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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Welcome new Tall Mom Bloggy Pack Members!!

For FUN I will be posting my Wednesday Runs in the form of ABC bullet topics with 3 bullets for each letter. Gives me something to think about during my run. Next week will be GHI and so on… Can you tell I am a MOM?? I am sure some weeks will be tougher, I better start thinking about "X" now.. ENJOY!!

Stats for 1/27:
Time- 58:50
7.06- Miles
8:20- Pace
Weather was great, my energy level was low but overall I am proud of my pace.

D- Distance:
  • Over the entire distance of 7 miles I was by myself but I was never alone. There was always a runner, bikers, walker or person eating fast food in their car. This was comforting. The cast of characters: the dorks (this time they said hello), a man with perfect posture who waved like a toy soldier, two men walking in mechanic style blue coats with name tags Vladimer and Larry (Just kidding on Larry but I was able to make out Vlad), a couple biking in BRIGHT day-glow colors, a FAST runner in a white shirt and MORE.

  • At mile 3 my stomach started to cramp up, not a great distance to be in pain. Just after that mile I also spotted Mount Rainier, this helped take my focus from my pain. I am not sure what is wrong with my stomach, about a year ago I had a battery of tests done and was given a clean bill of health. Gotta love the phantom pain.

  • Some days I feel I could run forever, today was not one of those days. The 7 mile distance felt LONG and tough. Thankfully at mile 3.5 another runner was just in front of me, I used him to stay on top of my pace. On rough days it is better to get out of your head and RUN.

E- Endurance:

  • Over the next 3 months I need to build my muscular endurance. Today I could feel where I lack strength, legs, arms and core…. Hmmmm!! I have a lot of work to do. I have been slacking on my lifting and ab goals...OOPS!

  • Tempo runs are not supposed to be easy, speed work helps train your brain for some discomfort, to endure the pain that comes with the distance. Next week I have hill training.

  • Just over 3 months of training left. Anyone agree that the Marathon is the reward after months of enduring the training BATTLE?

F- Function:

  • My shoes were supposed to retire 3 weeks ago. I do not like the Asics Kayano 16's, I find them to be heavy and with no cush. So I have a pair to exchange when I can FINALLY make it to Fleet Feet. I have plenty of shoes for 5K distance, but my Asics no longer function for long runs. Amazing what a GREAT pair of shoes can do for the legs.

  • The route I took is under power lines so I am not 100% sure if it was functioning the whole time. Below are my Garmin gremlin split times for an overall 8:20 pace:
    1.5 Warm-up= 8:39
    3=7:54 *Weird that I repeated the same pace?
    1.5 Cool-down=8:57
  • I don’t function well on less than 8 hours of sleep. I feel rundown and like I am going to get sick again. Darn you Biggest Loser keeping me up past my bedtime!!

PS. For fun put your comment in DEF format :)



D - The Dorks - have you ever talked to them? You should challenge them to a race and put them in their place.

E - Elixir - Well, Wave Elixer are the new shoes in my rotation ... and I love them. Hope you find the perfect pair for your long runs

F - Freaky - I also repeat the same pace a lot and it always makes me think that my Garmin isn't working properly and it kind of freaks me out.

Yay only 3 months to go!

Marlene said...

(D)on't you hate cramps? (E)specially during a tempo run and only half way through... not (f)un at all.

Okay, that was lame but I made some effort. :)

Way to go pulling through the run.

Hope yuo can get yourself some new shoes soon!

Alicia said...

(D)efinitely a great pace on your run!
(E)ven 9 hrs of sleep doesn't seem like enough to me sometimes! (BTW, I was up to 2 am last night. Bet I got you beat.)
(F)inally getting to the marathon starting line was almost as good as the finish line! Training is tough!

Velma said...

I am DEFinately tired - I hear ya on that front. Nice job pushing through the pain - it will pay off!

Lacey said...

oooooooh a comment challenge!!! hehehee. oh mel you are so demanding (D!!!). jk jk.


D: dragging runs-- these def happen. but it's just the ebb and flow (E and F!) of running, right?

E: exact same pace-- i love when my pace for miles repeats itself!!! i am NEVER consistent so i feel like this is a fluke (F) but it does (D) happen sometimes!!! always glad to see it.

F: fleet feet!!!! are you set on buying your shoes there/have a good discount (D)? footlocker (F) is having a 25% sale friends/fam-- i have the code if you want to check their site out. i posted it on twitter actually. i just got my asics 1140s (lightweight, cushion shoe) for $50!!!!! originally $85 then on sale for $60 then the discount. good deal (D).

in other news-- i will be totally honest, whenever i have stomach pain it is usually something i ate and/or gas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not pretty but it is what it is :)

xoxoxoxoxooooooo! great run! keep it up!!!!

Anonymous said...

(D)arn you for keeping such a great pace even when you don't feel like running! Your bads are better than my goods!

(E)fficiency? It looks like you are being super efficient mom, as the pic you took kinda looks like you are in the shower! Great pic though!

(F)riday is tomorrow! I just love Fridays!!

Redhead Running said...

I often wonder why some days the (D)istance is so much harder to deal with than others... the distance to run, the distance seperating Spike & I, dealing with family issues from a distance...

(E)xact pace - I did that this morning too! 8:07 every other mile! LOL!

I don't know how I'm still (F)unctioning between the mileage peak of training and two jobs... I fell asleep on the phone with Spike last night. Girlfriend (F)AIL. :(

Katie A. said...

(D)efintely am proud of you for your running splits! Very cool!
(E)nergy levels are always low for me on the days when I don't get my 8 hours of sleep....seriously, I go to bed between 7:30 & 8 evernight (I get up at 5).
(F)inishing a marathon is the icing on the cake - even when your legs are cramping and you want to puke at the end, that accomplishment that you FINISHED is the best feeling in the world - I crave it! Great job this week!

Gene said...

Dreadmill runs are excrutiating, even though they are better than no runs at all.
Eventually spring will...spring, and I will be able to get back outside.
Freedom is what I gain from being out on the trails, and to some extent the dreadmill.

Thanks, Mel, for keeping our brains working!

Anonymous said...

(D)efinitely think a comments challenge is a spectacular idea.

(E)ver done planks before? Coach Jay at Nike.com has a video of core exercises. It's maybe 5 min in length if I remember. I am a full supporter of core strengthening for life, as are the 8 other scientists that I have been leading every day for 8 or so minutes of core work.

(F)reaky fast. That's how you're going to be running in your marathon when you're tapered and rested and your legs have had time to recover and strengthen from the training you are doing! Hooray!

J said...

Do you noticed that a lot of D words are depressing??

Everyone seems to be very good at this but I am slow, i can't think of any good words!

Fortunately i am at the end of theses letters! great job on the run! Do you think your stomach problems are related to what you eat or something else. Some days i have intense pain for no reason at all. I do know I cant have certain things before or after a run.

Pining for Pinterest said...

Okay, let me try this again :-)

D- Doing a great job on your runs! I think you are right about the training :-)

E- Excellent idea for the ABC format. I am digging this format!

F- Fast runner. I hope that I can get as fast as you one day! I think I should do a lot more training first :-)

Have a great night!

Anonymous said...

(D)VR is awesome. I love Biggest Loser but it's (E)asy to pass bedtime watching it. I mean, are 2 hour episodes really necessary each week? The recaps are (F)rustrating. We skip all of those.

B Sue Fly said...

Dang, you are Extremely Fast! Some day I want to run 3 miles at the pace you run 7-nice job!

I love The Biggest Loser, it always keeps me up too late!

Have a great day!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

D-Dude great times!!!
E- Exciting! Marathon training is EXCITING!!
G-garmin grimlins suck and I have had them before too when there were power lines, under a canopy of trees, under cloudy skies...

Mike Russell said...

I am not clever enough to respond in the DEF format. Sorry. ;)

On The Biggest Loser, I liked the gal who got voted off. I thought she had a horrible attitude, but I loved that she stood up to Jillian and the Red Team. As for the Red Team, no matter how many different ways you try and tell me you are telling the truth, it is still a lie.

Anonymous said...

G- Goals

H- Happiness


Kerrie said...

OMG. Biggest Loser totally kept me up past my bedtime this week, too! I was like, "WHAT? It's 10? Crap!"

Zoe and I will carpool on Saturday. Excited to see both of you!

Heather said...

Dat red team on the biggest loser needs to go!

Every time I run after a night of little or no sleep I feel like I am dragging around a big piece of cement.

Freaking core . . . I've been working really hard at building my core strength. Hard to tell if I I am seeing results yet.

teacherwoman said...

DEFINITELY looking forward to the weekend, even though I only worked two days this week. But, I have two more days of conferences ... so technically 4 days and a short weekend. blech.

EXCITED about trying to start training for a half marathon... love that distance and hopefully my knee can handle working up to that!

FEBRUARY is going to be a great month, can't you see it?!

Great post, Tall Mom! I keep on coming back for more! :)

Julie said...

Happy Thursday Mel! I think I need a new pair of shoes too! My feet are starting to burn after a few miles and that is just not right:) Good job on all of your runs and training! I want your half marathon time:)

Jill said...

Hi Mel, isn't the shoe thing so frustrating? I find a pair I like and works well and then they change something up in them and they no longer work and the process of finding another is so agonizing. One of my favorite all time running books is: Brain Training for Runners. It has a lot of mental strength training for overcoming the fatigue of endurance running. I re-read that thing over and over before every marathon. Happy Thursday!

Anonymous said...

hey! i love the alphabet theme :) and great run. sometimes the best runs are ones where i don't think i can make it because it feels so good to be like "eff yeah!" at the end

Julia said...

I sometimes get the same exact split on the Garmin too, but I think it's within the normal range of abnormalities of the world to get the same pace twice :)
I am forever in search of great shoes as well. I am dying to try the Mizuno wave riders.

who knows said...

Definetly jealous of your distance. I don't run THur, I do Yoga and today I even swam.

Extremly happy to be back in bloggy mode.... :)

Friends of the bloggy world
(& Facebook) are the best. :)
Thanks for making me smile today. I really really needed it.

Alisa said...

D-Don't you love when awesome views take your mind off whatever ailment you might be having? On Tuesday, it was the lights of the skyline for me.

E-Even though I love BL I have to turn it off at 9:00pm, I just can't stay up!

F-Far! That is a long tempo run, I'm still doing baby ones of 5 miles or under.

Bethany + Ryan said...

Damn, Excellent Fitness!!

Sarah said...

Great idea on the letters Tall Mom!

Im looking forward to seeing what you write for the whole alphabet!

Great running pace too!

Sarah said...

Great idea on the letters Tall Mom!

Im looking forward to seeing what you write for the whole alphabet!

Great running pace too!

Anonymous said...

D- Definitely feel you on the phantom pains. Mine are in my feet.

E- Excited for warmer weather to arrive so I can log more miles!

F- F the red team on BL! haha

gba_gf said...

D- Dude, I can relate to the mystery stomach pain.
E -Ew. We know how MY mystery stomach pain usually ends up....
F - From here it's hard to get back to what I wanted to say which was maybe my Witch Dr needs to prescribe YOU with some CORE RUNS. Stop every mile for 2 minutes of planks (30 seconds center, 30 side, 30 center, 30 other side). Do this on your easy run days. My Dr, a BQ, Iron Man, Tri-Geek promises it's going to make me faster.

Anne said...

Your pace is so amazing! Whenever I read your stats, I'm so impressed. I actually went back and read your first marathon report...and I am inspired by how far you've come!

ajh said...

Okay I know what I wanted to say....hmmm.

D- Damn it must be amazing to run with the sight of Mt. Rainier in the distance.

E - Enduring that beautiful sight must be easy.

F- It must be Fun to run in scenic surroundings.

Okay not great but I tried.

RunningFromCancer said...

D - I so would love to be able to run a distance of 7 miles - my miles have been so low lately.

E - I so need endurance work - did circuit training tonight - but I just wasn't feeling it.

F - Be good to your feet . . . look at all the hard work they do . . . whether you are running - picking up the house . . . walking . . . doing the laundry. They need some tender loving care.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

D - Did you ever try peppermint to settle your tummy?

E - I have yet to Evaluate my new trail shoes but Wow do they seem heavy!

F - Wow girlie you are Fast!!

greentigress said...

D- deciding if this is my best holiday ever or if it's turning into a disaster

E - Escaping running for a week by not having bought the right shoes for a group tobogganing / walking in the mountains holiday

F - Freaking out with schizophrenia symptoms and feeling like the boy in the emporor's new clothes.

Michelle said...

(D)ude, totally don't want you to get sick!

(E)verytime I read your blog, I smile. Thanks for keeping me happy!

(F)abulous post! You rock!