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Friday, January 1, 2010

High Five Friday Bloggy Pack 09 Wrap up

Remember this post I called "Yesterday"? Well I had ulterior motives. I wanted each of you to say in your own words what you are PROUD of and what you feel warrants a HIGH FIVE in 2009.. Here is what a few Bloggy Pack members said...

**Note I did not include all the links to blogs because I did not have time..if you would like to see the Blogs click on the Tall Mom Post and comments to find these Bloggers

saundra said... This year I lost 13 lbs that I wish I could blame on pregnancy and made a whopping improvement in my 26.2 time. In 2010, I just want to be consistent and run 1000 miles.

Eliza said... I have been running for 269 days and counting ... I'm hooked! I ran my first half-marathon and am training for a FULL in 53 days :)

Melissa said... I lost 50 pounds and started running.

Tri Mommy said... I am proud of going from couch potato to an Ironman 70.3 finisher in the period of a year.

L.B. said... I'm proud that I ran a half marathon this year and that I've got the ability now to run a lot longer than I ever dreamed I could run. 3 miles before seemed like a lot; now, I'm not even anywhere near the middle of my run at 3 miles!

Nerual said... I am proud that I have lost 25lbs. and ran a half marathon in just 6 months. And that I have survived another year as a stay at home Mom.

J said... Wow a year ago was such a different time. It is funny how fast things change and how much we "grow" up in the mean time (speaking about myself). i find it funny how I dont even feel like a college student anymore even though a year ago I was one.

Amanda said... In the last year I ran 2 half marathons and got my half-marathon PR, I fostered a dog for a rescue that would have been put to sleep otherwise, and got pregnant...those are the things I'm most proud of for 2009.
Manderz said... This year I am incredibly happy to say that I have finally lost 100lbs!

Heather said... In this year I started running. I did the couch to 5k program which taught that I could actually run for 30 minutes.

Lisa said... I'm proud that I overcame pretty major surgery and ran my first marathon this year.

Katie A. said... And yes, I am very proud of myself this year. 3 marathons and almost 1500 miles - lots of goals for next year.

Janice {Run Far} said... I didn't really set any goals for 2009, but I am very happy with the 5 marathons I ran.. wish it could have been 6, injuries suck. :(

TMB said... This year I accomplished the following: I had a third child. I ran a marathon 9 months after having that baby (with a damaged foot). I lost ALL OF THE BABY WEIGHT. I started my own business. I am proud of this year ... now I just have to figure out how to top it all next year.

aron said... BQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ :) lol thats what i am proud of! <3

Fran said... I'm proud of myself that I started running again in March and that I finished a 5K and a 10K this year and that I started losing weight after 10 years of struggling. I'm happy that I've started blogging because I've got so much inspiration and motivation from my blogging friends.

Casey said... My accomplishments for this year.. Hm. Well, I nurtured and grew a little human baby and successfully gave birth to her, and for the last 5 weeks I have managed to fall into the groove of Mommyhood without too many snags. I got my book published. I have knit Violet a hat for every month of the year. Maybe that's a little too neurotic to list as an accomplishment...!
Marci said... For me this year its the completion of my first halfiron man!

April said... The running goal I am most proud of is running a half marathon this past November.

Stacie said... I'm proud of the fact that I've lost so much weight since beginning to run. I went from a 5K to running the Portland Marathon within 6 months. I'm proud that I'm a healthier person for my girls and my husband.
Rio Runs said... Gosh, in some ways I almost feel like a different person than I was a year ago. This year I ran both my first half and full marathon. Even more importantly, I was reminded of my love of running that I had as a child and I'm still doing it now, over one year later!
Laura said... I am proud I have lost about 20lbs this year...and still losing and have kept up my running/fitness regime. I also proud that I was asked to write an article on my motivation for our running club and they said I was inspirational to them. Made me teary...

Scott and Manda said... I'd never run an official race before this year and I ran a 5k, 10k, and did a Ragnar relay. It felt amazing! For next year I'm already starting to train for a half marathon. I'm so excited to accomplish something so big (to me!!)

Kasey said... This time last year I was about 20 lbs heavier and not doing anything but eating bad. In February I decided to do something about it so I did. I started watching my diet and doing Cathe Friedrich workouts and Yoga on FIT tv. I started seeing results. In may I decided to do a little more so I added training to a 5k to my schedule. in august i ran the 5k and 3 months later I ran my first 1/2 marathon and now I'm training for my first full marathon. it's amazing what a little determination and dedication can bring you. I feel like I could do anything after that 1/2 marathon. I've lost 40 lbs total since I had my daughter who is almost 2 in Jan. I feel great and it has been worth every ounce of sweat!

RunningLaur said... This year I ran my first half marathon, and then 2 more - all of them being PR's that I worked hard for!

Croughwell said... Training for and running in my first marathon..

Ashley said... In 2009, I ran my first 10K and half marathon and got a 5K PR!

Badgergirl said... I took huge steps backwards in terms of health and fitness in 2008 after an illness in late 2007. This year I put in the work and regained my fitness, shed 23 pounds (7 more to go) and got back to the point where I enjoy running, biking and swimming again. I completed some tough triathlons and felt good with my results. And now I've got my sights on more tris in 2010 and tackling the half marathon again!
And the High Five Friday where I asked again HERE. Here are some answers, if you commented twice you may appear AGAIN, High Five to that!

Rachael said... in 2009 I started running and now can run a 10K, I lost 20 pounds and I starting blogging and finding wonderful people like YOU!
J said... In 2009, I PR'ed in a 15k and also finished my college track and field career by setting the Heptathlon school record and going to regionals! It was an exciting year! Weird to think that a year ago I was training for track!
Teamarcia said... As for me, beyond my wildest dreams, in 2009 I ran the Boston Marathon! And I managed to requalify--why thank you I'll have another! :-D

Katie A. said... I finally hit my 1500 mi goal! And to all you peeps that had PR's, lost the weight and started running! Awesome job! Let's hope for a great 2010!

Suzy said... 2009: What a year it has been. I lost 20 pounds,ran my first 10K and first half-marathon. I also finished all my coursework for my master's degree.

shellyrm said... In 2009 I ran my 11th marathon and starting seriously running races of shorter distances - halfs to 5ks - to improve my speed (about 3 races a month).

Kerrie T. said... I can't believe all I accomplished since JULY! My first 10K and my first HALF MARATHON! And I've dropped three pants sizes, too! And it's because of the amazing support I received from the people around me (bloggy and not-bloggy). So, high five to me and them!

runninaround said... My big accomplishment for 2009...starting to run! In August I could barely run 2 miles and last week I completed my first 10 miler...13.1 here I come!

Rookie on the Run said... My accomplishment for 2009: Going from being a running-hater to a running-lover. This year of running has changed me for the better... and I don't mean physically, I mean mentally and emotionally.

The Jesse said... my accomplishments for 2009 - there are so many! setting new 5k PR's, getting back into running (again), and deciding to and training for my first 1/2 marathon! i cant wait to see what 2010 has in store!

Denise said... My accomplishments for 2009 worthy of a high 5...5k PR, 5 miler PR, 10 miler PR, half marathon PR and...A Boston Qualifying marathon!! It's been an awesome year! OH crap...and I ran an ultra (50 miles)! How could I forget that?

runningcommentaries said... I PRd in every race distance but most specifically I took an hour off my marathon time!

Lisa said... My accomplishment for 2009? The first thing that comes to mind is running my 1st half marathon in Janaury... then finishing 7 more after that for a total of 8 halves completed in 2009!
**And some Tall Mom Bloggy buddies who I will boast for on their behalf...

Zoe: Ran her first half Marathon in sub 2 hours and completed her longest run ever (with me) 15 miles. I know this little lady has a Marathon in her and I hope she will let me run with her on her way to her next BIG Goal.

Amanda: She raced her heart out at the Seattle Marathon and came sooo close to a PR. She runs hard and is an amazing Mom balancing it all. I am PROUD to have this Blogger as a running buddy and FRIEND..

Jill: Ran 2 Half Marathons with her Mom and a Triathlon with her Dad. One of these days I will convince my friend to run with me. Come on Jilly!!

Morgan: Ran her first Marathon training in Florida and running in CHILLY Chicago. She also ran some killer PR's, made me laough 3,333+++ time on her blog and met a fella in Bloggy land.

Marlene: Set some killer PR's including major Marathon redemption. This lucky lady runs with her hubby and is poised for a fun Goofy Challenge this month. On a personal note Marlene is my Canadian buddy and I KNOW without a doubt that someday I will meet her because she is that cool!!

Lacey: Completed her first Marathon in a SPEEDY time and qualified for Boston. And since Boston is FULL this year that means she can run it in 2011 with ME I HOPE I HOPE!! Lacey has kindly offered to host Tall Mom free of charge for Boston 2011, now I have to put in the work.

Candice: The lady I nicknamed Runner Barbie completed her first Marathon this year while raising two adorable blond babies. She has her sightes set on more 26.2 finish lines in the year to come.

Frayed Laces: Among NUMEROUS accomplishments, seriously this girl is made of STEEL, she just ran a 50 mile trail Ultra. If you have not read the race report you must, it is RIVETING.

Stephanie Nicole
: This lady is running Marathons nealry every weekend to meet her 50 Marathon goal. I love the race recaps and medal critiques. I will never reach this goal, but it is sure fun to read as this blogger makes it happen.

Alisa: Ran 2 Marathons, 3 Half Marathons, completed her first and send Sprint Tri

Velma: Hey what do you want me to put here B?? Velma has been an avid reader of Tall Mom since day 3 maybe?? Not sure. She is a SMART lady with a long stride and infectious smile. In 2009 she ran a couple Marathons and completed in Triathlons. She has inspired her kiddos to follow in her footsteps and has BIG goals for the years to come.

Robin: My favorite Turtle in Florida. As a diabetic runner Robin faces very different challenges but doe snot let it stop her. She has run 5K and 10K races with a pretty smile on her face!

This girl is a racing a tri-ing pro with tons of race bibs and medals. See her post HERE for the full 2009 wrap up.

Heather: While working for her degree and raising toddlers she manages to fit in her MINOR addiction to racing, Marathon medals and space blankets. This FUNNY blogger is also working to raise funs for Ulman Cancer Fund for young adults. Please go to her Raffle HERE and tell her Tall Mom sent you. I will be posting this link often until Jan 27th so get used to it :)

Mel at 2nd Chances: Read her post HERE. Amazing how an injury lead her to a new sport that she truly has a knack for Triathlons! She just smashed her 2,500KM combined goal, yes another reason I LOVE Canadians!

Mel Tries to Run: Her beautiful accent melts my heart.. Mel more video posts please :) She is training for her first half Marathon to raise money for Alzhemiers and her first book is all set to be published, all that while losing loads of "Kegs" and finding her way toward a fitter lifestyle.

Run to the Finish: She just completed Rock 'N' Roll Las Vegas Marathon and I believe has a goal for more Rock 'N' Roll races, PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE come to Seattle!! This Blogger inspired me to start my Blog, host giveaways and to overall post on the POSITIVE. So a HUGE Tall Mom hug and High Five for all you do in Bloggy land!!

So there you have it.. I KNOW I am forgetting someone or a few people. So please comment on this post and I will add you BELOW.



Anonymous said...

Hi- I love this post!!! And I found some new bloggies to check out :)

Thanks for the shout-out, always showing me love and being an amazing support! You are a-w-e-s-o-m-e!!!

Velma said...

You are the best! I will post my goals on my blog shortly. Going to the gym first!! :)

Marlene said...

Look at all of this Bloggy Love! No wonder you are everyone's favorite blogger. :)

Thanks so much for the shout-out. It always makes me SMILE to see my name.

Big hugs!!!!

Denise said...

You put so much time and effort into these posts...THANK YOU!!

It's nice to see all these great accomplishments!!

RunningLaur said...

Such a cute post! I know how much work these take - thanks so much for doing it!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Those are amazing and inspiring to read.

Remarkable year - remarkable readers.

Mel - you are such an encourager - I love visiting your blog.
Happy New Year

teacherwoman said...

Great post!

Unknown said...

High Fives to everyone! and Happy New Year!!

RobinLK said...


You are truly THE BEST. We all take such different approaches to our blogs, and yours continues to inspire, promote, ooze with love and caring, and squeal with laughter ... in every single post.

HIGH FIVE to YOU, YOU, YOU on this first day of 2010!

And thank you, humbly, for including me... :-)

Now, send your <1,000 milers to visit the Turtles blog ... we've got a great way to run 500+ miles in 2010, while helping others. SCORE! "Doing good by doing well."

Hugs from Orlando!

Teamarcia said...

Way to kick off the new decade Mel! Wow so many inspiring stories, I am in awe of everyone!
Impossible is nothing!

Melissa said...

LOVE this post! So many new bloggers to check out!!

Zoƫ said...

WOW! Look at all those accomplishments! It's awesome to see so many happy people. 2009 was great, but 2010 will be even better. :) High Five, Mel!

Michelle said...

Happy New Year!

Still working on my goals, but definitely to run a 1/2 in March is one of them.

Relentless Forward Commotion said...

You get the award for "best bloggy cheerleader" for 2009! You are awesome mama! Here's to a speedy, healthy, happy 2010!

And THANK YOU for the shoutout and promoting the raffle! I really appreciate it :)

Alicia said...

Awesome post! Reading all that everyone is so proud of makes me feel a little sense a pride welling up in me for all these awesome people out there in the bloggy world!

May we all have as much (or even more) to be proud of in 2010! Happy New Year!

Julie said...

I love your post today! It is so great to see the things that we as runners are proud of. I ran a 5k this morning, (Polar Dash Minneapolis) and need to get blogging later this afternoon:)Cheers to you!!

Alisa said...

This is an awesome post! I made the list without even commenting.

I also met a lot of awesome bloggy friends who are now my real friends =).

Jill said...

I love your post, thanks! I didn't send you my goals or my accomplishments but I did post them on my last blog, if you wanted to read. I had too many so didn't want to single anything out. I feel blessed for your blog and can't wait to read each of your posts as you journey into 2010; it's going to be an great year for you! Happy 2010!!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Awesome catch all post Mel! Congrats on your year, looking forward to seeing what you accomplish in 2010! :D Happy New Year.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

by the way, thanks for the shout-out!!

Anonymous said...

What a great post! I know it takes a lot of time and effort to compile all the comments. Very encouraging and positive! Happy 2010!


Love it! So encouraging to see what everyone has accomplished this year. Makes me want to go out and work my butt off in 2010!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Mel ~ what a wonderful way to lift up all your bloggie friends! We all shared in the same 365 days but we each did our own amazing things with it!

Darlene said...

great post. Here are mine:
--ran 17 races (all 5k except one 3.5 mi)
--ran 5k 2x under 30 minutes.
--lowered my 5k PR to 29:30
--joined a gym in order to run in the cold weather on a treadmill
--ran a 5k in the cold weather (10 degrees)
--ran outside in December (1 mi)
--blogged more frequently
--read more running blogs
--read Runner’s World magazine
--put my race number tags into an album


RunningFromCancer said...

first off - when oh when do you find time to get this all done??

second - reading these comments and accomplishments is very motivating. It is really amazing to read all the things that people have done over the last year.

I LOVE what Shellyrm said two comments above. Same 365 days and we all did something different with those days. LOVE that ;-)

Jo Lynn said...

I'm proud I made it another 365 days clean and sober!
My goal is to wake up and do it again tomorrow. ;)

Marci said...

Happy New Year tall Mom, what a great post, you are so supportive of others which is why I love reading your blog!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Awe! Thanks Mel! I will get that PR one day! I will make it my 2010 mission! And i know with your help I will be able to!

Aron said...

you are sneakyyyy :) LOVE it! haha i am cracking up at my answer too :)