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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winner and 10 Mile Gu Test

First Off the WINNER of Casey's Amazing book "Loose Knits" is:

Funny thing her post today is called "Winner," the irony. Please email me your address at tallmomontherun (@) hotmail.

****A BIG Thank you to Casey (HERE) for hosting. If you want the book go HERE and buy it, a steal at only $11.95.

I have not uploaded my stats but I wanted to say THANK YOU to Zoe for the wonderful 10 mile run this morning. If you are counting I am just 13 and some change away from my 1,000 mile goal. So sweet Zoe met me for a FUN long run.

It was misty today but not really raining, Zoe wore short sleeves, TOUGH GIRL. I was testing some gear today...the one thing I REALLY Liked was this Patagonia jacket (HERE). Will give a FULL review soon. I also invited Zoe to my Gu taste test...as in I was AFRAID to try the Mint Chocolate Gu so she was the lucky taste tester.. I tried the Gingerbread, YUMMERS!!

Conversation was wonderful, pace was great, and my energy level was high. The trail was pretty quiet, besides a few runners, including an older man that we passed around Mile 2. Oh and of course the rough and tumble fishermen. Nature was in full force with Cows, Osprey, Bison and to top it all off.... I think this is how it went...sorry if I miss-quote Zoe..

Tall Mom- "What is that in the River?"
Stopped running, try to get eyes to focus, stare at the River.
Tall Mom "It looks like a Dog."
Zoe "I don't think that is a Dog, but it is big! What is it?"
Moved closer to River, still cant tell..
Tall Mom "I think it is a BIG bird."
Zoe "And it is eating something."

BIG MAJESTIC bird takes flight with a nearly 6 foot wing span and flies into the mist and trees. AMAZING!!

Tall Mom "You can't see that on a treadmill."

Zoe is a Gu newbie and was BRAVE to test the brown thick Mint chocolate Gu. She also got it all over her fingers, this lead to some humorous dialogue which I will omit. Things are much funnier after a few miles. We did not take a pre-run picture, so you get the WET and WORN post 10-miler beauty shot, including the mascara under my eyes.. LOL..

Oops, I guess I am a LITTLE taller than my pal Zoe.
Hehehe...Lets try this again. This time we cut her off.. Oh well it was worth a try..
Across from the trail is a little Post Office. Had to take a picture of my Registration for the EUGENE MARATHON (Here)!! YIPPEE! Feels so real now that it is official.. WISH ME LUCK! And anyone who wants to join me in Eugene let me know..
  • OK folks...I am off to run 3 miles with Muscle Man and call it good. The COOL thing is that we will run the route I ran growing up, all things come Full Circle.


Katie A. said...

Yay! Great run! I love me the gingerbread gu right now! Have to buy another box before the end of the month :)
I am still considering Eugene...but we both now what else I am thinking about, I will keep you posted ;)
Have a great Saturday!!!!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Oh the down side of living in the boonies...no runner partners. I am sure your 10 miles were enjoyable. I will be forced onto the treadmill again...we got a foot and a half of snow and it is still coming down.
Congrats on the registration!

Zoë said...

That bird was AMAZING! It sure was a soggy run, but at least it wasn't cold. So exciting that you made your 1000!! When's our next run? :)

Rookie on the Run said...

Sounds like a wonderful run- beautiful and inspiring! I'm so jealous!

Melissa said...

Sounds fun minus the Gu....those flavors don't even sound good to me! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun run! Good luck in Eugene!

Kerrie said...

Sounds like fun! Was thinking about you guys this morning when I looked outside and saw mist. :)

Jo Lynn said...

How fun we each got to run with a friend this morning.

Lynette said...

I was so sad to miss you and Dave:( I would have totally been outside cheering for you! Bad, bad church pageant! You've made me miss enough already!

Fran said...

That sounds like a great run together!

I wanted to run today but it's still snowing, arrrrrrrrrrgh. I don't like snow because I can't run outside because I'm afraid of falling. And as I hate the treadmill I only want to run outside. Ah well better luck this coming week.

By the way: I just ordered online my Garmin Forerunner 305. I can't wait till I got it.

Have a nice Sunday Mel

No Longer Using said...

you ladies are so photogenic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love that picture of you with your registration!!!!! look how happy you are :) you have the best smile:)

Lisa said...

Haha, we're exact opposites. I love the mint chocolate GU, but vanilla gingerbread doesn't appeal to me at all. But that's what makes life interesting right? And yes, the brown GU does get messy, but I love it anyway!

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