6'0 tall, former athlete, mother of 3, struggling to keep up on the RUN of daily life.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tall Mom Year in Running

This is my first REAL year as a RUNNER.. It is amazing all the wonderful memories made, people I have met and things I have seen by the power of my size 10's. I would not trade a minute (strike that I would take away any moments related to over-hydration).

2009 Tall Mom Year in Running: Tour de Lights Fun run in Bonney Lake
Total Miles= TBD I have 5.7 on plan today to make a yearly total of 1,033!!
Running buddy Amanda on the Orting trail.
Total Miles= 68.73
Frightfest Half Marathon Rochester 1st Place Female

Total Miles= 119.81

1st place female small local 5K, hug from my bug at the Finish
Total Miles= 73.52
Railroad Days 10K
Total Miles= 89.71
Family Fun Run in Bonney Lake, the boys first RACE
Total Miles= 50.37
First Marathon Rock 'N' Roll Seattle
Total Miles= 111.56
First Half Marathon Capital City
Total Miles= 144.84 (highest mileage in 09)
First trip to Hawaii view from Diamonhead
Total Miles= 90.36
Training runs with the Double jogger and growing Little Studs
Total Miles= 70.9
Lifting to get in SHAPE
Total Miles= 62.64
Running 8 miles, 1 year after giving birth to Little Stud #2. My LONGEST run ever, at the time.
Total Miles= 67.39

This Blog has been a GREAT place to capture the progress this past year with photos, race reports, product reviews and thoughts I probably should have kept in my Tall Mom head :) With a full time job and growing family some days can be overwhelming to fit it all in. I do it because it make me a HAPPIER and much much HEALTHIER person. I do it because Muscle Man is my Champion and has helped me every step, even when he was not there physically.

This is my 2009 review, I could write a LONG recap, if you want to know what I have been up to in depth check the archives or race report links on the right side bar. I have a LONG post planned for tomorrow one I think you will enjoy.

Goodbye 2009 you have been wonderful!!!

  • What made 2009 a great year for you??
PS. A few Bloggy friends are hosting Giveaways.. Go check them out and tell them Tall Mom sent you Pretty Please.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

333% Blessed

I do not believe one can give above 100% because that is all you have 100%. And giving 100% to anything is a very AMAZING and close to IMPOSSIBLE feat. So instead of saying 110% or something random I use my favorite 3's and say 333%..

This Christmas I was BLESSED to be surround by friends, family and these STUDS!!!
I know this photo needs some cropping, but heck my clutter is endearing right?? Well no, but I did not have time to crop before this post.. The house is loud with car races, there are toys EVERY WHERE, I hear the Star Wars theme song hummed numerous times per day...this is my life and I am BLESSED!!!
Last year in the after Christmas Clearance section I snagged this lovely lady ornament.. Note her race number, if you don't get it I frankly can't help you :) Although I was not "Born to Run" I am a Born Again runner and 2009 was my re-birth.. And through that passion I was showered with wonderful gifts and Bloggy love!
Muscle Man shopped online (easier for my stay-at-home hubbers) he found the CUTE Runner's Guardian Angel Pin which he wants me to attach to my running shoes. He also started a running charm bracelet and threw a key chain in the stocking. My Tall Parents gifted the AWESOME license plate frame.
The Tall Mom Christmas cards spread across the country and even into Canada :) Thanks to EVERYONE for the amazing cards in return. A few Bloggies even sent gifts. My adopted Bloggy Sister Lacey sent this fun gift including a handmade collage, vegan cookie and (oh how she knows me) Starbucks via coffee packets and more.... THANKS SISS!
A SUPER Surprise came from the Palouse in WA. Local Blogger Genesis, who I am PUMPED to meet in June at Rock 'N' Roll Seattle, sent a cute tin of tasty treats.. I may or may not have shared with my boys the treats were TASTY. Thanks GEN!!
I am a sucker for anything crafty and homemade.. So when Bethany and Ryan sent this handmade mitten ornament I promptly put it on the Tall Tree. Thanks Miss Bethany, we love it!! And my gift from the Bloggy exchange oh umm...it is at work, sorry Leana, photo soon, Thanks AGAIN!!
It was 33' as we pulled into the park and trail lot, I am not making that up. Yes cold, but we thought the boys would use the wind shield and cover up with a blanket.. NO GO on either.. So they were a bit chilly on our almost 3 miler..
This is why I LOVE living where we do.. No snow on the path in late December and pretty pretty places to run. Please do not look at my knees, it will give you anxiety. Newtons are still in test mode.
Muscle Man sporting some new running gear (Top and pants) from Tall Mom Santa. On our family budget I shop at Target, good gear for a decent price. It is not the highest quality but will get him through training for his first Half Marathon.
I set off alone for a little bit and took a self portrait, ummm guess I forgot it was zoomed in. 333% dorky but hey that's me :) Maybe this will be the next Headsweats ad?? Hmmm?? A Mom can only dream.
This is winter in Puyallup, WA. I am sooo curious how pushing a HEAVY double jogger on most of his training runs will translate to racing without it?? Time will tell. I bet he smokes me! After all the race will be less than 2 weeks after my Marathon.
After the quick run we played in the park. See Muscle Man's shoes, did you know that Marshalls carries Underarmour shoes for $39.99? I have no idea if these are the best for running, but Muscle Man says they fit great and he is HAPPY!!
What next Rock climbing?? No my arms are far to weak for that, but I will be posting my 2010 Goals and Plans soon..
Running off the last bit of steam before lunch and nap time. Little Stud #2 tried so hard but kept falling.. Here is his latest joke, mind you he will be 2 in less than a month:
"Knock Knock."
"Who's There?"
"Vacuum Who?"
Dimpled chubby cheeks and hands in the air..
Future in comedy?? Who knows?
Most days when we visit the <3>
Off to another day on HOLIDAY with my Boys.. Life is good!
333% Blessed!!
  • What Blessing do you have in your life today?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Test Lab Tuesday

First off WELCOME to the New BLoggy Pack members!!! For all you new readers this is the day I dedicate to ALL things I review..

Cards at Trader Joe's:
While perusing Trader Joe's I came across their .99cent card section. HELLO!! These are not .99 cent cards. With blank insides I can fill every inch with fun messages and bad handwriting. Email me your address if you would like to join Tall Mom Random Cards, you never know when you might get a little something via Snail Mail.
Moon Sand:
Little Stud #1 had a few dollars from Tall Spokane Grandpa so he selected a Moon Sand set in the Clearance Section at Target. Our Tall Nephew has had Moon sand for years but I have never actually sat and played with it.. Here is the result, oh look at those dimples :)
Things I liked:
  • So fun to play with feels like wet sand,
  • This set had fun molds to create shapes like a little princess and castle bricks, I got to play out my cake decorating dreams.
  • The Moon Sand does not get under finger nails like Playdo!!
  • Both boys were totally entertained and relatively QUIET for about an hour.. WOOT!
  • After the mess you can vacuum up the sand, Easy Peasy.
  • The box says 3+ and I would agree, our little almost 2 year old made a MESS.
  • The set should come with 2 mats, one for the builder-Little Stud #1 and one for the destroyer-Little Stud #2. Maybe this is just in my house
  • There is not real way to keep the color separate, I am not a fan of mixed colors in playdo or clay either.
Nintendo WII:
Muscle Man's family bought us a Nintendo Wii, totally cool gift. Right now we have 1 game and 1 controller, so it is hard to give a full review. What I do know is that TALL MOM IS VERY VERY BAD AT WII-ing!! I will learn I am sure but WOW! In real life I am very bad at Bowling, I will happily take last and cheer like a mad woman for the occasional LUCKY strike. I was even worse at Wii Bowling, LOL!!

Things I Liked:
  • I love that this system gets kids off their feet to PLAY
  • I love creating the Mii characters
  • I love watching our little guy stand near the TV and cheer us on.
  • I found the controller a little small and hard to hold.
  • The $!! I cannot believe all of the extras that need to be purchased in order to have fun with this system. At $20-50 for each controller and game we will not be growing our Wii collection anytime soon.
Pink Grapefruit Tic-Tacs:
I saw these pretty pink mints at the check-out line and was intrigued. I am a Grapefruit fan so this was a SCORE!! The little minty/fruity pink bursts hit the spot and are great appetite suppressor. I get HUNGRY on my way home from work, it is probably more boredom than anything. With these in my bag I eat a few low cal mints and I feel satisfied. A STRANGE flavor but worth the ride. If you dont like Grapefruit you wont like these Tic-Tacs.
If you are not of drinking age or prefer not to drink adult beverages feel free to skip this review. I first tried this White Sparkling Wine at the AMAZING 30th Birthday hosted by my friend Kiera. I asked about it and she said it was $4.99 at Trader Joe's.... WHAT? Tasty, sparkly and low cost!!! If you like White wine and a little fizz you will love this smooth drink. I am not expert but I think this beverage can pair with anything from Nachos to Lobster. With the low cost you will not break the bank. I am unsure if other stores carry this wine so happy hunting!


Patagonia's Women's Wind Shield Jacket (HERE):

What Patagonia Says:
  • Two fabrics perfectly paired to block wind and vent excess heat and moisture
  • Full windproof stretch polyester with membrane on the front of the garment features smooth durable face with moisture-wicking brushed grid backing
  • Smooth-faced, stretch fleece on back and under arm panels for breathability and quick drying performance
  • Full zip through collar with brushed fleece next to skin, full wind flap and zipper garage
  • Zippered chest pockets with left bicep pocket with interior MP3 cord pass-through
  • Reflective logo on left chest
  • Drop tail
  • Front torso and arms, collar face: 6-oz 100% polyester face laminated to a polyurethane film and polyester grid back; face has a Deluge® DWR (durable water repellent) finish. Back torso, under arms and collar lining: 5.7-oz Polartec® Power Dry® 95% polyester (65% recycled) /5% spandex single-sided fleece, with moisture-wicking performance
  • 312 g (11 oz)
  • Made in Vietnam.
  • Recycled Polyester : We recycle used soda bottles, unusable second quality fabrics and worn out garments into polyester fibers to produce many of our clothes.
Tall Mom Thoughts:
Patagonia sent me the Windshield jacket to test via their PR firm. This jacket fits me PERFECT! Very true to size. High Quality breathable fabric which kept me very warm on a chilly day. When I took off the jacket it was heavy from sweat, but I was not wet at all, HMMM!! This is a total go-to jacket for me. Perusing the Patagonia site there are several products I am very interested in, go check it out HERE.

  • My ONLY gripe is the location of the pockets. As a Woman I would prefer not have pockets in the upper region, I am a side pocket gal.
Cloudveil Run Don't Walk Vest Mens (HERE):

What Cloudveil Says:
A new addition to our popular Run Don't Walk line, the RDW Vest is an ideal warm layer for aerobic exercises from skate skiing and snow shoveling to winter running. Flexible Polartec® Power Stretch® adds insulation in the front and back, while Polartec® Power Dry® side panels decrease overall density. The seven-ounce weight makes it perfect to pack along for a weekend ski trip, on an extended Nordic tour or as insurance against an approaching front.

Tall Mom Thoughts:
I did not know I was a vest person, but I am a VEST PERSON in the winter for sure. I wore this vest that Cloudveils sent me to test on the cold 15 miler with Zoe. The high fleece neck kept neck warm and was not scratchy. I love that I can wear a baselayer shirt under the vest and be warm without feeling like I need to strip off a layer.

  • The location of the sole pocket. I put my car key in the pocket and it may have fit a gu or two as well, but I just don't like front chest pockets.
  • This vest is a men's so it comes in men's colors and is a men's fit. I would LOVE Cloudveil to make a HOT PINK vest in women's fit, but keep the length and fabrics!!
Inspiring Allie:
On a previous Test Lab Tuesday I talked about a fleece neck cover and said that a crafty person could probably make one at home.. WELL...I am PROUD to say that Allie at "That Girl is a Running Fool" took my advice and even hosted a Giveaway of her amazing neck covers. And guess what?? I won!!! Check out her post HERE. This adorable pink polka dot neck cover is awesome, Thanks Allie!!

  • Notice in the photo I am wearing the Brooks shorts from the Brooks for her collection HERE, Muscle-Santa paid attention. I will do a full post about what Santa and Bloggers gave to Tall Mom soon.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Latte-Athon 15 Miler

Stats for 12/27:
Time- 2:24:16
15.03- Miles
9:36- Pace
COLD run on the Orting trail out to the 9 foot Latte and back with Zoe.

This week I had been sending Zoe messages about running to the 8 Foot Latte in South Prairie with me, with the promise she would be handsomely rewarded at the end of the 15 mile trek with a Latte on Tall Mom. So for fun I am calling our AMAZING run today the...


During my Marathon training I loved the 15 miler because first, I crossed city lines and second, along the path is a 8-9 Foot wooden Latte. For a coffee freak, like me, this was a TREAT!! I have a few photos with my TALL LATTE friend, and have longed to go back to visit.

Zoe's longest run to date was her sub 2 hour Seattle Half Marathon effort end of November. So this run would be her LONGEST RUN EVER!! How sweet is that? When I pulled in to park Zoe was already there...UMMM WHAT?? That NEVER EVER happens to me because I am always 5-15 minutes early, years of basketball practice have me trained. VERY IMPRESSIVE ZOE!! I had double packed everything in case she forgot anything, I am an event planner and MOM= Overly Anal and prepared. (She did not need the water bottle, gloves, Gu or ear covers I brought, LOL!)

We set out in COLD temps just under 30', my fingers and backside were FROZEN. There was no shortage of conversation, from Christmas gift recaps, to movies, to abnormal fears, any and all topics came out on the trail. At one point we were talking about our shared fear of DOGS when...dun dun dun...ahead there was a LARGE and dark figure. "What is that?" A beast of amazing stature, possibly a Bear, Sloth or "Rodent of Unusual Size." The Irony that we would run past a SCARY and RABID Rottweiler while admitting our canine apprehension. In truth it was a beautiful, docile, ground sniffing, Black Dog with a slight hobble who, we hope, was just out for a morning stroll.

Soon after we reached the Half-way point and my TALL LATTE friend. Zoe was slightly distracted taking photos of semi-homeless cats but soon joined in the fun.. I SUCK at taking pictures with her IPhone, and had to take off my gloves.. go to Zoe's Blog to see more photos.
OK I know I look like a DORK but this running outfit was so right for so many reasons.. I was warm and comfortable, mission accomplished..

We passed very few runners/walkers/bikers/fisherman/lurkers on the trail. The frost covered the grass and moss creating a winter wonderland. The murky ponds were frozen over and the usual ranky smells were barely noticeable. This run was the last for my Asics. I crossed the finish line of my Marathon in these shoes, but now they are DONE.. (Tall Grandpa and Grandma gifted a $100 gift certificate to Fleet Feet which I will be spending ASAP! THANK YOU!!) The trail was CRAPPY today literally, there were piles of various feces scattered over the miles. We had swerved to avoid the CRAP but my poor size 10's ended up in a small pile, nice send-off huh?
With just 1 mile to go we saw a Bald Eagle snacking on a large fish. It is hard to tell from this photo but we were CLOSE to the majestic bird. We stopped to enjoy the rare sight, BIG MISTAKE. After 14 miles it is TOUGH to get started again. We got moving and were coasting for a negative split last mile. We passed the pasture where a cow was on the outside of the fence cry-mooing on the way out, thankfully a good cowmaritan had let the cow in the wire fence with his moo-friends.

We were DONE and Mount Rainier was out in full force.

Zoe rockin the shades and me in my new Brooks hat. This seems to be my signature pose, so I went with it..
When the running was done it was time for the REWARD!! and to warm up... Unfortunately in Orting there are not many options so we went to the Starbucks in the Safeway. Grande Non-Fat Peppermint White Mocha and Grande Non-Fat Mint Latte, I am sure I embarrassed Zoe when I boasted about our 15 miles to the barista, yes I have a healthy sense of PRIDE :)

More chatting about gun-time vs. chip-time frustration, the many words that end in "Athon" and "Athalon", 2010 Goals (Coming soon) and other topics I chose to omit, things are much funnier after having run 15 miles. WE SLOWLY raised ourselves standing, hello calf soreness, quick hug and parted ways.

CONGRATS to Zoe and her new distance PR!!! You are 333% poised for a 2010 Marathon. In case you are keeping track I am just 8.3 miles away from 1,033 miles :)


***I have this week off from work, so I will not be near a computer.. I hope to stop in the Bloggy world once my boys are all in dream land..

Sunday, December 27, 2009

GU Galore Winners

I'm Late in posting the winners... SORRY!! I do have a good excuse. I was out running 15 miles with Zoe...more details on that soon. The lovely 15 miler includes the horrors of being ALMOST eaten by a Rabid Dog, sipping from a 9 foot Latte and nearly freezing our fingers and larger body parts off.. it promises to be a FUN read..

So without further to do the WINNERS are:

1. Random Drawing: Christina at Lazy Bones Running She said "I want to try the gingerbread gu and my boyfriend thinks I'm crazy for wanting to try something because its the holiday flavor. He suggested plain gu, ewwww! I usually run with Orange Burst"

2. Best Story: Although this Blogger says she is a little afraid of Gu I hope she gets over it or shares with her Run Like a Mother Teammates. Ginny's story was totally relate able and Funny!! Imagine a 280lb Naked man trying to break in through your sliding glass door while you are anxiously hosting your in-laws in a Martha Stewart style. GOOD TIMES!! She emailed me the story then posted on her Blog, read it HERE.

3. Most Creative: This Blogger put a sign on her back and ran around town.. That is pretty darn cool. I am 1 of 2 Followers of "I Run Slower than a Tortoise" and you are all missing out.

Congrats to the winners, please email your address to tallmomontherun (@) hotmail. Thanks to EVERYONE for the fun stories, creative comments and AMAZINGLY FULL running calendars, WOWZERS!!


PS. Lets see who reads the fine print. I will send a few Gu's to the first person to email me with the subject "Tall Mom send me a few Gu's" Please include your address..

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Day After

There are days that we look forward to for weeks, months and even years. Birthdays, Vacations, races and holidays, to name a few. Once the cake is eaten, the trip is over, the medal is around your neck, the presents are open, all you have left is the DAY AFTER. The wonderful memories, countless pictures and disbelief that the FUN day could have come and gone soooo quickly.

Yesterday was a GREAT Christmas. Muscle Man and I went on a Run with Tall Redhead Brother in law, I am going to name him Red-BIL. The plan was for the 3 of us to run to the Park, while the Little Studs rode in the car with the family. I didn't know what to expect that first mile. Red-BIL has lost 40 pounds the last few months and has run on the treadmill, but not outside. I knew there was a slight downhill the first .5 mile followed by an incline and a STEEP decline to the Park. I ran behind the guys, not wanting to push the pace. We chatted, kept in stride and Red-BIL did AWESOME!! Mile 1 chimed 9:08 Pace, I dropped the guys off at the Park and ran solo to finish my mileage. Totally forgot my I-Pod, URGH!! I wore my Snowflake socks from the Night Run on Monday, I could see the SMILES on the drivers faces.. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!

I sit here the DAY AFTER Christmas and I feel soooo BLESSED! Little Stud #1 is in the living room playing Batman Lego's on the X-Box with his Uncle. Muscle Man is sporting new Brooks gear and shiny running shoes. Little Stud #2 is driving tiny cars down a ramp and making a perfect line with his Thomas Trains. I will have a Christmas Present post soon with huge thanks to Bloggy friends Lacey, Bethany & Ryan and Genesis!!

There is one case where the DAY AFTER may be better. The DAY AFTER giving birth....and the day after that and the day after that. Our kids are growing, learning, smiling, and through them we get to be a kids again.. OK off to play with my, I mean their, TOYS!!

GU Giveaway Winner tomorrow!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

High Five Friday- Merry Christmas

High Five to:

Treat bakers

Christmas light hangers

Tree decorators

Gift wrappers

Caroling choir

Church goers

Smiles on Kids faces

Men who look like Santa

Sticky hands from candy canes

People in Santa hats

The perfect gift

Christmas Music

The Ule Log

Time with family and friends

Amazing surprises from the ones you love.

Celebrating the Most wonderful time of the year...


Christmas Day Runners/Walkers/Swimmers/Bikers

Muscle Man and I will be getting out there soon, what about you??


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Almost Here...

It is so hard to believe that today is Christmas Eve!! Time flies when you are having fun.. I am busy busy playing Mom and Santa, so although I PROMISED to have the Gu Galore Giveaway Winners announced today, I am going to Change the rules. Entries will now be accepted until December 27th, hopefully this will give me enough time to read all of your awesome stories and decide which comment is the most creative.. Go HERE to enter. There is a current Front Runner for that creativity prize

Nerual said this in her comment:
No one reads my blog, so that did not seem as though it would create enough advertisement. So I plan on running around town with a sign attached to my back to let people know. Picture to follow soon!

Can you say CREATIVE?? I seriously love this!! Go visit and say Hi on her Blog HERE.. Opening my email and seeing this was like an early Christmas present, huge dimple moment!! Thanks for the fun surprise!!

Will have a Christmas Inspired High Five Tomorrow and the BIG YEAR END High Five next week (yes I know more broken promises my Bloggy time is reduced when I am HOME with my Little Studs, sorry).

Wishing you all a Wonderful Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

1 to 1,000

The ever AWESOME Running Laur (HERE) hosted a wonderful virtual race.
Never one to pass up a FUN virtual race I wrote down the temp 37F (2.8C) not too cold, but just frosty enough to see me breath, geared up and headed out.
Note the new shoes from Brooks, don't let the crazy colors fool you these are lightweight pillows. More about these shoes soon. I thought I would also give you a quick tour of the locker room in my building.. See the lovely fake flowers and industrial strength hair-dryer.. I know you are JEALOUS!!
Close up of the Brooks Green Silence out in Feb 2010. Brooks made me feel like a ROCK STAR when they sent me FREE shoes that are not even on the market yet!!!
Here is what Winter looks like just south of Seattle, WA on December 22nd on the running path near my office. No snow, no ice, just wet roads, COMMON!!
OK back to the running. I did a .5 warm-up and then planned to run the 1 miler AS FAST AS MY SIZE 10's WOULD TAKE ME!! I noticed a little stitch in my side during the warm-up, not a good sign. I picked a long straightaway, giving me the best chance for SPEED!! I have not done any speed work since before my 1/2 Marathon on Halloween and wow did I notice it. I felt my body slow a few times and was not in it 100% mentally or physically. So how did I do??
1 Mile= 6:48
Not to shabby for a Mother of 2, although I was hoping for a sub 6:30, with the IDEAL of a sub 6:00. I really was not feeling well at all.
I snapped a quick self-portrait and headed to finish my run. After my 4 miles I felt weak and light headed. I could not find my energy, hopefully this is not a pre-Holidays sickness!! Once home I still felt off, so I went to be at 8:15PM. I am feeling a little better today :)

"The Journey of 1,000 miles

begins with a single step."

Lao Tzu

Look at this PERFECT bracelet on Charmingwords

As you know in 2009 I have run more than 1,000 Miles. I just love saying that!! In 2010 I hope to surpass that mileage. I also would love to INSPIRE you all to reach with me. Eventually I will have a cool logo, sign up sheet and fun rewards (think medal, ribbon, or certificate). For now I want to know who is on board??
  • Who wants to Run 1,000+++ miles with Tall Mom in 2010?? Join the Run 1,000+++ with Tall Mom Club and you will be linked in on this post and future Club posts. Just leave a comment and I will add you to the list below..
  1. Stacie
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  • Have (or will) you run 1,000+++ in 2009? If so let me know, I may just have something up my sleeve for you.
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  3. Kathy
  • Bloggy pack members have similar challenges, so you can get a double whammy, go HERE.
This is my last day at work for 2009... YIPPERS!!