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Friday, November 13, 2009

High Five Friday and Diva Night

I woke up at 5AM to the sound my Muscle Man expelling his dinner. Poor guy is SICK! So I will be staying home to take care of him and the Little Studs. And Praying I can avoid the gunk..but since my throat already feels like it is closing ujp I am guessing I won't be able to avoid it. I am miles away from my Tall Mom Calendar....so the LONG list will be limited to the few I can think of... Sorry bad memory..

High FIVE Race/Events:
Mom of 3= (First) Richmond Marathon
TMB= Richmond Marathon
KAT= (First) Richmond Marathon
Jen=(First) Rock 'N' Roll San Antonio
Morgan= Founders Day 10K
Robin= Founders Day 10K
Zoe= Winter Pineapple Classic

High FIVE Happy Birthday:
X-Country2= Welcome to the Big 3-0 club
Shelly= Turned 26 for the 14th time
My Cousin Kathy

High FIVE Giveaways=
The Daily Cadence= Box of Stuff Ends Thanksgiving

Running off at the Mouth= Runner's cookbook Ends 11/15
Lil Runner= Clif Quench Ends ?
See Sami Eat= POM Ends Sunday morning

***If you would like to be added to one of the lists above, or start a new list, let me know and I will LINK you in (as soon as I can).. Also, if you have something coming up for a FUTURE High Five Friday, let me know and I will add it to the Tall Mom calendar….If you give me the info you WILL end up getting a HIGH FIVE or two, or three…

HIGH FIVE it's Friday!!!

I am on the Monthly Email list for the Bonney Lake Fleet Feet. Last week I got an email about "Diva Night." Wine, snacks, product demos, 20% off, all for ladies, the store open to cater to us!! It was super fun..Thanks to Coleen and Paul, the owners, for hosting. I forwarded the email to local Bloggers and friends. Zoe was able to attend. Folks this little lady is just as Glam in person, can you say ADORABLE!!

Funny thing, I spotted Zoe across the room, easy to do at 6'0. There were maybe 30-40 people?? It is a tiny place and was pretty packed, which made it HOT and I kept elbowing people. They started the Door Prize Drawings and first Name Called "ZOE." So funny! She walked past and quickly noticed me. She won a little bag with lotions and fun things.

My BF Charity was my date for the night. We did Applebees, Shopping at Marshalls and ended with Diva night. Thanks to Muscle Man for watching the little studs. We should have asked someone to take our picture....Anyhow on with the drawing, next name after Zoe's Win. "Melanie," Wait what?? OK so what did I win? I was only half paying attention because I was excited to meet Zoe. The Moving Comfort rep was standing there with an ENTIRE OUTFIT!!!
Me with Teresa the Sales rep for Moving Comfort.. I still need to get one of the "Support Your Girls" T's, I LOVE LOVE them!! And what did LUCKY Tall Mom win??
A cute and soft green T-shirt with Flower detail, super awesome Capris with pockets.
And a Green jacket to match. The outfit is a medium...yes folks I fit in a medium, when did that happen O have been an XL my whole life? The jacket is a little snug, but it will work! Thanks to Moving comfort and Fleet Feet!
Of course I have to support my local running store and had earned some retail therapy. We purchased a $100 gift card for $50 from a local radio promotion.. So I had some fun money to play with. I got this Helly Hanson base layer top and a handheld water bottle...will test it this weekend and let you know.

DIVA NIGHT.. Total Success!!



Thanks for the High Five!

Here's a High Five on doing your best to stay germ free!

Totally wish we had a Fleet Feet hear to host Diva Nights! So jealous of that outfit! Super cute.

Kathleen said...

YAYAY thanks for the High Five!!!
Have a great weekend!!!

robinbb said...

I love your new base layer shirt, so cute. Sounds like a fun night!

J said...

Diva night sounds awesome! I know that my fleet feet has had those but I have never gone. I need a buddy to go with!!

Hope you dont get sick!

Marlene said...

Diva Night sounds so fun! I would have been all over that. YAY for girl friends and meeting bloggers.

Congrats on your price - looks great on you!

Laura said...

Lucky lucky! I have the worst luck with winning stuf..
Diva Night sounds awesome. I should suggest that to our local store.

Velma said...

Good luck to all the racers!!! I will send you a link to my first marathon report soon.

BTW, love the outfits!

Redhead Running said...

As always, thanks for the shout out and high five! HIGH FIVE TO ALL!

Congrats on the major score and how fun you got to meet Zoe!

Alisa said...

I really do love your concept of the high five friday! Maybe I'll have to come up with something similar and can give you shout outs when your races/big training weeks are coming up.

Tights, as I mentioned are so fab, I need a picture of me and my morning run getup I must look HILARIOUS! Spandex, headwarmer, headlamp and a handheld waterbottle = HOT!

I like the handheld for runs shorter than 10 miles, above that, it annoys the crap out of me.

Hope you stave off sickness!!!!

Kerrie said...

Oh man, I'm so jealous. Wish I could've been there! (I didn't end up going out either. Boooo.)

Hope you all feel better, too!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

MEDIUM!! AWESOME!!!! You look fab in the fit! :) And I love the long sleeve Helly Hanson shirt! My $100 certificate I got for $50 is burning a hole in my pocket!!! :) I need to get out there!!

Stephanie Nichole said...

WOAH! Our fleet feet doesn't do that!!! That's awesome. I would definitely go if we had one.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I hope your hubbs weathers the flu bug quickly. My littlest is still having trouble. We are off to see the ear, nose, throat doctor.

Thanks for all the encouragment/recognition to everyone - me included!

WooHoo! On the big WIN! I love the green outfit! I have a benefit 5k on the 21st and I need that! It's for a local girl with cancer (she is not doing well!). Her favorite color is green and her family has being talking about FROG (fully relay on God) because she Loves frogs, too. I will be buying green to wear during the race.

Stay Healthy. Drink OJ!

gba_gf said...

Thanks for the High Five! I am pumped for tomorrow!

Love the green, super cute... MEDIUM!

Lisa said...

OK, I am totally jealous. So cool you won an entire outfit. Love the t-shirt too. I want one of those.

I checked my local Fleet Feet and NADA! They have not Diva nights or anything of the sort. They even have outdated training info from a program that ended last month. Boo hoo.

Why does everyone else get the cool stuff and I get nuthin?

Hope you guys are better soon!

Take care.

MCM Mama said...

Hope everyone feels better soon! What an awesome WIN!

Rookie on the Run said...

Your poor hubby! I hope he feels better soon and that you and the boys don't get it. :p

Congratulations on winning the outfit!! It is adorable... and you look amazing, you slender lady, you.

I'm glad you had a great time and got to meet Zoe. How cool is that?! I want Diva Night (yes, I'm whining).

Steel Springs said...

Sorry Muscle Man is sick! I hope he feels better soon.

Congrats on the prize at Diva Night. It looks great! What a fun night out.

Suzy said...

Congrats on winning and meeting great people! Love the outfit too.

GL to all those racing this weekend.

Lisa said...

Good luck runners!

Teamarcia said...

Thanks for the high five!

Great haul at Fleet Feet--congrats!
I totally need to try a handheld one of these days.

Hope you are all feeling better soon!

Aron said...

i hope you dont get sick!!! ekkkk.

good luck racers!! looks like diva night was a blast :)

Zoƫ said...

It was AWESOME meeting you last night, Mel! I had a fantastic time! :)
Also, the loot you scored looks great on you! You totally got hooked up!

Good luck to the racers this weekend! I'm going to get my Winter Pineapple on...woot!

Katie said...

Hope everyone begins to feel better!

Awesome winning that gorgeous outfit. I love lime green. Easy to spot at a race. And that long sleeve plaid shirt is adorable!

Funnyrunner said...

awww. Hope the little guy feels better.

Alicia said...

Looks like such a fun night! I love running stores and take every chance I get to go shopping for things I "need." Congrats on the lucky win! That green top looks adorable on you.

RunToTheFinish said...

ohh what a fun night and rock that free outfit!

Runner Leana said...

Oh, can I get a high five? I'm racing the Last Chance Half here in Calgary on Sunday. I just got the call for the race yesterday..!! Gulp!!

I'm not sure if you've picked your spring marathon yet, but I have to give a vote to the Vancouver, BC race. Every race I have run in Vancouver has been phenomenal, and I've heard great things about their marathon. It is on my list of things to do!

Char said...

That green is a good colour on you. Congrats on the win.

Lynette said...

I was so sad to cancel on you...but we had a blast at Disney on Ice with the fam:)

Mel-2nd Chances said...

yay for meeting another blogger, and both of you winning! That's awesome! Have a great weekend :)

Jo Lynn said...

Oooh, I hope you don't get sick. I know it's hard not to when your child or partner is.
That is so cool you won an outfit! I'm surprised they didn't let you pick out your size though (IF you weren't a M, I mean). Congratulations! ;)

RunningFromCancer said...

OK this was clearly an Ah Ha moment for me. I read your blog and thought - wow that would be so much fun to do something like that. I love to check out sports stores - and then it hit me . . . there is a Fleet Feet in Madison - I have never been there because it is not really anywhere near my house or work . . . but I just checked and sure enough there is a DIVA night on the 19th of Nov. It starts with a 5 mile run at 6:00 followed by dinner and they are holding a raffle :-) - if ever there was a time when it was meant for me to win a prize . . . this is it.

Only problem is I have a previous engagement at 6:00 - but I might be able to head over after my engagement. Clearly something to think about.

And at a minimum I need to check out the store . . . cause I love the Helly base layer top . . . and I need some new cold weather gear.

You totally rock in that green.

X-Country2 said...

I made high five Friday! Yay! Thanks. :o)

Awesome night out. You're such a cutie.

Anna said...

I love love love that top. So cute!

Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal said...

Would you believe I used to work for Moving Comfort!?! They moved to Seattle though and I could not go :( So sad.....