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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tall Mom Test Lab Tuesday

This is a day I dedicate to all things that I review...

Running, Eating and Living.


ARTISTRY essentials balancing system travel set (HERE):

What Artistry Says:
Take along just what you need with this mini travel trio.
Sure to become your new favorite travel companion, the essentials balancing system travel set is perfect for all your skin care needs on-the-go!
balancing cleanser - .66 fl. oz.

balancing toner - 1.0 fl. oz.
balancing lotion SPF 15 - .66 fl. oz.

Tall Mom Thoughts:
Ashley sent me the link to her website and some amazing products for health and beauty Click HERE for the full site. I was very excited to test the skin care products. Having a limited income I generally stick to the $5 or less one-step skin care systems. I have noticed with running that my face feels dry. I tested the full size version of these products and really loved how soft my face felt. I tend to run on the oily side so I have to be careful trying new products. Overall when I have time I really like to use all 3 products.

Nutrilite Crunch Zone Snack Chips – Honey BBQ Flavor (HERE):

What Nutrilite Says:
Rich, rewarding, and right for snacking! A healthier choice for your love of crunchy snacks. Convenient 100-calorie packs make it even easier to indulge, without bulge – and feed your body a protein punch while you’re at it.

Tall Mom Thoughts:
Again I am no nutritionist, so if you want the package details go HERE. When I was really focused on weight loss 100 calorie snack foods saved my life. 100 calories= About 1 mile. If you think that way the candy bar and fruit juice are not as appetizing. These Chips packed a tasty punch and did not break the calorie bank. YUMMERS!

Artistry Lip Care kit (HERE):

What Artistry Says:
Revitalize, hydrate, and pamper your lips. The Artistry Lip Care Kit offers the gentle exfoliating Lip Polish that lightly buffs away dry skin cells from lips, while Lip Conditioner instantly softens, soothes, and smoothes

Tall Mom Thoughts:
From chips to lips. I have never spent more than $4 on chap stick for my lips, so the sticker shock of this lip care system is too much for this tight wad to take....BUT... Wow oh wow! Who knew that rough lips could be cured with a little exfoliation. Follow that with a soft tasteless gloss and your lips are back to kissable. This is no stocking stuffer, but is a great product for those winter chapped kissers..

GoLite Hydroclutch HERE:

What GoLite Says:
When one bottle, a couple of gel packs, keys and your ID are all you need, reach for the HydroClutch. Also a great way to add quick access hydration capacity to a larger pack. A favorite of seasoned trail runners.

I has a stretch nylon bottom and collar which keep the bottle snug. Reflective webbing for increased visibility and a zippered stretch air mesh pocket to hold Gu, cash, etc. Comes with a sport bottle that is biodegradable, recyclable, reusable, made with recycled content and BPA free. It weighs 4 oz.

Tall Mom Thoughts:
NEW BEST RACING FRIEND!!!! I was bummed to see that this product was sold out on the website because I recommend anyone looking for an awesome handheld should go buy one now. I need to use bullets to highlight everything I LOVED about the bottle:
  • Mesh pocket makes it easy to spot what you need to grab out, Gu's, Chomps, there is no mystery with a turn of the hand.
  • Easy to open and close top. There are some bottles with WEIRDO spouts making drinking an EFFORT. Hello like I need to try hard to get a drink. This top I pull up with my teeth and close just as easy.
  • Thick adjustable strap. I have tested bottles with thin straps which cut into my hand and caused irritation on a long run. This strap is so comfortable that I forgot I was holding a bottle. It won't fall off so you feel hands free.
  • Light weight. My Garmin feels heavier than this bottle when it is totally full.. (Note: my arm pain from my 13 mile run was not on the water bottle side).
  • Reduces my Footprint and will make me faster. This product, like all GoLite Products is environmentally friendly and made from recycled content. If I carry this in a race I could save a few cups and water bottles. I will also be able to pass the SLOW water stations which could give me those few BQ seconds I need.


Tall Mom Approved

******Stay tuned because Tomorrow there will be a GIVEAWAY and I will give you a little hint....you will learn more about GoLite. If you can't wait to check out what GoLite has to offer, go HERE to shop..

Happy Tuesday! (Holiday week= Happy Thursday!!)


gba_gf said...

Oh I LOVE my hand held! It's the best for the days when you only have to go less than 8, but still need a little something to drink. Especially in the winter, when I don't really feel the need to drink every 2 minutes. Did we mention that living in VA it's HOT?
(Also a fan of my hydration belt, but that's a comment for another blog).

{will run for margaritas} said...

You are an awesome reviewer!! :-) Thanks for sharing! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Alisa said...

I need a new handheld, mine has mold on it...yuck!

I'm a $5 makeup kind of girl too =).

Questionably Texan said...

Thanks for the reviews - I've been contemplating getting a handheld for awhile. Sounds like I need to go get one now.

Marlene said...

LOL, I'm a tight wad with the skin and lip care too. Sounds like those were worth trying (if not buying). Haha.

Glad you found a handheld that you LOVE! Can't wait to see what this giveaway is all about. ;)

Have a great Tuesday! Short week - woohoo!

Melissa said...

Love my handheld also. Glad you found one you like.
WOO HOO for short weeks.

Zoƫ said...

Great reviews! Considering a handheld...so perhaps I'll check it out. :)

Anonymous said...

FYI - I just ordered the handheld that you are recommending over at: http://www.runningwarehouse.com/descpage-GOHCL2.html in case anyone else wants one. It was only $12.95 and free 2 day shipping!!

Thanks for the review! You did all the work for me!!

Rookie on the Run said...

Thanks for the reviews! I'm a lip balm addict... I tend to get chapped. I may have to give those a try.

I like my hand held bottle but I'll have to give the Go-Lite a whirl when I'm ready to replace the one I have.

I can't wait to see what your give-away is!

Aron said...

thats for the reviews!!! how much water does that handheld hold?

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Great review. I'm a $5 kinda gal too. But I did go to a party and tried the lip care, it was great how good my lips felt but TOO much $$$.

I so want to try the hand-held for my half marathon. I hope it gets restocked soon!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Mom on the Run said...

Those are great product reviews!!

I do not spend a ton of money on make up and beauty products. I rather spend the money on fitness products...lol!

Can't wait for the giveaway!

Check out mine at www.healthymomontherun.com

Stephanie Nichole said...

I would love to try that lip stuff but that IS quite the splurge!!! You have me thinking about it!

Hope you have a great thanksgiving!

Alicia said...

I am definitely a minimalist when it comes to skin care. I feel like I'm *really* treating myself when I buy a new face wash at Walmart (which I did last week.) Just can't seem to justify the dept. store stuff.

But running gear I can't seem to get enough of! And now I really want one of those handhelds! My belt just seems a little cumbersome for those 8-12 mile runs, you know?


Mel - We so need to go shopping together! Looks like we share a spending philosophy, I am sooooo very cheap. I hate spending too much on anything.

I totally want to try that hand held ... the one I have now is SO HEAVY ... my arm always cramps up.

Great reviews! Run on!


oh, and btw - I did put her to bed before 6 pm ... she got what she asked for!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

i'm not a makeup kinda gal, and really don't do anything for my skin. perhaps i should, but i just don't. those nutrilite snacks sound yummy... it's unfortunate that they're only sold through Amway I think...

Laura said...

I'm thinking I need a handheld. I really like the amphipod one but I'll have to look into the Golite version.

Anna said...

Thanks for the reviews! $20 is a hefty price for lip balm!

Native Stone Company, Inc. said...

Awesome reviews!

I've been thinking I need a handheld, but then again, I've thought that w/ my last 3 types of hydro belts. ;) I always want to try something new. ;)

Kerrie said...

Oh, I love that little equation: 100 cals = 1 mile. So going to store that little tidbit for later.

J said...

The Golite bottle looks really awesome! That is definitely on my christmas list!!

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