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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


"Today quickly becomes Tomorrow.
Before you realize yesterday
was a YEAR ago."
Tall Mom

Yesterday our computer went Hard-drive up and dumped EVERYTHING.. I had gut rot because we have been meaning to backup the pictures for MONTHS. I spent the night trying to recover photos and memories from any source I could. Looking back is a FUNNY friend..

  • This time last year I weighed 201.2 and HOLDING

Today I fluctuate between 185 and 189

  • This time last year my longest run EVER was 7 miles

Today my longest run is 26.55 (Marathons are not always 26.2)

  • This time last year I started toward a dream but DOUBTED that I would make it there.

Today I know that I can accomplish what I put my mind to with clear goals and a plan to meet (exceed) those goals.

I hear so many excuses...

"I will start tomorrow."

"I am too busy."

"I am too tired."

"I am too slow."

"I work too much."

"I am not built to (run, walk, jog, swim, bike, etc)."

"I don't know where to start."

Yadda Yadda Yadda... BLECK!!!

I am not saying that you have to run a Marathon, or lose weight, or run at all for that matter. What I am saying is that before you know it YESTERDAY will be a year ago. And when you look back, what will you see? There is only so much time in life to reach for the things you want. Only so many hours to DREAM BIG. With 22 short days to the New Year, many many people jump on the Resolution bandwagon, which is great!!! But why not get a 22 day start? Why do you have to wait for 2010 to make a plan?

  • What have you accomplished this year that you are very proud of?
  • What are your Goals for the months to come and how will you meet (exceed) those Goals?



saundra said...

Congratulations on your accomplishments! You are very inspiring.

This year I lost 13 lbs that I wish I could blame on pregnancy and made a whopping improvement in my 26.2 time. In 2010, I just want to be consistent and run 1000 miles.

Genesis said...

what a great post. it totally speaks to me. there will always be excuses and it will always be up to use to get over it and just go. which is what i really need to do...just do it!

Unknown said...

You have some GREAT accomplishments!

I have been running for 269 days and counting ... I'm hooked! I ran my first half-marathon and am training for a FULL in 53 days :)

Melissa said...

I lost 50 pounds and started running.
You have some fantastic accomplishments! I can't wait to set my goals for the next year.

Tri Mommy said...

Great accomplishments! I am proud of going from couch potato to an Ironman 70.3 finisher in the period of a year. Right now, some of my goals are murky because we found out my Mom has breast cancer, but I have 3 main goals right now: 1) be there for my parents and my family through this cancer thing; 2) finish the Princess 1/2 Marathon in March (something I said I'd never do); and 3) raise at least $2600 for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society while training with Team in Training for the St. Anthony's Olympic Distance Triathlon in April!

L.B. said...

Great post! From 7 miles to the super runner you are today is awesome! Very inspiring!

I'm proud that I ran a half marathon this year and that I've got the ability now to run a lot longer than I ever dreamed I could run. 3 miles before seemed like a lot; now, I'm not even anywhere near the middle of my run at 3 miles!

My number one goal is to run a marathon (already registered). I also have it as a goal to run a second marathon in 2010, but that is contingent upon me not collapsing at the first one. I also want to continue running the long distances I have been every weekend. And I also want to beat my PR in the half and 10k.

Lauren said...

Congrats on coming so far!
I am proud that I have lost 25lbs. and ran a half marathon in just 6 months. And that I have survived another year as a stay at home Mom.
New goal is to run a sub 2hr. sometime this next year, and maybe run a marathon, not quite sure I want to though.

Redhead Running said...

Excellent post!!!! DREAM BIG!!!

Pining for Pinterest said...

Great post! I feel inspired!

Denise said...

What a nice post!! You're so right. We make too many excuses and before you know it too much time has passed and we're still stuck in the same spot!

Anonymous said...

First off--you you look a lot thinner than that number which just means that a number is a just a number!!!
2nd--I hear ya with all the excuses :( that stinks about your pics!

Nicole said...

Gosh, you really have accomplished a lot! Sorry about your computer....that really stinks (and is one of my worst nightmares). I'm still working on my goals for 2010. Maybe run 1000 miles??

Lisa said...

Oh Mel, you don't know how much I needed to read something like this. To read that you went from 7 miles to a marathon in one year is simpy amazing and so inspiring. I don't have any desire to run 26.2 but my wish is to run 13.1. My long run is 8 but I will be starting from zero due to my injury. Next year is going to be dIfficult running wise because of this injury and I'm so worried about that. Reading this makes me a little teary eyed but gives me faith that I can still achieve my goals.

I feel like my 2010 goals will happen because I finally recognize that yesterday will be a year ago before I know it. I look forward to blogging this time next year that I worked harder than I ever have and achieved my goals.

Thanks friend :)

Felice Devine said...

Great post. No excuses. No regrets!

J said...

Wow a year ago was such a different time. It is funny how fast things change and how much we "grow" up in the mean time (speaking about myself). i find it funny how I dont even feel like a college student anymore even though a year ago I was one.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

sucks that your computer crashed. i've lost pics from a hard drive crash and memories from my brain sue to surgery... i hope you get it all recovered. Great post, and awesome accomplishments!

Unknown said...

You are so right about how easily time slips away. In the last year I ran 2 half marathons and got my half-marathon PR, I fostered a dog for a rescue that would have been put to sleep otherwise, and got pregnant...those are the things I'm most proud of for 2009. My goals for the months to come are to try to exercise as much as I can and not get discouraged when I can't run as long or fast as I used to and to walk my dogs more often. Great post!

Suzy said...

Great post. 1 year, 12 months, 365 days, 8760 hours...it's a lot of time. I've had a lot of great things going on in 2009 and I'm looking forward to 2010.

Sorry about your computer. I hope you can recover everything.

Manderz said...

Great post!!

This year I am incredibly happy to say that I have finally lost 100lbs!

My goals for the months to come are to run more, get faster and hopefully do a marathon

Heather said...

In this year I started running. I did the couch to 5k program which taught that I could actually run for 30 minutes. My goal for next year is to be consistently able to run 3 miles (I haven't been measuring distance) and to work on longer distances.

Lisa said...

Such a great post, and so many inspiring comments! It's great to hear what so many people have done and are going to do!
Whenever my husband & I say we're going to do something (like a trip) we have to schedule it right away or before you know it, the time will have passed us by.
I'm proud that I overcame pretty major surgery and ran my first marathon this year.

Next year I hope to run at least 3 1/2 marathons and take better care of my health. Also, to help others learn easy ways to live a healthier & happier life.

Katie A. said...

Very, very cool post. I hope you are able to recovery everything!
And yes, I am very proud of myself this year. 3 marathons and almost 1500 miles - lots of goals for next year.
Have a very very good Wednesday! What are your goals?

Janice {Run Far} said...

I didn't really set any goals for 2009, but I am very happy with the 5 marathons I ran.. wish it could have been 6, injuries suck. :(

2010, I hope to get 6 total marathons in, and of course to get this pesky 10 lbs off and KEEP it off.... I seem to flucutate between a larger spread then you. YUCK. I know what I need to do.. what can't I force it like I do my miles???

Great post.

gba_gf said...

OMG! I can't believe that happened to you! The hard drive, not the weight loss, obviously. I hope you have a bunch of cousins and such who happily will fill your e-mail inbox full of photos.

On other notes- I was a SIZE 12 when I got pregnant with my 3rd child almost 4 years ago. After I had her I wasn't feeling very good about myself. i had never run more than a mile at a time. Exactly 2 years after meeting T I am a size 6, and my longest run is a Marathon!

justme said...

my goals, lose btw 5 to 10 pounds, become more focused on training for summer tri's ....get faster in both running and swimming and get clip on pedals for bike and learn how to bike with them on without falling.


I am going to take complete credit for G's transformation ... I think she was giving me the OK to in her comment.

Sucks about the computer ... I swear they are programmed to just crap out one day.

This year I accomplished the following: I had a third child. I ran a marathon 9 months after having that baby (with a damaged foot). I lost ALL OF THE BABY WEIGHT. I started my own business. I am proud of this year ... now I just have to figure out how to top it all next year.

Aron said...

love this post, its oh so true.

BQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ :) lol thats what i am proud of! <3

Jill said...

Great job on those accomplishments!!! You're going to go far in 2010!!!!

Fran said...

I'm proud of myself that I started running again in March and that I finished a 5K and a 10K this year and that I started losing weight after 10 years of struggling.

I'm happy that I've started blogging because I've got so much inspiration and motivation from my blogging friends.

This year is the first I don't have New Year's resolutions because I'm on the right track now and I will keep on this track the rest of this year and the new year.

My goal for next year is to reach my goal weight and run a faster 10K. After I achieved that I will start training for a 15K run

No Longer Using said...

MEL! oh no! i hope you can recover most of your photos somehow. i tend to have a "less is more" philosophy about "things" but that SO does NOT apply to pictures/photos. gosh... well at least the blog keeps a lot of them for you, right???

i love your quote. it is so true. let's live today for today!!!!! i love making goals but sometimes it is great to focus on what is right in front of you and not look to o far down the road.


Casey said...

Wow, way to go, you! You've come a long way, baby! :D

My accomplishments for this year.. Hm. Well, I nurtured and grew a little human baby and successfully gave birth to her, and for the last 5 weeks I have managed to fall into the groove of Mommyhood without too many snags.

I got my book published.

I have knit Violet a hat for every month of the year. Maybe that's a little too neurotic to list as an accomplishment...!

My goals for 2010:
Get back into my running groove by starting out small now.

Run a half or full Mary in May.

Not sweat the small stuff.

Enjoy every minute.

Marci said...

You have so much to be proud of. For me this year its the completion of my first halfiron man!

April said...

Oh I hope you were able to recover your photos!! Congratulations on a wonderful year! It is an exhilarating feeling to meet and exceed goals that we set and sometimes doubt we can meet. You are an inspiration!
The running goal I am most proud of is running a half marathon this past November.
My goals for the months to come are to complete a half marathon this January in Phoenix AZ under 2hrs. Also thanks to your inspiration (and hopefully a Garmin for Christmas) I have a goal of 1000 miles for the year!

Runnergirl said...

What a great post! I needed this today! Thanks...BTW...we are backing up pictures as I type this!

Stacie said...

I'm proud of the fact that I've lost so much weight since beginning to run. I went from a 5K to running the Portland Marathon within 6 months. I'm proud that I'm a healthier person for my girls and my husband.

My goals are to set some PR's. I'm not very fast but I keep trying. I want to keep training since a huge goal for 2010 is to run a 24 hour endurance run in March. I'm also hoping to run the 10-10-10 Portland Marathon.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, in some ways I almost feel like a different person than I was a year ago. This year I ran both my first half and full marathon. Even more importantly, I was reminded of my love of running that I had as a child and I'm still doing it now, over one year later!

Unknown said...

Thanks, great perky post which I really needed today!

Kerrie said...

What a great post, Mel. As usual!

(PS: Saw on FB what happened. Hope you were able to recover a lot of pics.)

Rookie on the Run said...

Awesome reminder to just DO those things we need to do! It's very inspiring to read all these comments to your post and realize how far so many of us have come in one year. I can't help but think how much more we can accomplish in terms of goals in 2010.

Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal said...

Congrats! You are AMAZING :) And what an example you are for your children!!

Anonymous said...

Yada, yada, yada bleck...you crack me up!!!

When my semester ends (TONIGHT!!!) I will be back to my regularly scheduled life and my end of year posts deal with both of these questions :)

Laura said...

Great post. I am proud I have lost about 20lbs this year...and still losing and have kept up my running/fitness regime. I also proud that I was asked to write an article on my motivation for our running club and they said I was inspirational to them. Made me teary...

Alisa said...

Wow, so awesome that in one year you went from 7 miles to a mary! That is super inspiring.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Congratulations on such amazing improvements! Within a year! That is such a great example!

Scott and Manda said...

Love this post. You are an amazing woman! I wish I had your speed!

I'd never run an official race before this year and I ran a 5k, 10k, and did a Ragnar relay. It felt amazing!

For next year I'm already starting to train for a half marathon. I'm so excited to accomplish something so big (to me!!)

Kasey said...

This time last year I was about 20 lbs heavier and not doing anything but eating bad.

In February I decided to do something about it so I did. I started watching my diet and doing Cathe Friedrich workouts and Yoga on FIT tv. I started seeing results. In may I decided to do a little more so I added training to a 5k to my schedule. in august i ran the 5k and 3 months later I ran my first 1/2 marathon and now I'm training for my first full marathon. it's amazing what a little determination and dedication can bring you. I feel like I could do anything after that 1/2 marathon. I've lost 40 lbs total since I had my daughter who is almost 2 in Jan. I feel great and it has been worth every ounce of sweat!

great for you too btw!

RunningLaur said...

This year I ran my first half marathon, and then 2 more - all of them being PR's that I worked hard for!

Next year I'm planning on my first full, and then a second in the fall!

Croughwell said...

Training for and running in my first marathon..

One of my goals for 2010 is to run the Great Aloha Run (8.15 miles) under 1:03.

Ashley said...

Wow, you had a great year! Nice accomplishments!

In 2009, I ran my first 10K and half marathon and got a 5K PR!

In 2010, I hope to complete a marathon, run 1000 miles and lose 15lbs!

Badgergirl said...

I took huge steps backwards in terms of health and fitness in 2008 after an illness in late 2007. This year I put in the work and regained my fitness, shed 23 pounds (7 more to go) and got back to the point where I enjoy running, biking and swimming again. I completed some tough triathlons and felt good with my results. And now I've got my sights on more tris in 2010 and tackling the half marathon again!