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Saturday, October 3, 2009

You are TALL

Stats for 10/3:
Time- 1:47:45
12.01- Miles
8:54- Pace
Morning run temps around 47', hills and frequent stops.

Earlier in the week I asked opinions about running for time vs. mileage. My Half- Marathon training plan said to run for 1 hour and 45 minutes. I just can't wrap my head around that...I LOVE LOVE to hit my mileage mark. So I started running with the time in mind and a goal of 12 miles.

FALL has come in full force, it was COLD this morning. Below is what I wore....I use my LONG training runs to test my gear for Race Day performance.


  • Headsweats Ear Cover= LOVE IT!! Keeps my ear warm and my ear buds for my Ipod in place
  • Brooks EX-T= Long waisted, comfortable and thick fabric...keeps me warm but not too warm.
  • Brooks Gloves= I bought these for $5 and they work great. Keep my hands warm but not sweaty and the grey color matches with everything.
  • Moeben Arm Sleeves= LOVE THESE!!! I would get too hot this time fo year with full long sleeves, I love the pockets in the sleeves. FULL report this week.
  • Garmin 305 Watch= Love my watch and was happy to have the battery charged.
  • Nathan Fuel Belt= I won't wear this on race day, but I love it for training.


  • New Balance Tights= Although these fit well the fabric is thin and my lower half is COLD! I am on the HUNT for tights with thick fabric and an external pocket.
  • Asics Gel Kayano= I am about to Break-up with these shoes... This popular style may work for those in warm and dry climates...but in the wet and cold...in my opinion thes shoes SUCKS!! I ran on dew covered grass for 2 steps and my feet were soaked.. REALLY? Thankfully I have a NEW pair of Brooks shoes I will test tomorrow..

I had amazing energy today, enough to dodge the low hanging branches without getting hit in the face. I ate peanut butter toast, a Strawberry Gu Chomp and had some Nuun before I left the house. On the Run I had Blue Gatorade, Water and a Gu packet. I felt my nutrition was right on...except I forgot one thing...will get back to that.

I was approaching the Half-way point when I saw a BRIGHT ORANGE "YARD SALE" sign. Hmmmm... Tall Mom Loves Yard Sales!!! I ran to the Sale which looked promising so I took out my ear buds, stopped my Garmin and SHOPPED. I found a couple bins of LEGOS. SCORE!! Muscle Man and Little Stud #1 love Legos. Here is the conversation with the Garage Sale Lady:

Tall Mom "How much for the Legos?"

Lady with a funny look "$10"

TM "OK Great. I am on a Run. Could you hold them for me until I can come back?"

Lady "WOW you are Tall!"

TM "Yes I am 6 Feet Tall."

Son about 5 "You look like you are all Runned out."

TM "I still have 6 miles to go. I already ran 6 miles. Will be 12 miles total today."

Random Older Guy Shopping "That is a Half Marathon." Big Smile

(I kept quiet....I don't like correcting people)

Lady "My goodness that is a long way. Isn't that great honey?" Looks at son.

Son No words just BIG EYES

TM "I will be back in about an hour."

And Off I went.. I probably should have counted those minutes into my time but I didn't, gotta love shopping on the Run. At about mile 8 I got a calf cramp, guess who forgot to talk her Salt Stick Capsule before she left? Yep, the IRONY I just blogged about the benefits of Salt Stick capsules and I flaked to take mine before my run.. UGH!! I kept going and the cramp went away.

This was a GREAT training run. I am not sure if I can hit my "A" Goal in my Halloween Half, but I do know that I am not far behind on the endurance I need.

I got home and grabbed my key to drive to the Yard Sale. The lady smiled and said "We have been talking about you all morning. The runner lady who ran 12 miles!" Hehehe...Tall Mom the talk of the yard sale. All in a days work.

Happy WEEKEND! Tomorrow I break in my new shoes and play VOLLEYBALL!


Marathonman101108 said...

Hey stranger...long time no comment here! Talk about multi-tasking: yard sales and a long run. It's getting colder here also. I actually had to wear long pants the other day...BOO! Those are some great outfits you're wearing. I guess you're the running fashion diva! Glad to see your training runs are going well.

X-Country2 said...

You're famous! :o) Got to love an impromptu shopping trip. Glad you're feeling so great.

Lynette said...

What time's volleyball? Great run, BTW:)

Jo Lynn said...

Well, I think you just found an advantage to road running (shopping on the run).
I wonder why it's okay to say "you're so tall" to someone but probably not okay to say "you're so short" to someone else. LOL

Marci said...

Gotta love the shop and run! :) Wow 6 ft? You are TALL!!

Unknown said...

hahahaha - sounds like you made quite the impression at the garage sale

Velma said...

Nice run! Let me know when you find some good tights. I have no idea what I am going to wear at Chicago now that it is going to be super cold :(

Molly said...

that is hilarious that you stopped to shop! I've heard of bathroom breaks before....great run though!

I have an Amazing Grass Kidz giveaway going on at my blog, check it out!

Melanie Tait said...

Hi Mello! Thanks for your gorgeous post on my half marathon commitment!

I love this post, because I'm in the cold! Ah! I'm going to the mall tomorrow and looking for that stuff.

My breathing has been really affected by running in the cold, I think. I'll need to get a heap of warm gear...

Have a great week buddy!

Kathleen said...

Awesome job!! You'll do amazing at your half, I know it :) And I love running in the cold, because I get so warmed up.

5 Miles Past Empty said...

That is so funny! During my first half there were garage sales everywhere! I even asked one lady if she had a bike or scooter. Everyone at the sale laughed and I ran on. I so would have traded my Garmin for a bike at that moment! :)

Great job on your half marathon (minus 1.1 mile)!


Irene said...

That's a cute garage sale/running story!

Laura said...

Shopping+Running = awesome.
All I saw on my long run today as about a 100 squirrels...

Paige@ Running Around Normal said...

What an eventful run! haha Love the garage sale story.

So salt tablets help with calf cramps? I got one on a 5 miler the other day and just kept running. And the calf kept cramping. It hurt for a good two days afterward.

RobinLK said...


You REALLY make me smile. :) I LOVE yard sales, too.. the story is priceless: "All in day's work!"

Hugs to you tall, runner lady!!


Marci said...

Love the yard sale stop halfway between.

Lisa said...

Glad to hear you had such a great run! They make the rest of the day so much better! And you scored a great find. Congrats!

Being Robinson said...

nice 12 miler! i get to start running again next week, so i get to join the club again. however i won't be getting a PR at my next 1/2 marathon ;) and YAYAYA for the marathon next june, that is awesome. HAPPY MONDAY!! (i'm still working on my epic post;)

No Longer Using said...

what a perfect meeting of distance and time!!! i think you had a great run!!! so funny you stopped at a yard sale! and how the others responded to your running. lol "you are tall"... you also ROCK :) way to get that run done! i know if i stopped i would have a really really hard time picking back up!

Twincerely,Olga said...

Thats funny!! You stopped! Crazy lady!! You rock

Marlene said...

Aw, great story! You definitely made a impact on that family. :)

I need to start digging out my Fall gear to find out what WORKS and what DOESN'T for my fall race(s). Good idea!

Love my Nathan Fuel Belt too, but not for races.

Unknown said...

I have trouble with plans that call for time rather than distance. I'm pretty slow so I feel like distance is a better way for me to train personally. I've also done the run-by garage sale shopping on long runs :)

Lisa said...

Cute post. We would make hilarious running partners because of the difference in our heights. I always get "short" comments. Just yesterday, a lady on Southwest offered me the aisle seat next to her because "you're little". Very odd, but I was happy to be in row 4 of the plane.