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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tall Mom Making Plans

Welcome to post 300!! If you expected a Giveaway....well you are a week early, here's a hint, THANKFUL Giveaway :) I racked my Brain to think up what to do for my 300th post...as my Brain is a bit taxed this week I will tell you all about my PLANS.

J, Velma and I are hosting a Gift Exchange. Go visit J HERE and enter.. This is going to be soooo fun. We will all be matched up at random with another Blogger from lands near or far. It is a chance for creative Giving....and added bonus, you are guaranteed a GIFT in return..

Yesterday I had an amazing Lunch Run with Kerrie. Read her recap HERE. We work just 1.3 miles away so I ran to pick her up, we strutted together for about 30 minutes and I dropped her off. This run was in a word RELAXING! The path we randomly happened upon (a hidden OASIS) is a wooden plank raised bridge above an overflowing wetland marsh. I have never been on the path before, but I plan to return many many times. AMAZING!! Kerrie planned ahead and brought her camera.. CHEESE!!
I have a cold and sounded VERY MANLY yesterday. Today Kerrie and I will go to Pho Soup, which I hope will clear my gunk.. I am so blessed to have many Running Date options from Bloggy connections :)


As you know I am a PLANNER!! I have been on countless websites trying to decide which of my racing options will be best for 2010. Around March we plan to sell the Tall Mom House and move closer to my office...which will make the budget and time a little tight.. As I am always focused on balancing Time/Money/Family, I have come to a tentative PLAN.

May 2, 2010

Tacoma City Marathon

*Marathon Redemption. The Fleet Feet Marathon training program starting on January 9th will prepare me to traverse the Hills of T-Town. The low cost of entry fee $60 and 30 minute drive are great on budget and time. And being a local race I am HOPING that I will have a cheering section...note: I love big bright signs and to have my picture taken.

May 16, 2010

Capital City Half Marathon

*This race was my first Half Marathon, both Muscle Man and I loved the whole experience. A Small, well-organized race, in the Capital City, with great race shirts and a downhill Finish Line. Hopefully I can recruit Muscle Man to run this one with me. Honey??

TBD June 2010

Seattle Race for the Cure 5K

*Running with Charity and Lynette...and anyone else who wants to wear PINK and run for a great cause.

June 26, 2010

Rock 'N' Roll Seattle Marathon

*Running with Shelby for her First Marathon. I told myself I would NEVER do this race again. It is TOUGH. But I want my running buddy to have the best first Marathon EVER. So I will be there with her, at her pace for 26.2. I am so excited to see what we can do together!!

  • I know there will be 5K's, 10K's and many other races added in here with options to run races in the Portland area as well. If anyone wants to buy me a GREAT Christmas Gift entry to any of these races would be AWESOME!! LOL..

  • In 2010 I will try for PR's yes...lord knows I love to push my limits. But as you can see most of my races will be run with friends and family...which I truly believe will make for cherished memories.
Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!!


Mel-2nd Chances said...

Love bloggie buddy meetups! Looks like a great race plan for 2010, I bet you'll get your redemption and then some :D

Kathleen said...

LOVE your race plan! Yeahhh 2010, it looks like an awesome racing year for you! I know you'll rock it :)

Marlene said...

Happy 300 Posts! Hey look, I'm number 3! ;)

Love the plans for 2010. Sounds like it will be a busy and exciting year.

SOOO excited about the gift exchange!!!

Melissa said...

Congrats on 300 posts!!!
Sounds like an exciting year! I wish our local race clubs would put out their schedules for next year. They STILL don't have anything posted!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

That, my friend, is A LOT of marathonS!!!!!!!!!! you can do it you Marathon Maniac you! ;) I think I will shoot for the Tacoma City Marathon as well!!!! I have to get over there and sign up at Fleet Feet!!!

The new trail you found with Kerri sounds awesome! Glad you had a good time!

Love the gift exchange idea! can't wait!

And funny, I wrote about a plan today too!!

Redhead Running said...

Happy 300th post!!!

You've got quite the race schedule lined up for next year!!! Look at you girl!!!

Very excited about the gift exchange!!!! Great idea ladies!!!

Lisa said...

The gift exchange looks like fun.

You race schedule looks like a good one but whoa a half two weeks after a full. You are a crazy lady but I know you can totally do it.

I've got a little race calendar going too but still deciding on a half to do.

Very cool you and Kerrie ran together. I'm a little jealous.

Aron said...


seriously, having run marathons for PRs, BQ attempts and helping friends, i can say that helping friends is one of the most rewarding experiences ever. you will LOVE it.

i am so excited to follow you along through all of this :) 2010 is going to be an exciting year!!

Nicole said...

I love that you're such a planner! Your plan sounds tough, but GOOD!! Of course I'm a slow poke and will never win races, but I love running races for the experience. I think running with friends/family is a great idea. I hope to do this for my hubby this year, too!

Jenn said...

"I love big bright signs and to have my picture taken" Ha Ha! I love big bright signs. I hate to have my picture taken. Nice race plans! Good luck!

I Run for Fun said...

Congratulations on 300 posts! You have a wonderfully creative, interesting and often insightful blog.

Love the race plans! Thanks for providing me the incentive I need.

Zoƫ said...

You met Kerrie! Awesome!
Planning for 2010 races is a great idea, especially for training. You're going to rock those races, too. :)
Congrats on #300 by the way.

robinbb said...

I looked at doing Tacoma so we could visit my sister-in-law but it isn't in the budget for next year, but it does look like a fun race. Tough, but fun. And it looks like they have some awesome pacers to get you to your 3:40.

Can't wait to read how 2010 goes for you!

Our Love On The Run said...

Your 2010 plans look great! i love RNR events! but sadly there are NONE close to me! :-( i ran the RNR country music marathon in 2007 and Ryan and I will be running the 2011 San Diego RNR Marathon for our honeymoon 'love on the run.' The first marathon is not meant to be a fast one, its just to get the experience so you are prepared to run fast for the next one! you will have no problem qualifying. and when you come to Boston for the 2011 Boston Marathon i will give you a running tour through my city!

Lisa said...

I would LOVE to be able to run on my lunch hour. That would be fantastic! Sounds like you have a great plan for next year!

Lynette said...

I can't wait!! I am going to start my training in a few weeks:) Plus...I am TOTALLY there in Tacoma with signs and camera!! You just wait:)

Alisa said...

I'm bummed not to see Eugene on your list but I totally understand the trek and $ issues. Running is expensive =).

Yay for the holiday gift exchange I'm all signed up!

Bloggy lunch meetup sounds splendid. I can't really run at lunchtime. I've tried and it's so hard to get away. I envy you.

Running races for fun and with friends is sooooooo the way to go !

gba_gf said...

I love that you're going to run that marathon at your buddy's pace. You are truly a good friend. And, as for the race pace marathon, I am glad that it's a local race, because having people you know along the course is an amazing experience and makes it so much richer. I wish I could be there to run a mile or two with you. (Sadly, your MRP is about my 5K Race Pace, so I wouldn't be able to do much more than miles 22&23)

Unknown said...

I am a total planner too and was just thinking about my 2010 race schedule last night.

Congrats on 300 posts!! I look foward to the next 300!

Alicia said...

Funny. Only a runner would understand what you mean when you say your run was "relaxing." Say that to a non-runner and they'll do a spit-take. LoL!

You are a planner! I haven't even decided which turkey trot to do yet.

Anna said...

Happy 300th post! I wish I had an ounce of your planning ... I am such a procrastinator and can't seem to function any other way.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 300th! Your 2010 plan sounds pretty fun!

Christina said...

If you come out to Arizona to run a race you are welcome to stay with me.

Christina said...

Question...what did you use to put GO FAST MEL on your shirt?

Kasey said...

sounds great! and what fun that you are able to find other bloggers to run with! I love running with other people- for me it makes the running so much more fun and enjoyable. I for sure love the runs I get to enjoy with my hubs!

Kerrie said...

If all goes well, Rock N Roll will be my first marathon, too! The Race for the Cure 5K sounds fun and it's for a great 'cause!

Great run yesterday and thanks for the lunch "date" today! Hope your voice returned tonight!

sam said...

I love the Christmas bloggy exchange idea you and J are doing! I am so excited to be a part of that!

I think it is awesome that you plan your big runs out for the year. What sites do you use Mel?

Also I was wondering if I could be added to the Tall Mom calendar. I have my first race ever on Thanksgiving Day! A 5k!

J said...

We got a great response so far for the christmas gift exchange! So exciting!

looks like you are going to be busy in 2010!!

Teamarcia said...

Congrats on 300!
Looks like a good race schedule so far...I really need to do that too! I'm off to get in on the holiday exchange!

Marci said...

2010 will be the year of marathons for you! Can't wait to see how it all turns out :)

Felice Devine said...

Congrats on 300!
2010 looks great for you!

Questionably Texan said...

Looks like you'll have an exciting year of races - and we'll end up with a whole bunch of great race reports as an added bonus!

RobinLK said...

Happy 300th! Where does the time go? Love the pic of you and Kerrie - awesome! Re: signs and pictures: you are SHAMELESS. ha ha!