down and in jeans. Wow! Props. Not sure what she was running away from or toward, but she look determined. I will never run in Jeans, ouch! Course she probably thought I looked pretty silly running in bright orange short sleeved shirt in the winter... hey I got hot!! Pretty sure Zoe is rubbing off on me, or maybe I am getting tough, who knows? Guess the chills of Colorado will be the true test.
  • Each and every training run this Marathon training cycle has been high quality. With just over 2 months to my "A" race in Eugene and a BQ attempt I am feeling very strong and very confident. It may not happen on that day, but not for lack of effort and focus on my part. I truly feel that having partners to run with has made the training so much more fun...so THANKS to all my amazing buddies!

R- Rain/Running Skirt/Real
  • Toward the end of our lovely run the RAIN came pouring down, buckets really. UGH! Some days I luck out, not today. thank goodness I wore my hat. I truly don't mind the rain, especially when it holds off for most the the 7 miles. We posed for a post Run photo...not too shabby for after an hour of running.

  • I loved Amanda's outfit, her running skirt was very cute. I still do not own a Running Skirt from the Running Skirt Twins, I would love to try one. Hey maybe I can win one from Tricia HERE Giveaway ends 2/26. Not sure at my height if I could pull it off, I am more of a spandex girl for comfort....and I just got 2 new pairs of Sugoi (HERE) tights to test...YIPPERS!
  • There has been some speculation that the trail photographed for my article is fake. I assure you it is very real. The bright green moss is growing and taking over the pavement and is pretty darn slippery. Below are a couple photos of Amanda, no photoshop involved, just a very cool trail!!

And yes my buddy Amanda is a REAL DORK!! That is why I Love her, we have the dork factor in commong. Thanks for coming to visit me at lunch, lets do it again soon.... date with hills?? Hmmmm....


***If you would like to Donate to Susan G. Komen and the efforts to fight Breast Cancer please visit my Marathon for the Cure donation page HERE. Any and all denominations will help toward this amazing cause.. With the generous donations thus far I have reached 44% of my goal to get to $1,5oo. THANKS!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winner and Article

Thank you to EVERYONE who entered the Running Essentials Giveaway. Special thanks to GoLite (HERE), Gu HERE and RoadID HERE for hosting. Without further to do the

  • WINNER is a constant commenter, Bloggy pack member and member of the Tall Mom 1,000+++ club who is rockin crazy miles trecking through the snow:

Shelly at It's Just One Foot in Front of the Other HERE

FYI those of you who entered have not totally lost out, I will be announcing a few little prizes once I find time to sort through the 400 comments :) so stay tuned.

  • Below is the article that was published on an internal website at my company today. The article was posted this morning and resulted in many many emails today. I LOVE LOVE that people were willing to take time to email, congratulate me and ask questions about how they can get started. Very very uplifting day in Tall Mom Land. I don't totally agree with the "Couch Potato" label because we were relatively active, but I was very out of shape.
'Tall mom on the run' gains energy,
drops 50 pounds

Melanie went from being a “couch potato” to training for a marathon. By making lifestyle changes -- and discovering her love of running -- she has gained energy and lost 50 pounds (23 kg) in the past 2 years. (Marian Lockhart photo)

“Running is my escape,” said Melanie Faulkner, who works in Renton, Wash. “But I haven’t always been a runner.” Despite having played basketball for Gonzaga University in Spokane, Wash., Faulkner took up running only two years ago.

Faulkner -- a 30-year-old mother of two and her family’s sole breadwinner -- admitted that before that, “I was burned out after college and became a couch potato for about six years.” The combination of her inactivity and two pregnancies resulted in a gain of more than 50 pounds (23 kg) and two dress sizes.

“I got tired of being heavier, not being in shape and not being an athlete,” said Faulkner. In June 2008, Faulkner became motivated by the company offer to contribute $100 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure on her behalf if she ran a 5K race. She signed up with co-workers and started training. “At first, it was really hard to train,” she said. “My lungs burned, and things were bouncing around that weren’t supposed to. It took everything I had to keep running and finish the race.”

Following that first race, Faulkner knew she had to get in better shape. She set a goal to run the Capital City Half Marathon the next May. That gave her about 10 months to prepare. Her busy schedule limited her availability to train, so she started fitting in runs during her lunch hour.

“My building is surrounded by great running trails, and we have wonderful locker-room facilities. These things combine for an easy lunch run,” explained Faulkner. “Two of my co-workers ran often and really inspired me early on. They let me tag along when I was slow and out of shape.”“Having a race to train for and a training schedule really keeps me focused,” said Faulkner. She continues to run three or four times a week during her lunch hour, rain or shine, and fits in longer runs on weekends. “Even on wet and cold days, I know that I will feel better after a run. I never regret going for a run.”

“My training progressed and my body responded. The weight came off with the increased calories I burned and attention to my diet,” said Faulkner. She cut back on snacking, decreased her portion sizes and started eating more fruits and vegetables. “I started making smarter decisions at the grocery store and thinking ahead about packing healthy choices to bring with me to work.”

After completing that first half marathon last May, Faulkner was hooked. She has run another half marathon, a marathon and several 5K races and is currently training for another marathon.

Faulkner established a blog called “Tall Mom on the Run” -- she’s 6 feet (183 cm) tall -- and uses it to track her distance, speed and how she feels during runs. Her blog has attracted more than 300 followers, and Faulkner is challenging them to try running 1,000 miles (1,600 km) in 2010.

Running has become a habit for Faulkner. She has lost over 50 pounds (23 kg), feels more energized and now wears a smaller dress size than she wore in high school. Additionally, her onsite health screening results have shown a marked improvement over the last two years.

Faulkner offered this advice to anyone seeking to become active: “The hard part is getting started. Purchase good shoes and socks. Set short-term and long-term goals, and celebrate with incentives when you reach those goals. I bought new jeans when I hit my goal weight. Make a weekly plan. Follow the plan and check the boxes as you go. Focus on the things you did accomplish, and do not beat yourself up for missed days. Eventually, physical activity will become a habit and a way of life. I am a busy mom with a full-time job and I ran 1,033 miles last year. If I can do it, anyone can.”

  • My true hope is that this article will reach just one person and help them to find his/her way toward a healthier life.
  • If you have any questions or need some inspiration to get started please email me click HERE. I would Love to hear from you!!!


Negative Splits Tall Mom

Stats for 2/23:
Time- 48:01
6.01- Miles
7:59- Pace
Cool day, legs felt strong, started to lightly rain at the end.

I feel that one of my biggest issues in races is I get so excited that I go out too fast and do not have the steam to hold the pace. One of my goals for running this year is to teach my body how to start slow and get faster. My Marathon training plan called for intervals, but I opted for negative split training instead, I will get plenty of interval training on the DREADMILL in Colorado next week.

Mile Splits:
Average= 7:59

By the end I was breathing hard, very challenging workout and it felt GREAT! I did not have my Ipod so I was really able to focus on my form. You know what I found? I have abs!!! My core was working and I could feel the tightness as I sped up, for a Mom of 2 this is super exciting!
  • What Goal do you have this year? What are you doing to reach that Goal?
  • Today Amanda (HERE) is coming to run with me at lunch for my "PQR" run, so excited to have some company.

The Winner of the Running Essentials Giveaway will be announced tonight, with soooo many entries I did not have time to pick. So come back tonight.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Test Lab Tuesday

I still have not uploaded the pictures from Family Track day Sunday with Muscle Man and the Little Studs, I hope to do that tonight. Little Stud #2 was cheesing for the camera, too cute...he also filled his pants mid way through my 3 mile run.. Run 1.5, stop watch, sprint down stairs to get diaper and wipes, change poopy, toss away, clean hands, start watch, run 1.5.. RUNNER MOM!!

Welcome to Test Lab Tuesday The day I dedicate to all things I review...

Living, Eating & Running

Clearance Winter Gear:
Not sure if this is the case for other places but in the Seattle area the Clearance Racks are full of great deals on Winter wear. I have purchased many many pairs of black knit gloves for .25 cents and got some great hats for less than $1. Now is the time to grab boots, scarves, hats, gloves, mittens and thick socks....stash them away and save yourself some money next year. (FYI the photo above is of past season clearance)

Garden Veggie Snacks:
Tall Grandma (my Mom) bought a big box of assorted Garden Veggie snacks from Costco. The kids love love these snacks, Little Stud #2 calls them "French fries," we will just let him believe that. With low calories and made with some all natural ingredients, these are a tasty mid-day treat at work or a perfect diaper bag emergency snack.

Brooks Equilibrium LS (HERE):
I received this long Sleeve Running T-shirt in the "Happi" color to test from Brooks. Hello adorable Girly color!!

What Brooks has to say:
Function: Feel like a superhero in this super-soft, incredibly lightweight long-sleeved running top. It's an indispensable first layer for the run—and daily life.

Fabric: Silc Lite (92% soft polyester/8% spandex with a wicking finish)

Fit: Fitted

Features & Benefits:
Soft, lightweight stretch fabric
Fast moisture transfer for dry comfort
Flat-seam construction
Close-to-body fit

Tall Mom Thoughts:
I love that Brooks offers this shirt in 6 colors, think I need the Yellow to go with my Green Silence shoes. The sleeves and torso are long and the fit is amazing! The fabric is so soft it is a GREAT base layer. My only gripe is that my inner elbows got very sweaty and the fabric wicked away the sweat but felt very cold.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10 (HERE):
I purchased these shoes at Fleet Feet and was very excited about the pretty color pallet (Blackberry, Silver, White and Geranium). At $100 the shoes will not totally break the bank. These shoes also won the "Best Update" award from Runner's World.

What Brooks has to say:
Woo Hoo! Runner's World gave the GTS 10 its "Best Update" award in the Winter 2010 Shoe Guide in its December 2009 issue, on newsstands Nov. 4, 2009.Always the leader, the Adrenaline™ GTS 10 has left the pack even further behind. The fit? Never better. The support? Perfection. As the legend hits double digits with its tenth iteration, the shoe is more dialed-in than ever. Now with a plush Profile Sockliner to sweeten the feel.
Weight: 9.2 oz

Tall Mom Thoughts:
The shoes are not the pillows I am used to wearing, so it has been an adjustment. Light weight and airy my feet have felt great after every run. I wear Berry Insoles and for some reason the insoles squeak inside the Adrenaline, LOL!! Overall I am very happy with the purchase and LOVE LOVE that I am matchy matchy in my pink and Purple.


PS. If you have an item you would like featured on Test Lab Tuesday please click HERE and email me.


Monday, February 22, 2010

We are Goofy

Stats for 2/20:
Time- 2:12:28
15.22- Miles
8:42- Pace
Lovely day and new bloggy meet up.

I got am email from Emily at Sweat Once a Day that she would be in town for business and wanted to meet up for a long run. Always up to meet new Bloggies I shared the plan and directions. I told her we would wait if she got lost. But as luck would have it I was the "Last to Arrive." (anyone else love the Amazing Race?) Zoe and Emily were already there for the 28' start to the clear morning. Hope she is a hugger because that is how I greet people, BIG TALL MOM HUGS! Keep that in mind if you plan on meeting me in the near future :)

My hope was to run 15 miles, 3 warm up, 7 at Goal Pace 8:20 and 5 cool down. As we got going we were in a pack with all the Fleet Feet buddies including Lioness Janna. Just after pointing out the Buffalo to Emily we cruised past the first water stop, we all had our handhelds. Janna took off, she was in the zone. We were all getting to know each other, leading questions and all. Eventually I could tell that Zoe was not feeling it, her lungs were bothering her. She told us to go ahead but I would rather slow than leave her, so we slowed for about a mile. I could tell that she needed to be on her won so we went on ahead...MIND YOU I THOUGHT OF HER EVERY STEP!! I am very Mama Bear that way.

We reached the 8 foot wood latte, my LOVE!! Passed Paul, the owner of Fleet Feet, who knew we had gone passed our training plan miles...OOPS :) Got to the turnaround and stopped because my shoe was giving me issues. As we turned I could see Zoe, she was not far behind. She still did not feel ready to regroup, so Emily and I went on.

During the run I found out many many cool things about this Beautiful running Blogger. Did you know that Emily has qualified for Boston 3 times and will be running Boston in April? HELLO!! I told her that if I do not qualify in Eugene that I will have to ask her to pace me, she quickly informed me that she thinks I am ready.. Thank for the confidence Em!! I was amazed that she planned to run the Birch Bay Marathon the day after this run, I told her that she would be doing "Washington Goofy +2" 15 miles followed by a Marathon, very cool!! I won't spoil her thunder but I just got a text, she rocked it!
With a mile to go we stopped because in my Running Birdwatcher manner I spotted SAM. Perfect time for a photo op...we look a bit like a Nike Ad. Emily hit the outlet malls in Everett and scored some great Nike gear.
Sam was not alone, he was perched in the upper tree below and very hard to tell is another Bald Eagle on the tree closest to the river. Sam's sister Samantha perhaps?
We kicked it to the Finish, then turned to find Zoe, who was about 30 seconds behind. She zoomed past us with music blaring. Funny she ran right past Janna, so fast she could not even see her. The run was done, weather and company were amazing!
Janna took our photo, she is supportive of our Running Blogger needs :) We are all in Nike.. Funny! There were two places to eat. The Park Bench was a tiny place that said "Now Open for Breakfast," or a Steak and Pasta place that the Fleet Feet guys were going to eat at, it resembled a dark bar. Hmmmm, I am all about atmosphere. We all stripped to change, then I put my keys and money in a safe place. NOTE: If I put things in a safe place I will lose them for 10 minutes++ trying to find them. The girls waited and I eventually found them.. sorry ladies.
The place was tiny and cute!! Our waiter Bumpy, Burpy, Jason was totally sarcastic. I don't do well with sarcasm, and after 15 miles I really don't do well. I had a hard time keeping up with what was real and what was a joke. I want creamer...do I really have to re-order?
Janna and Emily ordered Tea and it came in a crazy holder. Jason gave us a lesson, as the girls posed with the tea Janna hit the wrong spot and TEA EVERYWHERE.. OOPs! Jason pulled me in my chair out of the way to clean up. SEE JUST FEED US!
The food was AMAZING! I got an egg, potato, onion, bacon, mushroom and cheese scramble and thick wheat toast and COFFEE! YUMMERs, I cleared my plate. We sat for a long time chatting, eating, laughing at Jason and just relaxing. LOVED EVERY MINUTE! Thanks to Muscle Man for watching the boys so I could relax with the girls.
All good things must come to an end :( We asked a cute old couple to take our photo, the woman passed the camera to her hubby. Thanks Girls! This run and meal was a great start to a fab weekend. Can't wait for Emily to come back. And I am going to MISS Zoe and Janna while I am out of town, I will be in Colorado the next 2 Saturdays :( Some very different, snow or treadmill long runs posts to come. Want to read more? Check out the posts from Zoe HERE and Emily HERE.
How was your weekend?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunshine Auction

Wow my 15+ miler with Emily, Zoe and Janna was nothing short of AMAZING!! I am waiting for pictures from the girls, so I will have a FULL post soon. The weather here is sooo beautiful and has been all week. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful running conditions. As promised here are a couple more pictures from my photo shoot.

Looks like I am floating, LOVE IT!

Not sure I was ready to have my photo taken, but it turned out pretty good. so you know this path leads to a tree covered trail that loops around some wetland areas, it is VERY cool in the Summer months and the moss can get very slippery when wet.

The Sunshine Award has been going around Bloggy Land. I have been honored to receive this award from Bloggy Buddies, TMB, Darlene, Sarah, Kerrie, and Steph... The rules are that I am to pass this on to 12 Bloggers.. Hmmm!! This is TOUGH for me because I love all of you. Lets just call High Five Fridays every week my Link love Sunshine. Send me an email with your upcoming events so I can update the Tall Mom Calendar :)

Speaking of Sunshine....

Want to keep the Sun/Wind/Elements from damaging your eyes while running, biking, etc? Well you have a GREAT opportunity, introducing the first...

Virtual Silent Auction for the Cure:

  • If you are interested in bidding please send an email (Silent) to tallmomontherun (@) hotmail. The Subject should be "Virtual Bid" and the body should say "I would like to bid for the (Insert Color) Optic Nerve Sunglasses and will donate the $-- to Marathon for the Cure via Tall Mom Donation page once I receive the sunglasses."
  • I will keep a link on the side that shows the current high bid. If there are multiple bids for the same value the first email will be the Winner.
  • Since I will be going out of town on business the AUCTION ends Saturday March 13th with the High Bidder announced that day. Glasses will be shipped the following week.
Check out Optic Nerve HERE:

Value of Sunglasses $59 retail

Eyeque IC Blue

Value of Sunglasses $69 retail

Eyeque IC White

I reviewed a similar pair on in August See Review and pictures HERE.
  • Glasses come with a hard case easy to toss in workout bag.
  • Glasses have extra lenses that easily insert for variable conditions.
  • Glasses will look great on Men or Women.
  • For Full Product details click HERE

HAPPY BIDDING! Remember the funds go to Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer HERE. OK off to the Track with the Fam for some fun and a little recovery run on the way home.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


This is post 399.... Hmmmm.. with all the SUNSHINE going around Bloggy land Tomorrow is going to be a Fun day at Tall Mom. Think Sun and an opportunity to save your eyes and do something for charity.... I know I have peaked your curiosity :) I will be passing out some Sunshine Awards and posting more photos from my Wellness photo shoot. So come back Pretty Please :)

Since I have to leave for my 15 miler with Emily and Zoe I leave you with these quotes from John Wooden. Funny how quotes from a Basketball legend totally apply to life and running.

"Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you you can do."

"Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming."

Want more GREAT quotes from John Wooden click HERE


We have an Open House to TRY to sell our home today, so send us good selling vibes :)

What do you have planned?

Friday, February 19, 2010

High Five Friday

Tomorrow I get to meet and Run with the LOVELY Emily HERE she is in town and will run 15 miles with me and Zoe....and run the Birch Bay Marathon the next day!! WHAT?? Little Bloggy fact for you, her mom is the amazing AJH HERE, both are members of the Tall Mom 1,000+++ Club. Fun Bloggy meet ups ahead.

Yesterday was a WARM day in the Seattle area, I ran my 7 mile Tempo Run in short Sleeves!! The trees are so confused that some are have blooms. Soooo excited I got the proofs from the Photo shoot last week, here is a quick preview. Note: we had no idea the kids and hubby would be in the picture, so they were not groomed for camera. Still turned out pretty darn cute!!

  • High Five Racing/Events:
AJH- Winter 1/2 Marathon
ESH- Birch Bay Marathon
Paige- Running with the Wolves 5K
Swim, Bike, What?- Race, I think??
Morgan- 1/2 Marathon Donna National Breast Cancer Run
Jill- 1/2 Marathon Donna National Breast Cancer Run
Running Kiwi- Wellington Around the Bay's Half Marathon
Suzy, Mandy and Happy Runner- Marathon Relay
Lauren- Birthday
Shells- Gets to run again recovering from Stress-fracture.

  • High Five Running for Good Causes:
Hannah- Team in Training
Heather- Team in Training
Katye- Team in Training
Micki- Team in Training
Morgan- Operation Jack
Laura- Joubert Syndrome
Mel- Alzheimer's

  • High Five THANK YOU Cure Donations:

**If you would like to donate to Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer and Marathon for the Cure please click HERE
  • High Five Moms:
Amanda- Picked a name for her Baby girl, to find out Click HERE
Jennifer- In Labour Taper

  • High Five To-do:
Go to this AMAZING Raffle HERE for Joubert Syndrome Ends 3/19
  • High Five Giveaways:
Pretty Please tell them Tall Mom Sent you
Tricia- Running Skirt Ends Tonight 2/19
Zoe- Champion Gear Ends 2/25
Amanda- Name Garmin Contest Ends 2/21
Kerrie- Nuun Giveaway Ends 2/24
MCM Mama- Nuun Giveaway Ends 2/24
Kera- Youbar Giveaway Ends 2/24
Marlene- Red Mittens Ends 2/22
Allie- Road ID Ends 2/21
Erica- Kalyx Sports Bra Ends 2/19
Erica- One More Mile Ends 2/26
Christy- Yurbuds Ends 2/20
Happy Runner- Champion Shorts Ends 2/22

***If you would like to be added to one of the lists above, or start a new list, let me know and I will LINK you in (as soon as I can).. Also, if you have something coming up for a FUTURE High Five Friday, let me know and I will add it to the Tall Mom calendar….If you give me the info you WILL end up getting a HIGH FIVE or two, or three…

HIGH FIVE it's Friday!!!

Do you, or anyone you know, deserve a High Five today? Let me know..

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Welcome new Tall Mom Bloggy Pack Members!! For FUN I post my mid-week training Runs in the form of ABC bullet topics with 3 bullets for each letter. Gives me something to think about during my run. Next week will be PQR and so on… Can you tell I am a MOM??

Stats for 2/18:
Time- 54:48
6.1- Miles
8:58- Pace
Clear day but very windy, pressed for time and a little stressed. Hill repeats.

M- Motion/Mental
  • There are some runs where it feels like I am just going through the motions, today was one of those days. My whole body hurt and I could not find my speed. It is days like this that truly test my mental toughness, the "Wall" is a real thing so I need to train to climb over it.
  • My Hill repeat workouts are tough, with BQ mentality I tackle them as best I can. Today was 14 x 200 meters with 2 minutes erst between sets. Trouble was I was running late so I was in motion the whole time. Although I was not exactly SPRINTING up, I did not take 2 minutes to rest between sets.
  • With the Sunshine award (will be passing it along soon) and all the comments on the Running Essentials Giveaway HERE, and donations to Breast Cancer HERE, I was in a happy mental state. There is so much I want to do to PROVE myself in running, I want to keep upward motion toward my goals. So I have been really looking at my training plan and asking others for input. I am hoping to have my Tall Mom Marathon plan done ASAP so I can stop stressing.
N- Never
  • Lately it seems like I never have time to fit in a good stress free run. I got out the door late and I knew I had a meeting to get back to. I leave for a business trip very soon and I am already stressing about not being able to get in my Marathon training.
  • At repeat 7 I thought I was on 8, it is VERY easy to lose count. Oh how I wanted to just be on 8. But I am a RULE FOLLOWER, just ask Zoe, even in a Free Race I am anal. If I can complete the workout I will I never give up, so I did ALL 14 repeats.
  • Mid way through the workout I felt a PAIN I have never felt before. Shooting pain from my left shoulder blade to the top of my neck. OUCH! It hurt but I kept going. Later that night Muscle Man massaged the area, he could tell I was in extreme pain, nothing made it feel better. Being the Muscle Man that he is, he quickly knew the cause of my problem. Somehow I have strained or irritated my Trapezius muscle (see picture below) on the left side. I iced and took some Tylenol. Any ideas on how to make this feel better??
O- Observations
  • When I started my repeats I thought about doing an over and back. The hill I run on has two sides, I usually stick to one side because it has a clear finish line for the .12 and the pitch is less vertical. My first 2 repeats I ran up the TOUGH side. I observed two men, not together, but each had the cheesiest grin when they saw me. What is that about? Maybe they were thinking "Why is the tall chick in bright pink running up this hill? Glad I am not her."
  • Do you ever observe all the TRASH on the side of the road. It really urks me!! People really? There was a smashed paper cup at the bottom of my hill, it annoyed me to no end and I told myself I would kick it to the side when I was done. The WIND was rough on this workout, on my way back down repeat 11 the paper cup has been blown away. Oh thank you Mr. Wind, I was OCD fixated on that cup.
  • Do you ever have the feeling you are being watched? My hill is near some business that has semi trucks wait for 10-30 minutes before entering. The man in the truck observed me through his rear view, DUDE!! find something to do, this almost made me switch to the TOUGH hill, almost :)
PS. For Fun post your comment in M N O Format

***Tomorrow is High Five Friday. Leave a comment or Email me if you have a race, event, birthday, giveaway, etc :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Running Essentials Giveaway

There are so many great Running products out there that this seemingly inexpensive sport can become very expensive. You are in LUCK because a few great companies have teamed up to sponsor this giveaway. Thanks to Golite, RoadID and Gu....I bring you...



1- Golite Hydroclutch handheld waterbottle HERE
I have been carrying this bottle on all of my Long runs for the past 3 months and I LOVE it! Light weight, perfect size pocket, and easy to use hand strap combine to make you feel like you are not holding water.

RoadID eCard worth $31.50
That covers the cost of the most expensive RoadID, the Elite Wrist RoadID and its shipping and handling. This wrist Elite ID can be accessed by the EMS -either through a phone number on the ID or the online login provided on the ID -and you will have already provided all your info such as allergies, contacts, hospitals, blood types, etc. Its super easy for medics to get all the info they need from you in a hurry and in the event of an emergency. Or you can use the money on any of the following GREAT products.

Visit their Website to see other great safety gear HERE.

Jet Blackberry Gu:
With 2x Caffeine and a rockin Blackberry flavor this purple packet is essential for running. I tested this flavor before 2 hours of volleyball and I can tell you it WORKED!

Pretty please one comment for each entry
  • 1. Leave a Comment and let me know why you would like to WIN.
SIMPLE....unless you want to take the adventure below....
  • 2. Visit the websites of the generous sponsors Golite HERE, RoadID HERE and Gu Energy HERE. Leave a Comment on what you think about the website, products or anything you found interesting. Up to 3 entries.
  • 3. Tell your friends. Link back to this Giveaway on your Blog, Facebook, Twitter or just tell someone you know and let me know in a Comment. Limitless entries, so link away.
  • 4. Help me spread the word about Marathon for the Cure. Share the link to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer donation page HERE. Leave a comment. (If you have already donated and would like to enter the giveaway please leave a comment for an additional entry)
  • 5. Answer the question: What is your Running Essential? Leave a Comment.
****Many ways to enter... and if you know Tall Mom there MAY be multiple winners.
Giveaway Ends at 11:59PM PST on Tuesday 2/24
Winner will be announced in the AM on 2/25

PS. 14 hill repeats today for my MNO post, join in the fun and think up your own MNO post... See you tomorrow

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Next Top Model and a Giveaway

There is a health publication that comes out on occasion in my company. Ages ago I submitted my icecream-eating-overweight-mom becomes running addict story to the group mailbox. I had all but forgotten about it until one day I got a reply. A couple phone calls and several emails later my story is ready for publication and today was the running inspired photo shoot..

Oh how I tried to "Smeyes" (Smile with my eyes per Tyra) as I ran toward the very encouraging photographer. She had an assistant who held the reflector and flashes. For 30 minutes I was a Model "Chin up," "Nose a little that way," "Walk slow and swing your arms," "SLOWLY run toward me," "Squat down and look up," it was super fun!! And since I had forgotten my outfit at home Muscle Man came to the rescue, so we posed for a few family shots. I love having my picture taken and I cant wait to see the final result. I truly hope that my story inspires others in my company to start moving. Exercise and attention to diet, it is that SIMPLE.

2 posts in one day...what am I doing? Tomorrow there will be a Giveaway!! Quick hint, one of the items is listed on Test Lab Tuesday today. So check in tomorrow :)

  • ***And I am soooo excited to log in and see 33% of the way to raising $1,500 for Breast Cancer (HERE). Special thanks to the latest contributors, Jen, Tammy, Beth and my parents!!!

Test Lab Tuesday

I usually don't run the day after Volleyball because my legs are generally trashed.

Long run Saturday + 2 hours Volleyball Sunday= Tired

So I went for a 5 mile "Recovery Run" yesterday. No time in mind, just running for fun. It was a nice day. The only thing of note was a VERY strange. It was sunny and probably around 50's, I felt warm for most of the run. As I turned a familiar corner I got COLD and could see my breath?? For the next 100 yards I was freezing. It was like in Harry Potter when the Dementors come. Then it was gone.. Hmmmm Ghost of the trails, leave me alone, I am trying to train for a Marathon here!!

Welcome to Test Lab Tuesday! The day I dedicate to all things I review..

Living, Eating and Running


Super Mario for the Wii:
Many many people have told me how fun this game is and boy were they right!! When I was younger I would spend hours playing old school Mario on the box Nintendo. Remember back in the day when you could go one direction, had a time limit and when you died you had to start over?? This game has some similarities, so I can play!! My only gripe is I push down too hard with my thumbs so it gets sore :) Out of video game shape I guess.


Fruits and Vegetables:
A very cool handout was passed out at my work about tips to get in FIVE a day of fruits and veggies, thought I would pass on the tips. Yes some of them are pretty obvious, but good reminders :)

  • Breakfast:

-Top Pancakes, waffles, cereal or oatmeal with sliced fruit, dried fruit or mixed berries.

-Make a smoothie by blending fresh or frozen fruit with milk, soy milk or yogurt.

-Add onions, peppers, spinach, mushrooms or tomatoes to scrambled eggs or an omelet.

  • Lunch:

-Add dark leafy greens, tomatoes, onions, peppers or avocado to sandwiches.

-Enjoy Vegetable soups like bean, lentil, tomato, split pea or butternut squash.

-Include a colorful salad with a variety of greens, beans and vegetables.

  • Dinner:

-Add pureed vegetables to soups, pasta sauces, or casseroles.

-Add lots of colorful vegetables to pizzas, wraps, or burritos.

-Stir-fry a mixture of vegetables with lean meat or tofu.

  • Snack:

-Buy pre-cut veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, baby carrots and snap peas.

-Stock individual servings of canned peaches, pears or applesauce at work.

-Carry small zip-lock of dried fruit in your purse, briefcase or gym bag.


Brooks Green Silence HERE:

I was sent the prototype of the Green Silence shoes to test. The first thing I noticed was how light weight the shoes are, feels like wearing slippers.

What Brooks says:

Make an eco-statement with the Green Silence racing flat. Each and every part in this fast, groundbreaking shoe has a sustainable element, including soy-based inks and recycled materials. And in this case, "green" goes hand-in-hand with the great performance you expect from Brooks. The Green Silence helps you take responsibility, and first place—with good karma to spare. Weight: 6.9 oz

Tall Mom Thoughts:

These are for sure racing shoes. With all the talk about barefoot running lately I think Brooks may be on to something. I plan to wear the Green Silence for 5K's and not too often for training. Funny story, I wore the shoes to Fleet Feet to buy my Marathon training shoes. The guy helping me was ready to steal the shoes off my feet he was so excited.. My only gripe is the McDonald's color does not match with much, but trust me I will have a race outfit to match come summer.

***BONUS: 75% of the shoe's materials are post-consumer recycled. I love love the GREEN aspects of this product. To find out MORE about Green Silence click HERE.


Safety should be one of the first things runner's think of when they head out the door. If the worst should happen how would my family know? Road ID has created a simple way to wear product to give athletes a name on the road. With wrist, ankle and shoe options, there is a product for each of us.

What Road ID Says:

If you are a runner, cyclist, triathlete or just a person who doesn't sit on the couch all day, Road ID is for you. This awesome piece of gear not only looks good but it could save your life. In the event of an accident, if you can't speak for yourself, your Road ID will. Available in 6 different styles. It's not just a piece of gear - it's peace of mind

Tall Mom Thoughts:

I have a pink wrist ID that I won at a race this summer, I LOVE LOVE that this piece of gear can be customized to fit what I want. Yes I put my safety info, but the last line I had room for something special so engraved the words "Always With my Boys." I was recently sent an ankle ID to test and I am very excited!!

  • If you have a product you would like to see featured on Tall Mom Test Lab Tuesday please email me tallmomontherun (@) hotmail.


  • Question for the day: What do you eat the night before a long run or race? and Why? Answers may be featured in Test Lab Tuesday next week.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Million Inch +++ Run

Welcome new Bloggy Pack members!! HUGE hug and thanks to MCM Mama (HERE) for her generous donation to Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer. If you would like an easy way to donate to the Cause click HERE. Or you can join in the Fun of the Virtual Race for the Cure, details HERE.

Stats for 2/13:
Miles- 16.34
Time- 2:23:33
Pace- 8:45
Fastest Mile- 8:14
Less Fast Mile- 9:16
Drizzly rainy day running the Million Inch++ Run on Interurban trail.

I got an email from a local Race Director who puts on FREE races. I forwarded the email to local Bloggy buddies Amanda, Kerrie and Zoe, I really should have people sign release forms when they join me :)

Kerrie and Zoe Parked at the Finish since the course was one way running from Auburn to deep in Tukwila on the Interurban trail. I planned to wear bright pink to match Zoe, but when I saw the rain I opted for my trusty Patagonia jacket. I was SOOO Excited when Amanda pulled in it had been too long.

Here we are festive and ready to RUN! Look at the funny guy to the right. We gathered together for announcements, Race Director Steve said there would be Orange arrows (chalk arrows and rain do not mix, just sayin) and 2 water stops manned by his beautiful daughter. He also announced that the 15.78 mile course was actually 16.4, Amanda was not there to hear that part. I opted not to tell her, probably a BAD choice on my part SORRY AMANDA, I just didn't want to hurt her spirit.

Some guy commented on our socks and told us he was wearing a pink jock strap... Ummmm?? Lets RUN!

The lovely Kerrie took photos along the way. This course is BORING! Long flat pavement with dry brush grass, train tracks, warehouses and puddles. My plan was to run the first 8 at BQ pace, Zoe joined me. It was WEIRD, I felt drained from the first step, no energy at all. Zoe told me to turn on my Ipod, which works with my old earbuds, but the cord is shorter so I was having issues.
Although I was tired the miles passed quickly, here is the bullet point version:

-We saw many couples, Amorous birds together for Valentines- Ducks cuddles together on a log, and kissing crows. This lead me to say "If I were a Duck I would not live on the side of this boring trail, I would pick a sweet lake."

-Soon after there was a HUGE nest I dubbed the Hawk Mansion, which lead me to say "If I were a hawk I would have the biggest nest in the tallest tree."

-Our Socks were attention grabbers, a Man on bike said, "Are you with the other girl with the socks?" Hmmmm.. "Yes we are." Glad to know that Amanda was still plugging along. And a girl on an arm powered bike said "Love the socks." As much as I LOVED the socks, I wont be wearing festive socks for anything above a 5K again. My toes are not happy.

-There were several Cross walks at one an older lady pushed button and we got there at the last second and sprinted across, come to find out that woman was 67. WOW!!

-Once we got to mile 8 we were both ready to slow. I took a Gu that QUICKLY worked.

-Just about then we hit my usual lunch run stomping grounds, the not pretty part. Interurban trail is long, straight and BORING. I started to be very chatty. Telling Zoe about all my adventures. She may or may not have turned up her music to tune me out, I would not blame her. The Gu really did the job!!

-We hit the water stop, thank you pretty daughter! We both had Orange Gatorade. Not sure why the course did not take us down my usual pretty path instead we took a short cut that ended by the soccer fields.

-On the trail there were 2 Canadian Geese, we coined a new term "Gice", If you would like the proper way to pronounce the word imagine Goonies "Hey you Gice" and you have it right. We both chuckled.

-We briefly stopped at a Casino to play "roulette". As we came out there was a pack of men rounding the corner, my competitive fire sparked and we sprinted ahead.

-I am sooooooo glad Zoe was there to direct, because I did not see the path to the right and the arrow had washed away. (Kerrie missed this turn and had a .5 mile detour)
-True to my runner Bird watching form I spotted a large beautiful Hawk, we joked that SAM sent his relatives to watch over us, just then a Seagull flew by, Sam's slow cousin who could not find us "Where are you Gice?"

-Along the path was a Mint Green Square house. I am not sure what the architect for this house was thinking. Perfect square, 3 windows, VERY STRANGE.

-The men had disappeared and it was Zoe and I headed to the Finish. My legs felt strong, I could have kept going. Zoe urged me to try for a Finish line kick, and it worked, we sprinted in to the non Finish Line. Free race, what do you expect?? We stopped our watches a few times along the course so the time is not totally accurate, but it counts for the parts we were running.
Me and Zoe at the Finish. The man in the Red is Steve and his daughter is in the SOAKED sweatshirt. We chatted for a bit then headed out to find our friends.
Amanda texted me and said she got to 15.78 and there was nothing so she stopped. UGH! I should have told her. Come to find out she had major pain and had been toughing it out for over 9 miles. We found her and gave a quick hug. Then went to Kerrie's van to refill out water with her Emergency water jug.
  • We were freezing but kept walking, Kerrie had texted me and had taken a wrong turn. We found her and made a moving finish line. The photo at the end did not upload, will have to add it later.
I am SOOOOO PROUD of my girls, they all have new highest Mileage PRs and did it on a rainy day on a BORING trail. This was for sure great Marathon mental prep training.
Fun photos after the Run. Kerrie us all Valentines sports beans and gave me some Bulldog socks for Little Stud #2, Thanks Kerrie!! We had crossed 3 cities, it took a LONG time to drive back, really puts the distance into prospective. WOW!
COLD!!! Kerrie had to go but the rest of us changed in our cars and headed to Red Robin.
We probably looked sooo funny all wearing Bondibands, but we did not care. Amanda ordered coffee, good idea! A Round of coffees to warm up, I was wearing my gloves inside because I was soo cold. We ordered and proceeded to stuff our faces. The conversation flowed easily and it was a BLAST just hanging out with these lovely ladies. This is just a preview of the FUN we will have at the Mercer Island Half on 3/21 (Amanda's Birthday!!).
  • PS. How was your Weekend?