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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Week in Review Long overdue

Last week was a GREAT running week.
  • Muscle man joined me 3 times.

  • Ran 4 miles with my co-worker I call Zen Runner and a guy in our building..pretty sure they will be great fill ins when Shelby is busy.

  • 5 mile run in the 7's pace on a WET day...not fast enough to avoid the rain drops.

  • To cap it all I had an AMAZING long Run on Sunday.

I am not sure the best way to sum it all up. Since I know you LOVE pictures.. Below are a few from our trip to Wilsonville Oregon on Saturday which is where my in-laws are currently living. This opens up options for races in the Portland area....hello Portland Running Bloggers :)

It was a BEAUTIFUL crisp sunny day. While the Little Studs were on a nature walk to the Park with Grandma Mimi and the Uncles, Muscle Man and I got on our gear for a quick 3 miler.

This outfit is comfortable in any temperature. Brooks EZT, Moeben Sleeves, Newbalance tights, Balega socks and Brooks Trance 9 shoes.
I scored hubby a Brooks outfit at the local Outlet.. Think I need to get him some new running shoes for Christmas, looking at his shoes gives me anxiety..
This is the start of a little path into the park.. Oh how I wish the photo would capture the beauty. I was in runner HEAVEN. I want to push pause and have the leaves stay just as they are. When I am outside I feel like I am in an Autumn painting.
After the run we went to another little park and snapped a Fall family photo.. Little Stud #2 does not like having his photo taken.
The instant I saw these trees lined up I had to get it on film. WOW!! The older the trees, the more amazing they become.
And for fun I slid with the kiddos on a slide shaped like an aunt hill AWESOME..

Time- 1:46:31
12.68- Miles
8:24- Pace
Cool morning run in the neighborhood, hit every SLOW stop light.

I was nervous about postponing my Long Run to Sunday and playing 2 hours of Volleyball that night....but Saturday was FULL so I made due. The morning of my run I discovered a new pre-run food. Smores Oatmeal....yes folks Oats with chocolate chips and little marshmallows all melted together.. YUMMY!! Have no idea of the nutritional content, I will never pretend to be a Food expert, EVER. It is easiest to sum up my long runs bullet point style because I tend to RAMBLE, I know you are surprised.

  • The Stop Lights were ANNOYING.. I hit every one at the wrong moment. I am not a fan of starting and stopping.. UGH!

  • I have been teaching Little Stud #1 not to say "Hate," and replace it with the words "That is not my favorite." So Hills continue to be not my favorite. Slowest mile was all hill.

  • Fastest Mile= 7:57 Not so Fast Mile= 8:50

  • It takes me at least One mile to warm up my knees

  • My arch in my left foot was my only pain, it lasted for .5 mile around mile 9. Felt like I stepped on one of the kids Lego's...OUCH!!

  • I generally see minimum of 8-12 runners. On this run I saw only 3. Runner #1 was a fit woman with bright white hat and gloves, all I could think about was how dirty her gear would be after one running season. Runner #2 was a smiley mid sized man wearing a football team beanie and unmatched clothes. Runner #3 was a pocket sized lady with a huge head of hair in an over sized hooded sweatshirt.

  • My race plan is to take a Gu Chomp at miles 4 and 8 and a Gu Roctane at 6 and 10. The last 3.1 I should be fine, but I will pack an extra chomp just in case.

  • I wore my Nathan fuel belt...I am still torn if I want to wear it on race day. I am going to bring it and ask about the water stops. I am thinking of getting a handheld in the Future

  • I HOPE HOPE HOPE that I feel as good this Saturday for my race, I had energy to spare....which is good because I am hoping to trim some time. My comfortable pace is around 8:33....I want to run 7:33 in my Half Marathon... Hmmm is it possible?

This week I will take it easy to prepare to RACE. Race Goals coming up. Don't Forget to enter the Brooks for Her Giveaway HERE.


J said...

Those Moeben Sleeves work really well with a short sleeved shirt for fall weather! Love the pictures! The trees here are AMAZING!! i cant believe how many colors we have!

Marlene said...

Great photos. You have such a sweet family. :) I also LOVE the leaves and colours of autumn. It's just beautiful out there. So sad that it's going to be BLEAK before long. This season doens't last long enough.

Anyhoo, sounds like some GREAT runs! You're ready for this race!!

Paige (The Last Doughnut) said...

What a beautiful trail! I'm jealous! :)

No Longer Using said...

perhaps run the first few miles at 8's and then speed up and see if you can maintain it for the remainder of the half? i like the handheld, but that is just me personally. i've never worn a fuel belt. IT IS possible to run a minute faster for race pace than your comfortable pace, but that also depends on what speed and tempo work you have in the bank. i think your heart will also take you far. gu roctanes are the BOMB diggity!!!!!!!!!!!! good plan.

perhaps you could do some dynamic stretching as part of your warm up to help your knees out getting ready to run fast?

EEEEK very exciting.

and of course i love love love your pictures :)

(and i laughed about getting anxiety from hubby's shoes, lol).

IT'S YOUR TIME TO SHINE THIS WEEKEND MELANIE just run with your heart and your feet will follow. give it your best and leave it all out there on the course :) we used to say that about the court, but of course it translates.

Lisa said...

Hey there, thanks for stopping by my blog. I see that you went to Gonzaga. I went to St. Mary's... Go Gaels ;)

I've added you to me reader and am following you as well.

Lisa said...

OK, see people DO notice how other runners are dressed. I need to tell my husband because he makes fun of me when I try to match my hat to my outfit lol.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I just love your blog. I think it's in part your pictures. You have such a great smile it makes me feel happy because it reminds me of my own smiles after a run!

Your littles are so cute. I also don't allow the word h.a.t.e in our home. (No one should really feel that way about anything. It's a mean and angry word) We say, 'really don't like.' But I think I'll share your 'not my favorite' with my daughter to give her options. ;-)

Good luck at your race. Have fun!

Jo Lynn said...

"The older the trees become, the more beautiful they are". Just like women, I say. :)
Love the photos on the post.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, I say "not my favorite" all the time at work. I have all kinds of saying to help me with my potty mouth at work!


I think you can pull of 7:33's ... it's all mental, believe you can and you will.

I have to say it is hysterical that in the pictures, you and your husband look like you are running in two different climates!

Redhead Running said...

Ok fine. My doctor is not my favorite. There, happy? :) LOL!

Love all the pics! Great running week! Can't wait to see your Halloween Half recap & pics! :)

Alisa said...

Pictures are great! Where did you end up running while you were in OR? Looks like you found a trail somewhere.

Can't wait to have you at a P-town race sometime! Yay!!!

Love the sleeves too. I may need a pair. Xmas wish list anyone =).

Anna said...

Your family is adorable!
I've been eating oatmeal with brown sugar/splenda mix and chocolate chips this week ... SO good! I bet it would be even better with marshmallows.

Badgergirl said...

Love the pics. And the oatmeal? Sounds tasty. Might have to try it.

Anonymous said...

I recently found your blog and enjoy reading it. Beautiful pictures- the definition of Autumn!

Native Stone Company, Inc. said...

OMG! Those pics are amazing! That scenery makes for the best run ever! I really need to start taking my camera w/me.

I agree - white running gear stinks! It gets SO dirty!

S'mores oatmeal - YUM!!

Kerrie said...

Gorgeous pictures! Were those in Oregon? Sadly, I don't think I can do the S'mores Oatmeal before a run. My tummy is lame.

PS: Check your e-mail. :)

Felice Devine said...

Sounds like a great week!
You can totally run 7:33 -- I believe you can do it!

Unknown said...

That's too funny; we just had a conversation with our 3-year-old yesterday about saying "hate."

I am so excited for your race this weekend! Love your pics!!

Lindsay said...

lol about hubs shoes giving you anxiety! too funny. beautiful pics of the trees and the fam and nice job on your 12 miler!! bring on the 7:33's!