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Monday, November 16, 2009

The Second Date

Welcome to all the new Tall Mom Bloggy pack members!! This week is busy but drop me a line and I will do my best to come say "Hi."

Stats 11/15:
Time- 1:42:42
11.07 Miles
9:16 Pace
1,698 Calories
Rainy run on the Foothills Trail in Orting with Amanda.

I must have done something right because I scored a Second Running Date with Amanda at 5 Miles to Empty, you can read about our First Date HERE. We were hoping for a quieter meet up and parking situation after the parade and carnival last time....BUT apparently that was not in the plan. I parked and waited... and snapped a picture of my experiment with black nails...dedicated to TMB..

It was drizzly raining when the phone rang. There was a fatality accident on the main road...as in there was no way for Amanda to get to me.. She asked the passers by who said she was about 3 miles away. Guess we would have to RUN to each other. As I ran I kept seeing Amanda mirages, until YIPPEE she did a little skippity hop and I knew it was my buddy. We were both in bright Green, too funny. As we ran toward my car we realized that the Green coats would be too hot so we stripped them off at my Jeep. I stopped my watch...she didn't LOL!!

As we headed toward the trail We had to do some MATH.. Math and running do not mix, we were both transported back to Elementary Story problems. UGH! We had run 3 Miles and needed to do 11. So Amanda said 11-3=8....NICE good start.. OK so if we need to do 8 more miles, then we go 4 out and 4 back. So 3+4=7. We turn around at the 7 mile mark.. Thank you for enjoying our Sesame Street Moment. GEEEZZ!!

Here is my Garmin 305 stats:

1= 8:25 (solo)
2= 8:55
3= 9:09
11= 9:00

I tried to stay half a step behind Amanda to make sure I was going her pace...after all I was just along for the ride. She is training for the Seattle Half later this month. We talked about Garmins, Holiday plans, Bloggers, Blogging, Races, kids, her vacation and pretty much whatever was on our minds....there was no shortage of conversation.

I tested my new handheld, which I LOVED and will review soon. As we were running a tight pack of SERIOUS bikers passed on the left. There were about 8 of them, we waved and heard "Hi, Hi, Morning, Hi, Hello, Morning, Hi!" You get the idea.. Not sure why I thought this was so funny, they reminded me of a pack of Geese moving in perfect formation. A clear reminder of why I don't bike, I would have knocked the whole pack down.

The path smelled of Cow and dead fish...YUMMY!! The rain helped the smell a little, but not 100%. We hopped over puddles, trying our best to keep our sneakers dry. All in all it was a wet but very successful 2nd date. And guess what?? Pretty sure the 3rd date is this weekend..
My attempt to take our photo.. This was after 11 mile...we both had matted hair and were soaked.. My coffee and hot shower were much needed to WARM UP!!
Amanda is better at the self photos than I am.

Loved my new Helly Hansen shirt and Sugoi tights..
THANKS for an amazing time Amanda!!
  • ***NOTE: I also played 2 hours of Volleyball yesterday and my team ROCKS!! We are in 1st place with 1 week to go.
Have a Happy Monday Bloggy Land!


Melissa said...

Sounds like a blast! I just found a new running partner and we had 2 dates this weekend. Fun stuff!

L.B. said...

That's awesome to have a running partner like that, especially one that is seemingly into many of the same things you are.

And the Garmin 305 is making me drool. Do you use the heart rate stuff on it? That's the most appealing part of it to me :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad ya'll still made the run happen! I have issues with running and math too! :)

Marlene said...

So jealous of your running dates. :) Sounds (and looks!) like fun! Love the ALL SMILES photos.

We encounter huge packs of cyclists around here often and I always laugh, too. No way could I ride in a pack like that. I do love the sound of all the hellos, one after the other.

Velma said...

Happy Monday. The pack of riders reminds me of the book - Diary of a worm. Have you read that one?

Redhead Running said...

Awwww yay for Bloggy meet-ups! Yesterday morning we were like, Tall Mom is going to love our bloggy meet up! LOL! Great run ladies!

Kerrie said...

I suck at self photos, too! They are usually blurry! Looks like fun!

So, I think it's still gonna be windy tomorrow. Not sure about rain, but I'm thinking of running during my lunch hour. Probably 3 miles. Want to run? If not, no worries. Looking forward to Pho on Wednesday!

Southbaygirl said...

sounds like an exceptional run with a great running partner!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Ah yes, totally forgot about those bikers! They were very ipressive in thier formation! And I TOTALLY feel better about our stats, I forgot about stopping at your Jeep! I like your times better! Although your first mile was faster than mine! :)

Oh yeah, Morgan blogged about doing math too. I think all the brain power on that problem wore me out...killed me for the rest of the run! Ha!!!

Can't wait for next weekend!

Anonymous said...

Running to meet each other? LOVE it ;)
LOL for the Sesame Street math - seems harder to compute those numbers WHILE running!!

Lisa said...

Great pics and so cool that you got to run with another blogger. Yeah, math and running definitely don't go together lol.


LOVE LOVE LOVE the nails! I think black might have been an omen about my foot though :(

Glad you had great run! Sounds like a match made in bloggy heaven!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Oh yeah, and I totally forgot to mention that I love the black nails! They look great!

Suzy said...

Sounds like a great second date!

Jenn said...

Love the black nails. Very catwoman!! Cow and dead fish-very appealing! Sounds like a great run! I doubt any bloggy people live up in the boondocks like me so I will likely not be dating anytime soon!

Zoƫ said...

Awesome date! You both look great after an 11 miler in the rain! :)

Becca said...

Looks like fun! And I love the shirt!

Alisa said...

Awesome run!

You do look pretty fab after 11 miles.

PS Long tights ROCK

Sarah Jane said...

Cow and dead fish??? OMG, my FAVORITE!!! Third date! Third date! Third date!

Fran said...

I've just read Amanda's story and said to her what I'm saying to you now too: you're both such amazing woman when it comes to running.

I'm happy that you've had such a great time.

Felice Devine said...

Yay for second dates!
Love the black nails :-)

Steel Springs said...

It sounds like a great running date! I love the new outfit.

No Longer Using said...

oh my gosh! you are volleyballin' like nobody's business. it is the best to find such a good fun time and not to mention a great team! it's always more fun when you win, i hate saying that, but at least for me it is true cuz then everybody is happy!!!!!

GREAT MEET UP RUN! you guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and EW that smell???? i would think rain would make it worse.. eewwwww. hah.

happy monday!!!! i missed you!!! :)

sam said...

Sounds like a serious relationship is blossoming! lol

I love reading both your running re-caps because both of you ladies are 2 of my running heroes/favorite blogs!

Molly said...

I love reading your posts, and Amanda's, about your running dates, how fun for you guys! Hope you have a great week!

Aron said...

yayyyyy i LOVE running dates! i had one this weekend too and its the best :)

Anonymous said...

AWESOME run! I met up with a new running buddy over the weekend and it was a blast. I love new running partners.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME run! I met up with a new running buddy over the weekend and it was a blast. I love new running partners.

Cindy said...

love your top! so cute. i need some good longsleeved running tops now that it's officially winter here.
black nails are sweet!

busyrunningmama said...

Looks like your bloggy friend meet up was awesome - don't you just love the meet ups??? Congrats on the Volleyball team - I'll keep my fingers crossed for the last week that you stay in 1st place!!!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

yay for awesome running friends! :D

Lynette said...

Send me a note with your game times for this weekend...I am SO upset that we didn't make it this weekend. It was great to see you on Saturday though. And I guess this way we can make it 3 weekends in a row:)

Nikki said...

I'm new to your blog and running and I love it!! You and your blog are great motivators, keep up the awesome job!!! Thanks!

Alicia said...

Ha ha! The running+math thing is what got me 14.5 miles deep on my 14 mile run last week. I am so *not* a math person.

Love that you call your meet-ups "dates." Do you do anything that's not just funny and adorable??

Laura said...

I watched the Ugly Truth this weekend and Katherine Heigl reminds me of you. (Yes, she's a major babe.;) I'm jealous you own a Garmin. Un dia!

Rookie on the Run said...

Wine and math do not mix... I know this because I just had a glass of wine and I'm still trying to work out your mileage mathematics.

Sounds like you found an awesome running partner! Cute pictures of both of you.

And for the record, I am SO jealous of your rain. :p

RobinLK said...

YAY for 2nd running dates! Love the black nails, and had to LOL at your geese formation observation & crashing the pack...can relate! HA HA!

keep us updated on V-ball...sounds fun!

Hugs from O-Town!

Lindsay said...

cow, dead fish, and math... what will the third date hold? hmmmmm. glad you two were able to meet up, despite the difficulties!

Allison said...

nothing that has to do with running, but I really like you polish....makes me want to run over to the nail place RIGHT NOW!

Allison said...

nothing that has to do with running, but I really like you polish....makes me want to run over to the nail place RIGHT NOW!