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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Find One

Last Week I wrote about What "Fills Your Pie" HERE. This morning as I drove to work in the rain, wind and utter darkness, I thought about how dreary this time of year is...in Washington anyhow..

Dark + Cold + Wet= MOPEVILLE

The perfect combo to easily slip into an Fall Slump and befriend Polly Pessimism. I refuse to let it get me down. Today I am going to Find One thing to make me SMILE....Or maybe a series of One things (I am sure that is bad English, but you age the idea) to keep that SMILE throughout the day today. I hope that you will join me...Need some Help??

ONE thing to SMILE about:
Finding the right words to get you out the door, regardless of what Mother Nature has to throw at you..
People who are just a bit CRAZIER than you are.. Note: I am bundled up with a rain coat, hat, tights, etc. This MANIAC is in a singlet and Gold chain, not fazed at all by the elements, just running his Marathon..
Santa in the Honey Bucket Line.. Can you spot him?? This proves that even the Jolliest of Fellow must be patient..

Not Smiling yet? Here are a Few more:

  • Finish Lines
  • Over sized Umbrellas
  • Finding the perfect Christmas Gift
  • The post Thanksgiving Food induced coma/relaxation
  • Spontaneous Race Entries
  • Hole punchers (LOL...maybe this one only makes me smile, I am sort of an organizational freak show)
  • An enormous bowl filled with homemade stew on a cold day
  • A quick Text from a friend
.....Not Smiling yet?....WOW this is a tough crowd.. (hehehe)

And The Tall Mom Three:

  1. Raising Best friends, watching them play and grow together.
  2. A quick text to Muscle Man to ask him if he is ready to run his FIRST Half Marathon?? Survey says: YES!! He is super excited to run (walk if needed) the Capital City Half Marathon in May. And I am sooo pumped and will be there with him every step.. Not leaving him in my dust this time, I only do that on his Birthday... ;)
  3. Knowing that this post might help one person SMILE... Makes my dimples shine..
Tall Mom Hugs on a Dreary and Dark day in Seattle... SMILE!!


Lindsay said...

lol, with the differences in dress between you and the maniac it looks like he was photoshopped in!

too bad you can't curl up with a good book on this dreary day.

Genesis said...

washington weather makes me want to become one of those people who live down south somewhere warm during our depressing winters.

i started smiling the minute I saw the first picture :)

have a great day and stary warm and dry.

Redhead Running said...

Awww love it! I'm totally smiling! Thanks luv!

Melissa said...

Big smile here. THANKS! Love the pic of your boys.

No Longer Using said...

way to combat the dreary day! i love that believe in the run. that is what i named my ipod:)

it's ALMOST the weekend... gosh. do you have fun plans???? i really want to take a vacation......

Our Love On The Run said...

Anyone who dresses like that guy in the cold and rain (singlet and tiny shorts and NOTHING else) better come in first place in my book or else i'm not impressed. right? it always baffles me when i'm all bundled and i pass someone who is SOOOO under dressed like that! what are they thinking?! thanks for the laugh! thats a great picture!

Lisa said...

Love the pics of the little guys. You know what made me smile? His little feet!

What are honey buckets?

Have a great day Mel!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Love the shot of the boys! So cute!

Thanks for the smiles. It's raining here today too...(So this morning I got to splash in puddles! that's what made me smile!!!)

Zoë said...

Dimples! They make me smile. :)

I have certain words that make me smile, too...like "giggle," "moose," and "weiner." Hahahahaha!
Thanks for the morning smiles, Mel!

Marlene said...

I'm all smiles here. Thanks for the post! It's a dreary day here too and work is INSANE (more like my BOSS is insane). Now I feel cheered up.

LOL at the Maniac picture. You know, they call them "maniacs" for a reason.

I like how it says "PROOF" over the photo, obvi from the race website, but it also kinda makes sense because that photo is PROOF of the statement above. KWIM?

Anyway... back to work. Have a great day and SMILE!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

funny that you're bundled up and the maniac is in shorts... too funny.

Suzy said...

I'm right there with you on the hole punchers! I have one upstairs and downstairs because they are too important for organization. :D

Have a great one and stay dry.

Sarah Jane said...

Hole punchers!!! :) I love you!!! Needed this today. Thanks Mel!

Kerrie said...

Yeah, it's pretty gross outside today.

Hmmm...my one thing is that IT'S MY FRIDAY today! Yay!

Hooray for Muscle Man! How fun is that going to be?

Lisa said...

Hey Mel, Kerrie and I were going to run virtually at the same time and the report back to each other how it went. In lieu of a physical running partner, this is the best we can do lol.

Velma said...

Love the photo! My guys made me smile today when they worked together to take out the trash. Little things really add up!

MCM Mama said...

THanks for the smiles! They were definitely needed here in the other Washington today as it was rainy and dreary all day too.


Totally made me smile ... I convince my hubby to run his first half in May too! I think he's slightly less willing than Muscle Man though!

Unknown said...

Love the photo. And the Nike quote is perfect! Another reason to smile: tomorrow is Friday!!

RobinLK said...

Oh, Mel... sending you Florida sunshine to make you smile. It was clear, bright, and 81 degrees here today. Wish you and the crew were here!!
The pic of the boys made me grin ear to ear.. saw one today of my baby niece (6 1/2 months old) -ALWAYS makes me smile.

Hugs from Orlando,
the turtle runner :-)

SunsetRun said...

Loved this post! It gave me a much needed smile Thank you! Made my day!

Alicia said...

I guess they call them Maniacs for more than one reason! What made me laugh the most was the fact that you noticed (and mentioned) the gold chain. Totally made him seem like some kind of guido runner. Ha ha! Thanks for the laugh!

Rookie on the Run said...

I'm smiling!!

Send some of that wet, dreary weather my way! We are in the middle of a drought down here.

I love that picture of the "maniac". Funny thing is, he looks more normal to me than that Bundled Up Tall Mom coming up behind him! ;) I'm used to seeing shorts and tanks no matter what time of year it is.

How cool that Muscle Man is going to do the Marathon! And how cool that you are going to stick by him.

Which reminds me, I loved your post about your future goals, and how you want to make your races more family & friend focused. All the more reason to admire my Tall Mom Friend!

Denise said...

When I lived in Michigan the weather killed me. I could not take the grey skies all the time. So happy to be back on the east coast!

Alisa said...

Awwww your kids are besties!

I am not a fan of the gray NW, I miss my California sunshine. HOwever, on a cold, wet, icky morning like today I'm grateful to have friends that will get me guest passes to their gym so I can run side by side on treadies =).

Anna said...

I am IN LOVE with this post!