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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Third Date and it is LOVE

No Pirates or accidents to get in the way of the start of our 3rd Running Date. To me the 3rd date is make or break time...do we want to pursue this further?? My vote YES!! I am 333% positive that Amanda and I are going to be GREAT running buddies. Next weekend Amanda will run the Seattle Half Marathon, read all about her HERE.. I know she will be AMAZING!!

It was COLD this morning 43 when I left my cozy Jeep. I was having wardrobe issues, as in I could not decide what to wear. We opted to run toward town and pass the cars in case we needed to strip off a layer. IT DID NOT RAIN.. Should I repeat that? IT DID NOT RAIN. It has rained nearly constantly for days and the puddles were full, but nary a drop fell during our 13 miles. Yes we ran 13 miles and Amanda was a ROCK STAR! There was no shortage of conversation, I love people who talk and LISTEN.. it is very rare to have that connection.

Funny as I drove in I saw 5 or 6 groups of runners 2 ladies who did not have their hair pulled back...PET PEEVE..if you have long hair pull it back! Those groups were on the BORING part of the trail, as we ran toward the River portion the path hosted very few runners, we had the path to ourselves. Near the STINKY cow pasture there was a Man with his toddler son petting baby cows with their puppy by their side...total Hallmark moment, the simple things make me smile. We also passed Paul, the owner of the local Fleet Feet, of course he was dressed in PERFECT gear.

I tested a GoLite Handheld and it was awesome, if you are in the market go buy it!! Full review on Test Lab Tuesday. Pretty sure that the handheld will be my new race best friend. The only issue I had the whole run was an aching pain in my left upper arm from mile 10 on, the same thing happened in my last Half Marathon. Very WEIRD!
I held the camera and was CHEESING...had no idea that Amanda was posing.. Tooo funny!! Guess I pushed her a little hard...Oh well, I only get to play Jillian (Biggest Loser) so often. A Healthy does of Tall Mom and I know Amanda is READY to Rock he Half.
  • TONIGHT the Hit List Vollyeball team will play for 1st Place. I have some Rockin new socks from TMB, THANKS BUDDY!! Team Photos and more on Monday. Have a relaxing and lovely Sunday Friends!!


Melissa said...

I've had to cancel my last couple of dates with my friend. :( But we have another coming up on Tuesday!!
Good luck to your friend on her 1/2!!!

RobinLK said...

Yay! Let's hear it for bloggy running love and NO RAIN!!

Mel, did you REALLY diss the ladies with the out-of-control hair?? Wow! I'm so surprised at you... what would your mom say? LOL (Pet peeve for me, too!)

Sounds like you guys had an amazing run, Hallmark moment,stinky cows, and all. That's great! And I love the pics.. you wore her little behind right out, didn't you?? Yowzer!

Thnx for GoLite rec. Took a quick peek. I'm working on a post about water bottles for this week.. it's been rolling around in my head for a little while now. Such a (seemingly) small thing that is such a royal pain in the butt! (I'm on bottle #4 right now, yes FOUR!)

Have fun 'v-balling' tonight.. go team!

Happy Sunday from sunny Orlando! (well, sorta sunny today....)

Alisa said...


Hope v-ball goes/went well!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Good luck with the v-ball!!!

Glad you and Amanda have been able to run together. She will benefit from it in her race I am sure!!!

Enjoy Sunday!


Sounds like you and Amanda had a perfect run! And that second picture of the two of you is classic.

Hope you guys take first place! Rock the socks!

The CilleyGirl said...

Do you happen to hold the hand-held in your left hand? You could be tensing your upper arm as a consequence (that's what I do) and not realizing it until it goes OUCH.

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Thank you, thank you very much *insert Elvis lip curl*

I had a great time too! I am definitely ready for Sunday! Ready to have it over with! :)

How you can talk and listen AND make mental notes for your blog is beyond me! I always enjoy reading your blog about our runs so I remember what happened, like the adorable daddy and his little boy and that puppy and that baby calf...too cute!

I see a 4th date, but it may be a while. I will be a single mom for a while after Saturday.

Nicole said...

How funny! I have the same pet peeve about women not pulling their hair back. HOW can they run that way? Drives me crazy! Glad you had a good 3rd date. :-)

Katie said...

Good luck at volleyball! I'm so happy that you are rocking at the new position!

And running buddies are so fun I have a new one and we have got into some misadventures running, but it's been a blast!

Anna said...

I can't ever figure out how girls with long hair leave it down to run! Mine isn't even that long, and drives me crazy even in a loose pony tail!

Rookie on the Run said...

My hair is not long and I can't stand to wear it down. In fact, I make sure my stylist doesn't cut it too short to pull back. ;)

Sounds like you found the ideal running buddy for you! I'm happy for both of you. You both are going to have a great time at the half marathon!

Badgergirl said...

I don't understand running with hair down. Doesn't make sense to me.

Glad to hear running date No. 3 went well!

J said...

Ugg I hate when women wear their hair down while exercising!! Glad you have such a great running buddy! It really is nice to have someone to talk to on those long runs!

Christina said...

Love the picture of Amanda. She looks like she's a lot of fun.

Kerrie said...

You guys are so lucky with the whole rain thing! Looks like you and Amanda had an awesome run! Hope you rocked that volleyball game!

Alicia said...

Love?! Yay for you! I'm pretty much in love with my running buddy, too. ;)

Wouldn't it be awesome to have your own running store and have all the gear to pick from every time you ran? Oh, what a dream!

Megan said...

Don't know how ya'll run in the misty rain on a regular basis. It was cold and rainy yesterday. Cold for us was high 50's. I couldn't decide if I was hot or cold the whole run.

Redhead Running said...

You ladies are too cute! Sounds like she's a keeper for sure!

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