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Thursday, January 21, 2010


Welcome new Tall Mom Bloggy Pack Members!!

For FUN I will be posting my Wednesday Runs in the form of ABC bullet topics with 3 bullets for each letter. Gives me something to think about during my run. Next week will be DEF and so on… Can you tell I am a MOM?? I am sure some weeks will be tougher, I better start thinking about "X" now.. ENJOY!!

Stats for 1/20:
Time- 55:58
6.2- Miles
9:01- Pace
Perfect day for a run on my BEST FRIEND Charity's birthday.

A- Admissions:
-The main road to my work always always has motorcycle police officers on patrol. The speed limit is 35mph, I go 39ish and always have drivers passing me or riding my license plate. Today while running I saw 2 people pulled over and I admit, I laughed inside. EVIL!!

-I know that there are not Alligators, Crocodiles or Anaconda in my area, however when I run the small clay trail through the retention ponds I admit, I am always freaked out and think I am going to be eaten. But of course nothing happened, but I did eat ANOTHER bug.

-My spandex capris are too lose and I admit my belly and booty were jiggling too much for my comfort. Anyone have any capri spandex recommendations?

-I could have run in a tank top today, the sun was shinning and it was WARM. No wind, the weather was amazing! Mount Rainier is Majestic and I am BLESSED to see such beauty on a clear day.

-My 6 mile route is blocked by flood berms, for who knows how long, so today I made up a new route. It took me through my FAVORITE beautiful places in my work area, across the bridge in the wetlands, over the mosaic tiled path near the fountain, and through the moss covered trail in the woods.

-Found out today that I will be travelling to Beaver Creek Colorado for work in late February early March. I am excited for the opportunity to travel to see the beauty of a new state and have some (self-inflicted) Olympic style altitude running training..

-I have converted to a one ear bud runner. I LOVE LOVE to hear my tunes to keep me moving, but there is something about the birds chirping, and my feet hitting the pavement. Not to mention it is MUCH SAFER!

-I have converted to a BUDDY RUNNER. When I run alone I feel like something is missing :( Lucky me, I don't have to be solo very often.. (Zoe, Amanda, Kerrie, Shelby, etc. etc. missed you ladies today!!)

-I know that I should convert the the paces set on my training plan….BUT!! Today I just ran what was comfortable and I ended up with 9 minute mile pace, faster than the 9:17-9:40 in my plan, but I felt GREAT!


PS. For fun put your comment in ABC format :)


Jill said...

YEs you are a mom...ABC's. That's funny and it will be fun to see what you think of. Running with friends is fun. I need to find a good balance of running with buddies and on my own.

Marlene said...

I must (A)dmit that I am jealous of the (B)eautiful weather you are having and that you can wear (C)apris in January.

I can't wait to see Mount Rainier!

RunToTheFinish said...

A. Loving our weather here too!!
B. I can't wear ear buds or I would totally do the one ear. I'm still rocking the over the head style.
C. Pacing seriously is my issue...I like to just run. I read the great comment though about slowing down and will certainly be trying

Aimee said...

(A)wesome post...your posts are always so creative!

(B)elly and booty jiggling...hmm..I have a pair of TekGear capris that I love that I actually got at Kohls!

You are going to love (C)olorado! I live in Denver and love it here. Beaver Creek will be so beautiful when you're here.

Anonymous said...

My friend Candance moved to CO last summer to train and I am hoping visit out there sometime. It looks amazing and she is loving every second! Have fun!

Libby said...

About once a month there is a HUGE speed trap on the main highway going to school. I once saw over 14 cops that had people pulled over/in line waiting to get more people/ or just pulling up to the line. I'm sure there were more that I missed too. It made me laugh too

Pining for Pinterest said...

Amazing Idea!!!

Best Blogger :-)

Creative post!

teacherwoman said...

I must ADMIT that I chuckle every time I see someone pulled over as well... especially if it is someone that was riding my tail.

A couple days ago we had heavy fog and higher temps creating some BEAUTIFUL, thick frost on trees that lasted all day! It was gorgeous!

I love the CREATIVITY you are using with the alphabet! Just lovin' it!

Velma said...

Awesome, Bloggy, Creation

Yea for travel to Colorado!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely WET here in my neck of the woods... I'm heading out for a wet run.

Because I can.

Capris- I just bought a pair at of all places Nordstrom, in their 'sportswear' dept. The brand is Zella and I absolutely LOVE them, fit snug, no see thru, flat seams and they are reversible (??) they look the same either way so I'm not sure the benefit of that but it says it on the tag so there must be a reason for it... anyway they were only $42 and I would buy another pair in a heartbeat!!!!

Have a great day!

robinbb said...

I love the bullet points. Have fun in Colorado, I am so jealous. I am hoping I can travel for work soon so I can feel important like my hubby. :)

Aron said...

YES the road runner sports brand capris are AWESOME! and not too $$$ - i did a friday favorites post on them once :)

J said...

I have the champion capri spandex from Target and I love them.

Wow lucky you get to go to colorado!! I have always wanted to visit!

Great job on the run! I love hearing nature and everything around me when i run too!

Zoƫ said...

Very fun post!

A - Amazon
You are now known as Tall Mom Mel the Amazon Runner...to me, at least.

B - Buddies
So excited to run on Saturday AM with ya!

C - Cows
They are funny things. And moo is one of my favorite words. There will be cows on the trail again, I'm sure.

Happy Thursday!

Redhead Running said...

I must (A)dmit that I do have to be careful to watch for Alligators round here! LOL!

I've (B)een a one earbud runner for awhile now for the very same reasons!

I should (C)onvert to the paces set on my training plan too! LOL!

Glad you had such a great run girl!

Anonymous said...

This is why I love your blog! You always have such great ideas to keep things fun and entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Love the ABC! YOu make things interesting to read!
I am too a 1 ear bud gal at times--I have certain roads I do this on for safety!---oh how terrible it is to be responsible ;)

No Longer Using said...

you always have something new! hehehe. my first thought was "f-o-x" from you've got mail :)

1 earbud!!! do you switch it from ear to ear to stay balanced?? heheh.

glad you had a good run :)

The Shabby Princess said...

(A) I'm always scared of alligators (I live in Texas) because I'm pretty damn sure I've seen a baby one on a run around the lake by my house. After a storm, if I'm on the creek trail by myself, I freak the heck out and run like the wind because I am sooo scared there's an alligator just waiting to eat me. Yes, I am crazy. Fully aware.

(B) Belly jiggle--me too sista! My Nike spandex capris are the best for keepin' it all in. They hit around the belly button, so, a little high, but, perfect for keepin' it in. They are my go-to race pants :)

(C) Cars--I have to cross a really busy street to get to the trail by mi casa--in the morning it's fine, no one's out--after work it's a nightmare. And then I don't run. This is not good.

Suzy said...

Always impressed.
Bet you never thought mommy-ville would invade your running blog.
Can't wait to hear what you have for X (xanthein, xanthic, xanthous, xu, and the best: xystus). OK, so I like Scrabble. :D

Badgergirl said...

Nice job on the run! Running has been (A)bsent from my week this week - I blame it on a messed up work schedule.

You ate another (B)ug? Be glad you don't live by me, you'd be ingesting a ton of lake flies in May!

I should really (C)onvert my habits and become a morning runner or at least a morning workout-er.

Looking forward to next week's DEF edition!

Katie A. said...

I am not creative - I am an accountant :) But I love the idea! My last half dozen runs I have run without my iPod, a real switch for me. Even on the treadmill or at the gym! I am learning to listen to my breathing and just meditating on the sound of my foot strikes. Surpirsingly I am really enjoying it :) Happy Thursday girly!

Amanda said...

Admitting jealousy for your run in the sun and just getting to run at all.

Been wearing my earbuds up from behind me. The cable doesn't get in the way and they rarely fall out of my ears.

Can't wait to see more alphabet posts. Happy Thursday. :)

H Love said...

Tall Mom you are great.
Why are ABS called ABS...what is the full technical word? Mine are sore today but it gives me hope that they are there.
I have lots of friends but I am in desperate need of some running buddies. I am doing what I can to convert some, but it is a tough job.
I am subbing and teaching preschool for 2 months and today we stamped cookies with paint, read about cookies, sang about cookies. I'm craving a cookie.

Unknown said...

A: Always, your blog makes me smile.

B: (Runner) Barbie - my nickname from one of my favorite bloggers.

C: Can't wait for the rest of the alphabet.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

A ~ A very awesome post today.
B ~ I Believe one ear bud is a great idea!
C ~ After the alphabet, you could start Counting 1, 2, 3... heehee

Teamarcia said...

Lucky you to be enjoying nice weather!
My favorite spandex of all time is Nike.

Jill said...

Love your ABC's. Especially the B when you can wear a tank top :).

Alison said...

Flood Berms, hmmm are you in the green river valley? I loved the ABCs and so true about the weather at the moment, I think my dogs like it even more than I do. Love the blog lots of good stuff.

April said...

I love the way you think!
(A)Alligators are not common in this area, but I still run very far away from the edge of water, silly yes, but I don't want to be the first runner in AL eaten by a giant alligator!
(B) Brilliant post! I love your bloggy style!
(C)Capris by Nike are my fave. I was in between a med and small so I went with the small...NOTHING jiggles.
Have a fantastic day!

The CilleyGirl said...

(A)m very fond of the
(B)rand of
(C)apris I found at Kohl's.

Regularly priced around $20, I picked mine up for sale for about $8 last year and wear them always. Dozens and dozens of washings, no sign of wear, they are still as spandex-y as the day I bought them. The brand is Tek Gear. I can't decide if by buying them I am supporting or exploiting the small Asian workers who made them (they're an export of VietNam, I believe).

The CilleyGirl said...

Oh, and today I am reading Agatha Cristie's The A.B.C. Murders, my first thought on seeing your blog title was that you'd snapped and bumped somebody off! ;)

Alicia said...

First of all, I looked at the clock on the stove at 3:33 the other day and totally thought of you. Too funny.

(A)bsolutely have the same jiggly problem and headed to Kohl's to see what I can find later.

(B)eyond the occasional garden snake and tiny lizards, no scary animals on the trails around here but it doesn't stop me from being freaked out by every rustle of the leaves.

(C)hilly running here still. I opted for the treadmill today. *sigh*

Kelly said...

That is definitely a creative mom idea! Unfortunately I used all my creative juices in Kindergarten today so I'll have to think of an ABC comment later :)

I Run for Fun said...

You are so funny...and creative. I agree on buddies...now that I have started running with buddies, I am finding it difficult to find the motivation to run solo.

Kerrie said...

Unfortunately, I was stuck at Red Lobster in a business lunch. Ew. It was so pretty outside!

My copywriter juices are not flowing right now...can't think of any good ABCs. :( I suck.

ajh said...

Love the ABCs. Running while seeing Mt. Rainer must be truly awesome. Did I put my I in the right place?
Ranier or Rainer.

Anna said...

So I've been totally MIA for a while, but I finally finished catching up on your posts!

A: Amazed... I am Amazed and in Awe at how fast you are! Who struggles to maintain their training pace because they are running too fast!?

Alligators ... we have a 5 or 6 footer living in our pond where we live. I always think he's going to be a roadblock around the trail when I'm walking the dogs!

B: Bumper-riders ... doesn't it drive you crazy when you slow down through speed traps and the person behind you is riding your tail? We live right beside a school zone and people are always trying to push me along.

C: Clothes ... I found a ton of great running and workout pants (and shirts) at Marshall's the other day for great prices. Is Marshall's out west?

Rookie on the Run said...

Absolutely jealous of the scenery you see when you run!

Be happy that your capris are loose as opposed to too tight.

Can I go to Colorado with you?

Felice Devine said...

Should we do the alphabet exercise when reading these posts? ;-)

Becca said...

Amazing, how fun is it that your going to get to go to Beaver Creek Colorado.

Bonus! You run so fast. I love seeing that you just starting running not to long ago on "running circles around turtles blog" I totally know what you mean about getting freaked out on the trail. For me- I worry about mountain lions.

Cooking... how is your new goal of cooking going? I have a couple of dessert recipes I can send but not so sure that is what your where looking for.

Michelle said...

Awesome post!

I love baggy pants - it is a little reminder that I am still working hard!

RunningLaur said...

Just wanted to share with you that today is 3 months 3 weeks and 3 days until my marathon :) thought you might enjoy!

Tricia said...

(A)lligators-we have one living in our backyard pond. I think he is hibernating right now, haven't seen him in awhile. Although, there is something peeking out of the water in the picture I posted on my Road ID giveaway, maybe that was him!

(B)e careful, you don't want to flash any motorists. :) I have a pair of addidas spandex capris I got at KOHLS. I love them so much I went back and stocked up.

(C)ome on over to my blog. I made an injury announcement today that is going to put the brakes on my participation in the 1000 mile challenge. BUT I don't want to drop out. I'm hoping to make up the miles when I am healed. Is that ok with you?

(D)id you enter my RoadID contest?

(E)xtremely tired of my ABC comments yet?

(F)ine, I'll stop. :)

Anonymous said...

(A)lways enjoy reading what you have to say. You're creative and that makes it even more fun to read.

(B)ouncing up and down because I saw that YOU're now following ME. Thanks so much.

(C)an't make up a really good comment with this ABC format. :) (C)an I get some points for trying?