6'0 tall, former athlete, mother of 3, struggling to keep up on the RUN of daily life.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Running into 2011

I had GREAT plans for 2010 recaps of goals, accomplishments and pictures...but as a Working Mom on break from the Big Girl Job I have a LOT to fit in.. Oil change and car service, shop for new Living room furniture, burn down the house... etc.... Wait what??

So the last couple days has been a comedy of errors, I am pretty sure my Dad is messing with me from Heaven or maybe he is protecting us, you decide....

The WEIRD things:

1. Lost my Marathon and Runner girl decals off the back of my car at the Car wash.

2. Did not get our chicken nuggets at Wendy's

3. Dropped the salt shaker on my spoon holder and it shattered.

4. And to top it off I used kitchen towels to pull dinner out of the oven... I always use pot holders not sure what I was thinking. I put the towels in the drawer. Muscle Man smelled something and saw smoke, opened the drawer and WHAM towels on FIRE!! All the towels in our drawer were lit up, he tossed them on the floor then we threw them in the snow.. The weird thing was I was thinking the other day that I wanted matching Kitchen towels. So blessed that all we lost were towels and that the Little Studs were upstairs.. here is the damage.. UGH!!
This morning I finished up 2010 with a RUN.

Total for 2010= 1,220

My Goal was higher, but 2010 threw me some MAJOR PUNCHES so I am proud of those miles. FYI the 2010 spreadsheet closes tomorrow morning, so email me if you need the link, anyone with no miles listed will be deleted from the Blog post on 1/2.

I met Tammy, and Heidi at 8AM and 22 Degrees...BRRRRR!!!! My camera phone was blurry but it was cold so no retakes. We opted to try a new trail (to us) along the Puyallup River, new scenery..
It was a little slick, but the snow has covered everywhere so I am guessing this trail was one of the few options. I was TIRED from the get go, I HAVE NOT RUN ALL WEEK, OOPS!! Tammy and Heidi are in shape and zoomed along. I am 11 pounds heavy and have not run much lately, but I will get back on track ASAP.. When we set out the goal was 12 miles, UGH, so when the trail ended at a little over 4 miles and we had to turn I was happy... I told the girls they could drop me off at 8 miles.
The Mountain was aglow and majestic...I NEVER tire of this view.. We stopped for a quick shot and headed back. Hard to believe that I have only know Tammy for a Year, the Fleet Feet training group starts next weekend I am not sure if I will sign up but I am sure I will bandit a few training runs.. After the run I came home to a sick Little Stud #1. We had plans to shop for couches so Tall Grandma came to our house, THANKS GRANDMA!! She took care of LS#1, including when he tossed his cookies...YUCK!! We found couches at Allen's Furniture in Enumclaw, WA.. TOTALLY recommend it for local folks, Jon was GREAT to work with.. Our new furniture arrives in 6-8 weeks in the fabric we selected...SO COOL!!

Yesterday, Tall Grandma treated us to a trip to the Train expo at the local Museum.. LS#1 had a fun time, he wore the cute hat and loved the exhibits.. I got in the spirit and put on a funny hat :) Looking back on 2010 there were very good moments and days I struggle to even think about...but I will recap it all so I won't forget, this is my journal after all. Maybe I will have time to post tomorrow while Muscle Man watches football.
  • UPDATE the Spreadsheet for the Tall Mom 1,000+++ Club. Also if you would post on your Blog with a link to Tall Mom and tell others about the Club and that it will open for 2011 on 1/3 that would be GREAT! Would love to have twice the number next year!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

In Case you are Interested

Thought you might be Interested in a few things so here goes...

1. I was featured in a Wellness article at my work which meant I got to play running model for a day. Thankfully I forgot my nice running outfit that morning so Muscle Man brought me clothes...this gave us a chance to get some GREAT family photos... I used the photos this year for our photo Christmas card.

2. Many of you have expressed interest in the Eugene Marathon. I love love love the Eugene Marathon, read all about my 2010 BQ effort HERE. I got an email today that the price is going up on 1/1/2011!!! So save yourself some cash and commit NOW.. Register HERE, who knows I may just be cheering on the sidelines with SORE Boston legs..
3. Over a month ago I had some time so I flexed a little creativity muscle and put together a shirt shop on Spreadshirts.com....it is far from perfect and most of the shirt fabrics are not truly for running BUT.. If you are interested here are a couple of the products..

And if you like these go HERE to shop the other products. Sorry fellas I did not make any Man friendly styles YET..

And in case you are interested I am working on my Boston Training plan and will start it very soon.. For now I am RELAXING through the holidays...Stress Free...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sliding into the New Year

Tall Grandma treated us all to a FUN trip to Great Wolf Lodge...pictures soon.. Tall Sister and Tall Grandma were AWESOME babysitters, letting Muscle Man and I play like kids.. THANK YOU!! We went on EVERYTHING!! Yes even the up to 4 person Tornado with a gut losing DROP into a half pike style area.. CRAZY!! I felt like I was in the X-Games.. The kids had a blast at the Water Park. Little Stud #1 was reunited with his Purple water slide he LOVED at age 2+ and Little Stud #2 had a Zen like relationship with the water fountains near the wave pool.. He was FUNNY, praying hands, then binocular hands, then talking to the water...not sure what he was up to.. a lady nearby thought he was doing Yoga, hmmmm. We had a SWEET room with a kids bunkstyle area, our little buddy was so sleepy at the end of day 1 he crashed instantly..

Needless to say I did not take too many photos, was having too much fun.. I am TIRED!! I should have counted how many steps it was with each trip UP to the slides. We got a GOOD workout.. back to running tomorrow, I have a 12K to get in before the new year.

  • Have you reached your 1,000+++ miles?? Be sure to email me your address if you would like a bumper sticker..
  • What are your GOALS for 2010? I will be taking a little different approach this year..details soon...


Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Bloggies

Thanks to Peter HERE on Dailymile for the AWESOME photo!!

I hope this post finds you with gifts wrapped, food cooking and a heart full of joy. the Holiday season is a wonderful time for family, friends and giving. I am BLESSED to spend last night with the in-laws, and tonight with family and friends..

  • How did I start Christmas Eve?

Since I plan to EAT I knew I needed to burn some calories. Janna told me about a Marathon Maniac meet up in Maple Valley, I love to meet new people and run in new areas so I agreed. We left the house about 7:25...hmmm should have planned a little better. We ended up getting to the parking lot 9 minutes late. I DO NOT LIKE BEING LATE!! The parking lot was FULL but we did not see a sole :)

We set out thinking we would catch the group, but Janna's knee started to lock up.. UGH!! I told her that we should walk to warm up a bit then stretch. The first downhill was about the slope of a Roller Coaster, what the?? And this was a gravel trail... Hmmm.. Thankfully I looked up info on the trail and wore my old shoes.

Once Janna was ready we were off, SLOW, but moving along, Janna ran 17 the day before. It rained lightly, the trail was covered in branches from the high winds the previous week. I prayed I would not TRIP.. We passed a few people shouting "Merry Christmas" I wore holiday fuzzy socks, red and green, festive yes?? People probably think I am CRAZY, but hey I am ME. The hills kept rolling, up up up, down. GRAVITY grabbed me, my legs felt like tree stumps.. I realized we had only covered 2.8 miles..

"I hope that this is really a loop!" I said, since neither of us had ever been on the trail we were going in blind. Parts of the trail were lovely with lush green forests, large beautiful homes, peaceful and serene... the next section would be along the road, with creepy sheds and growling dogs, I would not want to run the trail solo.

We saw very few runners, Janna joked that we would see the whole group as she dodged into the bushes for some relief. We laughed, cried, and had a NICE time.. It was in no way easy, but I kept my head up. We took it slow. In parts were were forced to go slow as MUD covered the path. At one point we were climbing the chain link fence that went the length of the trail. Grasping the fence so we would no have thick mud up to our ankles. As it was our shoes were pretty muddy. It was difficult to get a good pace because when the mud sections came we would have to tip toe around or have sloshy sneakers.

We saw about 4 runners in the distance behind us and sped up. Janna's knee had warmed up and she was ready to be DONE. We zoomed the last 2 miles and made it back to the car just as the rain picked up. AGAIN we missed the Marathon Maniac group... UGH!! Oh well, maybe next time. We stopped to take pictures on the way out, will post those soon.. All in all an amazing way to start my Christmas Eve.

Tall Mom- LOGGING off for a few days!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

3 and YIPPEE

The last 2 days I have run with my BOYS!! 3 milers in the gloomy rainy Seattle weather..

The boys in the Double Jogger, they are getting HEAVY.. They watched "Despicable Me" until we got to the track.. Once there they jogged around while I got in another mile. Fun time with the family :)

Tall Grandma was at the house and offered to watch the boys. Muscle Man wore blue, I wore pink, not on purpose but it made me laugh. We went a conversational pace and took on the HILLS. Generally we avoid the uphills with the Double Jogger. I feel so blessed to have a husband with an interest in running. 2011 will be a BIG year for him and he is getting started now on the pavement building some base miles.

It took me a while to get my CPR and First Aid required to complete my RRCA Coaching certification. On Tuesday night I had an American Red Cross instructor all to myself, and passed the class with flying colors. I think that EVERYONE should be certified in CPR and First Aid, it gives you amazing peace of mind knowing that you may be able to access a situation and make a difference. Call me Coach Tall Mom. If only I had extra time to commit to a small business. In 2011 I plan to practice building training plans for Muscle Man, Chelsea and a few other friends.. Once I feel confident I may be expanding, will keep you posted :) I am hoping to start classes on Mental Running and maybe plan small local race or training group. Time will tell..

Christmas Eve!! wow.. I am going with Janna to a local Marathon Maniacs run, should be a good time.. 10 miles to get the holiday season going.. I am taking it a little easy, back in Marathon training before you know it..


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Decisions Decisions

I have been struggling with a DECISION.. I think many Mom Runners may have the same struggle when it comes to Marathon training..

Time with Family vs. Marathon!!!

And for me the Marathon up next is Boston... When my Dad died I took a long look at my life, my priorities and how I spend my time. When I missed registering for Boston because we were planning his funeral arrangements I took it as a sign.. And my back and forth began..


-You did not get into Boston, that is a sign that it is best you don't do it this year.

-Jill got you an entry, that is a sign you should do it.

-Las Vegas Marathon was tough, maybe you need a break.

-Boston is something to look forward to and Dad would not want you to quit.

-Muscle Man wants to train for a Half Marathon, you should focus on helping him train and time with family.

-You can run Boston for those who may never be able to and tell the story so they can be there with you.

-It is too much pressure, too much time, too much money, I am not sure that I have it in me right now.

-But what if you never qualify again? This is the time to do it for YOU.

-Boston Entry came, that is a sign.

-Invitational Entry is $250!!! Why is it twice the price, UGH!!

-Bethany and Ryan at "Our Love on the Run"
HERE have offered to host so you are already saving $$$. It would just be the flight, entry fee and some spending money..

-Email to friends asking their thoughts, 50/50 reply, but the overall consensus is "go with your heart/gut."

-My heart is still a little tender and my gut is out of shape... DECISION making ability is not a strength right now.

-Ask Mom.. Mom thinks I should do it. I told her I felt guilty like my running had taken away time with Dad... She reminded me that they were off traveling the country enjoying their hobbies..

-Ask Muscle Man...
Ultimately I realized that I wanted his approval, for my partner in life to tell me that it is OK for me to spend the time, money and effort reaching for a dream.. And he DID!!

  • Moral of the story?? As a Mom and Runner having the love and support from your partner is the first step in fully committing to Marathon training. I am BLESSED to have a husband who cooks "CARBO LOADING" meals on Friday nights, accepts that I wont be there on Saturday mornings and will massage my tired legs on a lazy Sunday. Does it take away time and money from the family? Yes... But I believe that through my passion I am giving back so much more..
Off to fill out the entry form and send $250 (OUCH) if I could only get a sponsor!! Here is to hoping I get in, and if not... I guess I have my answer.

  • What Decisions do you struggle with?
  • How do you ultimately come to a conclusion?


Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa Runs Tacoma 5K 2010

Welcome new Tall Mom Bloggy Pack Members!!

The night before the Santa Runs Tacoma 5K Bonney Lake had a STORM, with wind and rain so loud I could hardly sleep...our power went out so I made sure to have my cell phone alarm set. at 6:30 I woke up to start the day...the Little Studs were not far behind then Tall Grandma came with some tasty French Toast sticks.. I had not set out EVERYTHING the night before the race and was distracted with everyone up and about.. Diaper Change, eat, get directions, kiss kids, do I have everything? Mom and I set out early because the main roads were to close at 8AM...
We got a GREAT spot for FREE in the Marina area, I was a bit worried I would get a ticket but we didn't. I realized quickly that I FORGOT MY GARMIN and IPOD!! Yes folks I would be running unplugged...thankfully it was a 5K.
Meet my beautiful Mom Tall Grandma :) I was super excited to have her with me at this race, she has always been an amazing support through all of my athletics.. I bet if she had packed my bag I would have had everything ;)

Mom and I looked around, grabbed my free hat and a chocolate milk, I intriduced her to friends as we would run into people.. There was a guy wearing the same Elf shirt, I said "Wow thought I would be the only one wearing this costume," joking of course, it was from Target, a lady next to him snapped back "Well you wont be running with him!!!" Hmmmm OK guess she thought I was hitting on him.. We took lot and lots of pictures, since Mom was there I had my good camera.
Santa Runs Tacoma was a GREAT evernt with 5K, 10K and kids 1K. We had a great local blogger turnout Alma, Chelsea, Janna, Jill, Kadie and Kerrie. Chelsea arranged for matching socks, but I already had a fun pair that Janna gave me for a gift..
Hmmm can you spot me?? My Brooks Green Silence 5K racers were perfect for my Elf costume.
I love my little running buddy Janna, she ran the 10K for fun and took pictures..
Not sure why I thought this was a good idea, but I guess we hit Jill in the head, sorry Jilly!!
The start line was PACKED... so after the photos ops I tried to work my way closer to the front, I was not racing but I did not want to walk either..
Mom stayed with Tammy on the sidelines and got a good spot, she caught a great photo of the Grinch. As I started out it was SLOW.. I dodged people, ran on the medium grassy area and was hoping I could find a good pace.. I quickly realized that the snowflake earrings and side braids were tangled....UGH!! The rest of my outfit was totally comfortable.. I passed my Elf Twin at mile .75, guess his cranky friend was right, we would not be running together I was too fast :)
  • With no idea of the time mile 1 passed in a flash, the course started on a hill then levelled out, which was nice.. this was the same route as part of the You Go Girl Half Marathon where I paced T to a PR. I felt good, breathing a little labored but I was not pushing it too hard, the leaders wooshed by on the right and we came to the turn.. 1.5 done..
It is very strange not having a Garmin to obsess over, or an ipod I could hear my breathing.. My race strategy because spotting women ahead of me and passing them.... I saw my friend Amy and waved, Janna took my picture, and Kadie and Chelsea yelled my name.. The race atmosphere was great lots of costumes and not too competitive. I was getting tired and I knew there was a small hill left, I saw Judy ahead.
  • Judy is 67 she is a local celebrity and is at EVERY race...I even saw her at mile 18 of the Portland Marathon. If Jusy is not at a race you know that there is a BETTER race somewhere else.. I beat her by a mear 10 seconds in a 5K, I was going 7:23 pace.. she wins her Age group every time :)

I knew that Judy would be running sub 8's, so if I passed her I was on target for my sub 7:30's goal. I wanted to have fun and not get injured trying to go too fast. Passed Judy and looked for the next woman to pass, 1, 2, 3, 4, I was picking them off... Guess starting slow is a good thing. Up the hill and I was out of steam. I totally forgot that Mom and Tammy were at the Finish Line, but I did pose for the Race Photographer.. Can you see me in the distance?? Thankfully this race was chip timed, it took me over a minute to cross the start line.

Where's Tall Mom the Elf??
Yes T-Rex Arms...what is that??
Classic Mel, mouth wide open looking like I am about to die... I waved to my Mom, photo in the last post, then went on to get my chip cut off, grab my Mug from Heidi (mugs were given to the first 300 finishers, my running buddy Heidi and her husband James were volunteering), grab a water and find my Mom and friends.. I had no idea what my real time was but I knew it was 23:xx and I was OK with that.. Time to play Tall Mom Photographer!!!

Kerrie cruising to a PR wearing Elf Ears
Jill super excited to have friends at the finish
Look at that cute Elf.. I think next year we need to try for the team costume contest.
Amy and her dog Brandon
Janna on the turn for the 10K, they had to cross the finish then go back out.. I would not have liked that course glad I chose the 5K.
This team was Santa and his Reindeers, funny they sorta looked like meatball costumes :)
Here is Nicole at Body By Beer she had commented and said she would be a ginger Girl, so when she crossed the finish I knew it was her.. First Race!!!
We chatted for a bit, I love love meeting new people!! congrats Nicole, you looked great.
And here is Pastor James, my running buddy Tammy the Redhead's hubby.. It was his first 5K!!
Amy hung out with Mom and I.. she is TALL like me :) funny story when I was in Junior High I would watch Amy play Basketball at the High School, I idolized her, I was her biggest fan. Years later I ran into her at our friend Lynette's Baby shower, I told her my story and we have been friends ever sence.. She says I inspired her to start running, and she has inspired friends and family, IT IS CATCHING :)

Here come Kadie and Chelsea, looking strong.. I will be designing a training plan for chelsea because she is going to run Rock N Roll Seattle Half Marathon :)
Erika finishing the 10K, I guess the costume was a pain to run in.
The Grinch finished and won the costume contest.
Tammy looking lovely and cheering on her family.
Janna crossed the 10K and did a cartwheel, I did not get that on camera.
Next up the little ones for the 1K, here is Jill and her little Man
Jamie and her buddy.
Kerrie and Mr. Race Face
After the kids run we went inside to check on Awards, amy thought her dog might get a costume award. I loved all the fun costumes.. I looked at the results, and although the time was not official I had placed 4th in the Age group!!
And Brandon won the homemade costume award.. We waited FREEZING, Mom bless her let me use her big coat.. It was a LONG wait but eventually it was my turn.
TIME: 23:07
PACE: 7:27
AGE Group: 4
This race was so fun for so many reasons.. With the stress and sadness the last couple months i NEEDED a day to dress up, be with family and friends, and just HAVE FUN! Mission accomplished..

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tall Mom the Elf

Here is a little preview of the FUN I had at the Santa Runs Tacoma 5k today.. Race report and a BUNCH of photos soon.. I will upload some on my facebook page in a few hours if you are interested..

Today I was thinking about some....

Tall Mom FUN RUN rules:

1. Makeup and/or sparkles are accepted and encouraged

2. Crazy socks will make you faster

3. Side braids and snowflake earrings do not mix

4. Homemade costumes are great, but REMEMBER you have to run 3.1++ miles so make sure it is comfortable.

5. Plan to meet friends and have a photographer because Fun Runs make for fun photo-ops

Friday, December 17, 2010

It's Beginning to look a lot like a 5K

Yes folks this weekend I will put on my ELF costume (ironic yes?) with silly socks from Janna and lace up the Brooks for a 5K jaunt around T-Town!! The Santa Runs Tacoma has a great turnout in alpha order Alma, Amy, Chelsea, Janna, Jill, Kadie, Kerrie and kiddos... Heidi and Tammy will be volunteering and cheering.. hopefully weather depending Muscle Man and the Little Studs will also make an appearance. GOOD TIMES!!
Last night I hit the treadmill for a warmup 5K to see how my 11 days Post Marathon legs felt. I started slow, I have not done speedwork at all and I don't want to get injured. I knew I wanted to get a sub 27 minute 5K. I had Top Chef and the Little Studs to keep me company. I felt HEAVY!! That extra 10 pounds I have gained bounces and I DON'T LIKE IT!! Think I need to start my New Years Diet early. As I warmed up I felt good, HOT but good. Time to get a fan to go with the Treadmill. By the end I was going sub 7 minute pace ending with a 26:15 5K.. Not too shabby.
I am going to pulse my friends to see what their plans are.. then I will either pace someone to a PR and HAVE FUN!! Or try for about 7:30 Average pace.. going for a personal PR right now is not realistic.
  • Are you running this weekend?? In costume?
  • What are your FUN Holiday plans?
  • Please let me know if you have a great bloggy post I missed...I will have time late next week and the following to get CAUGHT UP :)


8 Shopping Days Left

Thursday, December 16, 2010


“We realize our dilemma goes deeper than shortage of time; it is basically a problem of priorities. We confess, We have left undone those things that ought to have done; and we have done those things which we ought not to have done." Charles E. Hummel

“I thank God I live in a country where dreams can come true, where failure is sometimes the first step to success, and where success is only another form of failure if we forget where our priorities should be." Harry Lloyd

“Review our priorities, ask the question; What's the best use of our time right now?” Alan Lakein

“Goals are simply tools to focus your energy in positive directions, these can be changed as your priorities change, new one added, and others dropped."

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In the TREES a photo op

Look up... Yes folks the WONDERFUL people at Build a Sign HERE love the Tall Mom 1,000+++ club and are giving each of you Clubbers a Bumper Sticker..

Last night I went to the Fleet Feet Christmas Party at Tammy's and did not take any pictures... OOPS! Muscle Man made an awesome Shrimp quiche for me to take along with our family homemade fudge.. YUMMERS!! It is fun to see all my running buddies looking clean and with makeup. It is hard to believe that this time last year I did not know these amazing women..

Last weekend we went on our ANNUAL Christmas Tree Hunt at the Red Barn Tree Farm. There is a little Train that takes you out and will bring you back once you find a tree.. I will post pictures of 2010 soon, but thought it would be fun to show you the progression over the years...

2009- Our attempt at a family photo, we almost made it..
2008- Both boys smiling?? WOW!!

2007- Little Stud #2 was born Jan 2008 so I was pretty BIG and about to pop at this point..
2006- Notice Little stud #2 has the same hat and coat on in 2008, our version of recycling :) I wish we had a photo of 2005, Little Stud #1 was about a month old and I had him all wrapped up in the Baby Bjorn. It was hard holding the end of the tree while wearing a baby as a necklace ;)
  • Do you have an annual tradition? If so do you take a photo every year? I think it is FUN to look back at the photos from the same time every year and see the difference, how our family has grown (or shrunk in my case). If you don't have a tradition, start one this year.. Be it a race as a family, hike in the woods, or decorating the tree, photos are a great way to capture wonderful memories!!


10 days to CHRISTMAS...