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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Countdown 3 2 1

Counting Down to 1,000:

October Mileage= 68.73

Total Year= 953.84

Miles to Goal= 46.16

I will be stepping it up in December to SMASH my 1,00 miles Goal!! I would never have believed that I could run 1,000 miles in a year, I am still amazed at myself.

Counting Down to My Next Race:

Thanks to Kerrie's idea via TEXT...I will be registering for my next race. On 3/21, yes 321...for a numbers Girl (Geek) the date is awesome, I will run the Mercer Island Half Marathon. I am hoping that MANY of the local Bloggy runners and friends will join me. My Goal will be to practice being a Birthday Pacer, more about that later....once confirmed with my Running Buddy??? We will talk about it at dinner tomorrow.

Counting Down the Pounds and Miles:

Wow oh Wow did you catch the Biggest Loser last night?? Although I truly believe that people should follow a training plan to prepare for a Full Marathon, I was proud and amazed at the BL Contestants. So cool. Seeing their transformation gives obese, overweight, and everyday folks HOPE and a reason to get moving. On a personal note I am down 5 pounds and in my HAPPY range again :)

Counting Down to the Giveaway:

Thank you ALL for making the "Bag of Thanks Giveaway" the most popular in Tall Mom History. My Blogger shows that there are 278 Entries, CRAZY!! That makes my dimples shine. Winner will be announced tomorrow, Enter HERE...

Counting Down to Christmas:

The Shopping days are limited now that we are in DECEMBER. Thankfully we made a huge dent in our shopping this past weekend (And and huge hole in the Tall Mom Bank Account UGH). This weekend we will hunt for our tree and decorate the house...hoping that Little Stud #2 will leave the tree alone, but in his CURIOUS nature I highly doubt it.

Counting Down to 2010:

There have been so many posts about Goals!! I am TRYING to get around to comment on all of them, sorry life is BUSY.. Makes me really think about my goals for the year to come. I am writing a few in PENCIL now and will get them in BLOGGY PEN soon.

  • What are you Counting Down toward? And what steps are you taking to get there?


robinbb said...

I am counting down to my 30th birthday....11 days. Counting down to the Disney Marathon Weekend....37 days...And Christmas, but aren't we all!

Katie A. said...

I always see your really nice comments on everyone's posts and think, "I gotta get over there and see Tall Mom!" Well, I am so glad I finally came over! Great count down! I am a huge numbers person, too (accountant/Type A) and am all over the same thing! I am just shy of 1,500 miles for the year and am doing everything I can to get there!
Have a great week! I am so looking forward to following you! You're little ones are adorable! :)


Wow! You really are in countdown mode! Way to rock the 1000 miles! ... I'm totally going to fall short because of the foot.

And speaking of the foot, I am counting down the days until I can run again! Got the all clear to try it out on Sunday. Only 4 days.

I'm also counting down to the Bermuda Half Marathon (which might end up as the Bermuda 10K - if said foot doesn't cooperate!)


Hey - did you notices the BL contestants rocking the Moeben gear?

Thought of you and your recommendation when I saw that!

RunToTheFinish said...

ohhh Mercer Island sounds cool.

man fingers crossed on the gift bag, you did good!!

Lisa said...

Oh please, don't remind me about limited shopping days. I have no clue how I will finish my shopping seeing that I can't walk right now.

Congrats on almost hitting your 1,000 miles goal. You got lots of time to complete it.

I'll be doing a goals post too. Still thinking about them at the moment.

Suzy said...

You've got some great countdowns going on! I'm counting down to handing in my final research project for my masters, due Dec 9. Then my last class of the semester is Dec 16. Once those are done life will be much easier.

Marlene said...

3 2 1, Love it!

Totally agree with your thoughts on the BL marathon... pretty amazing watching all 4 finish!

CONGRATS on the weight loss, buddy!!

Marlene said...

3 2 1, Love it!

Totally agree with your thoughts on the BL marathon... pretty amazing watching all 4 finish!

CONGRATS on the weight loss, buddy!!

Redhead Running said...

Love the 321 Half! Yay!!! Can't wait to hear all about it... more details please!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I have many problems with the BL; as much as I find it inspirational, I also think it is very dangerous. But that is for my own post, not a comment!

Congrats on comming up on your 1000 miles. I just set my goals for 2010--> there will be many posts to follow!

Kelly said...

You should definitely be impressed with yourself for making it to 1000 miles this year, I think thats amazing!

Steel Springs said...

Wow! The countdown to 1,000 miles is so exciting! The Mercer Island Half sounds great. I'm sure you'll all love doing it together!

Janice {Run Far} said...

I loved last night Biggest Loser. Just imagine, they only had 60 days to train. WOW. I ran my 2nd marathon at 40 lbs over weight, and not much training... I came in at 5:15... by far my slowest time. Rudy beat that time. WOW.

Aron said...

woooo you can totally get those 1000 miles!!! so awesome :)

counting down... 4 days until race day - eeek!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

You are going to totally crush that 1000 miles goal. No problem. The cold helps you run faster. ;-)

Yeah a half in March. I love the date too.

Great job on the 5 lbs. I love TBL. I just wish Bob & Julian would talk about the importance of a proper training program to avoid injury. People who run marathons should be able to enjoy the journey not kill themselves in the process. (I think.) I get frustrated with people who are finishing at (hummm how to say this PC-ly) normal runner's paces should not be dragging themselves across the finish line. I think for most of us it is about the journey, the accomplishment. I admire them all. I admire Danny for not quitting but for him it was about not giving up on himself (for all of them actually) instead of being about the marathon. I am rambling.)

Count down to Sunday...4 more wake ups and I will be racing.

No Longer Using said...

oh my GOSH i missed the marathon!!!! lol. i turned off the TV thinking they were being sneaky and going to air it next week. i didn't realize the time shift due to the Pres Address... gahhhh. i think i can catch it online tho, pretty sure. hope so!!!!!!!!!!! love the transformations. that is why i watch the show for sure.

5 lbs down like WHOA!!! way to sneak that in there :) congrats! nothing like the happy range. it must've been water weight partly!!!


i JUST made my first training schedule after 2 months of wishy-washiness. lol. it was kinda nice tho and then i got sick, so now i'm finally on the radar. will post the schedule soon. using run less run faster this time around!!!! kind of excited!

Unknown said...

I love your countdowns! And congrats on the 5 pounds!!

I am counting down to Christmas, of course, and to the start of my marathon training in January.

Excited to follow your journey to 1000 over the next few weeks!!!

gba_gf said...

huh. What am I counting down to? I was counting down to the Bermuda Half Marathon,... and then I was counting down to the Bermuda 10K.... and now it looks like I'm counting down to a girls weekend in BDA with my best girl friend. Uhg. It's too depressing. I think instead of counting down to stuff in my life, I'm going to simply say, "CHEERS TO YOU! and your TALL MOM 1000 miles!

Being Robinson said...

nice job on the miles lady! SWEET. how fun to meet such a great goal. as for me and my goals, i wait until the end of december, after christmas, to evaluate and make mine. i don't think i'll have too many running goals for next year though.

Anonymous said...

I was looking at your 100 things about me page and found this goal...

6. My goal is to go to Ireland or maybe Australia in the next 5 years. To date the only foreign location I have visited is Canada. No stamps on this passport or even a passport.

I know someone who just completed the Dublin Marathon and that's my goal for the next few years! Right now I'll stick to running my first half.

Jill said...

Love your countdown! I'm with ya on the biggest loser...I wish I had someone running by my side constantly giving me what I need, too :).

Hope you get in some great miles this week!

Anonymous said...

Oh and one more thing... Would you mind linking to this page in a post...
It provides the link and information about buying magazine subscriptions to help benefit Team In Training! I would really appreciate! Thanks!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Ah yes, 321, my FAV~ How can I say no to a half on 321?! I CAN'T say no! I am going to register this week. No asking the hubs for me, while the cats away the mice will play...he he! :)

Will this race fit into the marathon training? hm.....

Countdowns for me are difficult. I always have one date, or month, circled on my calendar. For now it is the 20th which is the 12k AND the day the hubs returns. Then it is Jan 3 when the hubs leaves, again. Then I will be counting down to small dates so that the BIG countdown is not so overwhelming. Hm, did that make any sense at all? Oh well, last year I ran one race a month while the hubs was in Iraq. That worked out really well to keep me going, so I see this as a goal for 2010 too! Let the running maddness begin!

Melissa said...

I am trying to get in 100 miles by Jan 1. I need to update my ticker, but I think it *might* be a tad unattainable, but I'll still try.
Counting down toward my 30th in March and *hopefully* a 10 mile trail run before it.
No races until March b/c I am about to start coaching basketball. :(
As far as the Biggest Loser goes, I was amazed at Danny's progress (that reminds me...is it too late to vote??) and truely amazed at them running a marathon. I need to pick it up a bit!!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

while i am inspired that people can do enough to change, i'm really starting to be more and more irritated with TBL. They make the marathon look so easy... yet, i tried for 2 years, followed a training plan, developed an injury, chose to listen to my body resulting in a DNF. Seeing them show it as couch to marathon in 11 weeks as anyone can do it is WRONG. ok, vent done.

I love countdowns. I'm counting down to disney with Terron, 52 sleeps!

Relentless Forward Commotion said...

counting down till SCHOOL IS OVER!! 2 days of classes and 5 finals to go...

Felice Devine said...

Yay for the 321!
I'm counting down to my NYE party!

Dion said...


Counting down days 'til my parents arrive for Christmas visit. Missing my Mom & Dad...

Velma said...

way to get in the miles. I am actually not counting down to anything. I need more time in 2009:) I just want to capture the boys at this age.

Wait, I am counting down until it is warm again. It is going to snow today :(

Alisa said...

I am also counting down miles for 2009. I think I might have to ramp it up a bit to hit 1000 but I really really want to!

I've also started my countdown to Barb's race yikes.

Also, counting down to Xmas, I love Xmas!

Are you going to be in OR at all during the holidays? I'll be gone from 12/18-12/27 but back for new years. Let me know. 2010 gotta meet up at some point!

J said...

I need to get on my christmas shopping but i refuse to go to the mall on saturday or sunday! I just cant take all the people! I have seen the posts about goals too and I have to start thinking about what i want to do in 2010!

RunToTheFinish said...

gave you my own version of a high five on today's post

Denise said...

Great job with the miles!!

I count down each week to Friday. Weekends can't get here quick enough.

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