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Thursday, December 3, 2009

GOLite and Good Things

The Moment you have all been waiting for...Dun Dun Dun...

The Winner of the AMAZING GoLite Tote (HERE)...is...you didn't think I was going to let you off that easy did you? We have to Thank our Sponsor first. I have been Windows Shopping (get it?) and found some things to add to my GoLite wish list.. I know many of you are truly interested in the great GOLite gear...so here are a few things I would LOVE to own..

Hydrospeed (HERE):
This water belt looks stylish and has lots of room to stash the little things I will need come Marathon training.
Vermillion Thermal Hoody (HERE):
The minute I clicked on this jacket I was excited. I love the color, the style, and the Hood. I think this would be a great staple for Fall and Winter running.
DriMove BL-2 Full Length Bottom (HERE):
I am not sure if these Baselayer pants are made for running but I would LOVE LOVE to try them. Hopefully they are long enough for the Tall Legs..
OK OK I am getting to it.. Will you do me and GOLite a little favor to say Thank you for hosting?? If you do purchase from GOLite please let me know what you buy and what you think of it after you have tested it...would love to know :)
******Thanks again to our Sponsor and to all of you for playing...290 comments!! CRAZY... DRUMROLL PLEASE...
  • WINNER is:

Team Marcia at Running Off at the Mouth

I am sure this Super Mom will put this bag to use in her travels to BOSTON.. Yes folks, we have a speedster on our hands, she qualified for the Big Race and will be lacing up on 4/20. Marcia please email me your address..
Careful not to sound to Martha Stewart...there are so many Good Things this week. I found a race that I am EXCITED about, we are hosting Amanda and her little buddy for dinner and a playdate tonight. I got new shoes to TEST, just in time because mine have HOLES.

And I am feeling the virtual Bloggy Love.. Just look at these Awards...Holy Monkeys!! Thank you to Melissa for her kinds words and 2 Awards, stop in and visit Melissa. She is going to be busy coaching her kiddos basketball team, which I am sure will lead to many great stories. To get an award from Amanda (Run to The Finish) is AMAZING...funny story.. When I first started Blogging I found Amanda. I loved her product reviews, race recaps and Giveaways. I won a Giveaway and was sooo excited...this lead me on a quest to find a way to give that same excitement to others. So thank you to Amanda for inspiring me to give back..

I will be passing these awards on SOON...

What Good Things are going on with you??


Katie said...

School is almost over? And I ate the most delectable cupcake (and batter) just now. PLUS training for the first marathon! And it's CHRISTMAS who doesn't love a good Christmas special?!

Janice {Run Far} said...

MUST.... HAVE.... JACKET.... I am in love with it. Good thing Christmas is coming. I will have to leave that page up on the comp so when hubby gets on her can see what I am coveting.

Congrats on your awards. You deserve them all.

Marlene said...

YAY for good things! Enjoy the dinner/play-date tonight. Sounds FUN!

Good things: 2 weeks and 2 days of work til 3.5 weeks vacation;

CUBA in 17 days!

That is all that's on my mind. ;)

Congrats on the well-deserved awards, my friend.

RW said...

That belt looks outstanding!

Good thing in my life -- my first half marathon (Nittany Valley HM) this Sunday morning. As long as the snow finishes before then, hopefully I'll make it to the finish.

Teamarcia said...

OMG! I won?? Fantastic! Thank you so much! That will be my official Boston Bag for sure!
Onto more good things:
It's snowing and sticking! Maybe not so good for driving but my kiddos are thrilled!
I am experimenting in the kitchen today with quinoa. I'll post what I come up with soon!
Have a great day and thanks again!

The CilleyGirl said...

Ooh, I like that fuel belt! I'll have to remember that as I begin to shop for my marathon. Just wish it had a velcro closure rather than the snap -- I can never get those adjusted properly, much prefer my belt with the velcro (just need one that holds more for Eugene).

Kerrie said...

WOW! So many good things! Good things for me are Christmas and watching T Junior enjoy all of the lights, Santa...everything!

I Run for Fun said...

That fuel belt looks so good! I must get me one.

Let me see...good things...too many things, but let me stick with the nearest one...I'm looking forward to a lovely hike this weekend.

Melissa said...

Good things: Extra time with my munchkins and I just got my basketball roster. :)

Alisa said...

I have a similar post going up tomrorow about Golite. I got to review the tote and have been salivating over several of their products including a new fuel belt. I really want to try one with a bigger bottle instead of the 4 small ones.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

When do you breathe? You seem always busy!

Blogging, reviewing, e-mailing, running, volleyball playing, working, mothering, wife-ing(is that a word) and now award receiving! Geeezh. I'm tired.

Lauren said...

Making gingerbread cookies with my daughter, and having them for lunch. Now that is a GOOD thing:).

Alicia said...

Today's good thing- dark chocolate Hershey's Bliss...on clearance!

Congrats to Marcia! Great prize and a deserving winner!

steve said...

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