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Friday, November 27, 2009

Tall Mom Turkey Trot

Fellow Pacific Northwest Blogger and all around AWESOME Alisa at Ambitious Aspirations hosted a Virtual Turkey Trot...FREE of charge.. I toyed with signing up for a local Turkey Trot, but with the hefty price tags and chance of RAIN the virtual race was PERFECTO.

This morning Muscle Man recruited me to his home GYM..AKA land where he got Buff. We spent the morning lifting and toning, my left leg needs some major strength training. Before we knew it hours has passed leaving little time to RUN. My ambitious side hoped to post a Half Marathon today, but with the rain, lack of time, and HEAVY jogger to push we opted for the lowest mileage and ran 1 Mile as fast as we could as a family.
Look at the adorable bib!! Love it.. I wanted to print it and pin it to my shirt, but this was a busy week and I never got to it.. BUMMER!!
Yes Little Stud #2 has Cheetos...it was dangerously close to nap time, the Cheeto Puffs were our way to avoid a major blow up from the almost (late January) terrible 2 year old.
Quick pre-race photo and we were off.. Muscle Man had not run in a few weeks and my legs were a little tired from the home gym lifting...but we were going to TRY our best to post a good mile time.
The puddles were FULL and my feet got wet instantly, time to toss my Asics with the holes in the toes (photos soon it is pretty funny). The double jogger pulled us down the first hill and I could not breathe well with a congested head. YUCK!! We got to the half mile point and I knew we could get a sub 7 minute mile...pretty darn good for a Rainy day while pushing our kids after having worked out for over an hour.
As we approached the next downhill Muscle Man said "I will go ahead but you don't have to keep up, you will catch me on the uphill." I fell behind a little but tried to get my speed back up. One Mile goes pretty quickly. We knew where the finish line was as this is our usual 3 mile training route. I promised Hubby that we would walk back after the mile, so he gave a final PUSH. My boys surged ahead as I trailed 3 steps behind. Garmin Chimed.
Stats for First Virtual (Family) Turkey Trot:
1 Mile
Pace- 6:59
Weather wet and cold. Ready for TURKEY!!
Little studs were awesome...pretty easy to keep them happy for 20 minutes.. But they LOVE LOVE to push on the rain cover, one day the foot will go through I know it. I was so proud of Muscle Man for giving it his all and posting a sub 7 minute mile.
Unleash the kiddos.. When we got home I had 30 minutes to shower, get pretty, change, get the boys dressed, pack for the day, get the veggie tray ready (Muscle Man Stepped in), and buy flowers....SPEEDY!! Pretty sure I moved faster in the house than I did on the road. We were blessed with amazing food and family at the Tall Grandparents house.
Thanksgiving photos soon.. Make sure to enter my Giveaway!!
Hope you are enjoying BLACK FRIDAY!!!


Laura said...

Great family event! Hope your Thanksgiving was awesome.

Alisa said...

Yay speedy one mile!

Kerrie said...

Dang! That was fast! And with a jogging stroller and everything!

Jo Lynn said...

Woohoo! I love running down hills fast. That sounds like a great little family run. Yay! ;)

Marlene said...

Cheetos make me happy when I ened a nap too..... just saying. ;)

What a fun way to enjoy the virtual race - family style! Congrats to you and MM on a sub-7 mile. IMPRESSIVE! Great photos too. Hope you enjoyed the T-giving feast.

Doing any shopping today?

Anonymous said...

In my dreams, I run sub-7 miles all the time!

Your boys are TOO cute!!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

What a great day you had!!!! Super speedy after all gym workout!! Love your pictures!

Happy Thanksgiving and happy giving thanks everyday!

Suzy said...

I love how your Turkey Trot was a family event!

Rookie on the Run said...

Fun Family Race!! You are amazingly fast!

You could have just said the Cheetos were carrots... that's what I thought they were until you mentioned the Cheetos. I thought, "Wow, Tall Mom IS good! She even has her kids eating healthy."

It's a relief to see you are a regular mom! ;)

J said...

Aww so cute! Love that you go running with your family!

Fran said...

Wauw! Did you spend your Thanksgiving well! Great workout and run!

Alicia said...

Hours had passed?! You guys are hard core! Love that you guys trotted as a fam. And you trotted so fast- 6:59?! Wow!

Sounds like you had a perfect Thanksgiving!

Bethany + Ryan said...

Nice family run and what a great time! We did a turkey trot yesterday, weather was about 50ish and drizzling so not too bad for new england! Short sleeves and capri pants were nice. Great job!

BrianFlash said...

Just a little more training and you'll be ready to go for the marathon while pushing stroller world record!

Melissa said...

Awesome!! Fun, fun, fun!! :)

RobinLK said...

Looks like a great day was had by all, especially Cheetos Man! Ha Ha! What a great idea - a virtual Turkey Trot. By next holiday season, I hope to be so bloggy savvy and creative. :-)

BTW-I have the same Run Happy tee, but in lavender. Just bought it recently and snapped some recent pics.. how funny! Great fabric!

Hope the Tall Mom Family is having a great Thanksgiving weekend!



sub 7 mins? with a double jogger? You guys ROCK!

Velma said...

Love it - great pics

Lisa said...

OMG you guys are fast. I will NEVER run that fast but I'm totally okay with that lol.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mel,
So I actually was skipping through your blog from the beginning today. I just wanted to say you really are an inspiration! I came across one of your first posts about the Athena division and I was just so inspired by how honest you were. I'm not sure what your stats are now but at 6'0 187 lb you look absolutely fantastic! Are you sure you had two kids?? I'm a tall girl myself and at 5'10 I sometimes forget that I'm not supposed to weigh the same as a 5'2 girl. So thanks for being honest and proud of who you are! Keep it coming!

Molly said...

how fun!!! Your virtual race sounds much more fun than my actual! I just started working on my speed, gotta use you as an inspiration Speedy Girl! : )

MCM Mama said...

NIce job on the mile!

Unknown said...

That's one quick mile! Thanks for the kind comment on my blog! You do a great job here. Keep up the great work!

Megan said...

Its funny that you apologized for feeding your kid cheetos. I do that. Last wk I felt like a bad mom b/c I feed my kids boxed mac and cheese and canned green beans, instead of fresh. It's funny to me where mom guilt will strike.

Anna said...

Woah, y'all are speedy! And you and your hubby are SO cute :)

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